Single mom next door episode 19

Two days later,I stood in front of my children’s bedroom listening to them talking to Nate on the phone.
It was on speaker so I could hear his voice too.
Stupid…stupid me!
Stupid fear!
Women would willingly want to be his.
Would I be okay if I see or bump into him someday soon with another woman?
I’d be shattered and it would be my fault for letting him go.
I have to take control of my life now.
I want to be happy.
If I’m not with Nate, I’ll be miserable for the rest of my life.
I made a mistake being with a wrong guy but I won’t let that mistake make me lose this right guy.
I had been scared of the unknown but now I am sure of it.
I want a future with Nate.
I’m aware no relationship is perfect….we might argue… quarrel but we would still be good together.
‘That’s only if he still wants you’ My subconscious mind sneered.
I brushed her off.
I still have to try.
I came across my mom at the living room and she frowned seeing me all dressed up.
“Where are you going?”She asked.
“I’m going to see Nate”
Her lips broke into a broad smile.
“That’s the spirit,my dear.You don’t have to come home tonight though”She winked at me.
“And make sure you bring him back here tomorrow.We have to start preparing for the wedding already”
I sighed.”Aren’t you getting too ahead of yourself,mom?”
She rolled her eyes.”Whatever.I am tired of waiting”
I walked passed her
“Drive safely”She called after me.
“I will”I replied.
As I got into my car.Eugene’s face popped into my head.
My teeth clenched.
If I am to be in total control of my life,the past won’t rule me anymore.
I have to see him first!
Almost an hour later,I sat on the edge of the cold,metal chair inside the jail’s visitors’ room.
My palms were sweaty,my pulse pounding in my ears as I watched the guard escort Eugene in.
Looking up at the heavyset man with greasy blond hair ….I wondered what I ever saw in him in the first place….. I couldn’t even imagine ever loving him before he started abusing me….It wasn’t like what I feel for Nate.
I realized now that I didn’t know what love is when I met Eugene but Nate showed me what true love is.
I shut my eyes to blank out the bad memories, wanting only to remember Nate…. memories of Nate.
I hope we would make more memories together.
“Well,well,well,if it isn’t my loving wife”Eugene sat down across me at the table, a high plexiglass partition separated us.
“I’m not your wife.We’re divorced.Get this into your fucking head”I snapped.
If he was surprised at my boldness,he didn’t show it but I was surprised that I was talking to Eugene like this and not fidgeting.
“That will change”He assured me.”I’ll be getting out of here soon”
I laughed at something so absurd.
If only he knew that I wasn’t the only one pressing charges against him.
“Do you think the cops you killed don’t have families? You’ve also caused sadness to them and they’re making sure you die too.I am also pressing charges of kidnapping,attempted murder on Nate and abuse, between all those and the robbery.Oh Eugene….your days on Earth are numbered”
He leaned forward and gave me a threatening look that used to have me trembling.
I wasn’t trembling anymore!
“If you know what’s good for you, Laurel.You better help me out of this shit!”
I met his gaze, defiantly.”No. I should’ve done something to you sooner,I should’ve protected myself from you,I should’ve killed you in self defense.Maybe,two people wouldn’t have died by your filthy heads.You tortured me as if I was your slave.I’m a person, Eugene”
I sat up straighter, feeling my strength grow.
“You had no right to lay a hand on me.I’m here to tell you that you’ll pay dearly for that”
For the first time,I saw fear in his eyes….he had probably realized that there was no way out of this.
“Hel….help me,Laurel. I will change…I don’t want to die, please help me get out of here.I’ll let you be with your lover….I’ll change”He begged, remorsefully.
I released a deep breath still finding it hard to believe that Eugene was now begging.
“It’s too late to be remorseful now.How has your violence and arrogance profited you?It only led to your doom.Now you see… Violence is not and can never be the answer to anything.I can’t help you even if I wanted to.You also hurt other people who want to make you pay too.You can’t bring back the dead”
I stood up and picked up my bag.
“Laurel, please…..”
“I’m going to be happy now and I’m going to make sure Aiden and Annie have a nice and decent life.Goodbye, Eugene”I turned and walked out of the hall… feeling as if I could breath again.
I don’t care if he regrets his actions.
It was too late to regret now.
I was finally free.I could do anything.Have anything.
I laughed but it died away.
All I had ever wanted might just be out of my reach,or was it?
Maybe the man I love would be willing to give me a second chance.
I wanted to surprise Nate so I didn’t call him but after several times of ringing his doorbell,I realized that he wasn’t in.
Maybe he was at work.
I drove to his gym.
It was filled with clients…his employees were overseeing everything and there was no sign of him.
I walked up to one of the employees.
“Is your boss around?”
“Please can you tell me where he went”I saw his resistance and quickly added.”We’re quite close and I’m sure he won’t be angry that you told me about his location”
“He went to his ranch….he said he had somethings to attend to”
“Alright, thanks”
I pulled up at the front of the ranch and decided to check his Cabin first.
I took a calming breath.
I could do this.
I needed to tell him how I feel….to make him understand how much I care about him too and that I needed him in my life.
So did my children.
I know my mom might’ve told them about where I was going.
They wouldn’t want me to come back without Nate.
At the back door,I knocked but hearing no answer,I stepped into the kitchen and called for Nate.
