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Owning the beast episode 5

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Owning the beast episode 5 by : 7:43 pm On January 10, 2021
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“f√¢k,” I breathed out heavily.
We hadn’t used a condom. I wasn’t worried about STDs though since the agency was always meticulous about having their employees and clients tested. I’m sure she was on some kind of birth control as well as it was another rule for the escorts. There was nothing for me to worry about. I just couldn’t believe that I had forgotten to use one. I had never forgotten. Never.
In my entire life, I had never been bare with a woman before. I felt my lips tugging up into a wolfish grin when it clicked that I had taken her raw, that I had filled her with my seed. It pleased me more than it should have.
Pulling the blankets over her body, tucking her in, I ran my f!ng£rs through my hair. Sliding my hand down my neck and over my shoulder, I winced at the sharp pain I felt there. Walking to the bathroom, I looked in the mirror. She had bitten me on the unscarred side of my body. It felt strange to have a mark on the side that I deemed perfect. She had bitten through the skin at some parts, and it was red and a little bloody. It might scar but I like the idea of having her mark on my body permanently though. It will always remind me of the very first moment I drove into her every time I see it. Perfection.
Walking back into the bedroom, I stood over her and watched as she slept. The bedside lamp cast a gentle glow over her, and she seemed to resemble an angel. So fragile, so beautiful and all mine. Debating my choices, I convinced myself that I needed to make sure she didn’t wake up alone and afraid in an unfamiliar environment. Lying down next to her, making sure not to touch her but close enough to breathe in her soothing scent, I settled down to watch over her. Never once taking my eyes off of her perfection, I tried to imprint this moment into my mind so that I would never forget her.
When the first ray of sunlight shone through the bedroom windows, I left her alone in my bed. Showering in one of the guest rooms, I got dressed for the day. I wasn’t sure what to say or do after last night. She angers me, and makes me feel vulnerable. I hated her, yet I was attracted to her.
I still couldn’t understand why the agency would send me a goddamn virgin. I knew what a monster I was and I suspected they sent her just to torture me. But why give me an innocent…her? Was it meant as a punishment for her? Maybe she wasn’t a part of their joke. Maybe she was just as much of a victim as I was in this. She seemed so honest and sincere last night. I was used to being treated as a monster and it’s been hard for me to open up to anyone, or anything. I felt a sharp pain in my chest as I thought back to how I had treated her since she arrived. I needed to make this right.
Standing in the kitchen where she had left me, I was absolutely clueless as to how to handle this situation. I had no idea where in the manor she could have gone to, but I was sure one of my staff could direct her.
Pulling out my cell, I called Logan.
“Yeah, Boss?”
“If she asks to leave before the twenty-four hours are up, tell her no,” I growled into the phone.
“Sure thing, Boss.”
“And stay the f√¢k away from her.”
I hung up before he could respond and made my way to my office. I needed to get in touch with the agency and let them know that I wanted an extension on Bella. I also needed to figure out what the f√¢k they were playing at by sending her to me, and how to make it up to Bella after last night.
Plopping down behind my desk, I called the agency’s director on her personal number. I’m a high paying client even if I took a few months off here and there.
“Hello, Mr. Stone. How may I assist you today?”
“Cut the shit, Sheila. Why don’t you explain to me why the f√¢k you sent me a goddamn virgin last night?”
Sheila Black was one tough bitch and I knew she wouldn’t appreciate my tone, but I was beyond caring because I knew that, in the end, money talks louder than her attitude.
“Excuse me, Mr Stone. I am not sure what Candy told you, or what fantasy she may have been acting out, but I assure you, you were sent a trained professional as per your usual request last night.”
“Candy? The blonde? No. You’re mistaken, Sheila. A brunette called Annabella was sent to me last night. Or at least that’s what she said.”
I heard the rusting of papers and f!ng£rs tapping rapidly away on a keyboard before the line went silent.
“Sheila, did you f√¢king hear me? I do not feel like repeating myself. I am calling to find out why and also to request an extension on her. I want more time to—”
“Mr. Stone,” she cut me off, “there has been a huge mistake. I need more time to investigate further in to how this mix-up happened, but you, sir, were not supposed to receive Annabella last night. Another client has already purchased her as his bride. She is to remain untouched until her wedding night.”
“What?” I roared. My hand tightened around the phone and I felt it creak in protest under the pressure. I felt a surge of rage bubbling up inside me when the fact that she had been promised to another man registered. I might be damaged and even slightly bent, but she was mine.
“I am so sorry, Mr. Stone. I had no idea. Candy was your usual request. There must have been a mix up. She reported in last night but made no mention of being sent to a new client.”
I remained silent, unsure of what to say. Still white knuckling my phone, I had no idea how to process the situation.
“I can assure you that this has never happened before, Mr. Stone, and it will never happen again. We will issue you a full refund for any inconvenience caused. We’ll send a driver out to collect Annabella immediately. I deeply apologize for the confusion. I understand if you wish to discontinue our services.”
