Sexual desire episode 14

( A night with my best friend 🛌)
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✍️ Chapter Fourteen✍️
Five minutes later, we found ourselves at Ryland’s house party, just like that.
Already there were people getting out of their cars and some walking into the apartment. By the blustering music that could already be heard from this distance indicated that the party had long started. I guess I was wrong; some people did come earlier in parties.
We were only forty-five minutes late and Sav was trudging up those stairs like she was running away from a serial killer. I lost her sight of her the instant we were inside the apartment.
What a great friend! I thought to myself sarcastically as I tried trudging through a throng of people that were accompanying the hallway.
When I made it to the living, already it felt like a jungle full of animals. The lights had dimmed but they were still glowing in that party atmospheric mood. The lights were the only decorations present.
When I had been in this living area it had seemed fairly big, but, compared to the people occupying it now, it seemed a lot smaller and crowded.
Most people were in the middle of the room where I think a dance floor was made. The dance moves that were being spewed seemed more like people groping one another in some sort of dirty dancing ambiance even when the music playing was far from being slow.
A group of guys and gals were occupying the sofas and though the party may have begun thirty minutes ago, it didn’t stop them from eating each other’s mouths.
Another group were by Ryland’s computer system and though I couldn’t see neither Ryland nor Sav, I was sure they were there because I knew Ryland wouldn’t want anyone touching his stuff.
There was another group assembled in the far corner where some food and drinks were arranged in organised lines. It seamed like some sort of game was being played there and from how much everyone was already consuming, I understood that the organised line would soon be deranged.
It was getting crowded and more people were still coming by the door. The music was too loud and I wanted a drink of something. I tried reaching for that table that contained the drinks but I was stopped in my track when someone dragged me to the dance floor for some dance.
The person was holding me from behind in some sort of spooning dance.
“Enjoying yourself?” I recognised that voice.
“James!” I turned around to face him. I had forgotten his height as I craned my neck to catch a glimpse of him.
I grinned when I saw him smirking down at me. He had scrubbed up pretty well; he was wearing dark skinny jeans with a white t-shirt and a dark blazer.
“You look—” We both shouted from the music at the same time. I laughed and he grinned.
“You first!” I gave him a head go.
“I was just going to say that you look hot! I see you tamed those curls!” He said, taking a lock of my hair in his fingers.
I felt a tug of something beneath my stomach. It was then that I remembered I was attracted to him, and I think my attraction was slowly developing into a crush.
“Thank you!” I grinned and he twirled me around with the music.
I was giggling like there was no tomorrow.
“Your turn!” He pulled me close so that I could hear what he was saying.
It was in this proximity that his scent wafted in my nostrils. He was wearing some sort of cologne and as I breathed in the smell, I felt intoxicated.
“I was gonna say you look great too! I like your blazer!”
He smirked and I couldn’t stop grinning my teeth off. The boy was doing wonders to my body, and I didn’t know if it was the heat of the room or the heat of his body combined with how he was touching me.
“I know I kook great tonight! You don’t have to remind me.”
I giggled and playfully smacked him for his vanity. I don’t know what was wrong with me. It wasn’t like I was drunk. I hadn’t even drunk anything yet.
“James, baby!” A girl suddenly bumped into us, forcibly falling unto James’s arms.
Like a good gentlemen, he straightened her up and blocked her attempts to throw herself at him. He stared at me apologetically and the girl turned herself around and began grinding herself on him.
And did I feel jealous throughout this ordeal? I was surprised to find that I didn’t. In fact, it seemed quite funny to me and I kind of felt sorry for the poor girl.
“Danielle,” James said softly as he pulled her gently away.
“Baby, I miss you!” She purred locking her hands around his neck.
It was obvious that they knew each other, whether it had been a fling or a one night stand, I didn’t care. But I was annoyed at her intruding. I had been enjoying the dance I was having with him.
While he was whispering something to ear, I took that moment to discreetly flee from them in search for something to drink. Anything would have suited fine at that moment because of how thirsty I was.
I made my way to the kitchen, squeezing through people who seemed intent to remain inseparable in their locked lip embrace. Once I was there, I found the drinks.
