Sexual Desires episode 17 – 18

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter 17—18 ✍️
“Where are you going?” Kyle asked me when I moved from his chair where I have been sitting with one foot up watching him play games in his Xbox.
He didn’t look away from his game when he replied, “Oh…you know where the towels are right?”
“Uh…yeah.” I said, making my way towards his bathroom.
Once in there, I began foraging for a spare toothbrush and a spare towel which he stored in one of the cupboards. Finding the contents, I began cleaning myself from yesterday’s sweat and grime, the result of partying and drinking excessively.
After finishing, I planned to dress in Kyle’s sweats and t-shirt since my dress was inappropriate for casual outing. But, I couldn’t do this without relieving my skin from being uncomfortably dry. Kyle never stored his skin cream in the bathroom. I knew, I had to go back in there, somehow.
So, tying the towel firmly around my body, I walked towards the bathroom door.
Opening the door, I peaked in to see what he was doing. He was still absorbed in his game. I smiled because I knew he wasn’t going to remove his eyes from that game no matter what.
So, with light and tentative steps, I made my way towards one of his side bed drawer where I grabbed the skin cream successfully.
I was about to dash backwards to the bathroom, when I heard his voice.
“What are you doing?” It was so sudden and unexpected. The fact that he was behind me startled me so much that I lost grip of my towel and the lotion I carried.
It happened like a flash. One minute, I had a towel to cover my naked body. The next, I was standing there, in front of him, shamefully bare.
Our gasps echoed each other’s and while his eyes were raking all over my body, I was busy trying to snap out of my shock so that I would use my arms to cover my modesty.
Shit! I thought as I bit my lower lip, trying to avoid those boring eyes that were gleaming mischievously with the help of his smirk.
He licked his lips unconsciously and I wished he hadn’t because it was that action that made me imagine how his tongue would feel like, doing amorous things to me.
I averted my eyes, shamefully staring at the floor. He didn’t help my situation when he boldly approached me, moving so close, I ended up feeling heat radiating from his body.
My heart was pummelling my chest and I wondered if he could hear it.
But, he did something unimaginable.
One of his hands moved to tilt my chin up so that I was forced to look at him. The thumb stroking my chin burned the skin there.
“Why are you ashamed, Keya?” He asked, shocking me once more by his boldness.
Well if you haven’t noticed my whole body is exposed for you to see! I answered him in my mind.
“You shouldn’t be,” he continued, when I didn’t reply his inquiry
He released my chin only for both of his hands to start at the base of my neck, slowly tracing down to my shoulders and arms. His touch seemed to leave sizzling tingles in their wake.
“Ky—” My voice was barely audible as I protested. He shushed me before I could continue.
He then took hold of both of my arms that were shielding where I didn’t want him see. He tugged on them so that I was forced to expose myself to him. I looked away when I felt his eyes boring unto my chest, his emeralds scorching me from head to toe.
“Hey,” He suddenly released one of my arms to grip my chin again. It felt like I was being submerged by the depth of his eyes.
“You’re beautiful.”
I was trying to get a hold of myself, trying to process the situation that was currently occurring. My best friend was watching my naked form with hungry eyes. The look he was giving me was enough to make me even feel hungry…but for what?
“I want to try something… do you trust me?” He suddenly asked, his eyes piercing unto mine but I could tell that he was struggling to not look at my protruding nipples.
I nodded because I trusted him with my whole being.
“I’ve been thinking a lot about what you said and I admit, it’s been bugging me for quite a while now.” He moved backwards to study me fully. I breathed out suddenly, not realising I’ve been holding a breath from his proximity.
“I say a lot of things…you have to specific.” I found my voice even though it was croaky and dry.
“When you said you’ve never had an orgasm… I just can’t get my head around it.” He said, his eyes brazenly flickering down to that anatomy between my thighs. It was hard trying to repress the urge to shield this from his view. It took a lot of will just to keep still.
When his words registered in my brain, I gaped at him in shock. I tried to speak, but I only ended up opening and closing my mouth as a result from my astonishment. I was rendered completely speechless.
“I mean, that’s the crucial part of why people have sex in the first place. Haven’t you ever wondered what having one will feel like?” He asked moving towards me again.
“Well, I…um…hmm.”
One of his eyebrows arched in response to my incoherent sentence. At this point he was already inches away from reaching me.
“Well, I’ve been thinking about how much I want to change that.” He declared. In a flash he was before me, his breath fanning against me as he leaned down to my level.
