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Single mom next door episode 11

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Single mom next door episode 11 by : 10:15 pm On September 19, 2020
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I would give her what she wants.
I would keep my distance.
I f√¢king want to see that dimwit of a husband.
We could fight it out.
He’s a moron and I wish I met her first.
Now,she won’t even think of having s£× with me because of him.
He had damaged her and it freaking hurts that she thinks all men were like him.
The following evening,I went out hitting up a bar with Steve…a close friend of mine.
He sat beside me at the bar in long-sleeved black T-shirt.
His third bottled beer sat in front of him, right next to the coaster but never on it.
“So who’s the new woman?”He asked.
“No one”I replied.
“C’mon,you’ve been spacing out since we got here”
“Well, it’s my neighbour, she’s not my woman, she doesn’t want to be and she’s a single mom”
“f√¢k!I thought you were never going after to a single mom again”
I sighed.”I really tried,man.Sometimes, I wish I can just bring my heart out of my chest,reset it then put it right back”
Steve burst out laughing.
“You’re crazy.She really doesn’t find you attractive at all?”
“I think she does…. and I think she doesn’t… she’s really complicated,I think her ex-husband did a lot of shit to her”
He patted me on the shoulder.
“You don’t have to be worked up over a woman…you just have to find someone else”
That’s it!
A brunette approached me at the bar,a pretty woman who would normally floor me.
Long hair,a nice bust and legs that stretched for days,she was perfect.
And she had a beer in her hand,which she set right in front of me.
“I was going to have the bartender send you a beer,but I wanted to bring it myself… because I definitely want to buy you a drink”Confidently,she smiled at me like a woman who understood her self-worth.
She wasn’t shy or coy like Laurel… sometimes,I feel Laurel doesn’t know how beautiful she is.
“I’m Mia”She extended her hand.
I shook it.
She kept up her smile.
“I hope you aren’t involved with anyone, because I’d like to be involved with you”
Forward and aggressive.
She was a little too much.
“No.I’m not.You’re a very beautiful woman and I appreciate the drink but now isn’t the best time for me”I turned her down right away without thinking about what I was doing.
I was h**ny as f√¢k and tired of sleeping alone but my brain registered her as off-limits.
“That’s too bad”She took the rejection with dignity.
“Hopefully,the timing would be better next time”She drifted away and returned to her friends in a booth.
I drank the beer even though I’d been craving something strong since my first bottle.
Steve stared at me.
I felt his stare and let it continue until it couldn’t be ignored.”What?”
“Then why do you keep staring at me?”
“Because you’ve lost your mind”
I set down my beer and turned to him.
“What was wrong with her?”He asked.
“Exactly”He said.”And you rejected her”
“So?I don’t f√¢k everything that moves”
“Bullshit.Yes, we do”
“You do but I don’t.She wasn’t my type.Too aggressive”
Steve laughed out loud like I’d made a ridiculous joke.
“What?”I asked,dead serious.
“Your type is now the single mom next door who doesn’t want you.She probably means a lot to you since you’re becoming monogamous”
“She doesn’t.I’ve gotten over her”I said with more conviction.
“If she really means nothing to you,then walk over there and prove me wrong”
I took a long drink of my beer before I got off the stool.
“Fine,asshole”I left my money on the table to pay for my drinks before I walked away.
I moved down to Mia’s table and looked down at her.
“Looks like I have some free time,after all”
She smiled then scooted over “Great.Now you can buy me a drink.”
The bar closed,so we were forced to leave and move to the parking lot.
“So…you want to come over”She hooked her arm through mine.”My apartment is close by”
I had spent the evening talking to her while she ran her hand up my thigh.
She got dangerously close to my d!¢k telling me I was going to score when the night was over.
It didn’t get me hard the way Laurel did that night.
All I did was stared at Laurel’s flushed face as she treated my lip and I was harder than a rock.
She grabbed my hand and scribbled the address on my palm.
“Just in case we get lost”I walked her to her car, feeling the dread sink further and further into my chest.
Deep down inside,I knew I didn’t want this.I was only trying to prove something to Steve as well as myself.
I wish Laurel would call me and tell me to stop avoiding her.
That was how much I wanted to talk to her.
Tonight wouldn’t prove anything,it was just a tedious task I was doing because I wanted to make myself feel better,to stop thinking about her.
“Hi Daddy”
Annie’s words ran through my head.
Why am I suddenly thinking about that now?
I’m nobody’s daddy.
Why do I feel like I’m about to cheat on Laurel?
What the f√¢k is wrong with me?
Laurel and I don’t even have a relationship.
I’m going crazy.
“I just remembered I have to be somewhere”
“It’s one in the morning…”She raised an eyebrow.”Where do you have to be?”
I had to be alone in my bed, my hand wrapped around my length to the thought of a woman who didn’t want me.
“I’m married”It was a lie,but it was the easiest way to get out of this situation with the least amount of talking.
Her eyes flared in disgust.
“Jackass!”She got into her car and drove away.
I went home alone, getting into my big empty bed.
I was eagered for s£×…I was eagered to klzz Laurel….to make her scream my name.
Keeping my distance wouldn’t be easy at all.

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