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s*xual Desire episode 32

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s*xual Desire episode 32 by : 8:06 am On September 30, 2020
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( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Thirty—Two✍️
Senior Prom was a blast. From the moment we stepped into intricately decorated masquerade-themed venue people were already enjoying themselves. The night went by smoothly. Our school didn’t believe in Prom Kings or Queens, so that was excluded during the partying. According to the school protocol, basically every student was their own king or queen.
After forgiving Sav, Kyle and Ned were the ones more relieved. That following week they took us out to their version of so-called double dating. It was pretty weird all of us going out together as couples. Once upon a time we were a group with an unbreakable friendship so it was hard not to see us as before—just four friends hanging out together, enjoying each other’s company.
Now that Sav and I were talking again, it became a lot easy during that week. Although I was pretty much reserved in her company, she was trying her best to make me trust her again.
I enjoyed prom a lot more than I expected.
Kyle had been a perfect gentleman throughout the night; he never left my sight; always remaining attentive to what I wanted. We danced, sung, ate and danced more until we couldn’t any longer. I think everyone ended up going home slightly tipsy afterwards, because what was a Prom without the punch being spiked with alcohol?
It was a few days after the prom when it finally hit me that by Saturday—graduation day—I would no longer be in high school. When this realisation dawned, I had what you would call a mini panic attack. Everything was going in full speed. After graduation, I had that internship during the summer. I knew I had to make the decision quickly because Dr Wesley contacted me asking if I was still up for it before he gave my place to someone else.
I hadn’t told Kyle about it. I kept putting it off because I knew what he’d say. We have been inseparable these past weeks since our relationship began. Everything was really great between us, even though we had our ups and downs—fights which were really stupid if you’d ask me—other than that, it was perfect.
I didn’t know what he planned for summer, but I knew whatever plans he was going to make, he would want me in them.
Therefore, I wasn’t really sure what this internship would mean to our relationship considering it was running for the full three months and right after it, I was heading straight to college.
The letters finally came after months of waiting. A few colleges accepted me straight away without any interviews, so it was only right to choose the best of all them.
College was another thing I withheld in our conversations. I saw his letters too. The ones he hid from me and ignored. I knew he was putting off opening them, but whether he was afraid of being accepted or rejected, I didn’t really know. I knew eventually we had to discuss it, because sooner or later the comfortable bubble of happiness we created was going to burst.
“You okay?” Kelly bounced next me on my bed.
I took my headphones out and stopped the track I was playing. “What?”
She gave me a face, rolling her eyes before playing with my hair. “What’s going on in your head?”
I frowned. “Nothing. Why?”
“Keya, you do know that I carried you in my womb for—well seven months. I’ve nursed and taken care of you for almost eighteen years now. Anyway, my point is you can’t hide anything from me. So what’s wrong?”
I sat up and sighed. “Well, I was thinking about the future.”
“And?” She coaxed.
“Well…” I trailed. I was still yet to tell her about my newfound relationship with Kyle.
“Is this about Kyle?” She asked.
My head whipped to face her, my mouth dropping. She had an arched brow, her look as if asking “am I right?”
“How did you know?” My voice was hollow.
“Like I said, you can’t hide anything from me.” She looked positively whimsical. “What’s the matter then?”
I sighed. “I love him, mom.” I admitted, finally.
I didn’t know when I started to realize my feelings but I was completely and utterly in love with Kyle Reyes. I loved how he still treated me as if we were still best friend. I loved how he teased me sometimes during foreplay until I took the initiative. I loved how he would klzz me, touch me and hug me in public; showing the world that I was his. I loved his eyes, his nose, his lips, his hair—virtually everything about him, really.
“I know you do, sweetie.” Her eyes gleamed.
I chewed on my lip for a while.
“So, I guess you want me to talk to Dr Wesley to cancel your place?” She asked.
“No of course not…uh—” I sighed. “That’s the problem. I haven’t told Kyle about it, mom. I mean, I don’t even know how serious we are and…And well, I’m scared.” I admitted.
“Aw Key, you do know sooner or later you’re both going to college. Now I may not be an expert in relationships or anything. But the best advice I can give you now is talk to him; you know sit down together and clarify a few things. Love is a huge deal.”
“I don’t even know if he loves me back.” My voice hollowed.
She only gave me a tight smile, as she hugged my shoulders. “Like I said, talk to him. You guys have to figure it out together, whether you want this for the long haul, you know.”
I sighed again. “Yeah I know.”
After that my mother and I had a mini mother-daughter time for the whole morning. It refreshed and soothed some of my worries for the future. I knew she was right. I had to figure it out with him. I had to tell him my plans and he had to tell his.
I decided to drive to his house to spend the afternoon and maybe evening with him. Instead of doing the usual, we were going to sit down and this time talk about our future instead.
I was nervous and anxious for the outcome, however as I drove to his house, I felt determined.
I was about to pull over at Kyle’s driveway when I saw a man adorned in a navy blue suit with a matching blue tie and fully equipped with black sunglasses, leaning over a sporty looking car. I could have ignored him and moved on if he wasn’t looking straight ahead at Kyle’s house as if studying the house for its use or something.
I parked the car near the driveway and got out. I approached him with my frown and as I came closer, I saw that in his hands he was grasping some sort of white envelope.
“Can I help you with something?” I asked him, frowning.
The man startled at my presence for a moment before recollecting himself quickly, he shook his head as he said, “No no I’m quite—” He stopped as if realising something. He looked from me to the house and frowned. “Do you live here?” He asked, gesturing towards the house with his head.
I shook my head to answer him. “No, but my boyfriend does. I could get him if—”
“Please.” He held his hands out in dismissal. “That won’t be necessary.”
At this point my frown had turned to a scowl, there was something alarming about him I couldn’t yet pin point. The way he was dressed gave an impression that he was a rich man, if you included his sporty car.
He ran his hand through his messy sandy brown hair a few times over before staring back at the house with a rigid resigned jaw.
His features seemed familiar, and if only his sunglasses didn’t hide his eyes maybe I could’ve placed him.
We stood there for mere seconds, with me staring pointedly at him, patiently waiting for his departure. He sighed deeply after a while, as if longing to go into the house but was being stopped by an objectless impediment preventing him to do so.
He gave me a tight smile when he looked my way before getting into his sleek car and veering off with a roaring engine.
I stared after where his car had disappeared to, trying to ascertain what exactly that stranger had seen so appealing or maybe daunting about Kyle’s house judging by the way he studied it.
Was he some sort of spy or agent? The way he dressed made me suspect he was. However ridiculous my thoughts became as I pondered over the encounter, I still had a right be cautious.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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