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Sensation episode 5

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Sensation episode 5 by : 3:41 pm On June 12, 2021
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(Fighting against lust 🛡)

Written by Lynne writes.

@Lynne’s library.

Chapter five

“Where are you taking me to ” I ask Xander whose focus is on the road.

I don’t know why I followed him. I trust him a little bit after the previous day incident.

“My house ” he says making me sit up right immediately.

“Why are you taking me to your house? ”

“Fine if you don’t wanna go I can bring you somewhere else. My friends must be there anyways ”

“You live with your friends? ” I ask m

“We got the place together “he answered

He stopped his car behind a small house.

“Where is this place? ”

“It’s just a place I do come to whenever I feel like being alone ” he replies.

“Then why did you bring me here? ”

“I don’t know ”

He grab my wrist and pull me along. We got to the front of the building. A small river was in front of it. He stopped when we got to the river bank. He release my hand and sit down on the river bank, his leg in the water.

“Sit down ” he says and I move to sit beside him.

Removing my sandal, I exhale as my leg met with the cold water.

“Why is it so quiet? ”

“Because no one is here except us”

“And that house, doesn’t someone live there? ” I ask.

“No one lives there…and do you know why people don’t come here? ”

“No ” I shake my head.

“Well I heard the ghost of the woman that lived in that house do torment this place “he says and I scream in fright.

“What? ”

“Take me home!” I yell only to see him cracking up and burst into laughter.

“Xander please take me home ” I beg standing up.

My body started shaking from fear. He stood and grab my shoulder massaging it lightly.

“Hey! Calm down I was only joking ”

“What? ”

“I was joking ” he repeats.

I glare at him angrily and slap his hand away.

“That joke was expensive, you don’t play me with something scary like that ”


“Not don’t tell me crap, I was scared to death you could have killed me ” I hissed.

“Was it that bad? ”

“I don’t like it ” I warned.

“I won’t do that again, I just want to have a conversation with you since all you do was ask questions” he explains looking at me.

I sigh.

“Do you wanna swim?” he ask making me turn. I had no idea when he remove his T-shirt, I stare at his well toned chest.

“You have a tattoo ” I voiced out pointing to the tattoo on his shoulder blade.

He nods.

I secretly admire tattoos but no I can’t do it on my bed. No way!

“What did you write ” I ask straining my eyes to get the word.

“It’s….. I…you don’t wanna know “he says instead.

“I want to ” I insisted.

He jump in to the water without replying me.

“Join me, come on “Xander calls and I shake my head shouting ‘no’ back at him.

I cringe as I thought of his reaction when he sees me in a bikini. He might never talk to me again.

“Why? ”

“I didn’t bring any swimwear ” I replied.

He went silent, then got out of the water. I wouldn’t deny I was lost staring at him.

“Come with me “he says and walk away. I stood up and follow him.

“Wait, are we going inside that house ” I said as I watch him open the door with a key.

“it’s my mum’s and she’s late..so ” he shrug finally opening the door and walking in.

I was hesitant to follow him.

“Aria..come on ”

Minutes later, Xander kept throwing shirt at me.

“Okay try this one, I think it covers you better “he throws a white button up shirt to me.

I had told him I want something that will cover my body, but none of his mom’s can fit me.

I grab the big shirt “Whose shirt is this? ”

“Mine ”

“I’ve never seen you wear something like this ” I say and he laughs.

I walk into an empty room and remove my hoodie and jeans then put the shirt on. It stopped at my mid tight but I still feel exposed.

I can’t go out like this.

“Ahm.. Xander I don’t think I want to swim anymore ” I say from the room but I didn’t get a response from him either a sight of him in house.

I rush out to see him by the river bank talking to someone on phone.

I had forgotten that I was wearing only his shirt, I only want to scold him right now.

“Xander why would you leave me alone in there ” I snarl making him turn to my direction.

“Wow you look hot in my shirt “he smirk dropping his phone.