Shared on whatsapp by Martino.
Her words shook me out of my silence, and a tickle of panic crept up my spine at the thought of someone taking Bella away from me. In a matter of hours, I had gone from being suspicious of her to not wanting her to ever leave my side. Giving myself a mental smack, I pulled myself together and spoke as smoothly as I could.
“Let’s not be so hasty, Sheila.” All I could think about was Annabella was meant for someone else. I knew she would leave eventually, but I wanted more time with her. I needed more time with her. I craved her.
Keeping my voice cool and casual so as to not raise any suspicion, I continued, “Since the girl’s no longer a virgin, and that seemed to be her selling feature, I’m willing to pay for another night of service with her. After all, she’s already here so there’s no need to send someone new.”
I might have almost convinced myself as well after that statement.
“That will not be necessary, Mr. Stone. Her buyer will still want her immediately regardless of—”
“How about I quadruple your normal rate for another 24 hours?” I interrupted.
“I’m sure you have enough on your plate today, explaining to your other client how his virgin bride is no longer…pure.”
It made me physically sick just thinking about the other man who was going to touch my angel. I won’t allow it. I wasn’t sure how everything changed this fast, but just thinking about how this might be the last time Bella and I would be together pulled at my stone cold heart. She had awoken something deep inside of me that I thought was long gone.
I could hear the hesitation in her voice.
“That would be beyond our policy, Mr. Stone, and highly inappropriate. This is something that might damage our reputation, if it were to get out.”
Oh I heard her loud and clear.
“Exactly, Sheila. This is something we need to keep between just the two of us. I can wire you the funds immediately, and you just have to leave the paperwork for another 24 hours. We can call it a bonus. It’s gratuity for your discretion over the years.”
There was a long pause and I knew I had her. Sometimes you’ve got to throw some money at the problem.
“Very well, Mr. Stone. I will send the driver tomorrow evening to retrieve Miss Annabella. Thank you for your understanding.”
My thoughts kicked in at the use of her title ‘Miss Annabella’ and I quickly amended my stipulation.
“Sheila, while I am wiring the funds, I would appreciate it if you would send Annabella’s file over to me. I would *like her full work-up, seeing as how she’d be staying in my home for yet another night, and I wasn’t* fully informed of her history before allowing her entrance.”
The small threat was there, and I knew Sheila was a smart woman. She wouldn’t refuse the information I was asking for as I was holding all the cards. I could ruin her business with just a few well-placed phone calls.
“Of course, Mr. Stone. I will email the documents to you immediately.”
I smiled into the phone. “Until next time.”
Hanging up, I finished transferring the money. I’m willing to bet good ol’ Sheila would sell me her grandmother for the bonus she’s about to get. I clicked over to my email and hear the ping of a new message. Sheila’s email contained only the file and a cursory signature at the bottom.
I opened the file and waited for it to download onto my computer. Knowing Annabella was destined to be another man’s bride made me ill. Maybe her file would give me some insight as to why she would sell herself in the first place.
Her file contained basic information with a few other details. This was something any of the agency’s clients could request. It seems my Bella’s file is a little longer than the ones I’m used to. I wonder if it’s because she’s meant to be a bride? The women I usually pay for only have the basics listed. Height, weight, hair color, and s£×ual abilities; nothing more.
Bella’s file started off with her picture. I traced my f!ng£r over the screen, trying to touch her beauty. Her full name is Annabella Marie Blanco. It says that she’s only 20 years old. I knew she was young but I’m almost 14 years older than her. I guess as time passed, age difference won’t matter too much. That thought made me stop short. The image of a future with her kept appearing in my mind. I had no idea where these feelings were coming from. Shaking my head to clear my thoughts, I read on.
Height 5’3, weight 140, half Hispanic half American. No family listed, and under s£×ual history in bold letters were the words “VIRGIN”.
I grinned wolfishly and thought to myself, not anymore.
It stated that she had heard of the agency from a nurse who cared for her deceased father. There was also a letter of citizenship present; I’m guessing this was to show she wasn’t relying on her future husband to get a citizenship. Flipping through the pages, I found an IQ test. Jesus, how thorough were these people? It seems like my Beauty had the brains as well. At the back of her file contained her most recent physical along with her blood work, stating that she was disease free. But the bottom portion had me raising my brow though.
Birth Control: None
I might have gotten her pregnant last night. My chest warmed and I had this sudden and overwhelming urge to go find her. I felt my d!¢k harden at the thought that she might be carrying my child.
This is crazy. Images of her being bound to me, round with my child came flooding into my mind and I couldn’t help but swell with pride. I had to find her and make up for last night. I also needed to explain to her that I wasn’t her intended husband and that I would not let her leave me. I had to convince her to stay, to choose me.

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