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s*xual Desire Episode 16

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s*xual Desire Episode 16 by : 6:25 pm On September 17, 2020
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( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Sixteen✍️
A shrilling noise wrought me awake, instantly setting my head into a pounding throb that blurred my vision when I tried to blink at the light scorching my vision.
“Ughn!” I groaned croakily, because of my dry throat.
I blinked fervently until I could slightly make out my surroundings but my head was still aching. I was in a bedroom, but not just any bedroom. The familiar stale whitish cream and poster-free walls where enough for me realise that I was in Kyle’s room.
And where was the resident of this bedroom, I had no idea because it seemed that I was the only person that had slept in this bed. As I shifted, the movement was enough to make my head ache even more.
I let out another pain-filled groan.
I was having the mother of all hangovers.
Rubbing my eyes to clear them, I pulled myself up into a sitting position, just in time to hear a soft knock rapping against the door. This was followed by Kyle entering his den. In his hands, he held a tray that contained what looked like breakfast and a glass of orange juice.
He seemed wary as he approached me, but that might have been the scowl that impaired my features since my headache was getting worse by each minute.
“Morning.” He said softly, but it felt like he had shouted.
I groaned, rubbing the spot in my temple where it was aching the most. As if by soothing it, would lessen its pounding.
“Hangover?” He was trying to hide his amusement as he placed the tray in front of me in the bed.
“The worse. How much did I drink last night?”
“Enough to make an elephant dance.” He twisted his lips to hide his smile.
I scowled at him but I wasn’t intending to seem menacing, it was just that I couldn’t for a moment longer bear this pain.
“Don’t worry; I have something to fix your headache. Here,” He said as he handed me pain killers and the glass of orange juice. I greedily grabbed the contents from him. I swallowed the pain killers and drained the oranges juice instantly.
The effect was immediate as my pounding lessened to a steady beat. “Now you need something oily, I think this bacon, sausages and eggs sandwich shall do nicely.” He said, indicating to the sandwiched breakfast in front of me. I hesitantly took it in my mouth. However, the instant I bit into, the sandwich tasted so good I had to gobble some more bites.
Kyle just stared at me as if I was entertainment, “Good?”
I nodded eagerly at him. I stopped instantly, wincing when that motion sent waves of pain in my head. “Really, good.”
He flopped on the bed next to me, folding his arms behind his head and watched me eat.
“Aren’t you having any?” I asked through a mouthful.
“Already ate.” He replied.
“Oh.” I shrugged and then chewed my last bite.
“Is…he home?” I asked hesitantly, staring expectantly at him.
“The last time I checked, his room hasn’t been occupied since two days ago.” He shrugged.
I frowned. Although, it was usual behaviour for Kyle’s father to disappear without any explanation. It was still odd. But I knew Kyle had stopped caring about his whereabouts long ago.
I swallowed my last bite and Kyle was still staring at me, his expression impassive.
“So how did I get here last night, I mean, I was meant to sleep over at Sav’s, but I don’t remember how the night went out.”
“You don’t remember anything?” He asked me, incredulity printed in his face.
I lacked any expression except from my confused frown as I shook my head.
“Anything at all?”
“Really? So you’re saying you don’t remember klzzing James and throwing yourself all over him.” His eyebrows were quirking up in a grim line.
Brief flashes of scenes similar to what he had just presented made their way to my cognitive vision. I remembered Kyle and I having a brief argument over giving myself to James and then after that I drank three shots and klzzed James just to rub into Kyle’s face that it was my decision to make.
“I remember klzzing him. But not throwing myself all over him?” I said.
“Oh really? Explain to me exactly how of much of last night you remember.” He sat up from the bed leaning his body on the headboard as he folded his arms across his chest. His eyes were filled with curiosity.
I sort of didn’t want talk about it, it meant that I would rehash that argument, but I wanted to prove it to him that I didn’t throw myself at him. Just that I simply took the initiative.
“Well I remember our argument and then drinking vodka and klzzing James. After that…nada.” I told him.
He shook his head and smiled. “You did more than just klzz him.”
He had that tables-have-turned kind of smile as he said, “What? You don’t remember almost having s*x with him?”
“WHAT?” I bellowed. I was trying to remember that part of the night but my memory was redundant. I didn’t remember a snitch of anything.