My head angled sideways, accepting his advance as if ready to be kissed. I could hardly contain myself. My mind was going haywire and my body was reacting willingly to his closeness. With my eyes both closed, I could feel his lips just inches from mines. But he didn’t kiss me.
“But…” I felt him draw away slightly. “I can’t only want that. You have to want it too.” His voice seemed strangled, his tone a lot sexier and huskier.
I swallowed my already dry throat as if I was getting ready to say something. I knew I wouldn’t though. I could hardly think of anything to say.
All I seemed to do was just to nod my head, and even though my eyes were closed I could feel his grin. I didn’t want to open my eyes because to open them, meant being swallowed whole by his pool of green orbs.
“Open your eyes.” He seemed to demand.
I shook my head, refusing.
“Keya…” He touched my neck, his other hand at my back, holding me flush against him.
I was compelled to open my eyes, just to see his reaction. When I did, the lust I saw printed there was enough to drive me even crazier than I was already feeling.
“Do you want this?” He asked me, the hand at my back burned me as he stroked my spine. “You have to say it.”
I want to scream it.
“Yes. I want this.”
“Want what?” His tone was afflicted.
To have s*x with you./( Can’t believe she just said that😒)
“I want to have my first orgasm.” Gone was reason, all my brain seemed to imagine at this moment was him doing all sorts to my body.
He grinned. “This is not about my pleasure, nor is it about me having permission to touch you.” He released his hands from me.
“It’s about your pleasure…”
I squirmed, my body not sure how react to this overwhelming emotions.
“And in order to get to that, I have to turn you on, first.” He continued.
“So, tell me…” His face moved down to my ears and he began nibbling on my lobe. All the while, his fingers were slowly trailing downwards to my neck, my collarbone and eventually in between my breasts. “Does this feel good?”
“Hmm…” It was the only response I could give him. What did he want me to say? That yes, it felt more than good? That in fact, it was such a turn on, because his fingers touching me like that left heat boiling my blood in the process of burning me to the core.
“Good.” He said, pulling flash against him.
The soon he pulled me towards him was when his lips descended on the skin of my neck. His hands were roaming everywhere, touching everywhere around my body. And through it all, I was wondering when he was going to kiss me.
However, this thought didn’t linger in my mind for long because his hands were suddenly cupping my br**sts, his lapping mouth searing downwards to my n***les. I made groaning noises as I held on to him for support. What he was doing, it was turning my legs into jelly.
I think he wanted more leverage because he picked me up swiftly by my waist and moved us to his bed.
It was there that his roaming hands began to slow, his fingers trailing down to that certain territory. Even though I anticipated it, it was still a shock to feel him touching me there.
His hot breath was laboured against my neck when he gasped. “You’re so wet already.”
I mewled when I felt him begin to stroke me there, that sudden movement made everything go hazy.
I don’t remember how it happened, but I remembered that it was the feel of his hands rubbing and circling me there; driving both my body and mind so crazy it was inevitable.
It tried to hold it, but when he inserted his middle finger inside me, stroking me in and out, triggered it. I finally reached my unavoidable climax. It could only be described as an out of body experience when I felt waves after waves of pleasure completely swallowing me whole. All I could do was moan out loudly as I let it wash over me.
Kyle on the other hand, barely contained himself. His breathing was rough and ragged against my throat. His body, pressed so closely towards me made me feel more than the contours of his jeans pressing against me. It was after I found my bearings when I realised that it was his arousal that was protruding from his jeans.
A moment passed before he removed his hands from me, shifting his body away to lie facing the ceiling, both of us breathing in laboured breaths.
When I felt it safe to open my eyes, the first thing I saw was the bridge between Kyle’s jeans. He had one his arm draped around his face, his other hand—the one that he used—lying dormant on top of his stomach.
It hadn’t hit me yet—what we just done—but I knew right then and there that this was a turning point of our relationship. When this realisation dawned, I knew I couldn’t face confrontation or regret because all I kept thinking of, was that intense pleasure I just felt.
I had told him that I wanted it. It was the truth. But the embarrassment I was feeling now was so unbearable; I had to leave before we faced each other.
So, I ran to his bathroom where I left his clothes. In there, I began cleaning the oozing juices that were dripping from between my thighs as result of my orgasms. I wore my panties from yesterday along with Kyle’s t-shirt and sweats and then dashed back to his room to get my purse.
I only glanced at him and he looked like he was still mopping, he hadn’t changed his position. He still had one of his arms over his face, the other hand on his stomach. I watched the hand on his stomach and he was rubbing his fingers together as if rubbing off the feeling of me.
