Single mom next door episode 15

“Fuck baby!Your pussy is so pretty and pink…. you’re dripping…so ready for me”Nate murmured.
His mouth went for my breasts first and I tangled my fingers in his thick hair while he licked and sucked on one and rolled the other between his fingers.
There were fireworks exploding in my head and I was already on the verge of an orgasm….he was yet to even touch my wet pussy.
I moaned pulling his hair when I felt his fingers stroke the inside of my thigh so close to my pussy.
My muscles contracted and I felt more warm liquid slide down the insides of my thighs.
Nate let his fingers play in it while he continued to suck on my nipple.
The sensation was beyond sweet.
I actually cried out loudly when I felt him slid a finger between my wet folds and graze my swollen clit.
“That’s it,baby.I want to hear your sounds of pleasure… hear what I do to you”
He pushed me back so I was lying down with my legs still off the side of the bed.
Once again,he opened my legs and dove between them…. immediately using his tongue to separate my lips.
I was whimpering and shaking as he licked me from end to end, stopping to suck on my clit.
He did that over and over before pushing his tongue into me as far as he could get it.
His face was pressed into me and he reached down and lifted my legs and put them up on his broad shoulders.
“Nate….oh God….Nate”
He continued his attack with his tongue and at the same time he brought his fingers up and used two of them to probe…explore..tickle and drive me mercilessly towards a building climax.
My back arched up off the bed.
My head was pressing down into the comforter and my hands were still in his hair.
I felt an orgasm hurtling toward the surface and when it slammed into me,I had to bite down on my bottom lip to keep me from screaming.
It felt like a tidal wave slammed into my body as my toes curled and I gasped..”Aargh!”
I can’t remember when last I experienced this.
Eugene was always after his own pleasure while I dreaded having sex with him because of his brutal nature.
But right now,I had felt this orgasm to my very core.
I couldn’t even speak but I knew what I wanted.
I sat up and put my hands under his arms urging him to his feet.
He smiled at me and ran his tongue over his lips, licking off my glistening juices before getting to his feet.
“You taste so fucking sweet,baby”
I grabbed his underwear and pushed it down, setting that huge cock free.
I sat back up and ran my hands across his flat abs before sliding them down and letting both of them wrap around his hot, throbbing cock.
I don’t know if I’m good at this but I have to try.
I want to impress him.
I don’t want him to get tired of me anytime soon.
I heard him suck in a hard breath as I lowered my mouth and softly licked the tip of his dick.
I wanted to explore every inch of it.
I let my fingers slide up and down the shaft and then go between his legs and explore the sensitive flesh behind his heavy balls.
In the midst of my exploration,I opened my lips and let his cock slide into my mouth.
When it hit the back of my throat….his entire body convulsed.
I let him slide out slowly, using my tongue to touch every part of it as it did, before immediately sucking it back in.
I did that over and over, changing the position of my hands or my tongue each time and even angling my head back more so that I could take him deeper.
I opened my eyes at one point to look up to see him watching me.
The look of ecstasy on his face was almost enough to cause me another explosive orgasm.
I let my hands slide around and cup the hard,tight cheeks of his ass and I squeezed and kneaded as I licked and sucked.
He was moaning now, running his hands through my hair.
I loved it.
I kept it up until I felt his cock pulse in my mouth, growing and hardening even more before he groaned.”Fuck…baby!”He pulled my head back and said..”That was fucking awesome,but I have to be inside of you now”
He reached down and lifted me up with seemingly little effort and he positioned me on the bed.
He climbed up on the bed and leaned above me, supporting his weight with his forearms.
I brought my legs up and wrapped them around his waist while my hands got busy again exploring his body and clutching onto his big shoulders.
I arched my hips up further in a silent plea for him to slide up inside me.
I was glad when I heard the sound of a condom being opened.
I had been so out of my mind with lust that I had forgotten that important part.
He seem to have condoms on his wallet, constantly.
I watched him sheathe his raging erection and then let his cock slid into me…just few inches.
He was so thick that I felt my body stretching to accommodate him.
He advanced slowly and when he was finally as deep inside of me as he could get….he paused and let us savor the feeling.
“Tight…sweet…wet and all mine”He whispered, gravelling.
My muscles were clamped down tightly around him and I marveled at how well we fit….like we had been made for each other.
I could feel the silky heat of his sweat against my chest and my nipples throbbed with the memory of his mouth on them.
He moved slowly for a few seconds,but he began to increase his pace with every thrust until he reached a steady, pounding rhythm.
The base of his throbbing cock slid smoothly against my engorged clit and his thrusts became harder and more urgent as his breaths became more ragged and his groan more pronounced.
I grounded my hips into him and let my hands drop down to my own breast.
He moaned out his delight at the sight of me gripping onto them.
“My sexy Laurel”He breathed out while watching me slide one of my hands down between us.
I stopped just above my mound and he lifted his hips…not breaking our contact but giving me room to find my clit.
