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s*xual desire episode 12

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s*xual desire episode 12 by : 6:24 am On September 15, 2020
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( A night with my best friend 🛌)
Rated 🔞+
✍️ Chapter Twelve✍️
After a while of watching sports, I became bored and announced my leave to the bedroom. I was slightly tired and when they both ignored me, I simply trudged over to my bedroom. I knew Kyle was sleeping over tonight, he will have the spare bedroom right across from mine. There was absolutely no way my parents were going to let him go back there tonight. Not if things were as tense as we imagined them to be. I was still quite curious of what had happened. I had hoped to talk to him about it. I guess he wouldn’t until he was finally ready to talk to me.
In my bedroom, I took my laptop and continued where I left off with my project. It was due Monday and I was simply polishing off the some details. I was at this for whole hour and a half before I heard talking voices in the hallway. My parents and Kyle were calling it a night too. The shut of the door opposite from me indicated that Kyle was already given that spare room.
I decided to call it a night too as I switched off my equipment and turned my lamp off. I tied my frizzy hair into a messy bun on top of my head. I put on my long t-shirt and that was the only thing I had on—including my panties— as I went under the covers.
I tried to sleep. I couldn’t. My mind was wondering about Kyle. I knew he wouldn’t sleep tonight. It will be haunting him. I shifted in my bed contemplating whether to go and check up on him. However, that action was deemed unacceptable by conventions. But Kyle needed me, he needed someone to hold him while he vented out his emotions.
I sat up in my bed and pulled my duvet away. I got out of the bed, moving towards my door. It was there that I stopped, contemplating, deciding what to do.
Just as I was about to open my door, a small quiet knock rapped against it. It was followed by Kyle’s small voice.
“Keya?” He whispered. “Are you sleeping?”
As quickly as he spoke I wrenched the door open, and saw him standing before me in the dark.
I let him inside and just as I closed the door, Kyle pulled me into a constricting hug and buried his head in the crook of my neck. Surprised by this, I simply hugged him back, wrapping my arms around his neck and shoulders. We stayed this way for a while.
The fact he kept on on crushing me as hugged me meant that my breathing was restricted. It was after a while that he realised I was struggling.
I laughed it off, “C’mon lets go to bed.”
My comment resulted in the suggestive look from him.
“Jeez! Not like that!” I shook my head, punching him for his dirty mind. He smiled and it was that small smile that gave me hope that he will be fine.
We moved towards the bed where we both sat cross legged. The t-shirt I was wearing got pulled up slightly but with awkward adjustments I managed to hide my thighs. I looked up at him at the same time he looked away from my legs. I flushed from his look. I closed my eyes for a few seconds to rid all illicit thoughts so that I can focus on the important issue in this matter.
“What did he do?” I asked him. I took both of his hands in a sincere gesture as possible. Those hands swallowed my own and I thought it ironic how big and manly his hands were, but at the same time they were so fragile and vulnerable.
Kyle was staring hauntingly at our joint hands as well and I could tell that he was going over what had happened before I picked him up.
He looked up at my eyes, searching them and lacing them with his intense bright green emeralds.
“What did he do?” I asked him again.
He looked away from my own searching eyes and stared back at our joint hands.
He shrugged, “The usual.” He answered me.
I coaxed him to continue and so he did.
“He got drunk, got knows where. He came home to find me watching TV and for a while he sat quietly and watched. Then moments later he was up at my face, took me by the collar and started screaming drunken curses at me.” I knew telling me this was hard for him. His body was beginning to shake and he was clenching and unclenching his jaw at every sentence he took.
“What did he say, Kyle?” I squeezed the hands that were holding mines.
He looked up at me and those glazing green orbs pierced my own in the most intense gaze. My lungs at that moment decided to stop functioning.
“He blamed me, Key,” His voice broke for a moment and I waited until he regained his composure to explain.
“He blamed me. He said it was my fault that mom and Jase left, he said that I drove them away, he…he said it was because I was a uselessly coward bàstard…” I watched him press his head unto our joint hands, his shaking form made me shake too.
I knew Kyle didn’t cry. For the past eight years I’ve known him, he’s never shed tears. He never cried when his mother decided to leave them when he was only but nine. He never cried when his father took into drinking after her departure. He never cried when his father’s drunkenness led him to be violent towards his children, especially towards his older brother of six years, Jason, who long left eight years ago because of the same issue. Kyle didn’t cry when his father then turned his drunken violence towards him after his brother’s departure.
No, Kyle never cried. However, I knew inside he was tearing apart. Inside he bottled up his emotions so that he would let them affect his exterior. It was only rarely that he broke down and showed me his vulnerable self. And it was times like this that my heart went for him because he’s suffered more than his fair share of pain in his life.
