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Single mom next door episode 13

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Single mom next door episode 13 by : 10:17 pm On September 19, 2020
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The taste of her sweet lips carried me away on a raging river of hunger and need.
I still felt her resistance and I cursed her ex-husband for causing her so much fear.
My gaze met hers.I could see desire in those incredible whiskey-colored eyes of hers but she didn’t seem ready to let me in. I couldn’t blame her.
Trust came hard for me too.
I needed to take things slow,for the both of us but right now,I wasn’t exactly thinking rationally.
Not when I’ve been fantasizing about her.
“Let me feel your hands on me,Laurel.Touch me”
I released her hand and her warm f!ng£rs raked through my chest,I nearly came apart.
I groaned and placed my hand over hers.
“I haven’t touched any woman since I met you, baby”
“Really?”She sounded, surprised.
“Really”I repeated, right before I captured her mouth in another klzz.
When she didn’t resist,I ran my tongue over the seal of her lips.
With a soft whimper,she opened for me and allowed me inside to taste her again.
By the time I finally broke off the klzz,we were both breathing hard.
I’ve lost myself to her and she damn right belong to me and I’ll make my mark on her with my teeth…my cock…my klzz.
I klzzed her again and I swear I could get addicted to these lips.
I’m desperately wondering how her p√zzy taste like.
My hand slid into her shirt,the feel of her bare skin against my hands was heavenly.
My hands were finally there,I pulled down the lace cup of her bra and my thumb found her puckered nlpp!e… sliding back and forth… causing her to wrench her mouth away to completely s√¢k in air.
Seeing her biting her bottom lip almost innocently drove me insane.
She gasped.
I held the hem of her shirt with impatient hands.
“Nate…”She whispered…when suddenly,the sound of her child’s cry filled the room.
I got off her while we hurried towards the children’s bedroom.
We got to the room and found Annie sitting up in bed, sobbing.
“I’m scared, mommy”Annie cried.”I had a bad dream”
“Shh,honey”Laurel soothed her, wrapping her arms around her child.”You’re okay now”
“I’m here too,princess”I said moving closer to the bed as Annie smiled warmly at me.
I looked down at Laurel holding her child.Something tightened around my heart and I knew that I’d kill anyone who would ever try to hurt them.
Deep down,I am beyond disappointed too that our moment has been cut short.
I want to believe Laurel would give me a chance after we made out on her couch.
After Nate left.
I walked into my room and shut the door then sank against it… trying to draw a breath.
I touched my lips….till able to feel his firm mouth…his intoxicating taste.
My heart raced,not from fear or regret but surprisingly from desire.
The experience was nothing like when Eugene had taken me.Rough and demanding,he’d taken what he wanted, leaving me…..
I closed my eyes to shut out the pain of his abuse and Nate’s face appeared, along with the soothing feel of his warm hands against my skin.
I have never known that being with a man could feel like that.
If just his klzzes could feel that great….I wondered how it would have felt if he made love to me.
That would have happened if Annie hadn’t interrupted.
But things had changed now,I know I can no longer deny the fact that I like him a lot.
My phone buzzed.
I unlocked it.
It was a text from Nate.
*Tonight meant something to me and I just wanna tell you not to think about avoiding me again.I ain’t doing that shit. I’m not trying to force you into anything…but I’d like an answer tomorrow….will you date me?*
I nibbled my lips feeling so excited like a teenager.
I could date him.
I could have a nice time with him, right?
I replied his text.
*Tomorrow then.Goodnight*
*Goodnight,baby.Dream about me*
I fell on my bed unable to stop smiling.
After he had klzzed the living daylight out of my lips…I already know I’d surely dream of him.
The following evening, I pulled over in the parking lot of the apartment building.
I loved my new car and I had invested some of the money.
Thanks to my dad and Nate’s brilliant suggestion, I don’t think I can ever suffer, financially.
A disturbing thought about my mom popped into my head.
Oh God!
It still scares me on how to tell her the truth.
I’ll deal with that later.
For now,a bigger part of me was feeling gleeful.
I’ve thought about Nate’s proposal all day and I’m ready to date him.
I shouldn’t hope for something more than that.
I just want to enjoy his presence in my life while it lasts.
Getting into the elevator with my kids, I wondered if he was home from work already.
Should I go to him or he’ll come to me?
I’m eagered to continue what we started yesterday.
The elevator doors opened revealing Nate walking out of his apartment clad in jeans,a leather jacket and black sneakers.
Holy cow!
He looked so s£×y and I’m aware my eyes were undressing him already.
I had felt his erection but I badly wanted to see him n@k£d.
f√¢k!when did I become so wanton?
“Daddy”Annie squealed and the kids ran towards him and hugged him.
“How was school, little champs?”He asked.
“It was great,we drew and painted mostly.Ann thinks she paints better than me”Aiden replied.
“I do”Annie challenged and I watched as they both put down their backpacks.
They brought out their drawing book.
I frowned.They don’t even want my opinion now.
“What do you think,Nate?”Aiden asked as they both showed him their paintings.
He smiled, nervously and I know that he is certained if he chooses one,the other person who doesn’t get chosen would cry a river.
“Wow, they’re both so fascinating, I don’t even know which one to pick.”
“Pick mine”Annie pressed.
“Both painting are too beautiful,Ann.You guys are the best artists I know”
“Yes”They both giggled.
I opened the door of my apartment.
“Why don’t you two go in, I’ll be with you shortly”
“Okay”With that, they scurried off.
