Sensation episode 3


(Fighting against lust 🛡)

Written by Lynne writes.

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Chapter three &four
“Aria! ” I heard but ignore that, it can not be me the person is referring to. No one knows me as Aria.

Someone grab my wrist and I turn around to see Xander.

“I was calling you since “he smiles.

“How do you know my name? ” I ask.

He raise my book up and I stretch my hand to collect it.

“Please give back my book ” I sigh.

“No!” he says and I raise my eyebrows.

Then he drop my hands and wrap them around my waist pulling me to him.

I gasp. “What are you doing? People are looking ”

“I know, I can only let you go if you give me your answer now “he says.

“What answer! ” I glare at him and I struggle to get away from him.

“You know what I’m talking about Aria ”

“Don’t call me that you have no right to ”

“What should I call you then, pretty girl? “he rub his thumb on my cheek making me shiver.

“Come to my party tonight if your answer is yes. Don’t come if it’s no “he says and finally let me go. He throw my book on the floor. I bend down to pick them and put it inside my bag.

I sigh and continue my journey to my dorm.

“Lynne please, I don’t want to go there alone. I don’t trust Troy yet to be alone with him ”

“I can’t go to a party Rissa ”

“You won’t drink, nobody is gonna force you. You should just sit down and watch and be there if I need you “she says.

“Fine! I’ll go. ”

“Thank you so much! Now go and dress up ”

I pick up my black jeans and my pink hoodie and wear them. Then pack my hair up in ponytail.

“What are you wearing ” Rissa eyed me up and down.

“Cloth ” I replied.

“You can’t follow me wearing that “she says.

“Then I’ll stay home ” I shrug and lay on my bed.

“Come on, stand up, you can’t change your mind now “she tries dragging me off the bed.

“I can’t change my cloth ” I tell her.


least wear a blouse instead of hoodie “she says.

I stood up and came back wearing a grey crop top with the black jeans I was wearing before.

“Now this is better, you looking good ” she smiles.

“Let’s go? ”

We both walk out and took a cab to our destination.
I became nervous as we step in to a big and beautiful house.

Music can be heard as we walk in.

“Whose party is this? Is the person from our School “I ask Rissa

“You’ll find out ” she winks and disappears into the crowd.


How can she leave me here, I wish I didn’t say yes to her.

I make my way among some drunk teenager who are playing a game or something and find myself a seat.

“Do you want something to drink “someone say and I turn to look at the boy then shake my head.

“Okay “he says and left.

I sigh and bring out my phone.

“Hey beautiful, Dance with me ” a guy say and I shake my head.

“No I don’t want to dance ” I fake a smile at him and went back to my phone.

“Just a dance, it won’t be long I promise ” he pestered on.

I sigh frustrated. “I’m not interested ”

“Then have a drink with me ”

“Not that either ” I say.

“Come on…”

“I think she just told you to fuck off! “a voice interrupted him.

I look up to see Xander standing in front of us looking really angry, his eyes are dark and unreadable, his jaw clenched and he looks like he was about to fight. He suddenly drag the guy then say something to his ear before pushing him away.

“You’ll hurt him “I say as the guy land on the floor.

“Seems like you enjoy how he was disturbing you, should I call him back? ”

“No ” I retort.

“Good “he says.

“What are you doing here? ” I ask.

“This is my party, and since you came I guess your answer is yes “he says.

“I didn’t know it was your party, my friend brought me here. Geez I need find her we are leaving now ”

“I won’t force you if you don’t want to sleep with me, just trying my luck. And you don’t have to leave so soon too. You should enjoy the party ”

I heave a sigh of relief. “There’s nothing to enjoy here. I feel hot. I need to get away ”

“Follow me ”

He did not wait for my reply before he drag me away from the noise. He stop at a balcony and I finally get to breathe in fresh air again.

He left my hand and remove his jacket. I wonder how many of those he has, I have never seen him without it. Just like me, I have plenty of hoodies that I can’t count.

“So do you want to play? ” he asked.

I eyed him and shake my head.


thanks I just want to seat down ” I replied.

He walk out of the room and came back with a chair.

“Sit ”

Why is he being nice.

“Are you fine? “he ask and I can’t help but ask.

“Are you sure you’re alright? ”

He chuckled.

“You answered my question with a question “he chuckles.

“You are acting weird ”

“How? ”

“You are being nice to me ”

“And.. Is there a problem with that? ” he questioned.

“I’m not use to people being nice to me unless they want something ” I told him.

“Ohh that… I already told you I’m not interested in that anymore since you don’t want it. I don’t beg girl sex for s3x ”

“I know ” I say staring at him.

He stares back for a while before tearing his gaze away staring into the darkness. I look down at my hand and sigh.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine here, I want to join my friends” he are asked and I nodded my head immediately.

