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Prison of Love batch 1

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Prison of Love batch 1 by : 5:44 pm On January 6, 2021
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Prison of Love
(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 1
Wow!!… You are very lucky you are going to be transferred to a more popular University in Nigeria, said Becky
I have informed your boyfriend Harry and I think he is likewise happy about your transfer, don’t you think so?
Willa who was lost in thought, reminiscing on what happened last night and how she’d get home after the crazy party at Ada’s birthday..
But before we head into details… Becky was Willa’s best friend since kindergarten back then in the village, they had made their way out of teenage life just caring for one another like sisters.
Becky’s parents were late, they past on few months ago due to a fatal car crash and Becky’s village elders blamed her for the death of her poor parents, she was forced out of her home in the village and decided to relocate to Lagos to stay with Willa.
However on the other hand, Willa was from a wealthy family, her parents grew wealthier due to business contracts after leaving the village… She was a classy lady full of life and kinda spoilt. Willa dreamt of having her own company and getting crazily rich in order to command guys to her will. She was nicknamed “Willa the will maker”
So back to where we were, Willa was snapped back to her senses by her friend’s voice… She just Smiled and replied, “Yea yea.. Who cares about that University at all, As far as i got Harry i don’t need a low life citizen or school”
“Don’t be too mean Will, not all guys with fantasied riches are caring, Harry’s just lucky”, Said Becky.
” Na u sabi, i have my soul entangled to Harry and i trust him, he won’t cheat on me” Willa interrupted
Just then a call came in, it was Harry…
Hello babe, how are you
Am fine sweetheart
What are you up to?
Well, am think we may need to meet up i want you right now at my place
No buts
Just be here, i need you to come warm my jnr please?
This is why you are very ungrateful, please f–k off
Call ended!
Good morning
Prison of love
(Story by Prisca Ezeh)
Episode 2
“What?!”, Becky flared
” Just let him be”, sobered Willa, I will just have to go there, he needs me now than ever, Harry has done so much for me … I know how life has been for him and his mother after his father left and him being the only child, he needs love
“Willa!”, shouted Becky
” Yes Becky, i need to be there and you need to stop interfering, he is my boyfriend not yours!” Interrupted Willa
“Okay madam, enjoy the gbola after all it’s not mine” replied Becky
“Abegi” Willa resorted
Meanwhile Willa’s mind was still on that birthday party which she hasn’t recovered from, she wondered who would have brought her home and on her own bed!… It wouldn’t have being Harry because he got so drunk and started up a fight
Willa took her bath and wore in her finest gowns… To her surprise it fitted perfectly and looks so seductively
“I am going to wake up jnr!” She said to herself happily looking at the huge standing mirror
Becky on the other hand went to the kitchen to help Willa’s mum prepare Okra soup in return of Willa’s father from a business trip at Dubai..
“Oh.. Becky you are here, thank you my child… Help me cut those Okra so i could wash and boil this Turkey” Said Willa’s mum, Madam B
We call her Madam B because she was always BUSY.. LOL
“Yes mum” replied Becky
“By the way, where is Willa… She has got to help in the kitchen, she’s a lady but she hardly cooks, i pray she learns” Madam B said
“She will mum, just let her be… Since last night she hasn’t been herself” replied Becky
“Okay oo” Madam B said
Pimmmmm!!! “Daddy’s car is here” shouted Becky
“O my gracious God!.. I haven’t prepared anything” Madam B panting
“Don’t worry mummy, daddy will understand” Becky told her mum
“I hope so”
Just then Willa came downstairs with her blue shinning gown .. Saw her dad and ran straight to him..
“O my God, dad you look great!”
“You are growing more womanly everyday” replied Sir Jonathan
“Thank you dad”

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