Hallelujah! But as I looked for something less alcoholic I found there was nothing of that sort. So my next choice was red wine. I poured a cup and drained it instantly to ease my thirst. The bitterness of the after taste lingered in my throat, but I ignored it as I poured another one and decided sips will do fine for now.
I wasn’t alone in the kitchen. There was a couple by the counter interlocked in a heated embrace; their sloppy kissing noises were loud enough to be heard from the turbulent of music blaring from the living area.
On the floor, next to the cupboard was a boy gulping his beer and snacking on crackers at the same time. I ignored these fellow inhabitants as I sipped on my wine and thought.
What was my agenda for tonight?
One, to get drunk. Two, have sex. Three, have fun doing it.
I hadn’t known that I had chosen who I wanted to swipe my v-card with tonight, but when James’s face popped up as I thought of my agenda. I knew I already decided.
“There you are!” It was James’s voice that spoke from the doorway.
I turned around to face him with my faultless grin.
“Manage to get away?” I asked.
“I should be asking you that? Why did you run?” He moved closer towards me and because I was next to the beers, he reached out for one.
“You seemed preoccupied,” I smirked.
“I’m sorry about that. She’s just a girl that I…uh—” He flickered with his hand.
“Slept with?” I finished his sentence.
He stared heatedly down towards me as he sipped on his beer.
“You don’t have to explain, I know the drill. Besides it’s not like we are…” I trailed, stopping myself before I said something stupid. I laughed trying to hide my embarrassment.
“It’s not like we are what?” He asked, his tone laced with amusement. I looked up at his hazel eyes. But instead of searing me like Kyle’s often did they only made me feel warm inside.
“It’s not like we are…dating.” I was compelled to finish my sentence and once the words were out, there was no taking them back. Something in his eyes flickered and something strange happened, I don’t know if it was the wine finally affecting my blood, but I began moving closer to him as if there was pull drawing me to him.
“Right-Right!” He said his famous phrase. He sipped on his beer, his eyes still staring down at me.
Our bodies were brushing each other as we stood there sipping our drinks whilst we locked gazes and it was at that moment that I was about to lean forward to kiss him, when I felt a hand that didn’t belong to James grab my shoulder.
I flinched, turning around quickly and I was met with scowling features that were emanating from Kyle’s face.
“Hey!” He shouted over the music. His eyes were flickering between me and James and for a moment there was a thick tension lying between the air. I don’t know what it was, however, it seems like it didn’t affect James because he broke the silence.
“Dude!” He went over and gave Kyle one of those handshake hugs which Kyle accepted.
“Hey, James.” Kyle greeted him.
“Man, I haven’t seen you in ages! How have you been?” James was grinning at Kyle and as I watched the exchange between them, I saw that James really admired Kyle.
“Ah, y’know been here and there, busy with school! How is it with you?” Kyle asked.
It was then that they got into an animated conversation that I couldn’t make out throughout the raucous music. The fact that they seemed to have forgotten that I was next to them too was becoming increasingly annoying.
I cleared my throat loudly enough for them to hear me.
“Do you want a drink?” James was moving towards were the drinks were.
“It’s cool man, I’ll get it myself.” Kyle said as he went over to grab a beer.
It was at that small exchange that they finally realised my presence.
Kyle was staring at me in the way he had that day I tried on this dress.
I blushed instantly because for some reason, even though James did comment that I looked great tonight, it was only Kyle that managed to make me blush just by that one look.
“You made it.” I said to him, changing my train of thought very quickly. He looked good tonight, wearing dark jeans ripped at the knee, with a khaki coloured t-shirt and a black bomber jacket to match his jeans.
“Just got here with Ned…” He gestured to the doorway, looking back. “Guess he’s already made himself at home.” He shrugged.
I nodded awkwardly. I looked over at James and I realised he was staring at us with a huge grin. I grinned back at him because it was infectious. My gaze went back to Kyle’s though.
“Your hair is different.” He said, frowning at it for a moment.
I became self-conscious as I moved my hand to place back a nonexistent lock of stray hair behind my ear. I drank my wine to hide this self consciousness. I had no idea what was wrong with me at the moment.
Why was I acting weird? I had no explanation for it.
Maybe it was because Kyle had almost caught me about to lock lips with James.
“Sav straightened it.” I said as a passing comment.
He nodded and that’s when I realised he was acting weird too. He seemed a lot tense, poised and aware of his surroundings.
