Sexual desire episode 3

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Three✍️
I was starting to think Kyle’s stomach was the same as one of a whale. The amount of food the boy consumed a day could virtually feed the whole neighbourhood, if possible.
At this moment we were in my room with me snuggled up in my small purple blanket—which I have called “blankie” since I was five years old. I was cuddling one of my teddy bears and Kyle was currently gorging himself on my chips, ben and jerry ice cream along with the sandwich he asked me to make for him.
I mean seriously I get that he was now an eighteen year old teenager with hormones increasing his need to eat, but the trouble I always got when my dad found his favourite protein bars missing was beginning to irritate me.
Needless to say that Kyle never even got a tad bit of weight gain whereas if I were to eat like him, in a few days I wouldn’t even fit into my comfortable sweat pants and even socks. Yes socks.
“I think Christopher Walken overacted here a bit.” Kyle said through a mouthful of chips.
One of the reasons of why I was snuggled in my sheets, clutching my teddy was because we were currently finishing off the last part of Sleepy Hollow. The movie terrified the life out of me every time but it was one of those movies that was my favourite because of the fact that Johnny Depp and Chris Walken were in it.
“Christopher Walken is amazing!” I bellowed, already getting offended by his remark.
“Keya, calm your tits I was referring to his character in here.”
“You cannot just insult The Walken.”
He smirked at me when the credits on my plasma TV suited right above my wall, opposite my bed, started rolling.
“It’s just the way he talks.” He defended himself.
“What about the way he talks?” I scowled.
“Keya, c’mon, you have to know what I’m talking about,” he squashed himself closer to me.
“But that’s what makes him The Walken, it’s his way,” I argued.
“Okay-okay fine. I do admit he is amazing but…”
“But?! There’s no buts!” I shouted.
He grinned at me snidely for a while.
“Cheese.” He said unexpectedly, but what was more unexpected was the change of in his accent. He sounded off and somehow so familiar that I could only laugh when he tried to imitate Christopher Walken.
“I like it.” He continued. “Cheddar, Gouda you name it.”
At this rate I was snort laughing in fits of giggles.
It’s the fact that he was now actually off the bed doing the same surprised actions Christopher Walken would tend to do.
“It’s interesting because cheese smells the same as feet. I like it. Ooh!” He continued.
“…stop! I can’t.” I tried to talk between another fit of laughter.
He chuckled at this and we were both laughing uncontrollably now.
“You should definitely consider voice interpretation as your vocation,” I mocked as I straightened myself into a sitting position on the bed.
He made an upside down scowling face at me, his head was currently suited at my lap. And his whole body was sideways across the bed.
“Nah,” He swatted his hand away.
Then he closed his eyes and breathed in, as if in relaxation, as if he were falling asleep.
I watched him for a moment, admiring how adorable he looked at the moment. His hair was plastered across his face and I couldn’t help myself. I began stroking the locks back and they tangled themselves into one sexy mess.
I took note of how he sighed and I rejoiced at the fact that it was my doing. I shifted myself closer and leaned my head a bit down.
He was truly stunning, his messy long eyelashes from his closed eyes fanned across his cheeks and his pink coloured lips were pursed as if in thought. They looked so invitingly tempting to kiss, that if he hadn’t instantly opened his eyes. I think I would’ve done it.
When his eyes met mine, trapping me, I blushed as if I’d been caught doing something illicit. However, I thanked the colour of my skin for not making my blush evident.
He smirked, “You’re blushing, what were you thinking of doing?”
Damn, how can he tell?
His smirk increased, “I can tell because you have this shy look every time you do. It’s kind of cute.” He answered my unspoken question.
Was he a mind reader now?
I frowned at him, “I am not blushing.”
“Of course.” He mocked sarcastically.
I groan inside. Why did it take now for him to make me feel this way? I never blushed for anybody. Ever!
Still annoyed at him—for whatever reason, I didn’t know—I pushed him off my lap, in fact I pushed him so roughly that he fell on the carpeted floor in a thud.
I snickered in fits of laughter and my laughter increased when he got up from the floor rubbing his sore butt with a look of pure utter humiliation.
Two for Keya. One for Kyle.
I fell back on the bed and it was until I felt a dip on the bed and a body pressing upon me that I instantly stopped.
Kyle was on top of me. Freaking Kyle Reyes was on top of me.
Before I could even react, he took both of my hands and pinned them on top of my head and when I tried to move them, it was impossible.
“You’re going to pay for that,” his eyes gleamed a fierce green colour as he stared at me.
I couldn’t even fathom what was happening, I was too engrossed on the fact that Kyle was sitting astride on top of me, his body was pressing me down. I could’ve lied if I said that this position didn’t affect me the slightest… because it did. Oh it really did.
I found my breath hitching when he leaned down towards my face so that he was… probably twelve centimetres away from me.
“What are you going to do?” I asked feigning being scared.
His green eyes gleamed wickedly.
“What am I going to do?” he asked me rhetorically.
I squirmed, moving my body under him trying to free myself but he was too heavy to pull away from and he had a tight grip on both of hands.
Suddenly he repositioned both of my hands to one his hand whilst the other began other trailing from my arm all the way to my shoulder. His fingers left a burning sensation there.
His fingers stroked my arm up and down before moving to that dangerous territory that was my arm pits. My breath hitched as I felt an unwanted anticipation.
He smirked at my reaction, all the while our eyes are still locked into a cautious gaze.
“Don’t do it.” I warned him.
“Don’t do what?” he feigned innocence but his eyes told me it all, they told of his impending evil plans.
I breathed in relief when he moved his hand away from my arm pit, however, my relief soon vanished when he moved those same fingers to the side of my body, lingering under my ribs. They stayed there for mere two seconds before moving all the way to my waist.
He was quick with this because before I knew it, he launched those fingers back under my ribs and began the torture of tickling me.
I screamed and gasped at the sudden attack. That only made him increase in effort as he released my hands and used both of his hands now to tickle my other side.
I squirmed and trashed unable to breathe from the uncontrollable laughter that was erupting from me.
“Ky…Stop…I…can’t…” I trashed under him, screaming and laughing at the same time.
He had the same wicked grin plastered on his face as he continued with his torment.
He grabbed my hand when I tried using them to punch and shove him away. He locked both of them again with his one hand as the other continued to torture me.
I had to give it to him, the boy was strong, so strong in fact that my strength was nothing compared to his.
Tears were now pouring from eyes. It felt as if my stomach was on fire. I now understood that saying of “laughing until you felt a six pack forming” because I felt it. I felt the tightness of my abdominal muscles from this ordeal.
“Kyle!” I screamed at him but he ignored my pleas.
“Please!” I cried and laughed as he went for my armpits again.
Suddenly the door to my bedroom banged open cutting off my scream.
I saw the upside-down figure of my father on the door.
“Kyle stop torturing my daughter and Keya will please you stop screaming the place down!” My father barged into the room.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…

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