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Pastor’s Second Wife Episode 15 – 16

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Pastor’s Second Wife Episode 15 – 16 by : 5:51 am On December 3, 2020
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Pastor’s Second Wife
Episode 25
The DNA test was conducted and the result was sent to the church directly. I wasn’t bothered about the result because I already knew what the outcome will be.
When the three weeks of adjournment elapsed, another meeting was called. This time around, the church disciplinary committee chairman and the church medical doctor were in attendance. The faces of the attendees were unfriendly this time. “Without wasting much time, can we invite Dr Hassan Yakubu for the interpretation of the DNA test result?”, the secretary to the church executive council requested, pointing at the direction of the doctor. The silence in the room was like that of the graveyard as everyone gazed at the doctor’s mouth.
He was handed over the big brown envelope. He was slow in getting the result out of the envelope. He began to read the result from the name of the medical centre, date of the test, personnel who conducted the test, the medical jargons in the result, etc. Why must he read all those contents? All we needed to hear is if Deji is Shina’s father or not. After taking about fifteen minutes reading the DNA test result in medical terminologies, no one seemed to understand everything he said. The gazing and agitation was on the increase as all expected him to interpret the result in a layman’s language.
“Pastor Olumodeji is not the biological father of the boy according to the test result”, the doctor said. This must be a joke, I thought. Who else is Shina’s father if not Deji? I haven’t slept with any man for five years. Sis Mercy, can you tell us who is the father of your baby, why you left the church without a word and why you are taking refuge in pastor Olumodeji’s house? I was dumbfounded for a moment. There must be a mix up somewhere. The paternity of my son is certain. I know the father of my son, and he’s no other person than Deji.
Someone should explain to me what’s happening here, mummy pastor screamed. So my husband is not the father of your bastard son? I knew it, I know you’re a traitor who wants to reap where you didn’t sow. Whatsoever you’ve done to my husband, God will expose you and your evil plans. You wicked betrayer and husband snatcher. Mummy pastor took over the meeting while everyone watched her. I couldn’t comprehend what was going on. I wanted to talk but I didn’t know what to say when the DNA test result says Deji is not the father of my son. With this development, mummy pastor will surely not receive me back to the house again. Where next am I going to?
Episode 16
After the meeting, I went straight to Deji. “Who is the father of my son?”, I asked him rudely. “The DNA result has said it all”, he replied. What DNA result are you talking about? You better own up to the leadership of the church or else I will tell the whole world about your years of atrocities. I will tell them about Stella and everything you’ve been hiding.
Deji didn’t take me serious, he was so confident that he wasn’t the father of my son. Why then did he accept to pay my bride price? Why was he mute all this time? What is actually going on? I threatened him, “If you don’t tell the church the truth in three days, I will expose you. You know I have enough evidence to nail you. With all these threats, he was indifferent. I have been given seven days by the church to reveal the identity of the father of my son or face disciplinary actions.
I was not allowed to return to Deji’s house again. Everyone deserted me as they all saw me as a fornicator, betrayer, liar and schemer. Where will I go from here with a two months old baby? Who will believe my story? Who will I confide in? That night, I rushed to the nearest ATM and made some withdrawals. I got the cheapest hotel around to pass the night and think of the next action plan. While I was in the hotel room, an idea dropped on my mind, go and do another DNA test. Yes!!! That is it! I am going for another DNA test. The challenge will be how to get Deji to consent to my new idea. Okay, another idea dropped, I will meet elder Omojola to tell him everything that happened between me and Deji. I will also ask him to take us to another health center where we can run another DNA test.
Immediately it was dawn, I headed to elder Omojola’s house. “Good morning sir, you must be surprised to see me I guess.” “Yes sister Mercy, why are you here this early? I hope all is well?” he asked me. All is not well sir, I want to have a word with you in pr!v@te sir. He knew I was desperate and worried. We moved away to his backyard where he offered me a seat. Yes, sister Mercy, can I hear you? I took a deep breath. “Sir, pastor Olumodeji is the father of my baby. I am ready to conduct another DNA test from another medical centre different from the former one.” “Sister Mercy, are you sure of what you are saying?”, he asked. Sir, I am not just sure, I have other revelations that will shock the church but I must first prove that pastor Olumodeji is the father of my baby.
Elder Omojola was curious and willing to follow the matter to a conclusive end. After my meeting with him, he stretched N1000 note to me. “Use this for your transport”, he said. “Transport to where sir?”, I asked him and held back my hand. I have no where to go sir. I was ejected out of Pastor’s house after yesterday’s meeting. “So where did you sleep with your baby last night?”, he asked me. “In a hotel sir”, I replied. “Oh, I am sorry about that, I will ask Blessing to tidy the guest room for you now. You will stay there until we are done with this investigation.” When he told his wife I will be staying in their guest room, the look on her face was not welcoming. I understand her thought anyway but I have to endure whatsoever they think about me until I am vindicated.
