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Prisoner princess episode 8 – end

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Prisoner princess episode 8 – end by : 6:25 am On September 21, 2021
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😥(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)😥

📖 Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma📖

💃 Episode 08 💃

Alex’s Pov:

I got down from my car as I picked up the nylon inside the car.

“I hope Janella will like this…” I smiled as I walked into the bungalow.

Everywhere was absolutely quite.

“Where the hell is everyone? Why is this place like a burial ground?” I asked myself.

“Janella! Nadia… Where are they?” I called as I walked towards Janella’s room.

“Please Nadia… Keep the knife away! Don’t kill me please” I heard Janella’s teary voice.

“Knife?” I thought as I quickly opened the door.

The nylon fell from my hand as my eyes widened in shock.

“Nadia…!” I called as she turned around.

She now has a different face and her mouth was bloody while her teeth was like that of a vampire.

“Who are you? This is not the nanny I employed…” I screamed in fear.

“You stay out of this!” She yelled at me pointing the knife at me.

“Alex! Please help me… She’s not Nadia, she’s a wicked creature” Janella who was sitting on the bare ground crying said.

“Let her go! Who are you?” I asked again as she roared in laughter.

“I am black angel Lucina and I am here to take Janella so stay the fvck away from me” She laughed as she rushed to stab Janella and I held her.

Seconds later, I blacked out.

Janella’s Pov:

I opened my weak eyes….

“Where am I?” I asked as I looked around in surprise and confusion.

I tried to shake my hand that was when I noticed that my hand was chained including my legs.

I looked around and saw Alex lying beside me with his hands and legs chained too.

“Alex! Alex!!” I shook him vigorously and he quickly got up.

“Where are we Janella?” He asked

“I don’t know…. Why are we chained and locked up in this cave?” I asked

“Gosh! Could this be Nadia’s plan?” He said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“How do we leave this place?” I cried

“No way! You can never leave” A voice said as Nadia appeared.


became very frightened.

“What do you want from us?” Alex yelled as I held him tight.

“From us you say? Janella is the main person that I need… I can free you if you want and once I free you, I will make you loose your memory that way you won’t remember anything that happened here” She laughed wickedly

“Alex please don’t leave me!” I cried.

“No! I can’t leave without Janella, free both of us” Alex said

“Then get ready to perish with her” She said as she vanished.

We continued crying….

Moria’s Pov:

“Hahahaha….Let hell rejoice… For after 15 years old we have found the one we have been looking for” King Lucifer laughed

“Cruel king of hell… 🔥 ” I thought within me.

“And finally the stubborn black angel Sarafina and her mortal daughter will face their punishments and am very proud of my noble daughter Lucina” He roared in laughter

“Thank you my lord” Lucina said happily

“All hail King Lucifer…. ” The black angels chorused

“Forever you shall remain the King of hell” They chorused again.

“For your successful mission… You have been placed in a higher rank.. Climb to the 3rd seat” Lucifer said as happy Lucina climbed upper than her position.

“I can’t wait to let Sarafina know that her daughter is here in hell” I thought within myself.


“Sarafina! Sarafina!!” I called as I rushed into the dungeon.

“What is it Moria?” She asked as she quickly sat up.

“Sara…. Am really sorry I couldn’t stop this from happening” I cried

“What are you saying Moria? What do you mean?” She asked anxiously

“It’s your daughter..” I said in tears

“My daughter? Janella? What happened to my child?” She asked as hot tears streamed down her cheeks.

“She has been captured by Lucifer… As we speak, she’s here in hell” I said as she held me tightly.

“Noooooooo…… ” She screamed in tears….


😢(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)😢

📖 Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma 📖

💃 Episode 09 💃

❤Semi finals❤

Janella’s Pov:

Tears kept rushing down my face.

“What wrong have I done? Why do have to be taken to hell?” I cried as Alex hugged me.

“Stop crying Janella! None of this is your fault… Am the one to blame for employing such a traitor” Alex said as I kept sulking in his arms.

Suddenly, the cave opened and two ladies walked in.

We became very scared.

“Get up Janella! We have to go my child” one of them said in tears.

I flinched as hold on to Alex.

“Who are you? Stay away from me!” I screamed

“Janella you have to listen to your mother! Get out of here before Lucifer or Lucina gets here” The other woman said.

I looked at her closely and recognized her…

She’s the lady who always talks to me in my dreams.

“Moria!” I called remembering the name she told me.


Janella! She’s your mom!” She said as tears rolled down my cheeks.

“Let’s go daughter! Step on it..” The lady said

“But we are chained!” I cried

“Don’t worry! I will help you” She said as she placed her hands on the chains.

To our greatest surprise, the chains loosed as we rushed out of the cave.


We kept running and running deep into the jungle.

I was extremely exhausted and my feet was sore and hurting.

“No! I can’t run any further… Am so tired” I panted heavily as I fell on the ground.

“Child! We have to escape, you don’t know how wicked Lucifer is” The lady said

“Who the heck are you? Why are you calling me your child?” I asked as I furrowed my eyebrows in confusion.

“I am your mother Janella… I am Sarafina your mom!” She said as I screamed.

“But my mom is dead… Dad told me she’s gone” I said

“No baby! Am not dead but he said that for your own good” She said as tears circulated in her eyes.

“For my own good? Why do you guys keep lying to me and saying its for my own good?” I yelled

“Janella! Everything happens for a reason… Understand your parents” Alex said

“For the past 15 years Jane! King Lucifer had me locked up, I just managed to escape so I don’t want him to catch up with us” Mom said as I hugged her.

