Prince Triton episode 2-3

🦈Prince Triton 🦈
(Merman in love)
Written by uche Lawrence πŸ’‹
Episode 2
The Blue sea..
πŸ‘‘ Prince Triton’s pov πŸ‘‘
“Triton, you mean you want to go out of this kingdom? To where ? I hope you aren’t going to the sea shore ” Abry(from Abrecan) my best friend said.
“Of course not, you know I can’t do that, my father is gonna kill me ” I said.
“And am only going out of the kingdom, not to the sea shore, don’t worry just follow me ”
He sighed and watched closely into my eyes “Are you sure your father won’t know about this? ”
“No he won’t, we’re going to sneak out and come back as soon as possible ” I replied.
“OK, let’s go but we will come back quickly ” I nodded.
‘He’s too scared! Gosh! ‘
We got out of my chamber, looked everywhere and since no-one was watching, we sneaked out.
“Wow, this crab is pretty, I love the colour ” I said, when we were out of the kingdom, but we are a little bit far from it.
“There are much pearls here too, come see this Triton ” Abry said, pointing to a red gem.
I almost got there when I stopped halfway, something just pass right now and I sensed danger immediately.
“Something is about to happen, we need to go now ” I said, dragging Abry along.
“To where? back to the kingdom right? if so thank goodness ”
“we aren’t going back yet, I sense something bad is about to happen, just follow me, don’t be scared ” He nodded and he’d followed me.
We followed the direction which the thing had passed and soon we stopped, I looked at my left and saw nothing then my right.
“OMG! it a shark! and… is that not a human? ” Abry whispered in to my ear.
And truly, the shark is about to devour the human in front.
The human began swimming as fast as she could. she’s a woman. But the shark was too fast.
“Abrecan, we need to save her, come on let’s go ” we swam towards the shark under its belly.
“Aah!! “The lady’s voice was heard. The shark had hurt her.
I placed my hands under the fish’s belly and recites some words. Few seconds, It disappeared within a blink.
‘it’s no more in existence ‘ I got to my the lady, her eyes were widened when I got close to her.
we aren’t supposed to show ourselves to humans but I felt safe with her.
‘Don’t know why ‘ Her eyes were deep blue just like the sea, her lips were naturally red and her eyelashes were long and dark.
Surprisingly, she wasn’t using a snorkel, she must be an expert in swimming. Her body were injured from the predatory fish’s attack.
She closed her eyes all of a sudden, and began drowning
“Triton, she’s drowning! “Abry screamed.
‘I have to risk my life to take her to the seashore ‘ I got to her and drew her tight to myself. I kept swimming off to the seashore. Abry was behind me too.
He was somehow scared. I got the seashore and lay her down on the sand. she was still breathing.
‘My father would be looking for me! oh my! I almost forgot where am coming from ‘ I though when I remembered home.
“I will have to heal her wounds before we go back home ” I thought aloud
‘Abry was staring at me awkwardly, but soon, be was focusing his eyes on the environment he is.
I gave her a healing power kiss on her stomach , and quickly left her there to wake up.
The power will circulate deep in to her body and in less than 3 minutes, the wound will be closed.
‘ I don’t just give my power kiss like that ‘ I smiled and faced Abry.
“She’s special to me ” I said without thinking.
“Huh? don’t tell me you’ve fallen in love with her? “Abry eyes widen.
“No, I didn’t say that but I think so”
“You know what? let go back home then we will discuss about this ” I added.
We sneaked back in luckily, “Where are you two coming from? Have been looking for you everywhere ”
‘Thank God it’s my mother ‘
“Humm…. we went to see Mrs Erwyn in her library ” I lied and Abry looked at me secretly while I winked back.
“Ohh! I thought so. I came to tell you that, it time for royal dinner ” My mother said, and left with the royal maids behind her.
“Thank God, she didn’t get us. That was close ” Abry responded, as he sat on the clam bed.
Arianna’s pov
I opened my eyes, and saw myself on the shore. I stood up and checked myself.
‘Wait am not dead? How did I get here ?’ I asked myself.
Last time I checked, I was in the sea. Memories flushed into my head “The mermen! They were the one who saved me from that predator and the wounds on my body too are gone ”
“Delfina! Delfina!! ” I called out my dog.
‘The dog is all I got ‘
I walked perfectly to my house and sat on the wooden chair to rest my back.
The sight of the mermen is shocking most especially the one with the blue tail. He’s cute, handsome and sweet.
‘I can’t believe am falling for a merman ‘ my dog walked to me and curled up to my laps.
