Our love story episode 19 & 20

(When innocent😇Meet freaky🔞)
Oh I’m running out of cash. And I can’t do any work with my condition.
Come on princess think. What do you know what to do best?.
I really need to find a way to start earning money. I kept ranking my brain when an idea struck me.
Yeah I know. I’ve always loved to rap why don’t I just start rapping on the street maybe I can earn some money…..
I was singing on street which has been my only mean of survival about a month ago.
I was still singing when a car stopped in front of me.
I watched eagerly waiting for who so ever it is to step out.
“A couple stepped outta the car. I think they would be in their mid fifty’s or sixty’s.
“They came to me with a smile plastered in their faces….
Young girl we’ve been watching for weeks now. And I must say you’re really talented”, the man said. But I kept shut.
‘ Mom always warned me about strangers. So I don’t talk to people I don’t know”
Well we would love to sign you in. In the music industries so you can show the world your talents”, the woman said this time around.
Well I’m sorry to disappoint you two. I’m not interested” I said in the most polite way I could.
I arranged the money I made that day and started heading home. Leaving them dumbfounded.
(Princess’s mom)
” Mom I’m scared. How do I explain my pregnancy to people”
Before I divorced Jakes. We were not intimate for almost a year. But suddenly I became two months pregnant and now I’m almost due for delivery.
I will be putting to bed in less than a month” I said. I was really restless, how can full grown woman like me get pregnant without being touched.
” I’m not going to answer that question Margret cus you already know the answer” she said. Gush must she always bring that stupid wind into out discussion.
Mom. Please. Please don’t go there. How can a simple wind get me pregnant. I know I always feel someone touching me at night but i don’t think it’s the wind”. I lash and stormed outta the room.
Things are getting more complicated by the moment. On one hand Benjamin keeps trying to end his life and here is this pregnancy.
God. Am I running mad?.
“Ma’am Lizzy and I was having our home lesson when I felt something wet on my laps.
I placed my ands there and it was wet. Not of blood but something much slimy and whatever”
That’s when the pain came rushing like hot fire was poured inside of my legs.
“Ahhhh”, I yelped in pain alerting Mrs Lizzy”
I-i- th- ink th-e ba-by i-i-is coming”, I managed to say though the pain.
Ahhhhhggh. Oh I my back” I yelled hitting her on her laps.
We’re almost there” she said and placed me inside her car and drove off.
(Princess’s mother)
“Ouuuuu. Ahhhh. Becareful Benjamin haven’t you gotten a cab yet” I yelled rubbing my waist.
I can’t believe it’s been so long I have birth that the feeling is new”
Benjamin came running.
Immediately he got close to me. I landed a slap on his back. The pain was just too much”
He succeeded in getting me into the cab. The driver stepped on it immediately and drove off.
Wow what a beautiful baby girl” I cooed as I stared at the sleeping beauty. She was just too beautiful.
Alexa can you imagine this beauty came out of a young fifteen year old girl?” I said. She gasp in shock immediately.
You mean this young Lady here is fifteen?. Oh! What have our new generation turn into?.
How can such a young girl ruin her life by getting pregnant at this age”
“Well I’ve an idea. You remember those couples looking for a child?” I asked. And she nodded.
Well. Why don’t we lift this burden off this young girl’s shoulders?”, I suggested. Already fantasising on how rich I’m about to become because of this baby.
You must be mad. How can take a new born baby from her mother?. Are you this heartless?”, she lash in disgust.
“Oh spare me that sh*t. I don’t care if she dies all I want is my money”, I said bluntly”
You’re so evil. Well you can do whatever you want I’m outta here” she said and ran outta the ward.
“Well more money for me then”
Well congratulations your mom just gave birth to a bouncy baby boy” the nurse announced.
” I jumped up. Dancing like a kid. I knew it was gonna be a boy. But she didn’t believe me.
