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s*xual desire episode 33

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s*xual desire episode 33 by : 5:51 am On October 2, 2020
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( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Thirty—Three✍️
“So there was this weird guy outside your house. I think he was a spy?” I told Kyle as soon as I entered the kitchen.
He was busy making fajitas for lunch and he stopped once my sentence sank.
“Spy?” He asked, an amused smile appearing in his breath taking features.
“Yup.” I nodded as I grabbed a slice of cucumber from his chopped salad and nibbled on it. “He had a blue suit and black shades and even a sporty car to go with the whole “Men-in-black” look.”
He laughed suddenly as he shook his head.
“Should I be worried?”
I frowned. “I’m not sure. I mean besides the fact that he had this intense stare when he was looking over at your house, he didn’t seem that dangerous.”
He arched an eyebrow. “Maybe he was just a passer-by.”
I made a face. “Maybe, but he was holding some sort of envelope too. So if he wasn’t a spy then…” I shrugged.
“Did you talk to him?” He asked as he set a plate for me too.
“For a like a second. He got out of there as soon I did.” I frowned.
Kyle shrugged. “That’s weird. Maybe, he must have got the wrong house then.”
“Maybe.” I shrugged again. “Those fajitas smell good.” I commented deciding to change the conversation.
I walked towards him and he turned around to smear the sauce on my lips while draping an arm around my neck.
I licked my lips. “Taste good too.” I appraised him.
He leaned down to my level with that lazy smile playing on his features before klzzing me on the lips.
“Taste better on your lips.” He commented slyly.
I giggled as I pulled away but before I could get further away he had me trapped by both of his arm. My face was pressed on his chest as he hugged me and I breathed in his masculine scent before sighing to myself.
I knew now was a great time to start talking, even though I didn’t want to ruin the moment. I had to know where this relationship was going.
“What?” He asked when I stiffened in his arms. He titled my chin and our eyes locked. His probing eyes were unnerving.
“We need to talk.”
He frowned slightly, worry replacing his playful smile. “About?”
“What about us?” His arms began to slack around me.
I took a deep breath. “Not just us, Kyle, but our future. I mean, in less than a week we are graduating and then after that I might have to do this internship thing and I don’t think I’m going to do it because I want to spent summer with you and I won’t have that chance if I go because after that there’s college which we haven’t even talked about. I mean, I don’t even know which college you’re going to or whether you’re even going to college or not!” I gasped after my ramble.
“Keya. Calm down, okay?” He snapped me out of it. “Look. I’ve been meaning to talk to you too.” He freed me from his hold and leaned back on the kitchen island while crossing his arm on his chest.
“I’m not going to college.” He declared.
Dumbfounded by his statement, I blinked unerringly and when I realised that he was actually serious, my mouth dropped.
“Why?” The lack of emotion in my tone seemed heartless but really I somehow had an idea why he was not going.
When he didn’t answer I resorted to guessing. “Is it because you didn’t get in?”
Kyle turned his eyes toward me, his gaze was penetrating in the silence that followed before he spoke. “No. They all accepted me.”
“Then why?” I persisted.
“Because I don’t have the funds for them.” He admitted.
“What happened to the scholarship applications?”
He just shook his head, while turning away from me.
I took in a deep breath as I watched his back muscles tense. “Okay.” I said approaching him. “We can figure something out, I can delve out some of my trust funds and you know I can quit the internship—”
“No!” His voice was sharp, dismissive. “Don’t even…I don’t want your money Keya and I don’t want you quitting because of me. No way.”
I scowled at nothing in particular. I felt chastised by his sentence. “Kyle, I want do this. My parents can allow me to have my trust fund now when they know the reason, Kyle you have—”
“No!” He shook his head violently cutting me off. “I don’t want your help. I don’t need it!” His eyes were intense toward me, both anger and arrogance playing in their depths.
“Kyle. I want to do this. I have to help you, I—” I stopped myself quickly before I blurted out, ‘I love you’ to him. “We are in this together. You deserve to go to college, to get out of here!”
