Single mom next door episode 17

I looked outside the window as Nate drove to my mother’s house.
The kids were at the back seat.
I was nervous about telling her the truth but I have to because she might’ve told all her friends that I was getting married soon.
I glanced over at Nate.
Sometimes,he keeps telling the kids about things he would do for them when they grow up.
Is he really ready?
Is he ready to take on kids that aren’t his?
Is he ready to be with someone like me?
I don’t want to be a burden to him so I think I’m not ready.
I love the way things are between us.
I don’t want to push him away again because it would kill me to see him with someone else.
I should just enjoy my time with him while it lasts.
I felt one of his hands slid into me while the other one was on the steering wheel.
“Are you still tensed up about tonight?”He asked.
I nodded.
“You don’t really have to be.It’ll be fine. I know she’ll be angry that she was deceived but that anger would subside soon”Nate assured.
“I know what would lessen the tension…..are my musicians alert?”He asked the kids.
“Yes”They squealed.
The trio started singing “Something like this” by Chainsmokers.
They were singing just for me and I couldn’t help but feel really special.
I wonder how he does this.
How he makes me feel better in a twinkle of an eye.
How he makes everything in my life feel lighter and brighter.
He pulled up in my mom’s garage.
The kids hopped down from the car and ran into the big building.
Nate got down and opened my door.
“Thank you”I said getting down but neither of us made any move to the house.
“Just how many songs have you taught the kids?”
He shrugged.”Can’t count but they’re all great…at least they make my angel smile”
He wrapped his arms around my waist drawing me closer into his body.
Heat surged through me inhaling his intoxicating scent.
“Nate”I called, softly.
“Yes baby”
“In any case you want a break up…..”
“You wanna break up with me?”He asked,his voice laced with fear.
That’s not what I’m trying to say.
I’ve watched movies when lovers stop communicating and they use that as a sign that they’re not together anymore but if we’re going to break up someday,I would like us to be sincere with each other.
We should tell each other about it.
“That’s not it.I mean,we would eventually break up someday,I know you’re with me for fun”
“I’m not with you for fun.Ah, Laurel, don’t you know how special you are? How beautiful?Any man would be thrilled to have you in his life. I know you went through a lot with your ex but not every man is cruel”
His hand slid around my waist while his other palm cupped my cheek.
His fingers gently pushed my hair back,and his thumb rubbed against my soft skin.
His face moved closer to me,his eyes focusing on mine.
The second he touched me,I turned soft.I closed my eyes and felt the warmth of his palm.I turned my cheek into it, loving the way his hand felt against my skin.
I loved the way his fingertips gripped the back of my shirt as he held me.
I treasured all of it, loving this touch, deeply.
He pressed his face to mine and kissed the corner of my mouth.
His lips were soft and gentle,and when they took mine,they were full of possession and longing.
He gently pulled my bottom lip into his mouth, released it and then kissed me again.
He gave me his tongue,but it was in an affectionate way instead of lustful.
He kissed me harder.When he broke off the kiss,he leaned in and kissed me on the forehead.
He left his kiss there, soft and warm.
The heat radiated all the way down my spine to my ass.
A man had never dotted on me so affectionately before.
He pulled away and looked me in the eyes.
“I love you,Laurel”
I heard every word that came out of his mouth but it took an entire span of ten seconds to understand those words were real.
“I don’t ever want to break up with you and I hope you won’t end things between us.What I feel for you is stronger than I can ever comprehend. I’ve been tempted to buy a wedding ring but I was scared you might reject me so I’m waiting…. I just want to you to feel my love”
I took a deep breath because my lungs ached for oxygen.
I love him.
I really do but this feels too good to be true.
He wants a life with me and my kids….
What did I do to deserve this man?
Am I ready to be his wife?
‘What if he changes like Eugene did’My subconscious mind sneered.
I swallowed hard,I know I overthink a lot but I can’t help it.
I still feel scared to take the next step with him.
“You don’t have to think about what I’ve said right now.We have another issue at hand but I just want you to know that I won’t rush you into anything.Just tell me one thing… We’re still good, right?”
I nodded and I saw relief on his face.
I really didn’t have to think about this.
For now,I should think about facing my mom instead.
He kissed me again and groaned when I grabbed the lapels of his jacket returning his passion.
Instead of thinking about facing my mom….I want to be alone with him.
Just me and him.
We disengaged from each other when we heard a discreet cough.
I flushed seeing my mom smiling at us.
“The two of you were taking forever to get into the house so I figured I should come check if you got lost”She joked and we laughed.
“Good evening, Felicia”Nate greeted giving her a kiss on her cheek.
“I know we have a lot to talk about tonight but seeing you two like that reminded me of my young days.We can postpone this meeting to tomorrow morning,why don’t you two have a date night?”
I wanted that too….maybe if I get laid so more by Mr incredible,I can be more stronger to spill the truth.
“You don’t have to worry about the kids,they can sleep over and I’ll get to catch up on lost times while the two of you…..Nate,I’m sure you’ve got it covered”She said winking at him.