Elder Omojola obviously had made up his mind to help considering how swift he was to bringing up suggestions on how to get the whole truth . After Wednesday’s midweek service, He had sought the permission of the church leadership to conduct another DNA test to confirm the first test result.
To the dismay of the disciplinary Committee members and resident Pastor’ who Deji is working with, Elder Omojola made a U-turn. Saying something entirely different from what they agreed on especially now that they thought they already knew that Deji wasn’t the biological father to my son.
Elder Omojola told them that We shall be having another DNA test tomorrow to ascertain the true paternity of my child. Bro Malachi and Sister Rebecca were obviously not comfortable with that idea. ” what else are we going to be needing another DNA test for?,”they both queried.
Does it mean that we can no longer trust the legitimacy of our own church’s official medical Centre.,” they asked further this time joined by some factions from the committee
Elder Omojola being a man of immense wisdom refused to get embroiled with any feud with them but rather convinced them to give him the benefit of doubt. It was as if God has decided to listen to my cries.
It was as if God himself was using Elder Omojola to vindicate me.
He returned home and narrated to me all that ensued at the church and how he was able to convince them for the test. He told me that they had fixed the appointment with our own choice hospital on Saturday.
That date looked like a decade to me. Saturday seemed so far to me but I couldn’t complain but thank him lavishly.
He is indeed a nice man whom was already taking me as her own daughter irrespective of the presumed abomination I committed.
I wish I could turn the hand of the clock faster. This is surely the end of the road for Deji the dribbler. God would openly prove my innocence and put a shame to that criminal that speaks in tongues… “Everyone will soon know who he is, “I muttered.
For the first time in several months I really heaved a sigh of relief.
Very early in the morning, around 6:30 am, I noticed an unknown number flash me twice. I couldn’t call back because it was a hidden identity.
The phone rang again.
This time, it rang for long so I picked.
“Helloo, who is this?,” I asked with jittery voice.
“Hello… It’s me…. Can you hear me?….
It was a female’s voice and sounded so familiar.
” Who is this? I asked again but with a raised tone in a raucous manner.
“This is me Stella,” she explained obviously sounding excited.
“Which of the Stellar? I queried her.
Helloo.. Mercy, it’s me stella your friend na….!!!
It was at this moment I realised it was stella my friend that called me…
Jesus!!!!! I screamed so loud not minding
That my baby was actually sleeping. In a bid not to wake him up, I quickly ran to the toilet.
“Sister Stella, how are you?… Oh my God!! Where on earth have you been?,” i asked a million questions to her almost in a split seconds.
“I’m fine and healthy,” she said with so much enthusiasm.
It was then that I remembered to ask how she managed to get my number as the former number of mine she had was destroyed when I went to kabba with Deji.
I knew she didn’t have my new number… How come?,” I wondered.
“Wow, my sweet friend, how did you get my number?,” I feigned excitement but down within me, I wished she never called.
“Have you forgotten I could get anything I wish to get?, ” she teased me.
It was still the old funny Stella who always knew how to make joke out of everything. She hasn’t changed much I guessed.
The stella that called me wasn’t sounding as depressed as i thought she would. She was feeling so vivacious as though nothing happened .
”Anyway, i tried calling you severally to no avail as the number kept saying switched off so i decided to contact your kid sister, Gloria via her Facebook profile,”she narrated.
It was my kid sister Gloria that gave her my new number… . Now I see!!!
She told me she later delivered a set of twins after she absconded.
” Twins?, “i shouted in utter disbelief.
” Yes, “she exclaimed!
That news hit me so hard with mixed feelings. I didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.
To add more salt to my already gruesome injury, she told me she would be coming to lagos by weekend to meet with Pastor Deji, the estranged father to her twins.
Stella spent much time over the phone apologising to me for remaining incommunicado for such a long while. She asked if i had been seeing pastor Deji and wanted to know what he said about her sudden disappearance.
As she was still talking to me, my son woke up and started crying .
I didn’t want her to ask me further questions so i cut the call abruptly and switched the phone off.
If you actually search for me in the land of the dead, you’ d probably find me seated at the right hand of the devil scratching his back……
This unprecedented news hit me so hard….
How do i face my good friend Stella?
How do i explain to her that the father to her twins is same father to my son?
How would the church look at both of us after finding out that stella was also pregnant for same pastor Deji?
This is going to be a big blow to me entirely. …

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