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Single mom next door episode 16

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Single mom next door episode 16 by : 10:20 pm On September 19, 2020
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Sometimes,love takes us hostage before we even realize we’d been captured.
I’ve heard people talk about soulmate…that special person…. that unique person whom you feel this deep affection for…. there’s this strong bond that you wouldn’t want to get broken.
The image of Laurel, swollen with my child fills my mind.The sudden urge to breed her and make her mind drives me crazy.Everyone would know without a doubt that she belongs to me.
But I don’t think she’s ready for that.
I don’t want to scare her away but I always remind her that when I see her….I don’t just see s£× with her….I see a very precious woman that I want to spend the rest of my life with.
The days after that night have been simply marvelous.
Some of my clothes have migrated to Laurel’s apartment.
If I’m not spending the night with her,then she’s spending the night with me.
We don’t sleep alone anymore because we might get so crazy from missing each other’s warmth.
But the kids are fun of interrupting.
There was a night that all four of us slept in the same bed.
Since Laurel and I can’t keep our hands off each other,we silently escaped to the living room where we spooned all night long.
I love the excitement between us…. I love the heat.
Holy f√¢k…the s£× keeps getting better,I can’t get enough of her.
We had gone on several dates….I wouldn’t call it date though because the kids always tag along.
Laurel had wanted to employ a babysitter but strangely I wasn’t comfortable leaving them with an outsider.
I didn’t know I would get this protective over them.
Sometimes,I wish they were really my kids and Laurel was my wife.
I mean,the joy I feel around them when we prepare the meals together….when we play together…when we watch TV together is f√¢king indescribable.
Laurel seem like a different person now,when I look at her…. it’s as if she’s glowing…. she’s always bubbling with joy and I’m happy that I’m the reason for that.
We’ve gone to many fun places….the four of us.
We’ve gone to theme parks….to restaurants…
We’ve gone shopping a lot and most times,we put the kids on the trolley and they get so excited when we do that, we’ve rode on a cruise and watched some movies.
Most of our visit to the cinemas are mostly spent watching cartoons…
Laurel and I can’t chose any adult movie so as not to corrupt our kids.
Yeah…our kids.
I know at some point they’ll get to know these things and I hope I’ll still be in their lives when they grow up.
I plan on being a responsible dad….but the problem is that I’m not sure if Laurel wants to settle down with me.
I wish I could read minds.
Laurel has been making different excuses not to try out the wedding dress and I’m sure Felicia has noticed something is definitely wrong.
We plan on telling her the truth, ASAP and I hope she’ll be less angry if she knows that I’m serious about her daughter.
It was Saturday when I walked out of Laurel’s bedroom dressed in my workout outfit.
I had mentioned that most of my clothes were here now so it’s like my second home though I wish we could all live together permanently.
I want to be with her…. I want to be with them from dusk till dawn.
I found Aiden tying the lace of Annie’s shoes.
Since we became best buddies,he has been trying his best to impress me…to show me that he’s a good elder brother and heck he’s just two minutes older than Annie and they still argue a lot but all in all…they both are bundles of joy.
Laurel walked out of the kitchen.
“Where are you guys going?”She asked.
“We’re going to go jogging with Nate”Aiden replied.
“Aren’t you guys too young to be working out?”
“I think the reason why they insist on coming with me is because I’m going to pass through the playground”I confided and Laurel laughed….I swear… it’s always beautiful sound.
“Come with us,mommy”Annie suggested.
“C’mon,Laurel.You need to keep fit too so that you can be more flexible to do all the styles we want”I winked at her and she blushed knowing what I’m talking about.
“What styles?”Annie asked.
Shit!She keeps getting more and more inquisitive.
“Hairstyles”I replied glad that most kids have simple understanding.
Laurel agreed to come with us but she did more of the walking than jogging.
We found a hard time convincing the kids to leave the playground and I hardly got any workout done.
We headed back home, walking and chatting about random things before Annie stopped walking.
“What is it?”I asked.
“My feet hurt.”She replied, staring at my back as if it was the cure.
I bent down in front of her.
She happily got on my back.
“How come Annie gets carried and I get to walk?”Aiden said angrily crossing his arms over his chest.
Laurel sighed and bent down in front of him.
With a self-satisfied smile,he got on her back.
“Last to get home are rotten eggs”Annie announced.
“I am not playing that”Laurel said.
“Are you scared of losing?”I teased.
She lifted an eyebrow.”Bring it on”She challenged.
The kids patted our backs in encouragement.
Aiden counted.”1…2…3…”
And we took off…. running with the kids on our backs.
I was far ahead of her and Laurel kept on begging me to slow down.
