Owning the beast episode 4

Breaking the silence I asked, “Does everyone come running when Mr. Stone calls?”
“Generally so. What is that wonderful smell?” Logan smirked.
“I made breakfast. Feel free to sit next to me, you can have this plate if you like. You can keep me company while I eat. Mr. Stone isn’t much of a conversationalist.”
Griffin slammed his coffee cup down on the table and I snapped head up to look at him. I was stunned to see the shattered remains of the cup. “Anna, stop with the goddamn Mr. Stone shit, and no, Logan will not be sitting next to you eating my goddamn breakfast.”
Rolling my eyes, I caught Logan smothering his laughter and I couldn’t resist prodding the beast once more. “But I thought you don’t eat breakfast, Griffin? There’s no need to let it go to waste. You don’t like to share?”
Stomping over to the breakfast bar, Griffin plopped down onto the chair next to me and began shoveling food into his mouth, cleaning his plate in record time. I’m amazed he didn’t choke. Pretending to take a sip of my coffee, I hid my grin behind the cup.
“There. Are you happy now, woman? I ate your fucking breakfast.” I was actually quite happy but I think I’ll keep that tidbit to myself. Griffin didn’t seem to like that I was giving Logan my attention and it warmed my stomach. I couldn’t help but crave more of his possessiveness, and so I tried again.
“Well, it looks like you enjoyed it, with how fast you ate. Logan, can I whip up something for—”
Turning in his chair to face me, Griffin interrupted my question. “Logan has work. That’s what I pay him to do. And when I pay for something, I expect those people to do their jobs.”
“On that note, Boss, I’ll be out back if you need me,” Logan said, half running from the room.
I could see that we were back to that whore thing again. Maybe I had pushed him too far, or maybe I should push him even harder. I thought back to my conversation with the girls at the agency; they had told me about the things men like, and how sex usually turns them into docile little kittens. Well, he had sex last night and he doesn’t seem all that docile.
“Isn’t sex supposed to make a man happy? Did you not get what you wanted last night? Did you not get your fill?” I questioned, trying to bait him a little more. A thrill of excitement rushed through me every time I gave him a tiny jab. Rising from my chair, I leaned over his shoulder, grabbing his plate while giving him a nice look down the front of my dress. If it’s a whore he wants, then it’s a whore he’ll get.
Walking to the other side of the breakfast bar, I placed the dirty dishes in the sink. I felt the warmth of Griffin’s body as he stalked up to stand behind me, pressing into my back and pushing me up against the counter. I could feel his hard-on nudging against my ass through our clothes and my body began to respond to his close proximity.
Brushing my hair off my right shoulder, he brought his lips close to my ear, whispering, “I think it’s clear after last night that you can’t handle me, sweet Bella. If I were you, I wouldn’t bait me. Or is that what you’re trying to do?”
Leaning in, he licked and nipped at the shell of my ear, causing me to shiver in delight.
“Maybe I should flip your dress up, rip your underwear off, and get my fill.”
While his words were crude, they seemed to shoot straight to my clit. When I had first arrived at the mansion last night, Griffin’s harsh commands had terrified me yet turned me on at the same time.
There was just something about his rough and dominating demeanor that gets my body heated up and my pussy creaming. I like it yet I hate it. But I wanted to play with the beast. I want to feel alive again.
Slowly turning around in his arms, I craned my neck up to gaze into his captivating eyes. I hadn’t really noticed how tall he was until this moment. He had to be at least 6’3 or maybe 6’4, giving him almost a whole foot on my 5’2 stature. Griffin quickly turned his face to the side the moment our gaze met, showing me the unscarred side. My heart clenched in pain for what he’d been through.
Griffin opened his mouth to say what I was sure to be something nasty again, but I was onto his game now; whenever he felt vulnerable, he lashed out like a child. Cutting him off, I asked, “What underwear?” While it was a lie, the question fell easily from between my lips. I took a step closer and he took a step back.
What a turn of events. It seemed like I’d be the one doing the stalking today. I could tell that he didn’t quite know how to react to my actions by the look on his face. He pushed and lashed out, in hopes of getting me to back away from him. He wants me; I could see it burning in his eyes. But only on his own terms so that he could maintain control of the situation, so that I couldn’t get close enough to hurt him. I wanted to shatter his control.
Running my hands down his broad, firm chest, I dropped to my knees in front of him.
“What are you doing, Bella? Stop your little games and stand up this instance.” He growled.
Ignoring his command, I reached for his belt, unhooking it and letting it hang open. He made no move to stop me.
“I thought you wanted a whore, sir?” I questioned innocently as I flicked the button on his pants open. “I know I’m new at this, but the girls at the agency told me what to do. They even made me demonstrate on toys for them.” Peering up at Griffin through my long lashes, I slid the zipper down, the sound unseemingly loud in empty room.
Giving his waistband a slight tug, Griffin’s hard cock sprung free, hitting me in the face, leaving a smear of pre-cum behind. “I see I’m not the only one not wearing underwear today.” I couldn’t help but tease him, even though I did have my panties on. I’m soaking through them though.