After he left I bring out my phone and start playing games.

“Found ya! Your boyfriend is not here to save you now so save yourself ” a voice startled me and I turn back to see the guy Xander saved me from the other time.

I drop my phone inside my bag and stand up, I rush to the door Suprise that he didn’t stop me until I realize he locked it.

I turn to look at him.
He smirk and raise the key up “Come and get it ”

“Please let me go ” I begged.

“No! I want you to do something simple for me and I’ll let you go ” he says.

“What do want me to do ”

“Suck my dick “he say and I shriek.

My face turn sour, I almost puked after he said that.

T. B. C

Chapter four

“You’ll rather lick her leg than she do that ” we heard a voice say followed by a loud bang on the door.

“Open the door “the voice says again.

“Xander! ” I called out.

“Aria are you okay “he ask.

“No! ” I replied.

“You are wasting my time, you whore” the idiot says.

How dare he call me names.

I grit my teeth angrily.

“Give me the key ”

I turn to the door and knock. “Xander? ”

There was no response, it seems like he already left.

I shiver in fear.

A loud shout escape my lips and he grab and pin my body to the wall.

“Give me a kiss “he pout as he lean his head forward.

It’s so disgusting I couldn’t look at him.

“Don’t touch me!! ” I yell as he was leaning closer.

Tear began to fall from eyes. Rissa where are you. Where the fuck did Xander go.

I wish I had learnt how to defend myself, I don’t know what to do. I’m so dumb.

I gave up until I felt him being pull away from me and a loud groan followed. I watch in horror as Xander punch the guy angrily. He can kill him if he doesn’t stop now and I Suprise myself by watching them, not stopping them.

“Is he dead? ” I ask my voice coming out in whisper after Xander had stopped punching him.

He didn’t say anything he grab his jacket on the floor and put it around me.

“You’re shivering “he says breathing heavily.

“Your hand is bruised ” I hold his hand but he snatch it away from him.

“Let me take you back to your dormitory ” he said and helped me up.

He brought me to his car and drive off.

“Thank you ” I told him as he parked in front of my hostel.

“You know Aria, I think you should learn how to defend. What if no one was there to help you? “he raise his voice.

I raise a brow and gulp. “Okay, goodnight” I say and open the door.

“And please if you found my friend tell her I’m fine. Her name is Larissa ” I added and left without turning back.

“I’m sorry, I left you just like that. I should have known. I thought you’ll be with Xander ” Larissa apologized.

“It’s fine. But why do you think I’ll be with Xander? ”

“Let me tell you the truth, he actually beg me to bring you yesterday, so… ”

“What! ”

“So it was not really about you not trusting Troy ” I ask.

“I’m sorry, I just kinda have a feeling Xander likes you. You should see the way he was begging to make you come ” she shrugs.

“Xander doesn’t like me that way, he wanted something else, according to him he doesn’t want it anymore but I still don’t trust him ”

A knock came in and Rissa stood up to open the door.

“A.. Hi ” I heard her say.

“Come in ” she said making me turn to see the person.

Xander. I stood up stopping him by the door.

“Jac and Anita aren’t around ” I said immediately.

“How is that my business I came here for you “he replied in nanosecond.

“Why? ” I say glancing at Rissa then back at him.

“How are you? ” he ask.

“I’m fine! ” I replied.

“Okay “he said then sit on my bed and lay down his head on my pillow.

“What do you think you’re doing? ” I frowned.

“Resting as you can see, wow your bed is soft ” he remove his shoe and cross his leg.

“Erm excuse me “Rissa said and walked out before I could say anything.

I sigh and turn to Xander.

“Get off from my bed and my room now! ” I said as I stare at him with his eyes close, his muscle were relaxed and he look so cute.

“I can feel you staring “he deadpanned as I sigh.

“I hate this ” I mutter to myself and grab a bottle of water from my shelf.

The door opened and Jac and Anita enters. My heart flipped.

Anita gasp “Who is that? ”

“Xander? ” Jac look bewildered.

“What are you doing here?” she asked.

Xander didn’t respond nor open his eyes.

“What is he doing here? On your bed “Jac whispers to me. She looked angry.

God! This boy has finally got me in trouble.

“Xander let’s go” I tap Xander.

He groans “Leave me alone ”

“Slut ” I heard Anita say that made me angry.

“Baby.. ” I called out but stopped.

I wanted to make them furious, it’s actually nice to see them jealous.

“Did you just call me baby “Xander finally open his eyes grinning at me.

I nod my head.

“Wow! That’s the most romantic thing a girl has ever say to me ”

He must be joking.

‘You sound like a clown right now ” I laughed.

“I’m serious, let me take you out “he said and didn’t wait for me to talk before he drag me out.

T. B. C
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