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Single mom next door episode 12

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Single mom next door episode 12 by : 10:16 pm On September 19, 2020
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I slowly got ready for work.I hadn’t been able to sleep a wink since I got back from the bar.
It was Saturday, though a lot of people do come for a work out session today,some of my workers normally oversee everything because I don’t go work on Saturdays.
But today,I have to….I have to keep myself busy so I’ll stop thinking about Laurel.
My doorbell rang and rang again and again.
The person seem impatient.
And then the doorbell rang off.
I shut my eyes, briefly.
No one needed to tell me that was Annie.
I hurried over and opened the door.
“Hey Ann,what can I…”
“Mommy is sick “She cut in.
I stared at Aiden who was standing in front of their apartment looking calmly at me.
“She can’t even prepare breakfast, it’s really serious”
“Stop overreacting!”Aiden snapped.”She made cereals and told us to go and play but you keep insisting on calling Nate as if he’s a doctor”With that,he got into the apartment and slammed the door shut.
I sighed.
“I didn’t see you at all, yesterday.I missed you”
I smiled and realized that I missed her too.
“Me too. I was just really busy.Is your mommy really sick?”
She nodded.”She hasn’t eaten”
Even if Laurel doesn’t want to see me,I can’t avoid her when she isn’t feeling too well.
I walked into her apartment and Annie showed me her bedroom.
I walked in without knocking thinking she would be on the bed… sleeping.
But my footsteps halted when I saw her walked out from the bathroom…. completely n@k£d.
Jesus Christ!
“Nate!”She exclaimed and grabbed a robe.
I quickly turned around… I have a bulge between my legs and I have to remind my d!¢k that she’s sick.
“What are you doing here?”She asked,alarmed.
“I…em.. I…you..”
Calm down,Nate.
Her n@k£d hot body is replaying in my head and I can’t think straight.
“Can I turn around now?”I asked.
I turned around and this time,she was on a t-shirt and a pair of black shorts.
Staring at her closely,she really did look pale.
“Annie called me over,she said you were sick and I should come and check on you, I’m sorry…I didn’t knock,I thought you were in bed”
Her cheeks were beyond crimson and it was as if she could die of embarrassment.
“I didn’t see anything, I close my eyes as soon as I walked in”
That was a terrible lie.
“Is that the easiest lie you can come up with?”
I swallowed.”Yeah”
She looked away and I did same knowing I was gonna wank to the image of her n@k£d body tonight.
“So how are you feeling?”I asked.
“I just had a splitting headache.I can take care of myself,Annie was just looking for ways to see you”
“Okay… should I leave then?”I asked…. knowing she would say ‘yes’
Her answer made me feel glad.
She didn’t want me to stay away from her anymore.
“Have you eaten?”
She shook her head.
“I’m not hungry”
“You have to eat and take some medicine then sleep…you look stressed out”I advised.
“I’m going make you something delicious”I added and she smiled.
I walked into the kitchen with Annie trailing behind me.
“I wish you can live with us.Maybe I should talk to mommy about it,you could sleep in my room”
I forced a smile out of me.
I would actually prefer to sleep in Laurel’s room.
Her n@k£d body haunted me.
Holy f√¢k!
My self-control is gradually dying.
“What are you doing,Daddy?”
“I’m gonna make breakfast for mommy”
Now, I’m feeling like I am really her daddy and I’m starting to love her calling me that.
“Mommy told me to stop calling you daddy, should I stop?”
“You can call me anything you want, princess”
“Yes!”Annie giggled.
“Can I help you with mommy’s breakfast?”
I know she only wants to just look and have her own share but I help her on an apron anyway.
I saw Aiden at the door post.
“Would you like to help me too?”I asked.
He looked indecisive and I’m left wondering what the hell I should do to make him like me.
He shook his head but didn’t leave the door post and watched as I made breakfast while Annie talked on and on…. about school… about toys… about her friends…
Oh boy…she never gets tired of talking.
When I was done,I dished out two plates for them knowing that they had been salivating at the aroma.
“Thank you,Daddy”Annie said and dug into her food.
I stared at Aiden and he mumbled.
I walked into Laurel’s bedroom and she sat up.
“Thank you so much,I should…”
“Don’t even talk about payment.If I don’t like you,I wouldn’t do this”I told her, sincerely.
I sat on a stool beside the bed and wanted to feed her.
“Say Ah”
“I can eat by myself”
“I want to feed you”
“You really don’t have to”
“Laurel…must you be stubborn over everything?”
She sighed and finally gave in and opened her mouth while I fed her.
“You’re making me feel like a baby”she muttered.
“You’re my baby”
Heat drenched her cheeks and my d!¢k hardened.
After feeding her, she took some drugs.
“You should get some sleep now”I stood up but she held my hand.
“Don’t leave”
“I wasn’t leaving. I was just going to keep the flatware”I replied but the expression on her face told me she didn’t want me to leave this room.
I hope she would still crave my presence like this when she becomes perfectly healthy.
I got into the bed and she moved into my arms ducking her head below my jaw.
I encircled my arms around her and it felt priceless…just being this way…in bed with her.
“How was your father like?your birth father…I mean?”She asked.
“He was a great man.He loved fishing and hiking….I hate those things but I always had to go with him because I loved doing what he wanted.I think talking was one of his hobby too.He would sit me down for hours and talk about his childhood, his high school days,his college days,all the women he dated and how he met my mom…the worse of all was that he would sometimes make me miss basketball and tell me stories about his life that I have heard before”
Laurel laughed and my heartbeat sped up.
“But he was really cool”
“What about your step dad?”