“It was kind of embarrassing to watch, the way you were throwing yourself at him. I had to intervene before you did something I knew you were going to regret.” He had a satisfied smirk on his face.
“Wait, you intervened?”
“You don’t remember do you?” It seemed like he was finally accepting the truth of my words.
“I stopped both of you. I took you here, though it took a lot of effort. You couldn’t stop m0@ning and laughing. It was like there were two sides of you.” He frowned at the memory.
I cringed as I tried remembering that part of the night, but nothing seemed to recall itself.
“You puked in my car.” He said.
“Oh god!” I hid my face in my hands, imagining that vile image. “I’m so sorry! How is your car?”
“It was only in the mat, I managed to clean it, but you owe me a car wash.”
“Sure. Is there anything else embarrassing that I did last night?” I asked him, taking the courage to stare at him.
He only looked at me for long moment as if contemplating something, but at the same time he was studying me. I felt like cowering away from his inspection into the blankets, but I managed to hold my steady gaze.
“No, that’s all.” He said.
I breathed a sigh of relief because I felt pretty certain that I must have done or said something to him to make him stare at me that long.
After a while of assessing all that he told me, I finally realised that I was still a virgin.
“So I didn’t do it with him?” I asked, I felt more relieved from the fact, considering I was set on doing it last night.
“Is that all you’re care about? Whether you lost your virginity or not?” He shouted exasperatedly out of a sudden.
“No, of course not!” I frowned at his outburst.
He was scowling at me, “Because, something could have happened to you, Key, whether you care about it or not, someone could have taken advantage of you.” He ranted.
“You think losing my virginity is all I care about?” I asked.
He just stared at me in a glower, “Well, it seems like it. But, what if you did lose it last night? You just said you didn’t remember most of the night. So what if say, you lost your virginity and you didn’t remember anything. I thought girls treasured something like that!”
“But I didn’t so I don’t know what your problem is. Yes, we do treasure something like that. But, you don’t understand, Kyle. When all of what everyone is talking about is s*x, I’ll be just sitting there lame and unresponsive, contributing nothing to the subject.” I said, trying to make him see my point.
“It makes me wonder what point of keeping my virginity is.” I continued.
He shook his head. “Maybe, love? No? Don’t you want to give it to someone you truly love?”
I snorted. “Love? You and I both know I could never find love amongst the guys in my school. If I’m going to fall in love, I’m probably going to be thirty or something and how embarrassing would it be, to still be a virgin at that age.”
“It wouldn’t be embarrassing if the guy loved you back. I’m sure if it didn’t matter to him, it wouldn’t matter to you.” He explained, looking at me as if I had no idea at all about the works of the world.
I shrugged. “Maybe it would, maybe it won’t. But I’m not staying a virgin until I’m thirty!” I said in my tone of finality.
“Keya, losing your virginity is a big deal, mentally and physically. You will forever remember that person.”
I snorted again. “Do you remember your first?”
“Yes.” He answered quickly.
Oh. I didn’t expect that at all. Boy was this conversation getting way out of hand. We never ventured to this territory before. It was unsettling and kind of…intimate?
“Well, I’m sure I will forget the mental part. Right now I just want to concentrate on the physical part. That’s all I want.”
He was still staring at me as if I was just a child who had no idea what I was talking about. But I knew exactly what I wanted and there was nothing he or anyone could say to change my mind.
“Look, let’s just stop with this already, it won’t change my mind.”
He took a deep calming breath and shrugged as he said, “Whatever.”
I could tell he was annoyed at something whether it was at me and my stubbornness or something else; I just wanted to get him out of it and forget our conversation, period.
“Hey,” I nudged his hand. “Thanks for bringing back here. I don’t know what or where I would have ended up last night if it wasn’t for you.” I smiled at him, trying to get him out of his brooding.
He let out a reluctant smile.
“And thanks for the breakfast and for taking care of me.” I was now making a puppy dog face, the face I knew he couldn’t resist.
He was genuinely smiling now, “Sure.”
I grinned, satisfied. I moved off the bed intent of going downstairs to discard the plate but that was when my phone rang, the ringtone indicating it was Sav.
I fumbled in my small purse taking all the contents out until I found my phone.
“Hey.” I greeted her.
“Oh thank God you’re alive!” She sounded relieved.