I darted my eyes away and concentrated on leaving. I took some cash out—the money I owed him for the car wash—and placed it on top of his drawer. Without words spoken from neither of us, I left his bedroom and ran down the stairs to his front door.
A sense of foreboding for what this will mean for our friendship completely took toll on me. I buried the feeling because it was useless and because all I kept thinking of, was what I had just experienced. It was crazy because I could still feel his fingers there between my thighs, as if it was an after feeling.
When I reached my car, I discarded my red dress and shoes at the backseat and began driving away from his house.
I took the road that will lead me to Sav’s house. I just wanted to get my bag from there and then go home—to ponder over what had happened—but I knew Sav was going to make me stay for more than necessary.
Getting into Sav’s house, I greeted Mrs Beirs and Lily again. Sav’s father was still out of town on a business trip. When I asked them where Sav was, they pointed upwards indicating that she was still upstairs in her room. I made my way there.
Sav was nodding to some music playing in her iPod stereo whilst she did her nails.
I knocked at her door before letting myself inside. Her face lit up as she saw me, but then she began staring at me in that derogatory way, as if I had done something she didn’t like.
“What?” I asked.
“Nothing.” She feigned ignorant I narrowed my eyes at her. “No. It’s got to be something for you to stare at me like that.”
She shrugged as she continued painting her nails. “Just wondering why James has been asking for you all morning.”
I froze as I sat on her spinning chair next to her desk and faced her. “James has been asking for me?”
“Yes. Apparently you guys were inseparable last night. He doesn’t know what happened to you. He said one minute you guys were in his bedroom and the next he woke in the morning to find you gone.” She was giving me that curious shrewd look.
“Oh.” I muttered low to myself.
“Oh?” She let out an outburst. “Is that what you can only say, Oh?”
I shrugged, confused by her annoyance.
“Keya, I can’t believe you lied to me.” She told me.
“Lied to you? Exactly what did I lie to you about?”
“Losing your virginity. What didn’t you just tell me it was with James? Was he rough or something? You can’t keep something like this from me.”
“Whoa-whoa…wait, hold up for one second.” I gestured with my palms for her to stop. I was shaking my head at this whole ridiculous misunderstanding.
“Who said that I lost my virginity last night? Did James say we did anything?” I asked.
“No, but obviously you guys must have for him to seem so worried about you the next morning.” She said.
I scowled in mid air. She was jumping into conclusions. “We didn’t do anything.” I confirmed.
She frowned. “Are you sure?”
I just gave a look that said, do I look like I’m kidding.
She backed right off from that look. “Okay…anyway…did he call you?”
“James, of course.” She exclaimed as if it was the most obvious thing.
“James? Why would he call me? He doesn’t have my number.” I frowned at her.
It was that small shift of her eyes that told me of her guilt. “Sav, is there something you want to tell me?” I asked tentatively.
She held on to herself for a moment before she burst out, saying, “Okay, fine. I gave him your number.”
“What? Why? When?”
“He looked worried, okay. Plus he was hangover, he seemed off it. So I thought I’ll just give him your number. Though, I had thought he was going to call you instantly. Are you sure he hasn’t?” She rambled, finishing off her last nail before looking up at me.
I shook my head, frowning deeply. I was confused by what she said. Why would James be worried about me? What did I do with him? Didn’t he remember Kyle stopping us before we actually did what I had intended to do last night?.
I knew in order to get these answers; I would have to wait for James call, if he was even going to call me in the first place. I doubted he would.
“He must care about you.” Sav commented after a while of my silence.
“Who? James?” I asked.
“Yeah…” She trailed.
I snorted, “Right, of course.”
“I’m serious, Key, I mean what guy wouldn’t. You have this aura about you that just makes them want to care about you.”
I stared at her. “Where is this coming from?” I was refraining from laughing at her ridiculous statement.
She just shook her. “You just have no idea…anyway, what happened to you last night?”
“I told you… Kyle took me to his house.” I replied. My body seemed to respond at the mention of Kyle. Another weird notion because the part where he had touched me seemed to suddenly burn.
Sav scowled in confusion. “Why though? I mean, the last time I saw him, he was busy with Mandy Braxton.”
“What?” A pang of something hit my chest.
“Yeah, she looked like she was into whatever he was saying. I think he’s getting through her like he said.” She commented uncaring for a moment before bursting out with laughter. “Poor, Ned. He might get b!tch slapped tomorrow.”
“Oh.” It was the only thing I could say. I didn’t know what think, not yet anyway. I was still thinking about what it felt like finally having my first orgasm. To be honest just thinking about it, made me want to experience it again. The feeling was swimming in my head, making my thoughts incoherent.