When I did….the combination of that glorious cock and the stimulation of my clit caused me to almost instantly seized up into a second orgasm.
He pushed in and out of me…. harder…faster while a orgasm consumed me again and thrashed through my body.
I was panting and finally opened my eyes to watch his face as the climax claimed him.
He reached down and put my ankles up on his shoulders and began to fuck me as hard and as fast as he could.
My hands gripped the sheet.
Finally,with a loud groan which I worried the neighbour on the next apartment probably heard,he came hard.
It seemed to hit him in waves as he pulsed in and out of me.
When he finished coming,he collapsed down on top of me and we lay there like that…. shaking and gripping onto each other tightly.
After several minutes,he pulled his weight off me.
I was instantly cold as soon as he was gone.
I watched him disappeared into the bathroom and when he returned I was still in the exact position he had left me in.
He slipped into the bed next to me and put his arm underneath my neck to pull me into him.
I felt warmed up again.
Was sex supposed to be that good?
While I lay there,I wondered what had happened to me,I had never felt like this before.
I had never done anything this mindnumbling before but all I could think of was how badly I wanted to do it again.
I was wrong to tag all men as the same.
My Nate is definitely different from Eugene.
There’s no comparison.
Slowly,I drifted into a deep sleep.
I was in a dark room and I felt pain on my nipples and clit.
I looked at them.
Oh my God!
There were clamps on them.
How did they get there?
I looked around the room…this is Eugene’s bedroom.
How did I get back here?
I thought I had gotten away from him.
A sound came from the door.
Fearfully,I looked up and saw Eugene walking into the bedroom holding a belt.
“Why am I doing this, Laurel?”He asked.
I shook my head refusing to answer.
I can’t go through this pain again.
“Leave me alone!”I yelled.
“You fucking bitch!”He thundered and advanced towards me pulling my hair.
As he slashed the belt against my skin,
I screamed!
“Wake up….wake up,Laurel”
I felt a man’s arms around me and I begin to struggle.
“Please ..stop!”
“Laurel,stop fighting… you’re having a nightmare… it’s me,Nate”
My eyes flung open.
I was breathing heavily.
I looked around, shakily.
This isn’t Eugene’s room.
Relief washed over me.
It was just a dream.
Nate wrapped his arms tighter around me.
“You’re okay,no one’s gonna hurt you,baby”
I relaxed against him…. feeling safe.
It was the early hours of the morning,I know I had better get up to prepare breakfast for the kids.
But I didn’t want to leave this man’s arms.
He was naked and warm against me.
I’m cocooned in the arms of a man who makes feel beautiful and desires…who makes me feel cherished and extremely sexy.
“Was the nightmare about him?”He asked.
I knew he was talking about Eugene.
I nodded against his chest.
“I’m gonna kill him”He said, hoarsely.
I looked at his face,it was the first time seeing a dangerous look on his face.
It thrills me that he wants to protect me but I don’t think there’ll be any need to kill anyone.
“I told you, he’s in jail.He’s not getting out anytime soon so you don’t need to kill anyone”I assured.
“I want to erase your fears….your pain.Let me make new, happy memories with you”
My heart warmed and I hope he wouldn’t change towards me like Eugene did.
“Please don’t hurt me,Nate”I pleaded, softly.
“I understand where your fears are coming from,I’ve never raised my hand on a woman before and I’m definitely not going to start with you.Even if you break my heart…”
“I don’t plan on doing that”I cut in, smiling.
“That’s good then…so how was last night?”He asked, caressing my cheeks.
My smile widened and heat pooled between my legs.
I don’t think I can ever forget last night.
“It was…em…it was great.What about you?Did you like being with me?”I asked staring into his eyes.
He slung me a lopsided grin.
“I love being with you”
I stared at the wall clock, feeling horny as hell.
Maybe we could have a quickie before the kids wake up.
“Nate”I called.
“Yes baby?”
“I want you inside of me”
His lips parted in lust.
“With pleasure,baby”
As he tugged off the duvet from our bodies.
I gasped seeing his impressive manhood.
A knock sounded on the door.
“Nate,are you in there?Ann said she heard your voice”Aiden said.
“Daddy,I heard it loud and clear,open the door”She said, impatiently.
Nate laughed and kissed me.
“Babe,we would surely continue this later.For now,I better get the door before they hear what they ain’t to supposed to hear”
He got off the bed and pulled on his jeans.
He leaned down again and our lips locked in a hot kiss.
“Daddy!”Annie’s shouted.
We broke off the kiss, laughing.
He walked up to the door and opened it.
“Morning,dad”Annie greeted, smiling.
“Morning, Nate.Did you spend the night here?”Aiden asked.
“Did you sleep in mommy’s bed?”Annie asked.
Nate coughed and I laughed.
“I did”
“Why didn’t you sleep on my bed?”Annie asked.
“No.You should’ve slept on mine”Aiden queried.
I frowned…now my kids are dragging Nate’s attention with me?
Laurel and Nate all the way💃
I’m so happy for them… let’s just hope their love last😋

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