Pussymania episode 8

Episode (8&9)
(Carol’s P. O. V)
Monday mornings, are the worst, I hate Monday, mornings, always waking up early to go to work, God! Its so stressful, I slept peacefully last night, I tried to remember what happened last night but I couldn’t, I took my bath, God, I love hot showers, the hot water, running down my back, making me wet, Just then, my memory kicked in! I remembered what happened last night, I almost drown and I was saved by Alex, later on he gave some blah, blah, speeches and then we… Kissed!
D–n! I remembered everything, I kissed my gateman last night, What made me kiss him? Or did he force his self on me? I couldn’t figure it out, Of course I like the guy but its too early, to be kissing eachother, I quickly bath and went out of the toilet, I ate a light breakfast, dressed and prepared to go to work!
Maybe it was a mistake! I have to tell him so that he wouldn’t put any ideas in his head! I went out, and entered the garage, I took my lovable Camero and drove it to the gate and as usual, he was there!
God, this guy looks so charming and he’s always smiling, I wonder what makes him so happy? I parked close to him, and decided to settle the issue once and for all!
Alex➡ Morning Mrs Lovette!
Carol➡ Morning Alex
Alex➡ How are you feeling, Mrs Lovette?
Carol➡ I’m fine thank you! Uhmm Alex……
Alex ➡ Yes Mrs Lovette?
I wanted to tell him, that what happened last night was just a mistake, it meant nothing but I couldn’t, I looked into his eyes and I saw he was concerned about something, well I couldn’t blame him, He had the chance to kiss his sexy boss, and Just then I remembered what Will did to me, I was heartbroken 💔, and if I tell Alex, now, I’ll be no better than that bastard, Well, Since he didn’t call me honey or baby or talked about last night and he gave me my respect as his employer, I guess that’s fine, there’s no need to tell him!
Carol➡ Have a good day and watch the house and you can clean my room, I liked the way, you cleaned my room, its nice.
Alex➡ Thank you, Mrs Lovette, I will, Have a nice day.
I drove out of the house and straight to work, I couldn’t get what happened last night out of my head, What I’m I going to do? I can’t pretend nothing happened, sooner or late, We’ll probably end up in bed, but before that I want to take every step with caution, The only person that could give me a solid advise was, Jessy.
Soon, I arrived at the Company and went straight to my office as soon as I entered Jessy followed!
Jessy➡ Morning Carol
Carol➡ Morning Jessy
Jessy➡ Carol, from the look of ur face, something is bothering you!
Carol➡ No!
Jessy ➡ Yes!
Carol➡ No!
Jessy➡ Yes oo! We can keep going till we finish work!
Carol ➡ Okay, okay, yes something is bothering me!
Jessy➡ So what is it? You fired Alex?
Carol➡ What? No!
Jessy➡ Thank God! Then what is it?
Carol➡ look, what I’m going to tell you is going to freak you out, Alex and I…….
Jessy➡ Oh my God, you guys had sex last night, and you didn’t invite me?
Carol➡ Jessy are you crazy? No we didn’t, we kissed last night!
Jessy➡ Ehn? So just because you kissed him, that’s no big deal now!
Carol➡ what!? I kissed my gateman!
Jessy➡ Pls, stop that, women richer than you have slept with their mechanics, so.. How did it happen?
Carol➡ Well, we had an argument about my drinking habit, and sooner later we started kissing! Look Jessy, I can get it out of my head! What wrong with me?
Jessy➡ My friend, you’re in love!
Carol➡ What!? I can’t…
Jessy➡ Pls jare! Keep quiet, what do you mean you can’t, the guy is a university graduate, he has a bright future and since you’re his boss, you can get him a work here, A woman should never date a man who doesn’t plan for the future.
Carol➡ Jessy I don’t know what to do! I like this guy but I’m afraid of making the same mistake again!
Jessy➡ Look Carol, life is so full of ups and downs, I support you if you’re going to be with Alex but don’t fall for him easily, but show him signs you’re interested, besides the guy likes you like crazy, The look in his eyes proves what I’m saying, so you can keep him under ur thumb! But you shouldn’t also go far!
Carol➡ Thanks Jessy!
Jessy➡ You’re welcome but if you guys are going to bang eachother, Call me!
Carol➡ Jessy, you’re crazy!
We laughed about the issue! Jessy she loves sex, I just hope she won’t get her self into trouble, After that she left and I continued my work!
(Sandra’s P. O. V)
My God, being a teacher is not easy, Marking scripts, making class lessons plan and all this other stuff, its not easy, I can’t wait to get my lecturing job approval so I can leave this place, God, its so tiring, but luckily Hanging out with Alex is a good relief for me, He’s such a nice guy, funny and interesting conversant, he never seems to run out of crazy jokes. I like him though, I wanted him to kiss after Our Saturday day, but maybe he seems shy, But anyhow, he’ll come around.
I was so deep in thought, I didn’t see my friend and colleague, Stella walk in, she interrupted my Thought with a slam on my table!
Stella➡ Sandra!!!
Sandra➡ Yes! Ohh stella, it’s you!
Stella➡ Nawoo, this one that you’re day dreaming, what’s it about?
Sandra➡ I was thinking about a guy that took me out last Saturday, it was romantic and the date was interesting! But…..
Stella ➡ But what? Wetin happen?
Sandra➡ When we reached my house, we just hugged that’s all no kissing!
Stella➡ So?
Sandra➡ But a little kiss, would have sufficed, I meant to show how much he cares!
Stella ➡ Don’t worry, but are you sure there is no other woman, in his life? Besides who is he?
Sandra➡ Oh, he’s a gateman close to my area!
Stella➡ Gateman!? Cheii, Sandra, what happened? did he charm you?
Sandra➡ Pls stella stop, he’s not just an ordinary gateman!
Stella➡ Sandra, gateman is always a gateman!
Sandra➡ Yes but this one is a graduate and he has a certificate!
Stella➡ So why is he not looking for a job?
Sandra ➡ See ur face! Is it easy to get a job these days? Besides, his gatemans job is half our salary!
Stella➡ 40,000? Are you serious?
Sandra➡ Of course now!
Stella➡ Where is he working as the gateman?
Sandra➡ You that big house, that is a few blocks away from my house?
Stella➡ yes, the one that belongs to the daughter of that Billionaire Mr Lovette!
Sandra➡ Yes, that’s where he works!
Stella➡ Jesus, Sandra, you’re in trouble!
Sandra➡ Why? What is wrong?
Stella➡ Are you asking me that? You know how sexy that lady is, Do you know my finance, Mike has her pic has his wallpaper on his phone, that lady is a witch!
Sandra➡ What are you saying? Stella
Stella➡ I’m telling you, ur Mr Romeo has probably been taken by her, you know how her marriage ended and you know that she’s looking for another Candidate, and look at ur guy! He’s charming! He’s probably in love with her already!
Sandra➡ Pls don’t exaggerate, I know he is just working as an honest gateman, besides what will she do with a guy like him? What does she see in a gateman?
Stella➡ Let me ask you the same question? What did you see in him, that made you fall for him? Look my friend if you really want this guy, you have to fight for him, You can’t compete with her in riches but you can in some other way, you know what I mean? So fight for man oo, you’re not getting any younger and men are dying these day so… I’ve told you my own!
Sandra➡ Thanks Stella, I’ll try my best.
Stella➡ Ur best is not enough, fight fire with fire.
The Battle begins, Carol Lovette 🆚 Sandra Louise
To be continued

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