“It’s different.”
I frowned, “Yeah, okay.”
“So, you guys are best buds, huh? Who would have known? Such a small world isn’t it?”
I nodded.
“The smallest.” Kyle sipped on his drink.
There was a brief moment of an awkward silence and I was staring at Kyle in annoyance now. I wanted him to leave already; he had already said his greetings. I was having a moment with James and I wanted to continue with that.
“Aren’t you gonna go to the living room? To dance or something?” I asked him, my eyes communicating with his in an obvious look that said leave now.
“No, I don’t want to dance. Besides, I don’t know anyone there, just you guys and you guys are here, so I’ll hang with you.” He smiled his toothy grin.
James didn’t mind and he was ignorant of the mixed messages I was having with Kyle.
“Ned’s there and I’m sure you can make friends. It’s a party, it’s a place to meet new people and mingle,” I said hiding my annoyed tone, but Kyle knew exactly that I was trying to get him to leave and he was becoming arrogant about it.
He smirked. “I’d rather stay here.”
I was about to retaliate but then a group of girls burst in the kitchen and when they saw the hunks I was standing next to, they instantly made their way over, oblivious that I was present.
“Hey!” One of them said, moving over to James. “You’re hot!” She giggled.
“No, he’s mine!” It was then that I saw the girl whom James had to deal with earlier. What was her name again? Something with Ella.
“Girls, girls!” James tried his best to prevent the impending cat fight between them. He looked over at us with apologising eyes.
I watched this spectacle with passive amusement but that was when I felt a hand gripping my arm and pulling away from the kitchen to the dark corner of the hallway. James didn’t realise Kyle and I had slipped away.
“James? Really?” Kyle cornered me, the dim light in the hallway enough for me to see his face.
“What about James?” I frowned. I was trying to escape him but he wasn’t in any verge of budging. I furiously met his eyes.
“Are you planning to sleep with him?” Kyle accused me.
He was pissing me off and he knew it.
“I don’t think that’s any of your business.” I bellowed angrily.
“Not my business?” Kyle sputtered in disbelief, exasperatedly running his hand through his unkempt hair.
I cursed whatever it was that was making me want to do the exact same thing he was doing. No, I wanted more than to just run my hands through his hair. I wanted to yank it till it hurt.
“It is my fúcking business, Keya! You made it my business when you asked me to do exactly what you’re planning to do with him.” He angrily slammed his hands next to me on the wall.
I flinched at the impact and though the drumming music was still vibrating the whole house, I still heard that impact.
“No, it’s not!” I was shouting too.”Seriously get your head of out of the gutter! I didn’t even ask him to do anything with me.” I glared at him.
He floundered for a moment before he spoke, his tone a lot calmer now.
“Good, cos he fúcking won’t. Not if I ask him not to.” He threatened.
“You wouldn’t dare!” My eyes bulged at his threat.
He smiled coldly and leaned towards me so-so close that I found my lungs losing function again.
“You wanna bet?” He said, his dilated eyes burning me down to the pit of my core. It did wonders having him so close like this, having him looking at me like that. He didn’t help my already boiling body, when he scorched his eyes down to my lips.
I was getting tired of feeling like this.
Feeling so aroused and at the same time, feeling a frustrated longing for him. I was forgetting that I was meant to be angry at him.
With this anger I pushed him away with all the force I could muster.
“I don’t know why you’re so against me losing my virginity. But, just know this Kyle. You’re not my brother, nor are you my father. This is my decision and if I want to lose my virginity tonight, I can and will. It’s my choice, not yours.” My finger was nudging his chest and it had an effect as he backed slowly away from me. His eyes glazing an anger that had me almost had me retreating back to where I was.
I gave him one glaring look before I strutted away from his presence towards the kitchen where James was still trying to stop the two girls from grazing each other.
I went over to the drink section and this time I opened the vodka bottle and took three shots. I could still feel Kyle’s seething anger at my back and I knew he was at the doorway.
With a new confidence I got from the help of my good friend Smirnoff, I courageously brushed off the two girls, my eyes targeting straight at James. He looked at me worriedly for a moment and he was about to say something. But whatever he was going to say was impeded by my advance. I simply grabbed him by the back of his neck and pulled him down to my awaiting lips.
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To be continued…
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