Pussymania episode 6

Episose 🔞{6 &7)
I was surprised when, I saw her at my door, Just what is happening? She was just looking at me smiling like a little girl who desperately wants something, I ushered her to come in, After she came in, I closed the door, What she did next surprised me! She pushed me on the door and kissed me, I was trying to stop her but she wouldn’t allow me, she held me tightly, kissing me wildly, D–n, she was strong! As we kissed, her hands reached straight for my d–k!
Jessy↪ Alex right? You’re so hot, and I’m gonna f–k you tonight!
Alex↪ But… Mrs. Carol would….
Jessy ↪ Oh, pls she will be fyn, so let’s fucky-fucky!
She dragged me into the room, and pushed me on the bed, she jumped on me, still kissing me, D–n! This Carol’s friend is so d–n strong, her eyes were wild with pleasure, She removed my trousers and shorts, She gasped with she saw my d–k! She s—-d me good and hard, I didn’t move so she wouldn’t tear off my d–k, she s—-d like a pro, she licked every inch of my d–k, eventually she raised my d–k and licked my ass, as she s—-d me, she fingered my ass! I never felt this good with any other lady before, This one gave me pleasure to the full, soon I came on her face! Before that she had removed her clothes, she rubbed thw c-m over her skin!
Jessy↪ Wow, Alex ur c-m is delicious, it looks good on my skin, F–k!!
Alex↪ Pls lady, let’s stop before…
Jessy↪ Shut the f–k up and F–k me!!
She was completely naked! Her body was amazing but not like Carol, She opened her legs, her p—y was neatly shaved and pink, She played with her breasts teasing me, D–n! I just couldn’t pass this up, I climbed on the bed, I reached towards her and we kissed, then I put my d–k inside her, her p—y was a bit loose but it was warm and sweet, I f—-d her deep, she moaned as I f—-d her, she held on to me with her legs around my waist,,I pinned her arms down, I drilled her deep and rough, she was enjoying it, her body trembled with every t—-t, her p—y walls clenched tight on my d–k, she was squeezing my d–k inside her, she opened her legs more giving me more access, I went fast, and deep inside her, soon I felt I was going to c-m, I tried to pull out but her legs wrapped tightly around my waist, I had no choice but to c-m inside her, My body went numb, I never came like this before, this lady was a sex machine, I was to rest but she didn’t allow me, She mounted on my laps and started riding me slowly, she was good, she rubbed her hands on my chest admiring it as she rode! She bent down close to my face kissing me in the process, she licked my ear lobes, She was driving me nuts, Soon I became aroused again, she felt my d–k stand erect inside her, she rode on fast, her hips were doing the moving, she twerked on my laps, squeezing my d–k inside her, I held on to her s—–g her boobs, she pressed my face on her boobs, moaning sweetly, We f—-d like that foe some minutes, Soon she came hard on my d–k!
She fell flat on my body, heaving, we were both exhausted and sweating, D–n! I just hope Carol wouldn’t hear us, cause we f—-d like crazy in the last minutes making lots of noise, especially the lady(Jessy)
Soon after that, she stood on all fours and twerked her ass towards me!
“Hey, Alex, I’m still h—y, I still have one hole left”
Wow! This lady is a freak, she still wants to go ehn? So I crawled towards her ass, and s—-d and fingered her p—y and ass, she was moaning louder now, she grabbed on the bedsheets tightly as I s—-d her, In a minute, she came hard, her body was shivering, So I stood up and inserted my d–k into her ass, I went in slow, it took a while before my d–k went all in, Finally!
I f—-d her slow and she was urging me to go faster but I didn’t, then she said something, shocking!
“F–k my ass faster you dumb gateman, looks like Carol was right about you, you ain’t man enough, By the way, I saw the look in ur eyes when we came in! Do you think she would fall for a Dickless wimp like you? ”
I was furious and pissed, who do they think they are, She forced me to remember what happened earlier with Carol, this b—h, she’s gonna pay, I pounded her ass, ferociously, I roughly pushed my d–k deep into her ass, I f—-d faster without any stop, She began screaming and moaning harder!
“Yes, yes, yes, Oh Jesus, yes, oh my……… Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, yes, destroy my ass you dumb gateman, You ain’t man enough, yes punish me yes!!! ”
She was shouting like crazy and I didn’t care, let Carol hear or see us I don’t mind, I’m going to teach the b—h a lesson, I grabbed her hips and pounded her hard, I spanked her ass very hard! She reacted, she was loving it, she soon came in the process, but I didn’t stop, I continued f—–g her, her ass clamped on my d–k tightly, she was squeezing my d–k, we continued f—–g for several minutes, She came three times, soon I too came hard on her ass, The sex was amazingly good, We cuddled eachother after the f–k, We were both exhausted, I’ve never f—-d like this in my life.
