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Owning the beast episode 10 – finale

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Owning the beast episode 10 – finale by : 8:46 pm On January 11, 2021
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“Your biting fetish is quickly becoming a favorite thing of mine,” he whispered huskily. I could feel some of the tension leaving his body.
Releasing his nlpp!e, I slowly made my descent down his stomach to his hip bone, klzzing, s√¢king and biting on my way down until I was on my knees. Smiling up at him, I ran my tongue along his hard shaft which was standing at full attention. I took the head into my mouth, s√¢kling him gently, and Griffin groaned, grabbing me by the upper arms and pulled me to my feet.
“I’m sorry, Angel, I don’t have any control right now and I’m afraid I’ll choke you. I need to be inside you now. Right now.”
“Take me, Griffin, I’m yours. All yours.”
Gripping me by my hips, Griffin turned me around to face the shower wall.
“Brace yourself, Angel.”
Grabbing ahold of the shower bar for leverage, he entered me hard and fast. The sharp pain of entry was swiftly washed away by the pleasure that followed.
Sliding one hand from my hip up to my br£@st, he used his thumb to tease my nlpp!e until it was fully erect. Griffin placed wet bites on my shoulder and I knew I would be able to find marks there later.
“I wish I could say I’m sorry for being so rough but I’m going to f√¢k you hard, thoroughly, and until you can’t walk because you are mine and I’ll do with you as is pleases me. You’re just so f√¢king hot and tight. “ He grunted as he continued to thrust deep inside of me and I could feel him filling every inch of me. “I just need you. I need to know that you’re here. That no one can ever take you from me again.”
“Don’t stop,” I panted. “I can take you. Fill me with your cock, Griffin…with your cum. Give it all to me.”
“f√¢k, I love it when my little Beauty talks dirty.”
“And I love when my husband-to-be f√¢ks me like a beast.” I m0@ned, my body tensing up as my orgasm approached.
Releasing my br£@st, Griffin slid his hand down to my p√zzy, spreading my lips and with one touch to my clit, my orgasm broke free and I screamed.
“f√¢k! That’s it. Milk my cock, sweet Bella. Pull every drop deep into your p√zzy.” He grunted, filling me once again with his seed.
Lifting me back around, he held his forehead to mine, our breaths mingling intimately as we tried to calm our racing hearts. After a few moments, he grabbed a wash cloth and started to clean me up.
Pulling me out from the shower, Griffin dried me off, his touches lingering over my br£@sts and between my legs before scooping me up into his arms. Carrying me over our room, he placed me on the bed.
“Don’t we need to go back down and handle everything?” I murmured, suddenly feeling exhausted from the events that had occurred today.
“No, Angel, you’re done with all of that. Never will I let darkness touch you again. You lie here and get some rest. I’ll come right back up once I get all of this taken care of. Promise me you’ll stay put.”
His words had an overwhelming effect on me. “I will not let darkness touch you again.” And I knew he would keep his word. For the first time in forever, I felt utterly safe and protected in my life. With that, I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.
~ ~ ~ ~
God, that feels so good, I thought to myself as my eyes flickered open. Lying on my belly, two enormous, callous hands gripped my hips, bringing my ass higher up into the air. I felt broad shoulders spreading my legs further apart and my p√zzy clenched in lust. Griffin.
His roughened tongue took long, slow licks from my clit to my ass, causing my whole body to throb and tremble in pleasure.
“Please, Griffin, I—”
I gasped, unable to complete my sentence as one of his hands on my hip slid down to my ass. His tongue and f!ng£r seemed to be fighting for entry. Taking turns. Griffin slowly licked, caressed and finally breached my tight entrance. My f!ng£rs clawed at the bedding as his f!ng£r finally won the war and his tongue went straight to my clit. The pleasure was instantaneous and intense. Gone were the slowly teasing licks as he went straight for my clit, s√¢king it into his mouth with hard pulls, dragging his tongue along it as his f!ng£r continued to thrust shallowly into my ass. Soon enough, my climax was quickly ripping through me.
Griffin’s tongue breached my body as he parted my p√zzy walls. Using his other hand, he lifted my ass higher up in the air, trying to get his tongue deeper inside me.
“Griffin, oh god. I can’t take it anymore,” I begged. Griffin sawed his tongue in and out of my p√zzy and I clenched up in pleasure as he lapped up my juices before he withdrew fully and climbed up my body. The heat in his eyes made me quiver in anticipation.