“Yeah, I am. No thanks to you.” I said but I was secretly smiling.
“Don’t guilt trip me, I did warn that Ryland wanted me. Anyway, I’m so sorry I abandoned you.”
“Are you Sav?” I asked. “Are you really?”
Both of us knew that she wasn’t that sorry.
“I am though, even when I had such an amazing time last night.”
“Ugh…I don’t want to hear about it.”
She giggled girlishly and it scared me because I hardly ever heard her giggle like that.
“So, where are you? How are you? Your dad called twice by the way. I had to make my mom lie.”
“I’m fine, I’m at Kyle’s.”
“Oh. Okay…So…did you do it last night?” She asked.
I rolled my eyes. “Sorry to disappoint you but some of us aren’t promiscuous!”
“What does that suppose to mean. You know what? It doesn’t matter, I know you and your shrewd comments that you’re always trying to degrade me,” She said.
“He-he-he.” I faked an innocent giggle.
I could feel her rolling her eyes through the phone. “So what do I do with your bag?”
“Don’t worry I’ll come over and get it.”
“Okay… when you do I have loads to tell you.” She said.
“Didn’t you hear me say that I didn’t want to hear it?” I said exasperatedly.
“Gosh Key, calm down. I’m not going to go in full detail. I just want hang out with, you know, girls time. I feel like we haven’t talked much in a while.”
“Says the person who’s been chasing a guy for the past few days.”
“Degrade me all you want. I’m still seeing you later.”
“Sure. Do you want me to lie and say that I’m looking forward to it?” I asked.
“B!tch! I’m seeing you later whether you like it or not.”
I laughed for a while until she joined in too. “Okay I gotta go…my sister is running away to snitch on me because I said a bad word.”
I laughed. “Laters.”
She hung up and I was revived back to the present situation. I stared at Kyle who had an amused look on his face but what had me staring at him was because he was holding up the two foil packet of condoms Sav had dispatched into my purse yesterday.
“What?” I asked, feigning ignorant.
He smirked. “It’s funny how prepared you were.” He laughed.
I threw the object I was holding at him. It was my phone and boy was I glad when he caught it before it bounced off him to smash itself on the ground.
“You’re lucky I caught it.”
I narrowed my eyes at him. “You made your point, now give me my phone back.”
“Come and get it.” He said twirling it in the air as he sat up from the bed.
I glared at him, trying to seize him up and before he expected it, I lunged for it. In the process, I landed on top of him. My shin pressed on his midriff and the rest of my body was squashing him as my hands grabbed his arm where my phone was.
I managed grabbed it successful. I shifted so that I ended up sitting astride of him with a triumphal grin on my face. I was flexing my muscles in the way weight lifters did to show their strength and I was laughing boldly in the process.
Then suddenly, in a swift movement, tables turned as I found myself being pressed on the bed and Kyle hovered on top of me.
I stopped breathing instantly and he was smirking. That smirk was soon wiped off his face when our eyes met.
The s£×ual tension lying in the air was thick between us and we both didn’t do anything but stare at each. It felt as if my whole being was drowning his pale green eyes. The smell of his scent hitting my nostril added to the heat of his body pressed against mine, became too much for me to bear. This time around, I was the one that broke the gaze as I closed my eyes, trying to find my bearings again.
He got the hint as he swiftly moved off me, clearing his throat on the other side of the bed where he was now lying.
I opened my eyes and gazed upon the ceiling and in my head I was trying to ascertain this sudden attraction that was increasing slowly and slowly each day I was around him.
All that talk about keeping virginity for someone that I loved. Did he say it as a double meaning? I loved Kyle as friend and now that I was attracted to him, I was pretty certain these feelings weren’t only just me. This tension between was a results from both of us.
So was I wrong, or had he been implying that he may be one I could do it with? Or was I just really confusing myself by trying define the meaning of love?
I had no answers yet but I promised myself that whatever this was between me and Kyle, I better not ruin it by making actions I would later regret.
I sat up from the bed and Kyle was lying with his eyes closed, one of his arms draped over his face.
“Hey.” I shook him, trying get him out of his thoughts, I knew he was contemplating our earlier moment. “How about that car-wash I owe you?.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
I hate forcing you people to comment but I guess I would have to do so. No likes, No comments,No shares then no new chapter 💖

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