After some minutes, Carols friend went to the toilet and bathe, she came out look refreshed, full of energy!
Jessy↪ Wow, Alex, we were a monster, no man has ever f—-d me that hard! That my friend Carol must be insane! There’s someone good like you and she didn’t notice.
Alex↪ What? I don’t understand.
Jessy↪ oh, yes, you don’t know, well her ex cheated on their wedding day, that’s why she’s like this.
Alex↪ That’s cruel!
Jessy ↪ Because of that, she’s hated men! But I see the way you look at her, you like her? Don’t you.
Alex ↪ Pls, don’t tell her and about the sex….
Jessy↪ Don’t worry! She won’t know. But God, she’s got to try you, Even her ex is not as half as good as you!
Alex↪ Wait you slept with her….
Jessy↪Yes, that is before they met! Anyways see you tomorrow, Adios!
She left as quickly as she came, this lady must be insane! Sleeping with her friends ex? Who does that? Oh well, it was fun banging her though, tomorrow is another day, so I soon slept off to dream land.
Morning soon came, I quickly did my usual stuff and stood early by the gate, Carol and her friend came out and entered another car, the Range rover jeep, when she drove close to the gate she stopped.
Carol➡ Alex
Alex↪ Yes Mrs Lovette
Carol↪ I’m sorry about last night, it was rude of me and I hope you’re not offended in anyway! I didn’t mean what I said.
Alex↪No, Mrs Lovette, not at all. Have a nice day!
She winded up the car window and drove out of the compound, I was surprised though I didn’t expect an apology, Did she hit her head this morning? Oh well that’s her own!
(Carol’s P. O. V)
I didn’t want to apologize to apologize to Alex but Jessy was right, the poor guy was just helping out, and he did a good job too, and even prepared dinner, I hate to admit it was delicious, but something strange is going on, Eve since Jessy went out last night she was smiling, looking at me its the kind of smile that indicates “Man, you’ve missed something good” and the way she was walking, its like she has a cramp on her ass, Well let’s get to my office, I’ll find out.
When we reached the office, I forgot about it, I went to my office and did my usual stuff, it was a busy morning, Later when Jessy came to my office, I remembered what I wanted to do!
Carol ➡ Jessy?
Jessy↪ Yes carol?
Carol↪ Where were you last night?
Jessy↪ I went to go some air!
Carol↪ Really? Then why are you walking somehow?
Jessy↪ Oh, I fell!
Carol↪ Jessy, you know I know, you’re not good at lying so tell me, where the f–k did you go?
Jessy↪ Chez, take it easy, but don’t freak out if I tell you.
Carol↪ Just tell me!
Jessy↪ Okay, Alex and I had…
Carol ➡ What!? You had sex with my gateman?. That bastard, I’m going to fire him!
Jessy ↪Calm down! It wasn’t his fault, I forced him to f–k me, and wow, that man is a woman slayer!
Carol ↪ What!. Are you mad?
Jessy↪Ah, ah, Carol na wetin now?
Carol↪ You had sex with him? Why?
Jessy↪ Wait oo, what’s the problem there? He’s not ur boyfriend so….. Oho, I see, you have a crush on him?
Carol ↪What? W-w-what are you talking about,? Of course not, he’s my gateman!
Jessy↪ See how ur cheeks are red! Pls carol, admit it, the guy is charming and a good f–k! I took the video of it, it’s in my phone.
Carol↪ you taped it?
Jessy↪ yes, do you want me to send it for you?
Carol↪ you’re crazy, Jessy!
Jessy↪ No, you’re the one who’s crazy, Babe, see guy for ur house, Correct one, and because of ur Rage and anger, you’re blind to it, see i’m telling you this guy likes you, he’s not as handsome as Will, but at least he’s good lookin and Alex is crazy for you he cleaned ur room, washed the clothes and even made you dinner! That’s sweet, look you better stand up and claim ur prize before he slips if not, I’ll make him mine oo, Ah, This guy is a Bonanza free ticket sent from God, don’t waste ur life because of sadness oo, I’ve told you, you better think about this, See you later.
Jessy was right! I like Alex but I was afraid of history repeating itself, that b—h see even slept with him, He’s not like Will but he quite dashing, well I’ve got to try, But it won’t be easy!
To be continued

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