That will be the first time a guy will say something nice about my body, even Tristan my ex boyfriend never told me I look nice or say something nice to me.


must be wondering what type of boyfriend is he and why I chose to date someone like him. Well I was desperately in need of a boyfriend that time, I mean almost all my friends talked about their boyfriends or exes while I don’t even have one.

And Tristan had ask me out just at the right time, I had thought. I should have just stayed single, cos Tristan only made me feel singular and worthless. He talks to me once in a while, ignores my message and left me confused, sometimes I wonder why he asked me out in the first place.

And guess what also, we never broke up. I mean not officially we just stop being in contact and then it ended.

I broke out of my reverie when Xander splash water on my body. He’s back inside the water.

“Come here “he grab my hand and pull me inside the water.

“Oh my god!!” I scream catching my breath.

“Wow your scream just sound like music to my ears “he deadpanned.

“Jerk ” I hiss under my breath and swam away from him.

He dipped his head inside the water making me instinctively cover my lower body.

“Can you please bring your head up, I feel like you’re staring at my body down there ” I voiced out.

He raise his head then run his hand through his hair.

“Nope my eyes is closed but…you just gave me an idea, let me do that ” he says and I scream covering my body.

“No no no!! “my scream echoes through the whole place and his deep laughter followed.

“Good God, you’re so annoying Xander ” I shake my head not able to keep the wide grin off my face.

“You should try it’s fun, just close your eyes and hold your breath “he says dipping his head back in to the water.

I inhale and mimic him. I was enjoying it until I felt a hand around my waist.

I open my eyes and move up.

“What are you doing ” I say breathlessly.

“Hey breathe “he says staring at my face.

I look away. I can feel spark shooting through my body and the contact of his body rubbing mine.

I tried to move away but he grip my waist tighter and firmer.

“Xander ” I call.

“Aria ”

The way and how softly he call my name made my stomach churn.

“You promise not to do anything ” I whisper still breathing heavily. I took the risk of glancing at him in less than a second before looking away.

He draw my body closer making me release a soft gasp.

I was force to look at him again as his free hand cup the left side of my face, it was so light. I could hardly feel it only his thumb that keep caressing my cheek softly.

His eyes watch me intensely, then his gaze dropped on my lips.

I know what he wants to do it but I couldn’t even stop him. I had became numb.

“I promise not to f√¢k you but I didn’t promise not klzz you, did I? I don’t think so, I want to klzz you right now and nothing is gonna stop me. ”

His words are blunt and demanding.

“Wh….”before I could finish my words, Xander grab the back of my neck tilting my head then cover my mouth with his.

He s√¢ks on my lower lips making me instinctively close my eyes and let out a shaky breath. He klzz my mouth s√¢k on my lip passionately at the same time softly caressing my tight.

He stroke a f!ng£r down my neck to my spine, leaving goosebumps on its way then bites my lip softly causing me to m0@n blissfully.

“And that what I wanna hear ” he mutter and his push is hot tongue in my mouth as our tongues danced with each other in ecstasy. His hands roamed up to my ass cupping them then squeeze it, heat crawl up to the between of my thigh making me m0@n again.

I clutch into his hair tight and I gave in completely, letting him taste me all he wants. The sensation was becoming much, I’m about loosing the last bit of control in me.

Someone should tell him to stop.

“Oh God ” I m0@ned when he klzz my neck right on my sensitive spot.

“Xander please stop ”

It came out as a m0@n.

“I’m sorry I went too far “he stop klzzing me but his hands was still around me.

His eyes widened when I let out a sneeze.

“f√¢k! You are cold ”

He carried me out of the water immediately to the house. He place me on the bed.

“Maybe I should help you dress? ”

“What? ”

“Never mind I’m going out call me if you need anything ” he walk out and I sigh but then a blush creep to my cheek.

Guess who I just klzz, it’s Xander. Badboy Xander, yes….him.

I imagine telling my roommates that. I can’t.

I can’t help but think, why will he klzz me? does he like me or he’s having fun like he use to.

T. B. C
I know, I’m sorry. Deeply sorry guys.

That’s why I made this chapter long.

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