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Revenge episode 3

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Revenge episode 3 by : 3:25 pm On January 5, 2021
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Revenge… . Episode 3
The next weekend, after dropping me
off, she
drove home first and then to one of the hotels/
motels in Bwari. She was there all weekend. I
called the lover’s home. His wife picked. I
asked her about safety precautions on oil rigs.
She got excited and pressed me for details. I
told her there was an explosion somewhere
towards the end. Temporarily sated, she
explained a few things to me. Just before I
dropped I sent the lover my regards, she
mentioned that he had to travel for business. I
just smiled.
Every time I ‘went to Lagos’ after that, she went
to Bwari. Sometimes, she went straight from the
airport. I let it continue uninterrupted,
occasionally making early returns so they never
got comfortable with using the house for their
weekend trysts. Sometimes I would go to their
hotel and get the room next to theirs. They
always got the same room. They were loud,
always. She would scream obscenities and he
would grunt like a beast. I would sit in my room
with the lights off, listening to them and
periodically send her pictures of Lagos.
Then 6 months ago, I told her I wanted us to
move to Ghana for a year. She was completely
against it but I explained that the second part of
the book was set in Ghana and flying back and
forth to Lagos was tedious enough. There was
nothing tying us to Abuja, nothing she could
I asked her not to worry. I would take care of
everything. For the next month, I stayed home
every day, and didn’t go to Lagos. I could sense
her desperation. I let it grow as the date we set
for our relocation drew closer. She sighed
audibly when I told her I would be going to Lagos
one last time, to return the morning of our trip.
We had sold the cars already so I took a taxi
straight to Sheraton.
She was in Bwari in under an hour after I left. I
made a few phone calls, confirmed the flight
booking, cab booking and room booking and
faxed over the final documents and awaited the
signed copies. Then I called the lover’s wife. I
told her I was in a bit of a rut on that explosion
and I needed her expertise. I offered to let her
read my drafts so she could get a feel of the
plot. She offered to come over to the house. I
told her I was in Lagos. She was sad, so sad. I
told her it was all handwritten so I couldn’t mail
it. She apologized for not being able to help, I
told her I appreciated her willingness.
The next morning I called her again. I was
coming back to Abuja so she could read my
manuscript. I really needed her help. She was
flattered. I told her I wasn’t going home just yet,
I can’t work at home. I was going to check into
a small hotel on the outskirts of town, I asked
her to hand the phone to her husband so I could
explain. He had travelled on business, of
course. I asked her to come anyway. I would
get her an adjoining room but since her husband
wasn’t home, he didn’t need to know, he would
tell my wife and she’d be hurt that I came to
Abuja and didn’t sleep at home. But I had to
work, I needed to get past this explosion. She
She wanted to drive over but I was already in a
cab. I picked her up. We checked into our
rooms. They were separated only by thin walls,
all three rooms. She had the one in the middle.
We stepped in her room and I handed her the
handwritten manuscript of my unpublished first
novel. I wrote it when I was 17 and it showed.
Every chapter had a s£× scene. She was barely
through with the first chapter when the lovers
started. They were loud and she blushed. I
pretended not to notice.
Between the obscene manuscript and what
sounded like honeymooners next door she got
aroused in a few minutes. She paused
periodically to ask questions and make
recommendations. Sometimes just to lick her
lips. I lay on the bed, waiting for her to get to
my little alteration, the noise of lovemaking next
door had subsided.
I knew when she found it. She started breathing
hard, she licked her lips a few times. I half
expected her to put the manuscript down out of
embarrassment but she kept on reading. When I
leaned down to whisper in her ear, the words
‘klzz me’ weren’t out of my mouth before she
had me pinned to the bed. I put in everything I
had, every trick I knew but she wasn’t a
squealer. She purred. …

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