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Our love story episode 21 – finale

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Our love story episode 21 – finale by : 9:07 pm On April 22, 2021
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(When innocent😇Meet freaky🔞)
My heart shattered at those words. I felt broken and shattered.
Without thinking twice. I stood up held her by the hands and dragged her to the back of the house.
“Leave me alone. Punk. Don’t you even dare touch me if you don’t want me to sue you for harassment”, she snarled. And brought out a wiper from her handbag and started cleaning the spot I touched her.
“What’s was that you told my child”
“Your what. Wait. Benjamin are you drunk this afternoon. Who the hell told you Tania is your child. Where you jot the one who said you never touched me. So what the hell brought this conversation”, she yelled.
“You just have to hear me out. I didn’t mean…..
Oh spare me that sh*t. I don’t want to hear your petty lies. Just stay away from me and my child”, she cut me short and walked away”.
The tears I’ve been trying to hold came running down my cheeks. I sat down on the ground. Adown ept like a child.
Is she going to treat me like this. I said I’m sorry. I really want to hold my child in my hands and rain klzzes on her cheeks.
(Princess’s mom)
We settled down on the couch”
Princess my dear. I want to tell you a story about my life. How I met and loss your dad”,
Mom. But you divorced dad yourself”, she said.
Well. The man you know as your father isn’t your father. Your father is a British boy not an american boy”, I explained. A gasp escape her lips as her eyes widened in shock.
But before I start. Go get Benjamin. And don’t you dare complain”, I ordered. In less that five minute he was here.
He sat beside me as I started the story”
“Well let me start. From the beginning”.
We where in the exam hall. I was just seventeen years old then. I was about writing jamb.
And cage was part of the student. Ready to write the jamb with us.
He was so handsome that all the girls in the exam hall kept throwing their selves on him. But he ignored them.
Making me think he was a snub.
So. I decided to admire him from afar. Before the exam commerce I used him as my distraction. Because staring at his face felt like magic.
When we were through with the exam. I headed home with a gloomy face. Because deep down I knew I won’t see my Prince charming again.
But something strange happened. I bumped into him on the way.
“The funniest part of it was that he actually acknowledge me.
Hi. Am cage. What’s yours pretty?”
Am. Margret”, I blush. But his friend kept throwing klzzes at me from behind”
Well. This is my best friend Jakes”, he introduce the dude.
Alright”, was all I could say”
Few months into our friendship he asked me out. I was so happy I willingly accepted.
But. Everything started crumbling immediately he got his admission. He was going to further his education in his country.
I was heartbroken. So told him to make love to me.
Babe. Common. I don’t want to touch you. We’ve not even be dating for eight months and you’re asking me to do such. No please”,he said
One thing led to another which cursed our misunderstanding. So he had to do what I asked him to.
A month later i found out I was pregnant. I told him since had not left yet. He was so happy he started treating me like a queen.
He did a lot of things for me”.
But another problem came. My patents. They were military servant. They where solders. The both of them.
But because of the love I had for him. I opened up about my pregnancy to them. And I even made him visit them.
“So after a while. My marriage with him was being prepared. But something tragic happened.
The cab he entered home the day he visited my parents got into a very bad accident leading to his death.
I cried and cried which led into depression. But what pained me most was Jakes that stupid friend of his. He began visiting me constantly with flowers and other stupid gifts.
My parents fell into his trap. And forced me to marry him. They threatened and forced me to it.
The day of the stupid marriage. I forced him to court cus I didn’t wanted to have a ceremony with a man I don’t even like.
“We did the court marriage. And decided to go home. But the imaginable happened. A mighty wind from no where. Crush the court house down killing the everyone who was inside it. Well it was only the priest that was inside.
And as from that day. That same wind as been roaming around me. Every single time.
I tried hoding the tears back but I just couldn’t. I held my lips preventing me from screaming.
I just needed to let my pain and sorrows out”
“Well. The reason I told you guys this story is because you guys are behaving like kids. Now you princess. You can still see Benjamin. You can still hold him and embrace him.
What if one day. You wake up and find out he’s gone. Just like I lost my love I don’t want you to loose yours. Give him a listening ear even tho I know his excuse is lame”, I explained.
Now the both of you get out of my room and go and solve your differences”, I ordered and pushed them out.
I rest my back on door. My legs became wobbling so I let the fall. My butt hit the ground as I rested my head on the door.
I whimpered as I stared at nothing in particular. I always felt his i
Presence in that wind but why can’t I feel it anymore. I don’t know how but I can’t just feel him around me anymore.
“I kept cleaning the tears that rolled down my cheeks. But it kept coming.
I didn’t even realise when I hugged him – Benjamin.
I know you wronged me. But I don’t want to loose you. I still love you”, I whimpered as I said those words.
I’m sorry too my love. I was just too scared my parents won’t accept you. That’s why I rejected the pregnancy. I’m so sorry”, he said. I could hear sniffing.
I love you Benjamin”
I love you too princess”
“Common. You must wake up to day cage. You must. Your family needs you, just open your eyes.