But another feeling was resurfacing at the mention of Kyle with Mandy. I don’t why I should feel jealous but at that moment I sort of did.
I knew I shouldn’t though, because whatever it was that I had shared with Kyle was temporary; it wasn’t going to repeat itself. Our friendship was already at stake by that one action. Plus, he was mopping over it.
Although, I was feeling awkward about it, I didn’t regret what he did, not when I had felt like that. But this didn’t mean that tomorrow things would be normal. No, Kyle and I just crossed a line that shouldn’t have been crossed in the first place.
I couldn’t stay with Sav for long while I was thinking these things. I was off my head and she could tell. I didn’t want her suspecting anything so I had to go home.
Sav, tried guilt tripping me to stay but I refused. In the end she had no choice my let me go. I said my goodbyes to her mother and sister and then I drove home.
My parents weren’t inside and I knew they had went off to church, so I went upstairs to my bedroom where the instant I entered it, I had a phone call from an unknown number.
“Hello?” I answered.
“Hi, this is Keya right?” I recognised that voice. It was James.
“Yeah, this is her.”
“Oh Good…she gave me the right number…” He said this as if talking to himself. “Ah sorry I’m forgetting my manners. This is James.” He rambled.
“Yeah I know. Sav warned that you would call.”
He laughed nervously for a moment. “She did.”
“What else did she say?” He asked me, his tone wary but I could tell he was smiling.
So I decided to tease him. “Oh, you know, just that you’re we over your head, missing me so much.” I giggled.
He chuckled. “I was.” He admitted. “So…what happened to you? You slipped from me again, like you’d been doing the the whole night.”
“I didn’t.” I protested.
“You did…you kept running away from me, why? Do I scare people that much? I usually think my good looks only drew people in.”
I laughed at his boldness. “Your vanity never ceases to amaze me.”
“Hey, I can’t help it. I’m just so darn hot.” He made a girly swooning noise which made me laugh even more.
I decided to use his phrase against him.
He laughed at my mocking. “But seriously, where did you go?”
“Kyle took me home. Apparently I was too drunk.”
“He did? You seemed perfectly fine to me.”
“Not in Kyle’s judgment.”
“Hmm…You and Kyle are pretty close right?” He asked suddenly, the teasing in his tone gone.
I sobered for a moment at his question. My mind was picturing what Kyle did to me this morning.
“Yeah, quite close.”
“Right-right.” He said and then he laughed as if finding something funny.
“Do you think he would mind if I took you out?”
What? Did he just ask me out?
“It’s not up to him, James.” I replied.
What? Did I just really say that?
“I know, but, I wouldn’t want to disrespect him since you guys are close and all.”
This made me angry for a sudden. Why did he think the choice was up to Kyle?
“We are close, James, but he’s not my brother. It’s not like he owns me or something.” Jeez, I should tune down the hostility.
“Right-right.” He laughed it off. “So, would you mind if I take you out sometime?”
It was at that point when he asked if I minded that I realised I hadn’t even thought about the question in the first place. All I had concentrated on was the mention of Kyle in the matter. Now that what he just asked me registered, I didn’t know how to reply him. I didn’t want to refuse him; I did want him to take me out. But at this right moment, I didn’t think I was ready to date.
Are you out of your blooming mind! A part of me seemed to think. Take this freaking chance right now! Use it to get to know him!
“Keya? You there?” He seemed worried about my silence.
“Yeah…I’m here,” I said.
“Okay… So, what do you say” He asked me.
“Um…I don’t mind at all.”
I could sense his grin. “So you’d go out on a date with me?”
“Great! Can we make it Saturday? I’m quite busy this week?”
I was worried about these one worded answers I was giving him.
“Good, we’ll talk more about the details during the week…do you have Skype?” He asked.
“Yeah I do.” Then I told him my Skype name.
He told me he was going to add me on his other social networks etc. So I should be prepared to accept him. He seemed excited for some reasons and throughout the conversation; I only wondered why I was so disconcerted.
When he finally hanged up, I began to ponder the events that have just occurred since morning. First, I lost my first orgasm to Kyle. Second, Sav tells me about James caring about me and now, I had a date on Saturday with very said person.
What was next? I wondered.
But the most disturbing thing was that through this excitement, all I seemed to think about—no, daydream—was not my impending date which I lacked excitement over. Instead, I thought of Kyle’s fingers on me, rubbing circles on me, burning me until I climaxed.
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