Owning the beast episode 7

Griffin’s breathing seemed to turn uneven and rapid. Grabbing his cock, he roughly stroked it up and down, sliding his thumb over the tip and smearing precum all over as he stared ravenously at me spread out deliciously before him.
“Angel, I know you aren’t on any birth control. You could already be pregnant after our night together, but you might not be. I have a condom if you want me to use it this time.”
“Why would you need that?” I asked, wondering why he would suggest it. We were to be married soon. We didn’t need condoms. He didn’t use one last night so why would he bother using one now.
Griffin gave me a long look, which seemed almost pained. “I don’t want to force you, Angel. It’s your choice if you want me to use one or not.”
“I’m going to be your wife, am I not?” I questioned, reaching for his erection only to have him jerk away.
He studied me for a second as if trying to read me. “You’re saying you’re okay if we don’t use protection? You’ll risk having a baby? Because I fucking loved having you bare last night.” Sliding my dress up higher, he caressed my stomach.
“I want it all, Griffin. I want to fall in love, and to have your babies.”
“I want to be inside you without a condom. I want to fill you up with my cum and get you pregnant, because, yes, you’ll be my wife.”
His words sent pleasure racing all over my body, filling me up with warmth and a sense of peace. I could feel it seeping into my heart. I wasn’t alone anymore. I have a family now.
Griffin leaned down and yanked off my panties, tossing them haphazardly behind him. Crawling back up, he wrapped me up in his arms while lowering his mouth to mine. His fingers sank deep into my hair and he kissed me hard, dominating me. Feeling more than a little desperate, I fought back against his questing tongue and lips, causing the both of us to let out a moan. Breaking the kiss, he slid his hand down between my legs, spreading my wet lips. Griffin grabbed his cock and tapped it against my clit a couple of times before nudging it against my entrance, teasing me, bringing me to the edge even more. Glistening with need, I raised my hips in an attempt to try and get him to slide deep inside me.
I could see Griffin’s face tighten with restraint as he fought to control his desire. I could see it in his eyes that he was fighting not to hurt me like he had the night before.
“Take me,” I encouraged him. “I’m yours.”
Hesitating for only a split second, he took his cock and slid it between my pussy lips as few times before he nudged my entrance once more, slowly pushing inside. I could tell he was still holding himself back. I wanted all of him deep inside me. I wanted him to connect us and fill every part of me. Determined, I locked my legs around his waist and thrust my hips up, sliding him even deeper and impaling myself onto him. I wanted my hands all over his rock-solid body but he still had his shirt on. Moving my hands, I tried to rip off his clothes with a frustrated whine. Griffin captured both of my wrists in one hand and pinned them above my head as he started to thrust faster and harder. Before I could protest against not having my hands on him, he took my mouth in the most tender and gentle kiss I had ever experienced. Gently sliding his tongue against mine, it felt like he was worshiping me.
Letting go of my wrists, he braced himself on one arm, using the other to coast down between my legs and to my clit, stroking me as he continued thrusting deep and hard. I felt myself become slicker and I couldn’t help the buck of my hips.
“God, you’re so tight, Bella, so fucking perfect. It’s like you were made just for me.” He grunted, picking up speed.
“Yes, for you. I was made just for you.” The confession fell easily from between my lips. It felt right. He seemed to lose all his control at my admission and began slamming into me at full force.
“Say it again, Angel. Tell me you’re mine. Every part of you belongs to me. Tell me you want me to cum deep inside of you, to fill every inch of your tight pussy with my cum.”
“Yes, Griffin. Please. I’m yours, all yours.”
The “beast” was in control now and the fact that it was I who had made him lose control had my orgasm ripping through me like a freight train. Throwing my arms around him, I bit his shoulder, muffling my scream of pleasure.
“Fuck!” he roared, and I felt his cock grow slightly larger and pulse as his warm seed splashed against my walls, filling me up. “God, you get so fucking tight when you cum around my cock.”
Dropping down to his elbows so that he didn’t crush me, he gave me a slow, lazy kiss.
“You’re going to be my wife.” It was clearly a statement.
I smiled and nod my agreement.
Claiming my mouth once more, he slid himself out of me and I moaned at the feeling, my pussy already clenching at the loss. Sitting up on his knees, he tucked his still semi-hard cock back in his pants. “I just had you and now I want you again. I don’t think I’ll ever get enough of you and your delectable body, Angel.”
A wave of shyness washed over me as he looked down at me, practically naked, and I tried to close my legs, which was impossible with him still on his knees between them. Grabbing my thighs, Griffin yanked my legs open fully and stared greedily at my freshly fucked pussy.