I encouraged myself. And immediately I started seeing lights. And finally my eyes opened. But the light was too bright so I shot it back. And carefully opened it for the second time.
I saw Mary sitting down beside me. Admiring me as always. If this girl knows I’ve a daughter of her age she won’t be staring at me like that.
Water”, I muttered. She flinch and sprang on her feet to get me water immediately.
“After taking the water. I relaxed.
Afterwards. I thanked the hospital staff and the man that brought me to the hospital in the first place.
After explaining my situation to Mary. She decided to take me to Lagos to look for my family. But she was sad tho. Because she loved me.
She had been my personal nurse for the passed three years. And she has been the one praying and taking care of me. I don’t blame her.
So today was princess’s mom’s birthday and we were about going out when someone knocked at the door. When I opened the door I saw a man or a boy I really can’t tell.
.he was the exact replica of princess and junior. But this not Jakes princess foster father.
And besides princess’s mom said princess’s dad died on an accident. But anyways I reluctantly gesture him in.
Immediately princess’s mom saw him. She screamed on top of her lungs and fainted.
So you’ve been alive all this time. And you still let me cry day and night”, Margret pouted as she hit my on my chest.
It’s was not easy reviving her. But after a while she woke up and I had to convince her I wasn’t dead”
Well. After all the clues I gave you. You still didn’t figure out I was alive. Didn’t you see the tattoo on princess and Junior’s body. I’M STILL. ALIVE”, I explained and everyone in the room gasp in shock. Except Benjamin.
Well. I figure that out a long time ago. I knew that wind was a human not a normal wind”, he said.
Well. You’re smart that’s why I chose you for my daughter”, I said and winked at him.
But please I’m confuse can you explain”, Margret said. And I sigh.
Well. After I got inside the cab. And after a while the brakes failed. And the first thing I thought about was my child and girlfriend. So I opened the door and jumped out of itm and immediately the car exploded.
And the power from the explosion pushed me off the road. And I fell off and landed on a boat.
But before I lost consciousness. I had pleaded with one of the men to take me to an hospital.
But when I woke up. I found out I was in a spirit form. And when ever I passed someone they always feel it’s a wind. So I used that to my advantage.
Immediately I thought about you. I found myself in front of a court. When I got inside I saw you marrying my best friend.
Immediately you guts got out. Out of anger and frustration. I crushed the whole place down. I never knew I had such powers. But I was glad I did.
Immediately you put to bed. I wrote something on princess’s chest. I’M STILL,, trying to give you UE. If you would understand. But you ignored it.
During that period the only person who could see me. Was princess. I’d always play with her. And as well I added some drugs inside Jakes morning and evening tea to give him low chances of getting a woman pregnant.
I made sure I procted you from any danger. I did my best. Cus I know you where depressed and you never had time for my baby. So I took care of her myself.
And by the way. I’m dissapointed in you for that”.
After some time. Princess could no longer see me. Cus she had the opportunity to talk. And if she sees me she would want to the it yo the whole world.
After a while I took my focus on you. And the year princess clocked ten was the worst year of my miserable life. Because you allowed that no good friend of mine actually sleep with you.
Out of anger. I started looking for anything dangerous and luckily I saw a snake which was about biting you in the kitchen. So I took the snake and places it in his car.
And every time he sleeps with you. I always find a way to use that snake on him. But the arm rubbing was not me. Maybe he got unfortunate.
And that’s how I’ve been living my life. Yeah. Less I forget, the day Benjamin took the water mixed with s£× pills I was the one that removed the cup from it’s hidden place and placed it on the dinning table.
And the day you slit your wrist princess. I was the one that stopped the bleeding”.
Wow. You really tried, so you mean you’ve been living your life like this the whole time”, Margret asked ready in tears.
Yeah. I’ve, and as for the cause of the brake fail that day. Jakes was the one who tempered with brakes. All because he wanted you for himself”, I said gritting my teeth in anger.
Thank goodness I’ve dealt with him. The way he deserve. You don’t wanna know what I did.
Oh my God. You mean he’s behind all my sorrows. Thank goodness I’d divorced him”, Margret exclaimed.
And princess. Those couples you’re staying with in the states. Is actually my parents. And don’t worry I’d ready spoken with them and I told them everything as well”, I said and her eyes widened in shock.
Life as played a cruel game in my life. But as God would want it. I was able to fight through them.
Mist of you would be wondering why this story is called our love story.
Well. It’s because this love story isn’t about one life. Is all about everyone’s love life.
Mine, my daughter and my son which I still don’t know where I hit him from.
Hey. Cage how cone junior”, I asked. He became nervous immediately and began biting his lips.
Well. I might or mightn’t have slept with you. In your sleep when I was a ghost”, he said and ran away.
He has still not change hua childish attitude.
Well let me go and devour my husband a little.
I don’t wish your love story is going to be the same as ours but I hope your love life as a juicy tale to tell when you’re old.
This is our tale and I hope the people you tell it to.

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