Prince Triton episode 10

πŸ‘‘ Prince Triton πŸ‘‘
(Merman in love)
Written by uche Lawrence πŸ’‹
Episode 10
πŸ‘‘ Prince Triton’s pov πŸ‘‘
My jaw dropped!
Arianna is moana! or am I hallucinating?
I rubbed my eyes with my hands to check if I was dreaming but no she’s still Arianna.
‘Am still not sure about this ‘
The black sea men couldn’t move seeing their king dead, Axenus has turned back to his normal merman form.
I took Arianna… I mean moana to her father. Some men took her from me and they turned to leave.
“Son, you did well ” My father said, smiling .
“Thanks father, but moana did well most ” I replied, and nodded.
“That’s true son ”
“Poseidon, we will be going, now that Axenus is dead, triton thanks for giving moana a helping hand.
I appreciate. you guys look like couple when facing that fool ” King Neifion said as he patted me and gave my father a brotherly hug and turned to leave.
I turned back and saw Axenus warriors carrying his body and turned to go, they didn’t even look back, not even a glance.
The blue sea.. 🌊
We got to the kingdom back happily, we saw everyone in the palace with fear all over their faces.
I came down from my dolphin so did my father.
“Axenus is dead mom ” I announced.
“Yeah!! long live the king! long live the prince! ” They chorused.
We went inside the throne room.
πŸ”± King Neifion’s pov πŸ”±
We got home and the guards took moana to her shell, wanwisa ran to me checking if I was hurt but I told her I was okay.
She nodded and went towards Moana’s shell. I sighed and sat on my throne tired.
For five years I got to see my daughter again, this is the happiest day of my life.
🌊 Wanwisa’s pov 🌊
I swam to my daughter’s she’ll smiling wearily, my daughter is back.
She was sleeping peacefully after the herbs, she’s now more beautiful than before.
I wonder where she had gone to, I will ask her when she’s awake. I ordered the maids to bring her food when she’s awake and call me too.
Few hours later….
I was called by one of the maids that moana is awake. I jumped out of my giant clam and swam to her room.
“Moana!! ” I shrieked in excitement seeing my daughter munching her food.
Her eyes crawl up to to me, and I saw surprises in her eyes.
“Mother!! I missed you so much ” She dropped her food and came hugging me ” Moana, where did you go for five years? ”
I asked, patiently for an answer. “Mom… I went to the human world ” She answered and I saw a dolphin wiggling its tail in before I could react.
“Delfina, come meet my mom ” Moana said, gesturing the dolphin in. I touched it and it clicks happily.
“You went to the human world, isn’t that risky? ” I fired.
“No mom, the human world was beautiful but I promise you mom, am not going back there again ” She pouted her mouth .
“Okay, let’s just forget about it ” I replied, and ask her sit which she did.
“Moana, I think it high time you get married and am not sure if you’ve seen someone you love yet ” She giggled.
“Have seen mom” She answered staring into my eyes.
“Who is the lucky merman? ” I asked smiling.
“It triton mom ” I gasped in shock.
“How did… you guys meet? I mean.. ” But she interrupt.
“Mom, calm down am gonna explain everything to you ”
πŸ‘‘ Prince Triton’s pov πŸ‘‘
“Father, mother I think Arianna is moana cause they look alike so much ”
I had been thinking about this since we came back from the war. Am still confused.
“Oh! we will go to the Aegean Sea tomorrow to confirm that ” My father said, and walked out.
My heart beat increased ,what if moana is truly Arianna. I pray she is.
Hmm.. 😏😏..hmm

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