Sexual desire episode 5

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
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✍️ Chapter Five✍️
*This is not edited!*
“Don’t look now but he’s staring again,” Savannah my best girl friend said to me.
We were sitting at our usual table at lunch, it was in the far corner of the whole cafeteria but I was the one that chose this spot because the view from the window showed the city park where the leaves from the trees where currently budding, indicating the arrival of spring.
I snapped from her remark becoming alert for the first time.
“Let me guess,” I replied. “Tall and bulky?”
Sav’s eyes widened and nodded.
“Dark hair with darkest blue eyes?”
She bit her lip as her nod became wary.
“Wears dark jeans with a black leather jacket giving him the whole bad boy aura?”
Sav giggled as she nodded. “Seems like you already know who he is.”
“The guy is in my English class. I think he’s the new kid. I greeted him once and he just stared at me like I just ate his last piece of cake.” I shrugged. “I didn’t even catch his name.
“Well he’s not glaring at you now. He has this look as if its a longing look.”
“Yeah, sure totally…are you sure he’s looking at me?” I rolled my eyes. Sav was always this way when it came to guys.
“You should go talk to him. He looks lonely.” She suggested.
“What? No? And have him look at me with those eyes again? No way,” I refused.
“Oh c’mon, Keya, I’m sure he was just stunned before that such a gorgeous brown skinned goddess was talking to him.” She wagged her eyebrows.
I burst out laughing from her comment.
“Wow, okay this one is new.”
“Sorry, I was reading mythology yesterday. Some interesting stuff.” She shrugged.
“Anyway don’t stray me away from original subject. Go and talk to him. He’s new right, probably Kyle hasn’t warned him not to touch you, like he has with every other guy in our year.”
Of course it’d been Sav that had suggested my theory in the first place of why every guy were chicken to go out with me and sometimes, to even talk to me.
“Yeah Sav, I might want to lose my virginity but I’m not that desperate.” I grimaced at my own words.
Not Desperate? I scoffed internally. It was desperation that had me begging my best guy friend to take my virginity in the first place. But Sav didn’t know that and I planned to keep it that way.
“Fine, if you’re not gonna do it, I am.” She said getting up.
“Be my guest.” I smirked and she gave me a challenging look before jumping off her seat and sauntering to where the new kid was sitting.
I watched her with awe and amazement as she grinned at the guy who looked at her as if he was dreaming.
Sav has never been the shy one between the both of us. Although she was dedicated in achieving her academics this year, she still loved to go out and party.
With her fierce blue eyes and enchanting golden brown hair, she almost had every guy eating at the palm of her hands. Of course she has her parents to thank for the good genes they contributed to make such a stunning beauty as she.
And she says I’m the goddess. I snorted internally.
Sav was intelligent, beautiful and confident and what I admired most about her was the dedication she always possessed to get what she wants.
So it wasn’t a surprise to watch the new guy become transfixed by her beauty. She already had him eating at her hand.
I watched the smirk play in his features as she flirted with him. He let out a laughter, his features became enlightened by the glow of his grin and I internally wondered what she was telling him, but then his eyes shifted right at my table, trapping mine in a swift gaze.
I swallowed and instantly retreated my stare back to the food in front of me. I don’t even know why I felt like blushing, because my cheeks became inflamed at that moment. Even though you couldn’t see the evidence of my blush, I still felt it.
It was at that moment that I turned my eyes away when Kyle suddenly made an appearance. He came along with Ned, his side-kick or should I say wing man.
“I am so starved!” Was Kyle’s introductory as he sat opposite the table to face me and took my remaining lunch in the process.
I scowled at him.
“What?” He said through a mouthful.
“I was still eating that!”
He frowned. “Didn’t you hear what I said? I did mention that I was starving.”
“So, just get your own food.” I folded my arms on top the table, my eyes trained right at him in a glare.
He shrugged. “Its not like you were going to finish it anyway. What’s your deal these days, you’ve never cared when I took your lunch before?” He commented.
I rolled my eyes and looked away. Truth was I didn’t know what was wrong with me. I was angry and frustrated at him. Why? Well because I regretted the fact that I blurted out or should I say begged, last week, for him to take my virginity. Since then our relationship has been kind of strained.
I didn’t know if it was him or me, but it was as if by asking him that question I’d put an unwanted tension between us.
For example, whenever I talk to a guy and Kyle happened to pass by, he would pratically give me a disapproving look and the guy I’m talking to, a death glare. This never happened before.
And whenever he was talking to some girl and I happened to be passing by, he would stare at me for a brief moment in a blank expression until the girl demanded his attention. I would frown at him, wondering why he was looking.
I mean, it was not like I cared whoever he talked to girl or not. I didn’t own him and he could get laid all he wanted. But if he could just stop staring at me with those probing green as if he was seeking my reaction whenever he talked to a girl, then, I wouldn’t be this awkward around him.
“Seriously, I could cut the tension between you guys with a knife. What the f**k did you do this time Keya?” Ned asked, giving both me and Kyle a curious look.
“Me?” I burst out. “Why does it always have to be me?”
Ned and Kyle both gave me a look that said “don’t be melodramatic”. I just rolled my eyes at both of them.
“Well if you must know Ned, ” I looked at him, ignoring the warning look Kyle was shooting at me.
Seriously? He really thought I was going to tell Ned what occurred between us?
“Kyle is sexually frustrated.” I stated, my eyes shifting to look at Kyle’s reaction. And if looks could kill, well I’d be just speck of dust on the ground by the glare Kyle gave me.
I smirked, knowing fully well that I’ve just pissed him off. Well it felt good to piss him off. That way I wouldn’t start feeling guilty for putting a strain in our friendship. It was his fault, that he made me ask him. He had to go on and become so good looking that even birds fell unto his feet from his radiance: for lack of a better exaggeration.
Ned looked at Kyle, “Seriously?” He asked, genuinely surprised.
“Shut up,” was Kyle’s gritted response. Silence filled in our table. Kyle and I were giving each other death glares and Ned looked suspiciously at the both of us.
“Omigod, Keya, you wouldn’t believe!” Sav decided at that moment to make her presence known.
I turned my eyes away from the endearing green pool of Kyle’s eyes and stared expectantly at Sav.
“Believe, what?”
“Well, your English stud over there’s name is Ryland.” She gushed dreamily.
“Yeah? Well, I told you, you would have luck more than me. He looked smitten, what were you guys talking about?” I asked, genuinely interested at why he had looked over at me while laughing.
“Wait, are you guys talking about Ryland Rodes?” Kyle asked.
I forced myself to turn to him with accusing and yet annoyed eyes. “Yes.”
“Anyway, I was say—”
But Sav was interrupted yet again by Kyle, “Why are you guys interested in him?” He asked, growling specifically at me.
“First of all, I don’t see how this has got to do with you.” I glared at him. “Second of all, I’m not the one interested, Sav is.”
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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