Sensation episode 10


(Fighting against lust 🛡)

Written by Lynne writes.

@Lynne’s library.

Chapter ten.
I haven’t talked to Aria ever since that incident happened. Don’t blame, I tried talking to her but she just snub me.

I don’t know what to do anymore, I just miss her badly and wish she can forgive my nonchalant attitude. I seriously find it hard to believe she loves me, she always act like she doesn’t even like me or maybe I just didn’t notice.

“Dude ” a knock came on my door.

“Come in ” I say not taking my eyes of the laptop.

“You have a visitor “Drake says.

“Who? ”

“Your girlfriend “he replies.

What? Aria?

I grab my shirt and storm out of my room in full speed.

There I saw Aria leaning on the wall with her eyes close.

She flinch when I clear my throat.

“Are you okay? ” I ask and she nods.

“What are you doing here? ” I say taking in how hot she looks in the yellow tank top and blue jeans she wearing and her white sneaker.

” I’ll go back if you don’t want me here “she says turning to leave.

“No no no, don’t leave ” I stop her.

“I thought you were angry with me that’s why ”

“I’m not I forgave you a long time “she smiles.

“Really? Then why won’t you talk to me ”

“Can I come in? “she ask and I open the door for her.

We both step in the living room.

“I just want you to miss me. Did you? ”

“You got me then, I really miss you ” I say making her blush.

I grab her wrist and led her to my room.

I kiss her immediately as I close the door. My hands wrapped around her waist, the kiss turn to an intense make out and I just have to stop when she was getting uncomfortable. Deep down I’m angry but I know I have to be patient. I just need to make her more comfortable and it will be easy. I understand it’s her first time.

“What is this? ” Aria came out of my bathroom holding a white substance.

Standing up I quickly snatch it from her. “Don’t touch my stuffs again ”


is that thing? ”

“Is that cocaine? Are you using drugs Alex ” she yell.

“Keep your fucking voice down ” I growl.

“Really? I should keep my voice down Alex, you use drug ”

“I don’t use it ” he hisses tossing around.

“Then what is it doing in your damn bathroom!” I snap.

“What is your problem Huh? Why are you meddling with my business ”

“Because I care about you ”

“You care? Why did you even care? ”

“Because I love you and because I’m your girlfriend ” I say and he laughs.

“You are my girlfriend Aria, not my mom so know your lane” he glares at me before walking out of the room.

I sigh. I shouldn’t have shouted on him if I really need answers.

I walk out of the room too to find him.

“Have you seen Xander?” I ask one of friends.

“I thought you went out together, I saw him drive out now ” he replies and I sigh frustrated.

What should I do?

I pick my phone and dial his number but it went straight to voicemail.

I stayed in his room until 10 minutes later he came back looking frustrated.

“I… ”

“When mom died, I had no one to turn to and I didn’t want to go to Dad for anything.I was broke and helpless then I met someone who introduced me into drugs selling. That is where I make money for myself ”

He sigh. “I wasn’t suppose to tell anyone cos I made an oath. I will be killed if they find out, so keep your mouth shut ”

My mouth hung open in Suprise.

“What? ”

“You could have found a better thing to do Xander, not drugs ”

“Do you think I wish to do this? Baby I had no choice I was young and helpless ”

I sigh and took his hand into mine.
“Can’t you leave it?” I stare into his eyes.

He let out a dry laugh. ” You can leave through death only ” he says making me cringe.

“Are you into Mafia? ” my eyes widen.

“Not really, I just help them sell drugs that’s all ”

“I’m telling you all this Aria because I trust you with my life, no one else knows this apart from you “he says and I nod.

I really wanna scream and run away from him but I can’t.
I feel I need to stay with him. I just hope I won’t get into trouble.

“What if you get caught? ”

“I can’t get caught ” he replies.
“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you don’t get pull into my mess. I’ll protect you and also find a way to get myself out of it too. ”

He cup my cheek with his left palm staring into my eyes with emotions I couldn’t fathom what it is. I just noticed something flash through his eyes and soon it was gone. I stare back trying to figure what it is he brings his head closer and kiss me intensely, slowly and passionately. I wrap my arms around his neck tugging his hair as our lips fight for dominance. I was now able to kiss him back not letting him do the kissing and I notice that he loves when I fight for dominance with him.


gentle touch make me feel electrified causing me to deepen the kiss hungrily. He moans into my mouth sending it’s wave down my throat making me moan back at the sensation. Before I knew it I was laid on the bed, my clothes being pull up. That was when I knew things is getting out of control and I have to stop him now.

My mind tells me, but my body is saying another thing. I relax when he kiss my neck . Not fighting anymore.

He stop kissing his eyes move up to my face. I’m sure he saw the confusion and doubt in my eyes.

He look away from me and start to pull off his shirt. My heart start thumping rapidly. Did I really want this?.

“I love you ” I heard him say making me turn my eyes to him.

My eyes widen in shock. My face flush red.

“And I mean it, you should have notice right? ” he ask.

I couldn’t reply. “I tell you everything about myself, protect you, show you off to the world. I always want to make you happy …” he say looking at my face.

I had become numb from where I lied. Was he telling me because he wants to have sex me ” I couldn’t help thinking that way.

“I love you too ” I say.

“But I can’t do this ” I added. “I can’t have sex with you now Xander, I’m not ready ”

He frown.

“I’ve waited enough Aria, I’ve been patient enough ”

“I know and I’m sorry but I can’t be the girl you want me to be ”

“What do you mean? I never force you to be anything you’re not ”

“What I mean is, I can’t have sex now until I’m married ” I gulp.

He start laughing. “Seriously you’re funny ”

He got down from the bed and grab his shirt and phone walking out of the room.

I sigh. I really don’t want to loose Xander and I can’t loose him because of this stupid don’t have sex before marriage. I don’t care anymore.

I grab my phone and run after him.

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