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Prisoner princess episode 7

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Prisoner princess episode 7 by : 6:24 am On September 21, 2021
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😥(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)😥

📖 Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma 📖

💃 Episode 07 💃

Janella’s Pov:

I was about to drink the milk when suddenly I heard an unknown voice.

“Don’t drink that Janella” the voice yelled as the glass of milk fell from my hand and broke into pieces.

“Miss Janella… What is it?” Nadia asked shocked.

“Am sorry Nadia… Please clean that up…” I said as I quickly laid back on my bed and covered myself with a duvet.

Nadia became very angry as she picked the broken glass and left.

“But why does she look really angry and annoyed that I didn’t drink the milk? I don’t just like this woman at all… I don’t know why I so much dislike that lady and I have a bad feeling about her” I thought.

Just then, a strong wind blew heavily and I quickly opened the window.

To my greatest surprise, I saw a lady standing outside.

I blinked my eyes in disbelief.

“Who the hell is that? Why is my life so mysterious?” I said as the smiling lady walked closer to my window.

“Who are you? What are you doing here?” I asked scared.

“I am Moria….” She said and I shook my head in confusion.

“Gosh… Why are you evil spirits haunting me?” I yelled at her.

“Haha…. I am not your enemy Janella” She giggled

“How did you know my name?” I asked as she laughed

“I know even when you were just a baby” She said and I rolled my eyes.

“I am here to warn you Janella…. Your enemy is just living within you so you have to be very careful” She said

“Close? Who could that be? The only people I know is my new nanny Nadia and Alex so who could be the traitor?” I asked

“Janella… Be careful of the things you eat or you drink cos your enemy is just within you” Her voice echoed.

“Miss Janella… You have a phone call” Nadia’s voice screamed from outside.

And immediately Moria disappeared into the thin air.

“Am always by your side Jane” Her voice said as she vanished.


became very afraid as I covered my face with the duvet.

Nadia walked in and handed the land telephone to me

“Please take the call” I shrieked in shock as she walked out of my room.

Nadia’s Pov:

I kept walking up and down restlessly in the kitchen as thoughts filled my mind.

“I have barely 24 hours to get Janella to the almighty king Lucifer… I have to do everything I can to take her before my time elapses” I shook my head in anxiety.

I brought out a plate and placed my hand on it as I closed my eyes enchanting.

Just then, balls of smoke filled the kitchen and some minutes later, the smoke disappeared.

A scorpion appeared inside the plate and I laughed heartily.

Some minutes later, the scorpion turned into a delicious banana split.

“And now my dear scorpion… She will have to eat you like food so that once you get into her body, our mission will finally be accomplished” I smiled as I quickly carried the banana split straight to the dinning.

I quickly went to her room and told her that her dessert was ready.

She leaped out of her room with her miserable crutches and sat on the dinning.

Janella’s Pov:

I sat on the dinning as my mouth watered on seeing my favourite dessert.

“This smells so good and I bet it’s yummy” I licked my mouth.

“Of course miss Janella” Nadia said.

“Janella… Be careful of things you eat or you drink cos your enemy is just within you” The voice resounded in my head and I flinched.

“Uhmm…Can I get a glass of orange squash?”I said as Nadia nodded and headed straight to the kitchen.

I quickly picked up a nylon and turned the banana split into the nylon and hid it in my jackets pocket.

I pretended to have finished the meal as Nadia handed the glass of orange squash to me.

“You’re done eating already miss Janella” She asked surprised.

“Of course! Banana split is actually my favorite dessert” I nodded my head as I stood up with the aid of my crutches.

I rushed into my room and banged the door as I headed straight to the toilet.

I brought out the nylon and to my greatest surprise there was no banana split in it anymore.

I saw a scorpion in the nylon as I yelled in fear as I quickly threw the nylon into the water system.

“So Nadia is the enemy?” I thought

Just then, I heard a knock on my door…

I leaped out of the bathroom still very scared.

The door throw open and I met the biggest shock of my life.

Nadia walked to me in anger with a knife….


Am so scared 🙆

What’s black angel Lucina up to? 😱

Stay tuned!

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