When he was sure they couldn’t hear him,he spoke.
“The two of them really need to learn how to paint”
I laughed.That’s kids for you.They can be proud of any caricatures they draw.
He moved closer to me and placed his hands on my waist.
“So am I getting rejected?”He asked, nervously.
I smiled.”No.Em…I want to date you”
He rested his forehead against mine.
“You won’t regret taking a chance on me,baby”He assured and klzzed me not minding that any neighbour might passed by.
I’ve never craved to be klzzed like that.
He nuzzled my lips apart,I tasted the inner sweetness of his mouth.
His tongue touched the tip of mine.
My hands fist on his hair,pulling him closer to me,my tongue plunging deeper and deeper into his mouth.
He kept s√¢king at mine….biting them… pulling them between his teeth…. running his tongue over the swell of them.
“I’m f√¢king crazy about you, Laurel”He whispered against my lips.
I am f√¢king crazy about him too.
“Would you come in for dinner?”I asked.
He moved backwards and stared at his watch as if recalling something.
“Shit!I have somewhere to be”
He held my hands.
“I’ll make it up to you tomorrow”He assured.
I smiled trying to mask my disappointment.
He also seem reluctant to leave.
f√¢k Kayla!
Why did she decide to crash at my place today?
I pulled up in front of the airport and walked into the terminal.
When she informed me that she was in Seattle,I refused to pick her up but she had called my mom and her dad who in turn called me to go get my sister.
My subconscious mind was doing a victory dance because Laurel agreed to date me.
I know it wouldn’t be easy but I’m prepared to show her just how good a man should treat a woman.
“Hello,darling brother”
I rolled my eyes hearing a familiar sarcastic voice.
I turned sideways.
“What the f√¢k are you doing in Seattle?”
She threw her bag at me.
“It’s nice to see you too, Nate”She headed out of the terminal.
“You haven’t answered my question”
“I’m here to see my boyfriend”
“I thought your boyfriend was that Spaniard with a big nose”
“He doesn’t have a big nose.And he’s my second boyfriend”
My jaw dropped.”There’s a third one?”
“Mind your f√¢king business”She snapped, opening the door of my car.
That’s Kayla for you.
She’s so promiscous.
I’ve tried to talk her out of it…my mom has tried…her dad has tried but she doesn’t listen.
I’m just hoping she’ll get tired of dating here and there and settle down.
“Why didn’t you crash at your boyfriend’s place?”I asked when we got to my apartment.
“I wanted to surprise him tomorrow and besides, it’s been long since I saw you… I think December last year”
I scoffed.”someone missed me”
“I didn’t”She argued, laughing.
“And mom wanted to know what’s up with you.No girlfriend yet?”
I smiled suddenly feeling shy.
“I’ve found someone special, though, she’s a single mom”
I’m sure my mom won’t mind that though.
“How many kids?”Kayla asked.
“Oh, I can’t picture you as anyone’s dad”
“Shut the f√¢k up!I’ll make a great dad”
“You’ll be a badass father”She teased.
I laughed.
“So I’m kinda finding this hard,I don’t want to rush her into s£×, she’s had a rough time with her ex.But it’s hard to see her and not touch her,I don’t want her to see me as some s£×-crazed dude”
“I don’t know any shit about going slow”
I frowned.”Why did I even ask for relationship advice from someone who has three boyfriends?”
“Go to sleep, jackass”
I stood up from the couch.
“I was planning to.What time are you leaving tomorrow?”
She grinned.”If you make me angry,I might just stay till the end of the week”
I snickered knowing she was just pulling my legs.
“Please turn down the volume when you’re watching TV.This isn’t your father’s house and I can never understand why you always have the TV to the highest volume as if you have ear problem”I teased.
She threw the apple she was eating at me.
“Stop disturbing me”
“If you mess up my apartment, I’m going…”
“Don’t make any threat,you can’t do shit to me.”
“Shut up”I turned around to leave.
“Missed you,bro”
I smiled, that’s how Kayla and I have always been.
We argue about the slightest thing but we’re extremely fond of each other….though we would never admit to that.
When we moved in with her dad…she really helped me get over my dad.
I have gotten into a lot of fights because of her.
I have to be a protective brother sometimes.
“I missed you a little”I joked.
I stared at the goodnight message from Nate.
I think he’s home already.
Why didn’t he stop by my place?
Now I’m feeling nervous about this dating stuff.
Should I get a dating handbook or something?
Why was he holding back?
Was he trying to take this slowly?
Well… tonight… I don’t want “slow”.
I’m tired of thinking about him in bed.
I want to feel him.
The kids were fast asleep when I made my way towards his apartment.
I rang the doorbell.
Seconds later,the door opened revealing a stunningly beautiful woman.
She was dressed in a bathrobe.
“Hi”She began awkwardly.
Nate had said he had somewhere he needed to be…so this was it.
“Em…is Nate in?”
“Yep…. he’s asleep”
Asleep after having s£× with this woman!
“Who should I say asked after him?”
“No one”I replied and walked back into my apartment feeling so stupid.
So f√¢king stupid.
What did I expect?
A handsome man like Nate would want a genuine relationship with me?
He probably wanted to get between my legs and tossed me away like trash.
While I spent my evening thinking about him….he was screwing another woman.
Tears streamed up in my eyes but I fought them back.
It’s good that I found out his playboy nature sooner anyway.
All men are the same!

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