Prisoner princess episode 5


πŸ˜₯(Am a princess yet am a prisoner) πŸ˜₯

πŸ“– Written by: Pinky Preshy Chioma πŸ“–

πŸ’ƒ Episode 05 πŸ’ƒ

πŸ”₯ Hell πŸ”₯

Sarafina’s Pov:

I opened my weak eyes as the dungeon’s door throw open and angel Moria walked in.

She entered the dungeon where the cage in which I was kept is.

I was lying lifelessly inside the big cage and Black angel Moria sat close to my cage.

“Sarafina! How are you doing?” She asked as tears rushed down her cheeks.

“Oh Moria… I just hope I don’t lose my breath before my daughter Janella comes to save me from the wicked king Lucifer” I managed to say

“Shhh…..” She hushed placing her index finger in between her lips.

“Keep your voice down! The walls have ears Sarafina” Moria said

“Moria….King Lucifer is very wicked! I have been here for so many years already” I said in tears.

“I know Sarafina and I miss you so much my best friend but I have bad news for you” Moria said

“What news do you have?” I asked anxiously almost losing my breath.

“Sarafina your daughter’s life is in great danger” Moria burst into tears.

My eyes widened in shock…. 😳

“What do you mean Moria?” I asked as tears flooded down my face.

“King Lucifer sent the wicked black angel Lucina to the earth to get your daughter” Moria cried.

“No! No Moria… Lucifer must not catch my daughter…. He’s going to kill my child” I said wailing.

“Sarafina keep your voice down! You don’t want him to punish me for visiting you” Moria said as I sobbed quietly.

“Moria you have to help me.. I know I can’t leave this place but I can’t also let my little daughter to come here and you are my only hope please help me!” I cried

“But how Sarafina? I don’t even know where she is?” Moria cried

“Moria I have a feeling she’s not in a safe place but I want you to help me go to the earth and find my daughter Janella… I just wish she’s in love already” I said in tears.

“Don’t worry Sarafina… I will be going to the earth tomorrow and trust me I won’t let Lucina hurt your daughter” Moria said as we held hands crying.

🌍 Earth 🌍

Janella’s Pov:

I saw myself in a forest….

It was so lonely and very quiet all one could hear was the cheerful chirpy birds.

“Where am I? Daddy! Daddy!!” I screamed but my voice kept echoing without response.

“Nanny Keisha! Mommy!! Where in the world am I? Where the heck is this? How did I get here?” I wailed bitterly

“Dadd…” I tried calling but suddenly I saw someone walking straight to me.

It was a very beautiful lady….

She was wearing a black long dress and I couldn’t see her feet….

Her very long black hair dangled as the wind blew heavily that it almost swept me off my foot.

Her eyes were black…

She has a black wing…..

“Oh God! Is this a dream or something?” I yelled as she kept coming closer.

“Who are you?” I asked screaming

“I AM YOUR DESTRUCTION…. JANELLA DAUGHTER OF SARAFINA THE DISOBEDIENT BLACK ANGEL… You can’t flee from me this time” Her voice echoed and she laughed wickedly.

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand you..” I shouted.

“I AM BLACK ANGEL LUCINA FROM HELL AND I HAVE COME TO DESTROY YOU” She laughed hysterically now walking fast towards me.

“No! You can’t kill me” I said in tears

Before I could utter another word, I saw her holding a sword with a shiny edge.

I tried to run but my legs became stuck to the ground.

I kept struggling to get my legs but I couldn’t.

Her black eyes sparkled like πŸ”₯ fire.

She aimed the sword towards me and I screamed.

“Noooooooooo……..” I screamed with my eyes shut.


I quickly jumped up from the bed still screaming as sweat dropped down my face.

“Jane are you OK? Why were you screaming?” Alex asked as he rushed into my room.

I kept panting and looking around.

“It was.. It is… A dream” I managed to say still scared.

“That’s OK! calm down!” He said as I quickly hugged him.

“Please don’t leave! I can’t stay here alone” I cried.

“Don’t worry Janella! Am gonna sleep right beside you and I will get you a nanny tomorrow” Alex said as I nodded.

Angel Lucina’s Pov:

I flew down near a small stream..

It was already very dark……

Am so excited right now!

Do you want to know why? 😊

I saw her footprint and I know exactly where she is….

And I can finally destroy her and take her to hell to meet master Lucifer.

I raised my hand to the sky and a sparkling mirror appeared in my hands.

I did some enchantment and Janella appeared in the mirror and I smirked.

“And now she needs a nanny right? Time for me to work as her nanny so I can drain her powers” I laughed wickedly….


😱 😱

Black angel Lucina is going to be Janella’s nanny?


Oh my gosh!

Janella is in trouble!


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