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Sensation episode 11 – finale

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Sensation episode 11 – finale by : 4:01 pm On June 12, 2021
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(Fighting against lust 🛡)

Written by Lynne writes.

@Lynne’s library.

Chapter eleven.

I ran out of the house and saw him walking ahead. I started calling and running after him.

All of a sudden I felt being hit by something with force making me dizzy.

The next thing I hear was people screaming and my vision getting blur. I can hear Xander voice from distance, I want to call him but my voice refuse to come out.

Darkness fill me and I pass out.

I open my eyes, the first thing I saw was the ceiling making me wonder where I am.

The familiar smell of hospital made me remember that I had an accident. I was hit by a car when running after Xander.

Where is he? Did he bring me here. does he know I’m here?.

I ask no one in particular.

The door opened and Larissa walk in with a food flask.

“Lynne are you okay? ” Larissa ask sitting beside me on my bed.

I nod my head and sigh.” We had a fight ”

“Again? What happened? ”

“I refused to have s3x with him, he got angry and left ”

“Wait, so you mean you guys haven’t had s3x? ” she sounded Suprise.

“Is it that bad? I should have right? ” I sigh.

“I am not saying you should I’m just Suprise that Xander can wait that long, he must really like you ”

“He told me he loves me ” I tell her and she scream.

“Oh my gosh… This is great but don’t let him force you if you don’t want, if he loves you truly, he will wait till you’re ready. ” she says.

“Thank you ”

“You know I’m always available If you need someone to talk to “she inform and I nod.

“Thank you bestfriend ” I smile at her.

Her eyes widen. “Did you just call me bestfriend? OMG Lynne we are best friends ”

“Of course ” I laugh at her dramatic self.

“Now come and eat ” she help me to sit up.

“Careful you broke your arm ” she says and I stare at my bandaged arm and sigh.


he know I’m here? ”

“Who Xander? Yes he brought you here and called me. He left few minutes ago to freshen up. I force him though he had refuse to leave your side since last night ”

After I was done eating, Larissa went back to get me fresh clothes.
I pick my phone, deciding to call my mother.

I don’t want to tell her I’m in the hospital, I’ll get her worried.
“Hi mom. ”

“Aria, it’s been long since I hear your voice. How are you? ” she ask.

“I’m fine and how are you too? How is everyone, Hanna and Dad? ”

“We are good. ”

“Mom I want to tell you something. ”

“What is it ”

“I have a boyfriend ” I tell her.

“Oh my gosh, Big Sis…

“Hanna!! ” mom scold Hanna who suddenly burge in the conversation screaming.

“Wait mom I wanna talk to her.” I heard her say.

Yes I have a crazy sister.

“Sis ”

“Hanna, how are you? ”

“Quit the greetings girl, your boyfriend who is he? Is he hot? When are you introducing him, should I come to your School?….. Mom wait I need to ask this questions it’s neccesarry. ”

My sister is the opposite of me. She’s slim and not a bit near quite.

“He’s handsome and you can’t meet him ” I tell her and she grumbles.

“But.. ”

“You have to advice your sister, I’m really tired of her attitude. Can you believe this girl prefer clubbing and partying than going to church. A sixteen year old ”

“Don’t mind mom and dad, they are too…. Okay okay, not like I don’t go to church but damn church is boring as f√¢k “she says.

“Language ”

“ouch , see now Aria she just slap me ”

“Go to your room now and read, I’m coming to check what you’ve read after I’m done with this call ”

“Okay fine, We’ll talk later sis ” Hanna says. I take that she has left.

The door opened and Xander emerges.

“Arr mom I’ll call you back ” I quickly cut the call. I watch as Xander walk towards me not able to look at me in the eye.

“Hi, how are you? “he ask.

I blink my eyes letting my tears fall as I nod my head positively to his question.

“I know I messed up ” he starts.


“Listen to me Aria, this is going to get you angry but… I just want you to know that I love you so much, so much baby. ” he sigh.

“To be honest, I dated you because I want to have my way with you. I believe if I make you fall in love with me that you’ll let me. Aria you are wonderful. And I didn’t regret dating you, Infact I’m so happy I took that step cos ever since you came you brought a lot of changes to my life. You brought joy to my messed up life you are the only person apart from my mom I can talk to, confide in.
I shouldn’t have force you, it was all my fault. And I’m sincerely sorry. Do you forgive me? ”


cleaned my tears and nod.

“Today I’m promising you baby that I’ll not force you to have anything with me until you are ready. I swear ”

“You don’t have to, listen you can have affairs outside if you want but please don’t leave me. ”

“I will do neither of that. I will never cheat on you. I’m giving you my words, I’ll stay forever ”

I smile.

“Forever? ”

“Forever “he nods and klzz my cheek then move to lips. klzzing me passionately.


Don’t let anyone force you to do things you don’t like all in the name of love. Don’t make bad decisions without thinking. It’s your choice if you wanna wait till marriage and if you don’t want to, it’s fine.
Just do what you think it’s best for you.

Okay,thank you all for reading this lame story and for those that encouraged me to continue thank you too.

Please read my next post. It’s important.

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