Sensation episode 2


(Fighting against lust 🛡)

Written by Lynne writes.

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Chapter Two
“Fuck me, what is that thing ” I mutter.

Is that a pant? It’s so big I wonder who wears it. It can’t be those two girls. Those ones are slim.

I shrug and start washing my hands.

“Who are you? And what are you doing here ” I heard behind me.

I turn around to meet the angry face of a girl. She has a towel wrapped around her chubby body. The towel stopped at her middle thigh which made me stare down.

Fresh legs, firm boobs. Ah I might like this one.
I’m sure she’s the owner of those big pants.

“I asked you a question, stop staring at me! “she huffed.

“You should be happy I’m staring at you, many girls will kill to be in your place right now ” I said moving closer to her. She move back tighly holding the edge of the towel.

“Because you are? I don’t get it “she said making me raise a brow.

She doesn’t know me?
Of course she does, who doesn’t.

I lean forward, my face inches away from hers”Because I’m handsome and I’m the a great lover too. Got it now? ” I stare down at her chest before pulling myself away.

I raise my hand “Came here to wash my hand, you smell nice by the way ” I tell her and open the door going back into the room. I left without my friends.

They should sleep there for all I care.


I breathed a sigh of relief after he left. He must be one of the jerks and man whore in this School.

Jac and Anita are really testing my patience.
First they brought boys into the room, now into the bathroom while I’m taking my bath are they crazy?

I walk into the room after dressing up. It was empty.

I heaved a sigh of relief.

” You guys will respect our decisions or we’ll be forced to report “Rissa yelled at Jac and Anita.

“Report? This is no new thing Rissa “Anita says.

“What are you blabbing, how many times have you seen either of us bring a guy into the room and just imagine how you will feel too if a guy sees you naked ” I said.

Jac laughs. “You? Bring a guy into the room. Tell me do you even have a male friend. Oh please you should be happy Bad boy Xander saw you Al-most naked ”

“I wish it was me he saw ” Anita added.

“Me too “Jac replied.

“Wait badboy Xander? Lynne you didn’t tell me it was him ” Rissa yells.

“That’s because I didn’t know it was him ” I retorted

Anita busted in to laughter while Jac and Rissa stared at me with wide eyes.

“You really don’t know Bad boy Xander? “Rissa ask and I nod.

“I only hear his name, never saw him until today”

“Can’t believe that there’s still someone that doesn’t know Xander “Jac shakes her head.

“Did he say anything to you? “Rissa ask.

“Yeah, he was rude when I ask what he was doing here and he said something like many girls will kill to be in position ”

“That’s right, and for the first time I’m jealous of you ” Anita said looking at me.

“Nope that’s not the first time Anita, you’re always jealous of her. ” Rissa said.

“What is your problem! “Anita scoffed.

“Let’s go Anita ” Jac drag her friend away from the room.

I sit down on my bed and Rissa joined me.

“Is it a big deal cos I don’t know him “I ask.

“No it’s not, don’t mind them they are just being optimistic ” Rissa replied.

“Why is he that popular ”

“He is charming can’t you see ”

“And? “I roll my eyes.

Is that it.

“Xander is cool, handsome and really charming, every girl wants that type of guy in their life ” she said.

“And do they get it? ”

“Well Xander doesn’t do relationships”

“That’s it, why keep on chasing after something that impossible ”

“Maybe they hope that they might be the one to change him or make him fall in love ”

“By sleeping with him? Some girls are so dumb ” I shake my head.

The next day after I’ve attended all my classes for the day, I make my way to the pavilion before people will full the place.

I took my seat and brings out my books and start reading and doing my assignment. After reading for sometime my mind left the book I was reading wandering around to other things. Things that does nothing good to me but only make me want sex badly.

I was just staring at the book my mind and brain is not there.

I’ve zoned out.

I took the vacant seat at the crowded pavilion. Just hope these guys comes back soon.

“Hi Xander ” a girl wave at me as she walks by. I waved back and went back to my phone.

Just then, I heard a thud on the ground. I look at what it was, it was a phone which I think belongs to the girl beside me.

After some seconds the girl hasn’t picked it up yet. She doesn’t seem like she knew her phone fell.


I pick up the phone up “Hey girl your phone fell ” I say but got no response neither did she flinch.

If she’s tryna get my attention by doing that, it’s not working cos she’s not my type. “Hey ” I wave my hand in front of her. She isn’t moving either.
Girls are so difficult to understand.

I just leave the phone on the desk and continued pressing my phone.

I can’t help but look at her, is she doing that intentionally?

Or maybe.. Okay I don’t wanna believe what I’m thinking.

I’m freaking out, how can a human being stay still like that.

I held out my hand and touch her shoulder “Hey you okay? ” I ask tapping her lightly.

Wait was that sound. Someone just moan. I look around. No one is doing shit here.

I tap her again.

“Fucking what!! ” I exclaimed. It was coming from her and it sounded so good.

Is she touching herself?

She flinch as I tap her the third time. Her eyes widened when she saw me and her cheek flush with embarrassment.

“What was that? ” I ask.

“What was what?” she replies avoiding my eyes.

“Are you trying to seduce me? ” I arch my brow.

“Never!” she yells and grab her phone and her bag.

“Are you sure? I can help you, your moans alone is a big turn on but your body…nah. But I can just give you a chance. One night and we never meet again ” I said raising my hand.

All she did was look at me with wide eyes.

“Words girl…what do you say?” I ask.

“Ah.. I’m gonna go “she pick her bag and ran out leaving her book and a pen.

“Hey you left your note books ” I yell after her but she didn’t stop. I stare at her ass as she ran away.

I think I know her. I’ve seen her before.

Yeah,,,, that girl. Jac’s roommate.

Yup, i’m having her.

T. B. C

I’m really happy you guys are bringing my vibes back 🤗 and I know I haven’t been doing my part well. I promise to post faster now.

Seems like Lynne is in for Xander’s trouble 😀

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