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Prince Triton episode 11

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Prince Triton episode 11 by : 5:44 pm On May 7, 2021
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👑 Prince Triton 👑
(Merman in love)
Written by uche Lawrence 💋
Episode 11
🐚 M0@na’s pov 🐚
I explained all that happened to my parents. My father was there too.
They all stared at me in astonishment, shock.
“M0@na you went to the human world for five good years, why didn’t you come home? You made me worried.
You would have been killed by those evil humans ” My mother said worriedly.
“Yes, but I gave them mine.. Mom I need to see Triton ”
My father said, ” Yeah, don’t worry tomorrow”
I nodded and hugged him, then my mother. I was so happy been back to the kingdom again.
Fortunately for me, my parents didn’t scold me for going to the human world.
I need to see the love of my life to explain things. I took Delfina and walked out of my parents’ shell to my own shell.
Father told me he had seen my face cause he was the one who opened the mask.
Unknown pov
Next morning…
I buckled my shoelaces, and stood up with my gun then insert it into my trouser. Am set to go.
One hour later..
I got there and opened the door, wondering how I knew her house, I had traced her one day to this place.
Everywhere was silent as hell. I went to each room to check if she was there but she’s not.
‘where could she go? or maybe she had relocate ‘
“Arrgh.. damn that girl, did she know am coming ” I asked, myself. There are no gems in this house.
I turned back to leave when the table in front of me disappeared. I try not to scream but it wasn’t enough when things start disappearing.
“Ghost!! Ghost!! ” I screamed and ran out.
The worst thing was when the house totally vanished.
I stood there like an idiot looking baffled. I removed my shoes and ran like a rabbit. For my dear life.
‘I would have disappeared too if not that I ran out ‘ I thought. My punishment is worst than John and Patrick.
🐚 M0@na’s pov 🐚
I laughed as I watch him ran, so it the so called manager that sent those fools that day.
My elder sister Nerissa was the one who made the house vanished, just for fun.
“Princess m0@na, prince Triton is here ” one of the maids said, bowed and left.
My heart beats faster than usual. Why?
Nerissa stood up but not without giving me a peck on the cheek. He swam in with smiles on his face that melt my heart.
“Hello, m0@na ” He greeted.
“Hi triton, how are you? ” I answered.
“Am good, Uhm.. will you mind if we talk outside? ”
“Yea, let’s go ”
👑 Prince Triton’s pov 👑
I held her hand, as we swam outside the palace. I saw a rock and we both sat on it.
“Aria… m0@na, there’s something bothering me about you. Are you Arianna? ” I asked.
She smiled and nodded her head as I gasped in shock.
“What!? you are Ariana? oh my God! ” I uttered in shock.
“Am Arianna, to clear your doubts ” She stood up and in a flash she’s human. I watched her in amusement.
“Arianna!! No wonder you love the sea so much ” I cried, happily and hugged her tightly to myself.
‘My Arianna is here ‘
“That’s because me diving in the sea everyday has to do with my powers, my powers are connected with seas, I might lose my powers if I didn’t ” She answered.
I withdrew from the hug ” But why did you stay far away from the Aegean Sea? ”
“Coz I want change of environment ” I looked into her blue eyes like I was searching for something.
She had turned back to her mermaid form.
“M0@na, let’s get married ” I blurted out and her eye widened in shock.
“Triton, isn’t that too fast? I mean… ” I shut her up with a klzz.
“No love, it isn’t. You should know how happy I am seeing you here as a mermaid.
my parents were against it, when I told them am in love with a human. I had wish you were a mermaid and thank God, my prayers was answered”
She sighed “Triton, I think we are on the same side, mother told me to go get married quickly, and she was surprised that it was you ” She answered.
I cupped her face ” Let’s go back home and tell our parents about this ” I said, and she smiled.
🔱 King Neifion’s pov 🔱
“I think we should prepare their marriage, since they are lovers ” I said smiling.
I had told them everything m0@na had said to we her parents, they were joyous and happy about it.
I saw the duo coming, with smiles on their faces.
“Father, mother I and triton are getting married ” M0@na said.
“Awwn, my daughter. Don’t worry it gonna be the best wedding ever ” Triton’s mother squeaked.
Abrecan’s pov
Triton had gone to the Aegean Sea tomorrow confirm if Arianna is truly m0@na, I wish him good luck.
As for me, am going to Chantell’s house to confess my feelings for her, I can’t control it anymore.
I almost killed someone when6i saw him hugging Chantell. I beat him to stupor, it was then I realized he was Chantell’s cousin.
If not that she had told me who he is, I would have beat him to death. I need to stop been jealous over nothing.
Which my abry good luck ooo 😂😂🙌

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