“We won”Annie squealed as we got to the front of the apartment building.
She got down from my back.
We did a high five before Laurel came with Aiden.
“Mommy’s too lazy”He said getting down from her back.
“Oh boy, you’re so fit,Nate.It’s as if you didn’t carry anyone”Laurel said straightening her waist.
The kids and I laughed at her.
“It wasn’t easy getting these”I said, bulging out my muscles in my biceps.
“Wow, you’re so cool, Nate. I want these too”Aiden said, touching my arm.
“Don’t worry,buddy.When you’re old enough,I’ll make sure you get these”
Aiden giggled.
I looked up at Laurel, hoping she read meaning to my words… hoping that she realize that I want a life with her and the kids.
I have a lot of different hobbies.
I liked sports
I liked movies.
I love music.
That was pretty much everything but now,I had a new hobby.
A hobby I acquired the very day I saw her struggling with her luggage in front of the apartment building.
I s√¢ked her clit into my mouth and gave it a gentle bite before I swirled my tongue around her nub, tasting her beautiful p√zzy.
My tongue delved into her slit, reaching the moisture that had already pooled for me a long time ago.
A man usually went down on a woman to make her wet but with my baby, I didn’t need to do that.
She was already soaked… always ready for me.
I did it because I enjoyed it…..enjoyed listening to her breathe into the darkness of the bedroom.
Her hand would clamp on my wrists and hold on as I pressed my nose into her slit and smelled her.
She arched her back and bucked her hips automatically.
I s√¢ked her clit again before I crawled up her body and brought her nlpp!e into my mouth.
I s√¢ked hard.
I s√¢ked until it was raw.
I moved to the other tit and did the same.
I worshipped every part or her body, dragging my tongue into the valley between her tits before I breathed into the hollow of her throat.
I’d taken her so many times but every time I explore her body,it felt like a new experience.
She had gotten on the pills and I couldn’t be more happy.I love to feel every inch of her.
I love to fill her up with my cum.
I love to watch my cum drip down her thighs.
Holy f√¢k!
I always want her to cum all over me.
My mouth….my cock…I don’t care.
I just want her pleasure on me….I want to wear it like a badge of honour so that everyone knows that I’m claimed by her.
She was made for me,her body screams it.
I finally made my way up her body until my lips hung just inches away.
My knees separated her thighs and I pressed my shaft against her throbbing clit.
I looked into her eyes and all I can see is desire.
She gripped my shoulders and breathed in my face, anxious and desperate.
I widened her thighs farther and pressed my crown through her slit, feeling the squeeze as I pushed through.
She was wet from my saliva and well as her own arousal.
It made my entry smooth and less painful for her…my thick cock could still do some damage,regardless of how wet she was.
I sank into her warm flesh until I was buried deep inside, nearly touching her cervix.
“I f√¢king love this p√zzy….”
She m0@ned in ecstasy as her f!ng£rs moved through my hair…her chest rising and falling in sync with mine.
“She loves you too”She klzzed the corner of my mouth before she went for the deeper embrace, moving her lips against mine with passion.
I started to thrust and listened to the sound our bodies made together.
Her p√zzy was so wet that I could feel us slid passed each other.
Her cream built up along my base, pushing down with every stroke until it built up at my hilt and just behind the groove at the head of my d!¢k.
I love her cream.
She klzzed me as I moved with her,her thighs hugging my waist.
I drove her to climax almost instantly since I’d spent so much time going down on her.
She screamed my name…her thighs squeezed me hard and she bucked against me, enjoying my fat cock and all the pleasure it was giving her.
I watched her as she goes through her orgasm…entranced by the expression she made when she came around my d!¢k.
Her eyes squinted hard and her jaw tensed for seconds before her mouth opened with a scream.
The flood of color entered her cheeks,and when her eyes opened again,they were brighter than before.
She watched my expression, and like my stare turned her on even more,she finished the orgasm with another round of convulsions.
So f√¢king beautiful.
I didn’t know any woman could consume me like this,she had claw her way into my heart and I don’t think she’s ever getting out of there.
After an overwhelming climax, I held her close to myself.
I’m tired of wishing this is going to be a lifetime experience.
I want that wish to be a reality.
I’m never giving up on her and I hope she’ll always want me too.
“My mom wants us at her house tomorrow”Laurel announced.
“We should go,Hun.We shouldn’t keep on tossing her around with different excuses.We should tell her the truth”
She sighed against my chest.
“She’d be so disappointed”
Not so disappointed.
I could secretly tell Felicia that the wedding would hold someday soon…
As soon as I prove to her daughter that I could everything she needs.
Do not miss chapter 17
I won’t spoil it for u but that chapter is a cliffhanger.

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