Nate smiled.
“Sure thing, Felicia.Thanks for this”
I’m excited he loves the idea too,we hardly go anywhere without the kids.
After bidding goodbye to the kids,we hit the road.
Nate was driving and holding my hand with his free hand.
I could really get used to this.
“I’m at a lost here, We’ve been to almost all the fun places with the kids, I’d want our first night together to be special”He said.
“We could go to your ranch”I suggested.
He had told me about it.I had never been to a ranch before.
“I’ve got a cabin right there that we can sleep in.We’d go horse riding…I could make some barbeque….we would play video games and watch movies,how does that sound,baby?”
“Sounds perfect”
I was bubbling with glee.
Why am I always overthinking things?
I don’t want this to end and he clearly doesn’t want it either so I should really stop holding back.
When we got to the ranch,he introduced me to Asher,an old man who is the manager.
The other three employees had gone out.
Nate saw nothing wrong with that,he said they had the right to catch some fun too.
He pulled out a horse with easy grace.
“This is bud,come on…touch it”He encouraged.
I tensed,it was the first time seeing a horse this close and I was damn scared that I was going to ride on it soon.
I gently rubbed the horse.
Nate scooped me up and carried me onto its back then he got on the back of the horse too.
“This will be fun, sweetie.You trust me, right?”
I nodded then he tugged on the reins and the horse started galloping.
I squealed in excitement.
“Bud is a great guy, aren’t you,buddy?”
The animal raised his head up and whinnied loudly.
I laughed.
“Okay,cowboy.Take me for a ride”
“My pleasure, ma’am”
By the time,we rounded the corral,I was quite happy to go for another ride.
Nate got down from the horse and carried me down.
“Who taught you how to ride a horse?”I asked.
“My dad.The next time,we come here, I’m going to teach how to ride one.For now, it’s getting really late and we have other plans”He reminded.
I smiled as he held my hand and led me to the cabin.
As he made the barbeque,my hands were wrapped around him in a backhug.
I can hardly keep my hands off him.
He turned around and kissed me.
Can I ever get used to this?
Flames of passion were escalating very fast as the kiss grew hotter and heavier until we smelled something burning.
“Oh shit!”Nate exclaimed turning to face the grill.
I laughed as he tried to save some of the beef.
“Did all get burnt?”
“Nope,some survived the burnt offering”He joked and we laughed.
My hips straddled his thighs as we ate barbeque and wine.
I never knew this simple things in life could make one so happy.
“I’m the happiest when I’m right next to you,Laurel”He whispered.
“Me too”I replied… meaning every word of it.
I felt his erection and rocked against it.
“Oh baby!”He groaned.”We’re yet to watch….”
“We have all night,Nate.Just the two of us.For now,I need you.Make love to me”
Within minutes,I laid naked on the bed and Nate worked his mouth on my nipples.
I reached up and placed a kiss on his lips,then began to move down to his chest, using my mouth to drive him closer to the edge.
He moved off the bed and began stripping off his jeans,staring intensely at me.
Suddenly,we heard a loud pounding on the back door,then Asher came calling his name.
“What the hell?I’ll be right back”He walked out, closing the door behind him.
I sat up and hugged the sheet against my body on hearing the muffled voices.
Nate walked in.”Some of the horses got loose.Asher and I have to go after them”He sat in a chair and began pulling on his shoes.
I tried to hide my disappointment.”How did it happen?”
Grabbing his shirt off the floor,he put it on as he walked to the bed.
“Asher doesn’t know.The guys aren’t back yet and he can’t go after them alone”
I nodded in comprehension.
He leaned down and kissed me.”We’re not finished here, darling”He whispered.”I want you like this…on my bed when I get back. I won’t be long”He assured.
I could only nod as he kissed me again, sending more warm shivers through me.
Then he left.
I collapsed back on the pillow with a broad smile.
“Oh Nate…I love you”I murmured in the empty room as I snuggled into the soft mattress.
I closed my eyes a moment, maybe even dosed off when I heard a noise.
Maybe he’d forgotten something.
“Nate”I called.
No answer.
I sat up in bed as a strange feeling came over me.
Something was wrong.
I got up and grabbed one of Nate’s shirts from the top of the dresser and slipped it on.
I had no sooner finished with the buttons when the door swung open and a figure appeared in the doorway.
Panic filled me.
I gasped.”Nate…..”
“Sorry,bitch, but your lover is long gone”
My lungs refused to work as I watched Eugene Morales strode into the bedroom.
At five foot eight and with his stocky build,he outweighed me by a good fifty pounds.
His hair had gotten too long and his body odor nearly gagged me.
From years of conditioning and knowing his brutality,I automatically backed away.
“How….how did you….What are you doing here?”My heart hammered against my ribs as I gripped the edge of the dresser.
“Ah,Laurel.Is that any way to greet your husband?”
Eugene is back😱
If you want to badly know what’s gonna happen to Laurel and Nate.

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