Sensation episode 6


(Fighting against lust 🛡)

Written by Lynne writes.

@Lynne’s library.

Chapter Six
“Give me every detail of what happened yesterday Lynne, I can’t wait ”

Larisa scream as I entered the room.

“Where were you last night ” I ask dropping my bag on my bed.

“At Troy’s parents house ”

“What are you doing there, are you guys a thing now ”

“Yes, and that was since last night. As for what I was doing there…they had a family dinner and Troy took me along as his date. Gosh.. I was nervous, he has a big family but they are all nice except one dickhead he call his brother who keeps flirting with me”

She huff staring ahead as if remembering something then her cheeks turn red.

“What’s making you blush, what did you remember” I raise a brow.

“Nothing..Just “she paused.

“Promise me you’ll not tell anyone this “she bites her lip.

“I promise ”

“He kept flirting with me all night, I told him to stop that I am his brother’s girlfriend. He said he didn’t care, he told me he wants me and he always get what he wants no matter what. I was scared trust me, that Troy will find out and it will cause a fight between them. Then..he kissed me…


…and I..Gooddd.. I kissed him back cos I enjoyed it. ”

She gulp looking at me.

“I… I don’t know what to say ”

“I’m speechless too”

“Do you love Troy ?”

“Of course I do, and I’m sure what I felt for his brother that time was just lust. I mean he’s hot, more handsome than Troy, he’s my dream man ”

“Just be careful and make sure you stay away from him ”

“I will…forget about me let’s talk about you. ”

“What about me?”

“Come on, where did Xander take you yesterday? ”

“His late mom’s house, which is at the end of the town ”

“We kissed and… ”

“Oh my shit! You kissed awww this so sweet”she squeals.
“I’m happy for you…just be careful. Xander is charming but he’s a dangerous guy ”

“I don’t think Xander is dangerous, I think he’s harmless ”

“So now you’re defending him, seriously Lynne you like him ” she tease.

“I don’t ”

“You do ” she says.

A knock came on our door.

“Come in ” I say and Xander walks in.

“Hi.. ” Larissa and Xander exchange greetings.

“Hey ” he turns to me with a smile.

“Ah.. Xander I think you coming here every day is a bad idea, you need to stop ”

“I don’t need your opinion on that ”

“I have every… ”

“Quick question Aria, will you be my girlfriend? ” he dropped the bombshell.

My jaw dropped. I wasn’t expecting him to ask me that any time soon. This is too fast, we just met.

“What? ”

“Be my girlfriend, Yes or no?”

“No! ” I replied in nanosecond.

“Say yes “he insisted.

“No ” I shake my head.

He draw me closer by my waist. I didn’t stop him. He pick the strand of hair which is on my forehead behind my ear.

“Yes “he narrow his eyes at me with a sly smile.

“You can’t force me to say yes ”

“Say yes ”

“No ”

“Yes ”

“No ”

“No ”

“Yes ” I blurt out without thinking.

“Nooo you pranked me ” I yell hitting him on his chest while he laughs.

“Okay, girlfriend I’ll see you later “he kissed my cheek and step back. He open the door turning back he wink at me then walk out.

“What just happened? ”

I turn to Larisa whose eyes are wide open.

“That was the most romantic proposal I’ve ever seen in my life. This is so fucking cute ”

“So for the fact that he forced me to agree to date him is cute? ” I scoff.


“I’m bringing my girlfriend over this evening you guys have to vacate the house for me ” I told my roommates. Travis and Drake.

“You have a girlfriend? ” they both said at the same time.

“Yes ” I replied.

“For real?” Travis ask.

“Yeah.. ”

“Woah dude, that’s surprising. You serious with her or just having fun ”

“I don’t know yet, I’m still tryna find out ”

“Welcome to the family Nigga, you’re also someone’s boyfriend awn” Travis deadpanned.

“So I’m the only one who’s single uhn”

“When you stop being a playboy you gon have one too ” Travis told drake.

“So when are you introducing her. Is she hot? I trust you mann she must be fucking hot “Drake said as he pick up a bottle of wine from the wine rack.

“Yo…that wine is fucking expensive you don’t do it like you want ” I tell him.

“Come on man I just wanna celebrate with you ” he says as he pours it into a cup.

“Cheers “he smirks raising the cup then place it on his mouth and drank it.

“This is good “he breathe.

I let my eyes search for Aria’s friends. I walk to her immediately I sight her.

“Hi Lisa, can I talk to you ”

I stood in front of her with my hand pocketed in my jean. She turn to look at me and smile.

“It’s Larissa not Lisa, Xander. What do you want to talk about ”

“Erm, I don’t know if you can do this for me, but… I wanna take Aria out this evening and I need you to dress her up”


She replied in nanosecond

…is it a date?”

“Yeah, something like it ” I replied.

“Okay I’ll do it ”

“Thanks, this is my card. And here is my pin in a sheet of paper. Use it to buy whatever you need ”

T. B. C
I know you’ll be like, why is Xander doing all this. Don’t worry you’ll soon know be patient.

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