There was no reply,just the sound of music.
The first thing I noticed was the smell of paint then I saw that the walls were bright yellow.
Not only that,the knotty pine cabinets had be refinished and stained, white tile had replaced the old battered countertops.
The music grew louder and I followed the sound into the living room.
I peeked my head around the corner to find Nate in the middle of the room,busy pushing a roller over the prepped walls.
My gaze moved over his paint-spattered jeans and a once white T-shirt that hugged his broad shoulders and chest.
As if he noticed my presence, he turned around and stared at me with shock written over his face.
My breath caught as his gaze moved over me.
I tingled from head to toe, praying that he wouldn’t reject me.
His mouth tugged at a smile which gave me encouragement.
“Laurel,what are you doing here?…Oh shit! I mean I wasn’t expecting to see you”He gestured at his clothes.”I look a mess and the place is….”
“It’s okay”I cut in stopping him from rambling like a teenager.
“How did you find me?”
“I went to your apartment then your gym and I was told you came here”
“I wanted a time off from work and I figured I should renovate this place”
“It looks nice.I hardly recognize the kitchen”
“Yeah,I had someone come in and redo the cabinets and counters.Do you like them?”He asked.
I tried to keep my eyes off his body.
He looks damn hot in anything without even trying.
“Yes,they did a wonderful job”
Silence fell between us and I know he was waiting for me to tell him my purpose of being here.
I was debating within myself.
I wanted something… something to tell him exactly how I feel about him.
“Can I have your iPod?”I asked.
“Sure”He handed it over to me.
I connected it to my cellphone and played…. Tatiana Manaois “YOU MEAN TO TELL ME.”
“I used to think that
I would never fall in love
And then you showed me
That you could be everything I want
I gave my heart away
They put it on a shelf
And took it down
Only to break it into pieces
And then you came around
Picked me up off the floor
You put me back together
I couldn’t believe it.
Let me get this straight
You don’t want to date
You just wanna be someone I can always turn to
Right until the end
Can you say that again?
I’m sorry I just wanna make sure that I heard you.
I waited for you my whole life
You don’t know what you mean to me….
If you asked me to be your wife.
I would turn around and say
You mean to tell me that
I could have whenever I want.
I could tell you that I love you when you love me too.
No more waiting forever our love
But I would wait all over again
If it means I get you
I never been more sure of the unknown
Just wanna show you how far my love goes
You mean to tell me that you feel the same.
Then baby I’m here to stay…
Nate slowly turned off the music and turned to face me, smiling broadly.
He walked closer to me.
“You knew my heart was always and forever going to be yours”He said softly and brush some loose strands of my hair behind my ear.
“What more do you have to tell me, Laurel?”
I swallowed then muttered.”I love you”
He lowered his head and touched his lips to mine then pulled back.
“I love you more,baby”
I twined my arms around his neck…just before I pulled him down so that his mouth would meet mine in a searing kiss.
Nate finally broke off the kiss.”Oh Darling.Say that again”He requested.
“I love you”Tears flooded my eyes.”I love you, Nathan Carter.I’m sorry for hurting you”I apologized.”I’m sorry for not trusting you enough…..”
He stopped my words.
“No,maybe I didn’t give you enough time to think about us.Just because I knew immediately how much I wanted you didn’t mean you were feeling the same”
I laughed through my tears.”How can you say that when I’ve been out of my mind without you….that night when Eugene….”
“No,Laurel.You don’t need to bring up what happened”
He hugged me, affectionately.
“I went to see him today and I gave him a piece of my mind”
He cocked an eyebrow.”You went to jail?”
“I wanted to come to you with no ghosts from the past….no fears.I didn’t want my past to continue stopping us from having a future together”I met his eyes.”That’s if you still want me.”
He ran his hands through my face, lovingly.
“I haven’t stopped wanting you from the very first day I saw you.But I want you to know that you’re not on your own anymore.I’m right here with you.There is no ‘I’ anymore.It’s “Us” now and you better get used to it because that’s never going to change.”
I smiled, feeling so content.”What did I do to deserve you?”I wondered.
“You deserve more,Laurel and I’m not perfect but all I know is that I want to take care of you and the kids”
“No,Nate.If I’m going to be your wife.I want to be an equal partner in our marriage.We’ll take care of each other.”
He broke out into a grin.”I couldn’t have it any other way. I love you being Independence but not so much that you don’t need me”
“Oh,I need you.I’ll always need you. I want to be your wife more than anything but I’d like to keep working”Our eyes locked and I said shyly.”I want to have your child”
He cupped my face in his hands then lowered his lips and captured my mouth.
He parted my lips then dipped his tongue inside to taste me….to savor me.
He wrapped his arms tighter around my body and pulled me closer… letting me know his desire.
We finally broke apart.
“We have a date night to continue but it’s okay if you want to start working on the baby now”He was halfway teasing.
I giggled.”Don’t tempt me”I said.”But I think we better go tell Annie and Aiden the news.You know,it isn’t easy being parents”
“I know,but we can give them the one important thing.We’re going to stand together and give them a lot of love”
I smiled.”We can go see the kids tomorrow.For now, I want to be anywhere you are.I want to feel all of you”
Nate rested his forehead against mine.”Fuck!…me too,angel.”
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