“Don’t you ever hide that from me,” he commanded, taking his finger and running it between my lips. He brought his finger back up and I could see it glistening with our combined juices.
“I could stare at your pussy all day long, Bella. This is how a wife’s pussy should always look. Freshly fucked and dripping with her husband’s cum.” Leaning forward, he brought his finger up to my lips. Knowing what he wanted, I took his finger into my mouth, swirling my tongue around his finger seductively, enjoying the explosion of our combined flavor on my tongue. I gave his finger a tiny nip as he pulled away.
“Angel, I’m starting to think that you’re a biter.”
I love it when he calls me that. “Why do you call me Angel?”
“Because you’re so goddamn perfect, there’s no way you’re not an angel.”
I heard footsteps coming from the other side of the bushes we were next to a minute too late.
“Boss, you got an important—” Logan’s voice penetrated the bubble of bliss we were in. Sitting up fast, I scrambled to cover myself. Griffin was up at lighting speed, grabbing Logan by the shirt and pulling him up to be nose to nose with him. Turning my back on them, I pulled my dress up to cover my breasts. Luckily, everything else seemed to be in place.
I heard Griffin growling at Logan and I turned around. “You’re lucky I won’t rip your fucking head off. You better not have seen her naked!”
Lifting his hands to show Griffin that he wasn’t a threat, Logan placated, “Boss, I swear I didn’t see anything.”
“If I ever so much as catch you looking at her, you’re out of here. Do you understand me? She. Is. Mine. Got it?”
Griffin’s reaction seemed a little over the top but I couldn’t help but love how possessive he was over me. I felt truly and utterly safe for the first time in my life. Thinking back to this morning, I cringed at the thought that I may have provoked this pissing match with my teasing at breakfast. Rushing over to them, I grabbed Griffin by the arm, trying to calm him down.
“Sweetheart, please, it was just an accident. We were fooling around in broad daylight; anyone could have stumbled upon us and see us. Or is it normal for you fool around with women out here?” I pouted, dropping my face to stare at the ground, trying to get his attention back on me.
“Of course not, Angel.” He released Logan, framing my face with both hands, gently tilting my face up to look up at him. “Only you.”
Standing on my tippy toes, I reached up for a quick kiss. Griffin didn’t seem to stand for it though as he deepened it. Logan cleared his throat and Griffin growled once more. Jesus, I think Logan has a death wish. Turning my attention to him, I could see the confused look on his face. I guess Griffin didn’t usually act like this. That thought brought a smile to my face and all the warm, fuzzy feelings from before heated up my stomach once more.
“What’s so important that you’re still standing here, Logan?” Griffin demanded.
“I’m sorry, sir, but you have an important phone call that can’t wait.”
“Fine. I’ll go up to my office in a little bit. I’m going to walk Bella back to the house so tell them to hold or I’ll call them the fuck back.”
“Sure thing, Boss,” Logan agreed as he all but ran back towards the house.
Turning to face me, Griffin looked down at the ground and bent over, grabbing my lace panties and stuffing them into his pocket. After they were safely tucked away, he grabbed hold of my hand and gently tugged me in the direction of the house.
“I don’t want you to be out here all alone again, Bella. Something could have happen to you.”
“Don’t be silly, I’m fine out here. What could possibly happen?” I replied, trying to slip my hand from his. I would rather much lie out here in the sun if he was going to be working. When I was still living in Mexico, I didn’t get to be outside much. My parents had always kept me hidden away.
“Bella, please, I won’t be able to get any work done if I know you’re outside, wandering around all alone.” Stopping in his tracks, Griffin turned to look at me with a pleading look in his eyes.
“I know we don’t know a lot about each other yet, Griffin, but please do not keep me caged inside. I’ve been locked away for so long and I don’t want that kind of life here. I don’t want to live that way anymore.” I could see him struggling to come to a decision after hearing my words. I wasn’t sure what he was so worried about. We were out in the middle of nowhere. I didn’t see how anything could happen to me out here.
“I’m sorry, Bella. I’m not sure what’s wrong with me. You’re making me feel things I’ve never felt before and the idea of you slipping through my grasp is simply terrifying. I know this is something we will need to talk about but please, just come back into the house for now. I’ll get some stuff straightened out and then I’ll take you anywhere you want to go. I promise. Please.”
The look of vulnerability on his face softened my resolve.
“Okay, sweetheart, if it means that much to you. I’ll explore the house today and get a better feel of the kitchen. I love to cook. I think I’ll cook something up for dinner tonight.”
I could *practically see the tension drain out of him and relief flashed across his face as he started to drag me back towards the house. Maybe* I wasn’t not the only lonely person around here.

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