“Thanks for coming to rescue us mom” I cried as she klzzed my forehead.

“That’s enough you two! This is no time for family reunion…. Lucifer is very wicked” Moria yelled.

“But am really tired” I cried

“Come on! I’ll carry you” Alex said as he backed me.

We continued running as fast as we could.

Lucifer’s Pov: 🔥

“No! They can’t leave… They cannot escape” I roared in annoyance as hell almost quaked.

“My lord! Sarafina is at it again… She’s not even sorry for disobeying you in the first place, she did it again” Lucina said

“And now she did it with the traitor Moria!” the other black angel said.

“Moria deserves to die! She’s a betrayer!” They screamed

“Yes! A traitor doesn’t deserve mercy” Lucina said in annoyance.

“This is Lucina’s difficult assignment that Moria and Sarafina are spoiling” One of the black angels said.

“You are right! And the three of them will be severely punished” They chorused

“I will never spare them… I will make sure they are destroyed… Get ready black angels let’s fly along” I screamed as we joined wings and off we flew.

Sarafina’s Pov:

“Sarafina! Let’s just fly… Am getting exhausted already” Moria cried

“No Moria! That will make the black angels find us very fast” I said

“I just hope we can escape so that we’ll live happily for once” Janella cried

“Yes child!” I said

“I believe that Janella” Alex replied.

Suddenly, the wind became more fierce and terrifying.

Thunder claps all over… 😱

The atmosphere became very frightened and darker.

“Oh no! Lucifer is here!” Moria yelled in fear

Fear gripped us….

“WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING?” Lucifer’s thunderous voice yelled as he and the black angels flew down.

Tears rolled down Janella’s eyes as she cling to Alex and I.

“TRAITORS…. TODAY YOU SHALL MEET YOUR END” Lucifer roared in laughter.

“Please let us be Lucifer! What have we done wrong?” Janella cried


“Leave us alone” I yelled

“I WILL ONCE YOU’RE GONE” Lucifer laughed wickedly as threw a sword at me.

It pierced through my chest and I fell on the ground……

Princess 🍭🍭

😢(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)😢

📖 Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma 📖

💃 Episode 10 💃


Janella’s Pov:

Tears rushed down my cheeks as my mother fell in the pool of her blood.

“Mommy!” I shouted as I rushed to her and fell on my knees.

“Don’t worry Janella! You will definitely join her” Lucina laughed

“Lucifer please let Janella be… She doesn’t deserve to suffer” Moria cried on her knees.

Alex was so gobsmacked and words couldn’t come out of his mouth.


“Have mercy on us Lord Lucifer and let us leave” Moria pleaded as I quickly stood up and wiped my tears.

“Do whatever you want Lucifer! Am not scared of you” I yelled angrily

“Janella! Please don’t say such things” Moria said.

“I don’t care what happens…he already killed my mom and it won’t make any difference if he kill me” I yelled as Alex held my hand.

“DESTROY HER” Lucifer yelled as all the black angels stretched their hands and balls of fire rushed to me.

I became very afraid 😱

I quickly covered my ears with my palms and gave out a sharp and loud shout.

“Aaaaahhhh……” I shouted.

I was waiting for the fire to consume me but nothing happened.

I quickly opened my eyes and to my greatest surprise, I saw the black angels all lying dead.

“What happened?” I asked in shock.

“My goodness! Janella you screamed and swords came out of your mouth and kill them” Alex said in surprise.

“Yes dear…” Moria said

“Even Lucifer?” I asked

“No he disappeared… Am sure he’s gonna come back for you and….” Moria said as immediately, Lucifer appeared right before me.

Fear gripped me…. He was damn terrifying.

Before I knew what was happening, he grabbed me by my neck.

“Let me…. (coughs) Let me be” I cried as the giant Lucifer laughed wickedly.

“I WILL DESTROY YOU” He said strangulating me.

“No! Let her go!!” Moria and Alex wailed.

But he never stopped.

Alex’s Pov:

I couldn’t bear it.

He was hurting Janella and she could die.

I gathered courage as I removed the sword from Janella’s mom’s chest.

I quickly threw it Lucifer.

And he let go of Janella forcefully.

“YOU MORON” He screamed and walked to me.

“Janella! Help him you can do it… You have the power” Moria said as Lucifer held me down.

Janella quickly shut her eyes stretched her hands towards Lucifer.

Balls of fire rushed out of her hand and to my greatest surprise…. Lucifer began to burn up.

He kept screaming and cursing Janella until he burned up.


We ran into each others arms in excitement.

Janella bent over to her mom’s wounded chest and placed her hand on it.

Suddenly, the wound healed miraculously and Sarafina sneezed twice and got up.

“We won mommy” Janella said in tears as she quickly hugged her mom.

“Yes my baby” Her mom said and we group hugged.


Her Dad shrieked in excitement as we got home..

“This calls for celebration” her Dad rejoiced as he klzzed her mom.

“I missed you so James” Ma’am Sarafina said as they hugged each other.

Moria, Janella and I smiled broadly.

I quickly brought out a box of ring and knelt in front of stunned Janella.

“Jane… I’ve grown to love you so much! Will you marry me?” I asked as tears rushed down her cheeks.

She nodded happily.

“Yes! I will marry you Alex” She said as I slipped the ring through her f!ng£rs.

We klzzed each other 💋 💋

And everyone clapped happily as we hugged each other.





Don’t I deserve kudos? ☺

Love is beautiful ❤

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