“I had to make sure I got every precious drop of your sweet cream, Angel,” he said, placing soft klzzes around my neck, pulling me back to his chest to spoon me, draping himself comfortably around me. “I could eat that sweet little cunt of yours for hours if you let me and I’ll still be wanting more.”
Giggling, I relaxed against Griffin, enjoying and relishing in the warmth and security of being in his arms.
“Is everything okay? I mean do I—”
“Shh, Angel. Don’t worry about a thing. I’ve taken care of it.”
“But how? I mean—”
“Enough, Angel. Trust me. I’ve got money and know the right people. If I tell someone I don’t want them talking to you then trust me, they will not be talking to you. Just put it out of your mind, Bella. Rest. I will never let something like that happen to you again.”
“It’s okay, Griffin. I’ve heard and seen much worse where I came from.”
Grunting, Griffin rolled me over so that we were both on our sides, facing each other.
“I know, my Beauty. After I found out about the mix up, I had Logan get all the info he could find on you.”
“When did you find out? That I wasn’t who you thought I was?” I questioned.
“Well, it wasn’t until after your little show in kitchen this morning and some well placed calls that it finally registered in my mind.” Sighing, he leaned in, placing a soft klzz on my lips. Flicking my tongue out and licking my lips, I could taste him on me.
“I was drawn to you the moment I saw you step out of that damn car. You were a soft, sweet beauty that I’d never seen before and I had thought I could never possibly have you. An angel.”
“Oh, Griffin,” I whispered, taking my hand and placing it on the scarred side of his face. I wanted him to know that his scars didn’t bother me. In fact, I couldn’t imagine him without them.
“Let me finish, Bella. I want to get this all out so you’ll understand.”
Nodding, he continued.
“I was so mad, Angel. Here was the most perfect woman I had ever laid my eyes on and I knew right then that I wanted you. I wanted you so f√¢king bad I couldn’t stand it. I thought a woman like you would only be with a man like me because she was paid to. Here today, gone tomorrow. I was, as you said… A beast to you. I called the agency to request more time with you. I couldn’t let you leave. Once I found out about the mix up, that you wanted a husband, I had a new goal. Even after the way I had treated you on your first night here, you were still so sweet to me. You were going to stay. I thought that maybe a soul as sweet as yours could fall in love with one as twisted as mine. Stay, Bella. Choose me to be your husband, Angel. I needed time to show you, so I tried to get more. Seems like my time is up now, my sweet Bella,” he whispered my name against my ear, his warm breath tickling me, his musky spicy scent filling my every pore, sending pleasurable shivers up and down my spine.
“I will spend every day for the rest of our lives trying to make it up to you if you’ll let me. I read the file about your life in Mexico. I can’t understand how you still seem to be dripping with sweetness despite all the sadness and evil you have seen. You’ve been through so much but here you are, trying to ease my pain. I want you to stay, Bella. Be my wife, make me whole again. I’ll protect you, give you everything you could ever want for, and I promise, I’ll love you more than anyone else in this whole goddamn world.”
Flinging myself at him, I landed on top of him with an “oof”. Straddling his hips, I peppered klzzes on every inch of him I could reach. I could feel his cock slowly hardening beneath me and I squirmed.
“I take that as a yes then?” Griffin laughed heartily.
“I love you too, my Griffin. I’ll stay and be your wife, but under one condition,” I teased. Lifting up slightly to align his cock with my opening, I slowly slid down his length.
“Angel, I don’t think there is a thing on this planet you could ask for when you’re wrapped around my cock, that I wouldn’t give you.” With that said, he thrust up into me, burying himself balls deep into me, filling me to the brim.
M0@ning, I told him my final demand. “Just don’t lose all of that beastly-ness you have inside of you, I kind of love him too.”
“Is that right, my Beauty?” he grunted, thrusting hard and picking up his speed. “You want some of my beast? Then you’re going to get him.” He growled, nipping my neck. Flipping us both so he was now on top of me, he rammed himself deep into me and let himself go.
“Yes, Griffin, let him loose. Give him to me,” I panted, letting out a tiny whimper with each hard shove, feeling him pound away. “Give me all of you.”
“You’ve owned every part of me since you stepped out of the car.” He crashed his lips to mine, slipping his tongue into my mouth, licking, claiming and dominating every inch of me.
Alone. Neither of us will ever be alone again.
The end

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