“And you deserve to go that internship, I won’t let you sacrifice your funds for me. You deserve a boyfriend who’s stable, not someone who’ll drag you behind, not someone you have to keep giving money to.”
I glared at him. “Kyle. I want to be with you. I don’t have to do that internship.”
“I won’t ask you not to.” His sharp eyes turned into a deep frown.
I faltered for a moment. “What are you saying?”
“That we should break up.”
A small earthquake tumbled inside me for a moment. “What?” The hollowness my voice seemed too loud in the room.
“I don’t see how this will work between us, I mean even if I did have the money for college, we will still be miles apart from each other, in a complete different world. So our break up was inevitable.” He said in a neutral voice.
“No don’t do this.” I could feel the tears in my voice.
“I have to.”
I shook my head violently, almost snapping my neck in the process. “If it’s not my money you want then I can help you raise the funds you need. We can do it this summer.” I moved to wrap my arms around him, feeling as if he was already drifting away from me. The fact that he remained still as a statue should have been a hint. He couldn’t even hug me back.
“For an umpteenth time, I don’t want you to help me. You have to go that internship, I won’t let you sacrifice your career for me.
You’d hate me for it.” He unwrapped my arms from me.
“You don’t know that. I’d do anything to be with you, Kyle. Please.” I pleaded, pouring my heart in front of him.
He forced a small smile, his hands itching in his sides to touch me. He refrained from his urges, however, as he shook his head. “No.”
Like a broken glasses falling onto a tile floor, my heart shattered into a million of hopeless pieces.
“What, so you just gonna cut me off like that?” My voice was barely audible from the explosion of emotions.
“You know I’d never do that. I’m just saying we should break it off right now before we make this huge mistake.” He reasoned.
“Mistake?” The tears began. “You’re saying choosing us is a mistake?”
“It will be.” Was his indifferent reply.
My chest ached and tightened, my world slowly tearing apart.
“You have to go, Keya. Don’t worry, after graduation you’ll be five hundred miles away. You will forget about me, you’d see our relationship as a mere glitch, a trial and error. You’re gonna find someone else soon enough.”
“No. I won’t go. If it means losing you. I won’t.” My chest heaved with heavy breaths. I wiped away the falling tears with the back of my hand.
“I won’t ask you stay. I don’t want you to.” Somehow he seemed to have lost his patience when he lashed.
“Y-you don’t?”
He shook his head. His face was hard, showing no emotion for me to contemplate his true feelings. This was a true blow. It hurt so much.
“You never really loved me, did you?” I accused.
He gave a long look before closing his eyes, “Not like that.”
Another blow to my heart. However instead of shattering, there was a rise of anger boiling itself to the surface.
“You used me for s3x!” I lashed, letting my rage control me. I knew I was talking absolute nonsense but my heart was breaking. I couldn’t think straight. I was in perpetual agony.
“All of this so called relationship, it was just pretence! You just wanted to have s3x with me!” I shoved my hands on his chest. This was the rage talking, the only thing in control over my body and mind.
“You warned me about James, when it was you who I should have been cautious of in the first place. You’re worse than all of them! You are a coward, Kyle. A stupid coward!”
Kyle took it; my anger. He let me vent without saying anything. I knew I would regret these words later on but as of right now, well they felt so good coming out of my mouth. I was a shattered mess and seeing how he just stood there, indifferent, accepting whatever ridiculousness I spouted, sickened me.
It was amazing how just one big conversation about our future could turn into a break up.
There were two different sides of me. One that wanted to make him feel the pain he was causing me now and one that begged me to stop and see reason, this side was the one yearning for him, for the loss of him. This side was the one that flickered images upon images of how good we were together and contradicted his words. This side was the one that was becoming more dominant.
I had to leave his sight, before I did something I would forever regret. It was painful to leave him, because a part me somehow knew this was going to be last I will ever talk to him.
The thing that further increased the pain was the fact that he didn’t stop me, as I ran out of his house in a sobbing mess. No, he just stood there and watched me leave.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Do you really think Kyle dated Keya just to sleep with her? and who is the spy guy?

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