“I ran into the ward. Scanning e everywhere with my eyes searching for the baby. Until I heard his little voice.
I walked closer to him and carried him in my hands. Awn. He’s so cute and small.
‘ Why’s my baby crying?” I cooed and played with his hands.
They where so soft. But it hasn’t opened yet.
I watched as princess mom breastfeed her baby. It’s was such a wonderful sight to behold”
” It’s seems you’re magician. How did you know it was gonna be a boy?” She asked as she stared at her baby lovingly. One could clearly see the spark in her eyes as she breastfeed him.
‘ Well a lucky guess. I wonder if princess as put to bed as well” I said. Sadness ready clouding me.
Well you just have to keep praying”
I gently carried the baby. Making sure she doesn’t make a sound. I can’t believe I’m about to be rich. But what will happen to the young girl if she finds out her baby is gone?.
“Well who cares?! As long as I’m rich I don’t f*cking care if she has an heart attack.
I took the baby to the old couples. Who where delighted to see the baby.
Wow! She’s so beautiful. Hope you took permition from her mother before taking the baby?”, the woman asked outta the blue.
Yes. I did”, I lied”
“Give me back my baby”.
I turned back to receive the shock of my life. Oh my!.
By Annabel
(When innocent😇Meet freaky🔞)
Give me back my baby”, I said and rushed to her collected my crying child from the old woman’s hand’s.
I stared at the couples trying to remember where I’ve seen them before”.
Wait. Ain’t you the couples that tried signing me into a music industry?”, I asked. And they nodded.
So this is why?. You wanted to take my baby from me?”, I yelled at them. Not minding their age.
“Young lady. We’re sorry. We asked the nurse to find a child for us. And male sure she takes permition from her”, the old man explained. The old woman broke down in tears immediately.
“You”, I said facing the nurse after handing my baby to the old woman whose face beamed immediately she carried her.
I bent down and pulled her legs. She fell down with a loud thud.
This is just a little. Try stealing someone child again. They will kill you not me”, I lash”
Young lady. Please cab we discuss something with you?”, the old man said. With pleading eyes.
Go on”
Well. The reason we wanted a child is because we want to try raising a child again. Since our son died sixteen years back.
Well on clearer note. We want to abduct you. Please. At least we can have two girls”, he explained.
“I stared at him with pity. Oh so this is why they have been stalking me”.
Well. Alright. But I can still have custody of my child?”, I asked. I don’t want to make a mistake whereby I won’t have custody to my own child.
Of course you can. We would never take a child from her mother”, the woman said for the first time.
After signing all the documents and my contract into the music industry. I followed them home.
I just hope I made a wise decision”.
I stared at his back again trying to comprehend how these tattoo got to his back.
It wasn’t there when I was playing with him”.
I don’t get why princess’s mom always gives birth to children with tattoo.
Princess has this same tattoo on her chest. Hers was I’M STILL.
Now her brother own is STILL ALIVE. Like I don’t understand who’s still alive?.
There’s something fishy going on in this family”.
That stupid breeze blew passed me. And this time it was fool of energy. Like is it happy?.
Uncle Benjamin”, his little voice echoed through the walls. As I held the rope closely to my neck.
Benjamin”, I heard princess’s mother screamed as she dragged me out of the bench.
Common don’t tell me you wanted to commit suicide again?”
I know it’s not easy staying without her. But please be patient she would come around some day”, she said in her usual confronting tone.
When?. Like when is she coming?. I’m twenty seven years now and my mom keeps pressuring me to get married. I’m sick and tired why not just end everything now”, I cried out.
It’s ok”.
Yaaay he’s back”, Isabella cooed and jumped on me”.
Well she has been visiting regularly trying to convince my mom to recommend her as my wife.
And my mom is falling for her tiny trap”.
Isabella how are you?”, I said pushing her away from me.
She glared at me and stormed off”
What’s wrong with her. I don’t know why she keeps throwing herself on me.
