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Prisoner princess episode 6

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Prisoner princess episode 6 by : 5:35 am On September 21, 2021
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😥(Am a princess yet am a prisoner)😥

📖 Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma 📖

💃 Episode 06 💃

Janella’s Pov:

It was morning already as Alex prepared breakfast and I sat on the dinning ready to eat.

“Yum.. The aroma is really very good” I smiled

“Of course” He laughed

“I didn’t know you are such a good cook?” I said and he smiled.

“Sure… Am good in cooking and…” He said as he was cut off by the door bell.

“Are you expecting a visitor?” I asked as I spooned the pasta into my mouth.

“Yes! The agencies promised to send a nanny today” He said as he quickly stood up and went to the door.

Shortly he came in with a lady….

A very beautiful lady….

“Who is she?” I thought

“Uhmm Janella! This is your new nanny and her name is Nadia” Alex said as I smiled at the lady.

“Hi miss Janella” She waved at me with a smile.

“Nice to meet you Nadia” I said as Alex went to show her a room

I kinda don’t like the lady…

Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

That Nadia is not genuine….

Everything about her makes me uneasy…

She’s not being herself….

I kept thinking and thinking but I don’t know why am feeling this way.

Nadia’s Pov:

“This is your room from today onwards and make yourself comfortable” Alex said as I walked into the furnished room.

“Thank you very much sir!” I said

“You are welcome…. Go on now and refresh” He said as he locked the door and left.

I sat on the big bouncing bed heavily as I smiled broadly.

“ANGEL LUCINA….. MY FAITHFUL DAUGHTER” Lucifer’s voice echoed in the room as I quickly went on my knees.

“My lord here I am” I said


“As you wish my lord” I said as his laughter kept echoing until it ceased.

“I have to get Janella back to hell before the three days elapses…” I said and smirked wickedly.


she going to succeed? 😭


I took my bath and wore my clothes as I walked out of my room.

I sighted crippled Janella sitting by the garden.

“I have to gain her trust” I smirked as I went into the kitchen and brought a glass of water and headed straight to the garden.

“Miss Janella… Here’s a glass of water for you” I said as I placed the water on the stool in front of her.

“Thank you Nadia” She forced a smile still lost in thought.

As she picked up the glass of water and drank.

“Uhmm… Ma’am I hope you don’t mind just wanted to ask you a question” I said

“Am listening” She said softly

“Is Sir Alex your brother or boyfriend?” I asked

“No! He’s just a friend..” she said

“Alright…” I said and turned to leave.

“Uhmm Nadia! Of all the jobs a beautiful lady like you can find why do you choose being a nanny” She said and I gulped nervously.

“You see…. Err… Am an orphan and am just doing everything I can to survive in this lonely world” I said pretending to be in tears.

“Am sorry about that dear” She said feeling sorry for me.

“That’s OK miss Janella” I said as I walked out of her sight.

I laughed within myself happily.

“Now that I have her sympathy, destroying her will be very easy” I smiled

Janella’s Pov:

I was lying on the bed half asleep when I heard someone call my name.

I tried opening my eyes but I couldn’t.

“Janella! Don’t be scared… Am not your enemy” the voice said again as I turned around and saw a beautiful lady with a wing.

I became very scared.

“Are you here to kill me?” I shrieked in fear

“No… My name is Moria and I have come to rescue you as your mother wishes” She said

“Mother? She’s dead… She died in an accident so you are a liar” I yelled at her.

“She’s not really dead… Your dad lied to you but that was for your own good” she said as I arched my eyebrows in confusion.

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Your mom is from hell and got married to your father who is a human and so the king of hell Lucifer became very angry with your mom black angel Sarafina. He locked her up in a cage in hell and sent one of the wicked angel Lucina to bring you to hell, you have to be very careful” She said

“What? You mean am half black angel half human?” I asked in shock

“Yes” She replied.

I was about to talk to her again when I opened my eyes and found out that I was sleeping.

“Could that lady be saying the truth? Oh God! Why am I having this kind of dreams….” I rubbed my eyes with my palms.

Nadia’s Pov:


days later, Sir Alex travelled and I think this is the perfect time for me to deal with Janella.

I prepared a glass of milkshake and added a substance to it.

I smiled wickedly as I headed straight to Janella’s room.

I knocked two consecutive times and she asked me to come in.

“Here’s a glass of milkshake for you Miss Janella” I said as she took the glass of milkshake.

“Thank you” She said as she was about to drink the milkshake and I smiled…..


Oh my God! 🙆🙆

Somebody should stop Janella from drinking that milk😭😭

Stay tuned!

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