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Prince Triton episode 13 – finale

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Prince Triton episode 13 – finale by : 5:47 pm On May 7, 2021
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👑 Prince Triton 👑
(Merman in love)
Written by uche Lawrence 💕
Episode 13 (Finale)
The wedding 👰🤵💒…
The day finally came, my happiest day. My wedding day. Happiness and joy filled the air.
I was so excited as I put on the royal beads round my waist and the necklace aunt Melissa gave me round my neck too.
My hair was packed and attached with so many pearls and beads, and a silver crown.
I changed my pink tail to silver just for today. Aunt Nerissa and aunt Melissa with the royal maids had come to join me and make me get ready for the wedding.
I looked at myself in the mirror for the tenth time smiling and laughing at my beauty. Am really beautiful.
I took my bouquet and I was escorted out side with you aunt Nerissa and aunt Melissa.
Every where look so beautiful, we got to the hall entrance and my escorts parted ways to join the others.
Am left alone now. I swam in with smiles on my faces, delfina was the first to greet me.
I rubbed her back as she stood beside me, following me happily with its tail wiggling sideways.
I looked around and I most say the people here are enough to make another kingdom.
Then I realized that some had come from the blue sea too. They must really love Triton so much.
The mermaids and mermen dressed elegantly too. Colourful petals kept dropping on my head as I moved forward.
The music began, played by a set of mermen using their powers. Their instruments were invisible.
I saw Triton smiling, I got to the pulpit, he held my left hand and we bowed to our parents.
They blessed us each. After that, Triton locked a chain with a tiny shell in it round my neck and I did mine too.
That’s shows we are married. He klzzed me on my lips then my forehead while and giggled and wiggled my tail.
Fate bought us together.
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
It was time for we to dance, I held my bride’s waist as her hand rested on my shoulder and the other hand locked with mine.
We danced rhythmically to the music. Abry too is here and he was dancing with his partner…. Uhm.. chantell that’s her name.
Those who didn’t have partners have to dance crazily by themselves.
The ball room colour began changing into different colors, I turned my head left and saw a group of mermaids fighting on which colour will fit the ballroom.
They kept arguing and finally agreed on pink, white and blue.
Abrecan’s pov
“I think we are the next couple now ” I said, grinning at chantell.
“Hey, don’t be too fast forward ” Chantell replied and hit me playfully on the shoulder.
“Ouch! That’s hurt ” I winced, though it isn’t.
“Sorry about that ”
“Apology accepted ” I answered and klzzed her passionately.
“How about we give birth to 12 children ” I asked.
“Huh? 12? you want to kill me? 3 or 4 is okay ” She said, and batted her eyelashes.
“Just kidding sweetie ”
King Poseidon’s pov
Six years later……
“Grandpa! Grandpa! ” I heard my grandchildren calling as I was talking to the councils.
“Oh my babies, how are you? ” I answered patting their heads.
They were twins. The first one is a boy whose name is Casper (King of treasure) and the girl Amberly (ruler of jewels) each have different powers but aren’t mature enough to use them till they turn eighteen.
“We are fine grandpa ” Casper replied exposing his gum which had no tooth
“OK, why don’t you go to your parents, cause am busy as you can see ”
“Okay grandpa. Casper let’s go mum and dad would be looking for us ” Amberly spoke up dragging her second.
“Hey, am fine, you don’t need to drag me ”
“Whatever, just come or I will remove a tooth from your mouth like that day ”
“Fine!! let’s go ” He said and followed her reluctantly.
This children are too troublesome though kindhearted.
I turned to the councils “Am sorry about what happened earlier ” I apologized.
“It nothing my king, let’s continue our discussion ” one of them said and I nodded.
The End..
Thanks for reading till the end…

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