Why is he so adamant on marrying that girl?. She has been gone for ten good years. And I pray she doesn’t come back.
If I can’t get him by being nice maybe if I turn bad he’s gonna calm down”.
I sneaked into his room and at that moment he came out of the bathroom half naked and his body dripping with water.
What the hell isa”, he yelled”
I locked the door and began undressing myself. Immediately I was done.
I jumped on him and we both fell on the bed. With him staring at me in disbelief.
I grabbed hold of his manhood trying to bring it to life but it didn’t even twitch like not even any movement.
He pushed me away roughly and began wearing his clothes. I tried stopping him but he pushed me even harder”
Immediately he was done he grabbed hold of my hands roughly and dragged me outta the house with me still naked.
Benjamin please I beg of you don’t embarrass me this way. I will be humiliated”, I pleaded and he stopped. At the front door.
Isabella leave me alone leave me. Am I the only guy in this world?. I don’t want and that’s final. What’s wrong with you?”
Ok now go inside wear your clothes and get out. I don’t want you to ever speak with me again cus I will only embarrass you. Since you don’t value me as a friend I’m no longer your friend again”, he snarled and matched out.
No Benjamin no. You can’t do this to me. Am I not beautiful enough?”.
In fact go to hell. I don’t even want you again”.
What”, I yelled on the phone”
What do you mean my next concert is in Nigeria?. What the f*ck do want me to go there for. Cancle it I ain’t going”,
I don’t f*cking care if the tickets are already been sold out. I ain’t going period”
Fine. But I’m only doing this because of my mom”, I said and hung up.
Maybe going to Nigeria isn’t that bad. I will get to see mom again. And maybe that boy.
“Benjamin let’s play a game”, Benson suggested.
What game”
Hmm. T or D”, he said grinning like a fool. Making princess’s mom and junior (princess’s younger brother) to chuckle.
Alright fine. Will go first. I choose dare”,
Alright I dare you to say something positive”, he said. I sigh as I think of something. But the only thing that cane to my mind was princess.
Ok. I wish princess will come today”, I said.
Idiot. I said something positive and you’re wishing do I look like a fairy that grant wishes?”, he joked. But stopped because of the sounds of fleet of cars the kept dropping into the street.
Ferrari, Lamborghini etc. Like someone needs to be a billionaire to be able to buy cars like this”.
Immediately a young girl came out of the Lamborghini. She could be around her twenties. She was smoking hot. Like I think I’m seeing Nicki minaj.
She catwalk to our direction and immediately hugged princess’s mom”.
Her sweet fragrance filled the air”
Princess mother broke the hug and stared at her like she was a toy.
Please who are you?”, she asked.
Mom so you can’t recognize your own daughter t”, she said. My heart skipped a bit as I heard the word DAUGHTER like she’s princess.
It’s a lie”, her mom exclaimed and pulled her into her embrace.
A smile touched my lips as I gave Benson a big hug. If he had not asked me to say something positive she might not be here right now.
Mom how are you?”, she cooed.
Forget about me. Where’s my grand child?” Princess’s mother asked. Immediately her mood changed.
“Mom please we can talk about this inside the house. I don’t feel comfortably sayingy personal life infront of this people”, she said staring cornily at us well at me.
Wait don’t tell me she aborted my baby?.
Princess’s mom was about saying something when a young beautiful girl came out of the Ferrari. She was being chased by the driver.
Mom”, she yelled flying into princess’s arms”
Tania I thought I told you to stay inside the car”, princess said.
She pout her lips just the way I do. And his behind her mother”.
I chuckle at her behaviour”
You this little introvert” princess said tickling her. Her laughter filled the air as she kept telling princess to stop.
Mummy. I thought you said my daddy lives in Nigeria where’s he”, she asked. A smoke touched my lips as I stared at her. She’s a complete replica of me.
I’m so sorry darling. But I lied. Your dad died a long time ago”
By Annabel

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