It was issues with his father that lead him to change his appearance in the first place. Long gone was that sweet nerdish boy with braces when I met him. Now he was replaced by this fierce, bad boyish looking man.
“You don’t seriously believe him do you?” I asked trying to find the root of his problem.
He looked up at me with his haunted expression and his silence was enough answer for me to know that he did.
“Kyle!” I shook him to his senses. “He’s wrong. It’s not your fault, he’s just trying to find someone to blame for his own selfish misdemeanors!”
Kyle was glowering at our hands and at the same time he was stroking my knuckles, leaving a burning sensation which I tried not let it affect me.
“What if he’s right? What if they left because of me, because of my uselessness in this life. What’s the point Key? They never cared enough for me to stay, they left me with him, not caring what happened to me.” He was blinking at me, the depth of his emotion searing at my own pain receptors.
“Aw, Ky.” I shifted on the bed until I hugged him. It was awkward because he was taller and bigger than me, so in the end we ended up lying face to face on the bed. I stroked his hair because I couldn’t help it.
“I don’t believe that’s true. We don’t really know the reason why they left but I strongly suspect its because of that narcissistic áss, not you, Ky.” I whispered to him.
His eyes were closed tightly and this told me that he was trying his best to rid the demons that told him otherwise, he was trying his best to believe my words. He stayed this way for long while and I was trying my best to think of something that will distract him from his current predicament.
I remembered the party and meeting Ryland’s friends and thought this might be good enough change of subject, a safer subject from this one.
“Guess who I met today,” I moved my hand from his hair, took his fisted hand and entangled it with my own.
His eyes slowly opened and at this close proximity, I studied the green ocean pool that drowned me instantly.
“Who?” His voice was hoarse, huskier.
“James, Ryland’s friend.”
He frowned for a moment. “James as in James Bradley?”
I smile, “I didn’t learn his surname but I guess so. He said you saved his life.”
For a split second, I watched the change in Kyle’s expression as he let out a small chuckle. It made me grin too because it was refreshing to see it after the earlier haunted look he wore.
“He always exaggerates that day. It wasn’t like he was dying or anything.” He told me, a ghost of a grin appearing in his face.
“Well, he seems so grateful.” I shrugged. Then I sighed as I remembered just how Kyle saved James.
“You know one of these days, your uncanny ability to fight is going to get you into more trouble.”
This time he grinned, “Worried?” He asked.
“Of course I am. I mean, people are always talking about how they shouldn’t mess with you. Sometimes it makes me want to see this side of you but then again I tell myself that I really don’t.” I closed my eyes and I could feel Kyle’s searing gaze.
“I hope you never do.” He whispered, his tone serious and my eyes instantly shot open. Our gazes locked for a brief moment without either of us saying anything. I couldn’t look at him for long before my eyes dropped to stare at his neck. I was feeling odd; my chest seemed ready to burst out my vital organ which couldn’t stop its incessant beating.
Kyle’s response was only to shift me closer towards his body and I found my face buried in his neck and his chin pressed on top of my head as we cuddled.
“Thank you, Key.” He said suddenly.
I snorted, misunderstanding, “For what?”
“Just—thank you.”
I understood he was thanking me for being there for him, especially every time when his father decided to fruck things up for him.
We stayed this way for a while until I broke the silence yet again.
“So are you going tomorrow?” I asked him.
“Maybe.” He replied. Another silent moment was followed.
“I want you to come…it’s going to be fun…It might get your mind off things, for a while.” I suggested.
He didn’t reply, just made a grunting noise in his throat.
“By the way, you’re not going to that party to do what I think you’re planning to do?”
I frowned. “What do you mean?”
He waited for me to finally realise where he was headed with his statement. I blushed realising what he meant and I remained silence just as did. I let him fret on my silence.
“Key,” He shook me. “Are you seriously planning to lose you’re virginity tomorrow.”
“Of course not!” I lied.
He caught my lie.
“Okay, I’m going tomorrow.” He said after five minutes of silence.
I tried to remain ignorant at why he suddenly changed his mind about the party tomorrow. Instead I closed my eyes because really to fret over this issue was tiring. I was too comfortable tucked under him this way. I turned to the other side, so my back was against his front. He pulled me close so that we were practically spooning. His pressed his face in my neck and his soft breathing lulled me to peaceful sleep.
I don’t how long we stayed this way. However, it was before I was at the brink of unconsciousness, when I felt him shifting uncomfortably. The bodily warmth that had been projecting from him was wiped away when he sat up.
In a small mutter he said something I knew was for his ears only because he said, “Damn, even in your sleep you turn me on!”
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Just tell me if the story is boring because I don’t know why you refuse to like, comments and no share again 😒. It saddens

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Re: s*xual desire episode 12 by ola: 9:04 pm On February 27, 2021

the story is not boring


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