🌊 Wanwisa’s pov 🌊
“Where’s my daughter? for the past five years now she hasn’t come back ”
‘She’s supposed to be back, where’s she? I hope she’s not dead, oh no I don’t want her to die ‘ I kept pacing around my shell.
“What’s is mom? is it about moana? ” Nerissa, my second daughter came in.
“Yes, it been five years now and she’s yet to be back. please don’t tell me my daughter is dead ”
“Never mom! she can’t be dead. Don’t worry she’s gonna be back soon. ”
‘God please bring my daughter back home’
Moana has not come back bayii πŸ€”πŸ˜
🦈Prince Triton 🦈
(Merman in love)
Written by uche Lawrence πŸ’‹
Episode 3
πŸ‘‘ Prince Triton’s pov πŸ‘‘
“Triton, when you are through come to the throne room, we need to discuss something important ” My father said, as she stood up.
I got up immediately I was through with my food and went to meet my father, he was sitting on his throne with anger all over his face.
“Father, what’s it? ” I asked, as he looked up to my face.
“Oh you are here! sit down, I have something to discuss with you ” he answered, AMD o sat down next to him.
“The new king Axenus from the black sea sent his sea warriors to us, that he wants the throne ” His eyes were cold.
“Throne? which throne? The only throne we have here is the one you are sitting on , so I don’t understand ” I said, a little confused.
“That’s it exactly, he wants the throne am sitting on, he wants to rule over blue sea ”
“He wants to rule this place? After that what will happen to you and your people? ”
“I can’t give him the throne foolishly, he wants war and we are ready for that ” He responded.
‘ I can’t believe that greedy devil has his eyes on my father’s throne, have known him since childhood as a greedy person.
And I won’t take take that from him ‘
“Father, he’s not going to do anything. He will never sit on this throne ” He nodded and dismissed me.
Abry had gone home and promised to come back tomorrow. I lay on my clam and began thinking of the beauty I saw today.
A smile appeared on my lips immediately.
😈 King Axenus’s pov 😈
“What did he say when you delivered the message? ” I asked, smiling evilly.
‘I want that throne, I want everyone to bow for me. if they aren’t going to give me what I want, am going to take it by force ‘
“He said no, he can’t leave the throne for a greedy man like you ” one of the messengers said.
“Are you saying that am greedy? ” I said, feeling angry already.
“No my lord! He said that ” He was trembling immediately.
‘Yeah, I love it when people fear me’
“Guards! take him to the dungeon and lock him up for three days without food ” I yelled.
The guards came and took him away “My lord! I didn’t say that, he was the one who said that ” he was pleading but I turned deaf ears.
Arianna’s pov
I woke up yawning, the sun has risen and it so bright. I took a fresh bath and walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for myself and my dog.
I ate toast bread and tea with my pet, I got out of the house, my hair was playing with the breeze so well.
I removed my clothes remaining my blue pant and bra.
‘ I know what you are thinking, yeah, am going for swimming in the sea again ‘
‘Crazy right? I almost got devoured by a shark and now am going back there ‘
I have two reasons. First, I want to see Prince Charming again and the second reason, I will tell you later.
I dive in, looking round if I could sight him. I kept swimming in different directions, having fun with the Pisces there.
I felt a huge hand tapping me on my shoulder. I turned and saw
“Prince Charming!! ” he was smiling widely.
‘seriously? smiling at me? ‘
“Hi ” His voice shook me.
‘What a baritone voice! ‘
I waved my hand, with a big smile on my face. He swam towards me and touched my blonde hair, then my lips.
‘I think there’s heat in this sea. Serious heat ‘
“You’re a beautiful human ” He said, but I was mute in surprise.
His gaze went down to my lips. ‘Fuck! I hope is not what am thinking ‘
He held my waist closer to himself and we both stared into each other ‘s eyes. His eyes were sparkling in the sun’s direction.
And.. and… and I felt his lips on mine unexpectedly.
‘My first kiss with a merman!! Was my lips really attractive that he had to kiss it? ‘
I can’t believe this. let me leave that aside and do my duty.
I kissed him back opening my mouth as his tongue slide in. I felt his warm tongue on mine, his lips taste sweet like honey or let me say sweet like my tooth paste.
I wrapped my legs around his torso and we continued kissing.
“Triton!! Triton!! ” I heard someone called and saw his second. ‘His name is Triton! ‘
“Your father is looking for you!! ” His eyes widened at the mention of his father.
He most have feared his father. He turned back to me and said “let meet here tomorrow ”
He quickly said and followed the enemy of progress πŸ˜‚
I kissed a merman! I kissed a merman!
who is this Axenus ganself? Arianna well-done oo πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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