“Oh that one…. he’s badass but my mom doesn’t know.When I turned seventeen,he bought me a roll of condoms and he told me that I was old enough to start screwing but I should always wrap my d!¢k”
I shouldn’t have told Laurel about this because the atmosphere had suddenly changed between us and I know she can feel my erection against her stomach.
So we didn’t talk anymore… until I felt her breath getting deep and even.
I moved back to stare at her.
She looks really beautiful when she sleeps.
I heard the kids screaming.
They were obviously playing but I didn’t want them to wake my sleeping beauty.
I slowly slid off the bed and walked out of the bedroom.
“Hey,your mommy really needs to rest,why don’t we go out and get ice cream?”
“Yes!”Annie squealed.
Aiden seemed happy about it but he turned around so I wouldn’t notice that he was smiling.
By the time they were done with their ice cream at the ice cream bar.
We headed back to the apartment building…we had walked since it wasn’t that far.
We came by the playground and they stopped,staring at me.
I shrugged knowing they wanted to play.
“Fifteen minutes”I said and they both ran off.
They sat on two swings.
“Daddy,come play with us”
I let out a deep breath….being a daddy really isn’t easy.
I pushed both swings from time to time.
Why can’t children ever get tired of playing?
My arms were starting to ache at the endless pushing and I couldn’t be more happy when Annie wanted to ride on a slide.
Aiden got down too and raced towards the merry-go-round.
I sat on a rock chair and watched them.
I saw a bigger kid about eleven years old asking Aiden to get down.
I stood up and hurried towards them.
“Get away from my kid.He got here first.You’ve got to wait for your turn, little man”I said and the boy scurried off.
Aiden smiled at me, genuinely for the first time.
He got down.
“I didn’t know you like me too”He said.
I bent down.
“I don’t hate you”
“I thought you only like Annie because she didn’t break your headphone and iPod.I’m sorry about that”
“I’m sorry about calling you demonic.You’re not.I was just angry”
“You always call Ann a princess.What am I?”
I didn’t know he was jealous about that but I have to say something to blow his little mind
“You’re the coolest kid I know”
His smile widened and he got into the merry-go-round again.
Annie and some other kids got on and I know I have to roll it till my arms hurt.
When we finally headed home,Annie was holding my hand while Aiden was walking at the other side of me.
I felt his little hand slide into mine.
Why do I feel so happy that he likes me now?
When I woke up,it was late afternoon and there was no sign of Nate or my kids.
I really felt grateful to Annie for calling Nate over.
I had been missing him, terribly.
Though I still feel so uncomfortable that he saw me unclad but I can’t change anything now.
It’s been long since I felt special.
He really made me feel that way when he fed me and held me in his arms.
I don’t want to push him away again.
But I have my past to think of.
I wish I can stop thinking about Eugene’s abuse but I can’t.
And now I also have my mom to think about…she has met up with a wedding planner and we’re meeting at the bridal shop in a few days where I have to tell her the truth.
I’m dreading that day.
I felt perfectly okay now and I walked out of the bedroom.
I saw a note on the couch.
*I took the kids out so you can rest but they wanted to visit my apartment*
I sighed,this man was getting too involved with me.
I walked out of my apartment and over to his,I heard music as I opened the door which wasn’t locked.
I saw Nate,Annie and Aiden…each holding spoons probably as their microphones as they sang and danced along with the music titled “In my feelings” by Drake.
I laughed seeing Annie shaking her small ass.
They had turned his clean apartment into something else.
The music was too loud that they did not notice me.
I quietly walked out….even Aiden seems to like Nate now.
Why am I having a bad feeling about this?
That night when I passed by Annie and Aiden’s room..I heard them talking about Nate.
“Why do you always call him Daddy?Mommy said we should call him Daddy when grandma’s around but anytime you see him, you’re just like…daddy..daddy..daddy”Aiden said.
“I want to keep calling him that so he’ll end up being our daddy,I thought you said you like him now”
“I do but it’ll be more painful to call him Daddy when he might not marry mommy”
“Mommy likes him,she would marry him”Annie said with confidence.
“I hope so”
My lips thinned.
Do they think it’s so easy?
My kids are getting too attached to Nate.
I was at the living room when the doorbell rang, I’m sure the kids were asleep now.
Opening the door,it was Nate.
“I just wanted to check if you’re okay now”
“I am.. thank you.Emm,Nate,we have to talk”I announced and led him in.
He had a frown on his face as he sat on a couch.
I sat on the same couch keeping a safe distance between us.
“What is it?”
“My kids are getting too attached to you and I want you to start seeing them less”I muttered.
He ran a hand through his hair leaving it disheveled.
“Why do I feel like you want to stay away from you again?”
“That’s not it.It’s just that I don’t want the kids to get any ideas”
“What kind of ideas?”
“I don’t want them to think you’ll always be part of their lives”I confessed.
He closed the distance between us and cupped my cheeks in his palms.
“What if I want them to get those ideas?”
“Don’t push me away again, Laurel.I can’t fight this attraction and even if you are resisting this…you know you want me too”He ran his thumb through my lower lip.
My breath hitched.”I….”
“Do you taste as sweet as you smell, sweetheart?”
He lips took mine.
The touch of his lips was like a spark ignited a blaze.
I whimpered and he took another nibble….then another until we both grew hungry for more.
My hands came around his neck as I feasted on his delicious mouth.
All a sudden,he turned me over and tugged off his shirt.
Oh my God!
Could I really let this happen?
What if he doesn’t find me beautiful?
What if he doesn’t find me good enough?
I recalled the aweful things Eugene had done to my body…the clamps…
A cold feeling seeped into me.
“Nate,I can’t….”
He held my hands with one of his and then his body hovered above mine.
“I’m desperate to add fuel to the fire that has crackled between us since the moment we met.A fire that never died even though we both tried to douse it with our resistance.Don’t fight this,baby”

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