I glanced up at his face, wanting to see his reaction. I could hardly believe what I was doing but seeing the feral look on his face made every second worth it. His eyes were wide with hunger, his chest heaving with each deep breath he took. More. Wrapping my hand around his silky length, I gave it a firm squeeze before stroking his cock, drawing a soft moan from his lips.
“Are you telling me that a cock has never crossed those lips before? No one has ever fucked this sassy mouth? Filled you up with cum?” Griffin grunted as he thrust his hips into my hand.
“No matter what I say, I doubt you’d believe me anyway.” Using my free hand, I tugged his pants lower before reaching in and rolling his balls between my fingers, playing with them.
“Fuck, Bella. Please, just say it,” he rasped. Did he like knowing that he’s my first? Was he turned on by my innocence?
“You’ll be my first,” I whispered shyly. Leaning forward, I used my hand to bring his cock closer to my mouth. Before I could have my first taste, Griffin twisted my hair around his hand and tugged my head up firmly.
“Your only, Bella.” He rumbled deep in his chest.
Nodding my consent, he loosened his grip on me. Taking a deep breath of his musky scent, I flicked my tongue over his slit, tasting his salty pre-cum before taking the tip of his cock into my mouth to better taste him.
“God, Bella. Your mouth feels so good. Take more of me in. Now.” He groaned, rolling his hips. Relaxing my jaws a little more, I slowly sank down onto his length, taking him further into my mouth. I felt his fingers tangling into my hair, wrapping it around his hand and holding my head in place. His touch was so unlike last night, soft yet firm. I took him in deeper and deeper until he filled my mouth completely, hitting the back of my throat. I could feel his soft curls tickling my nose and my lips stretched as far as they could around his girth. Giving small, short thrusts, his cock bumped against the back of my throat and I swallowed repeatedly, trying to keep my gag reflex down. Griffin pulled back a little as if afraid that he might choke me. Removing the hand on his balls, I moved to cup the firm cheeks of his ass, kneading them lightly before pulling him fully into my mouth. Griffin let out a loud moan. Taking that as encouragement, I tightened my lips around his cock, sucking harder and flicking my tongue over his slit while bobbing my head up and down his length, slowly picking up speed.
“Bella, stop!” he cried, grabbing onto one of my shoulders while tugging at my hair gently but firmly, trying to pull me off of him.
I ignored him.
“If you don’t stop right this minute, I’m going to cum in your mouth.” His words came out in such a rush, I almost couldn’t understand him. I moaned around his cock, letting him know that that was what I had wanted, and I felt his thighs tense from the sinful vibrations. I wanted him to lose control. I wanted him to lose himself in me. I wanted to take away all the anger and sadness he was carrying, even if it was only for just a moment.
“Or is that what you want? You want my cum? Alright I think you’ve earned it.”
His cock swelled up slightly, stretching my lips even more before it pulsed in my mouth as he gave one particularly hard thrust. I felt spurts of his warm cum coating my mouth as it hit the back of my throat, hard and fast. Swallowing quickly, I relished in his musky flavor, using my tongue to lick him clean, stopping to nibble and nip at his balls. Feeling him soften, I slid his cock from my mouth and gave the tip of his cock one final kiss before standing up. I felt my heart sink when I saw the look on Griffin’s face. He looked as livid as before.
Feeling crushed, horny, and frustrated, I turned some of my anger on him. “Well, if I’m done being a whore for the moment, I think I’ll go explore the house.” I snarled, turning to leave the room before he could see the tears swimming in my eyes.
I watched as Annabella left the room. I made no move to stop her. Reaching down, I tucked my now spent cock back in my pants. I had no idea where that mind-blowing blowjob came from but all it did was just confuse me even more. The women I usually hired from the agency were always in a rush to leave as soon as the fucking was over. Granted I paid for 24 hours of service, but it never bothered me when they left before it was up. Annabella was the only one to have ever stayed the night.
She was the only woman I had ever allowed to sleep in my home, much less in my bed. I couldn’t help but think back to last night.
I sank down outside the bathroom door, giving her a moment to cry in peace. Every sob that fell from her lips tugged at my heartstrings, slowly melting the ice around my stone cold heart. I imagine losing one’s virginity to a beast like me must have been traumatizing. After her cries had quietened down, I went to retrieve the skeleton key from my bedside table and unlocked the door. There she was, lying on the bathroom rug, curled up into a tiny ball, soft huffs of breaths ruffling her hair as she slept. Cautiously, I slid an arm around her back and the other under her knee, tugging her into my chest, loving how right she felt in my arms. I gently picked her up and carried her to my bed.
Laying her down on the silk sheets, a dried patch of blood between her thighs and on the bed caught my eye. A jolt of panic washed over me as I tugged at my pants, looking down at my cock to find a trace of blood there as well.
“Fuck,” I breathed out heavily.
We hadn’t used a condom. I wasn’t worried about STDs though since the agency was always meticulous about having their employees and clients tested. I’m sure she was on some kind of birth control as well as it was another rule for the escorts. There was nothing for me to worry about. I just couldn’t believe that I had forgotten to use one. I had never forgotten. Never

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