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Our love story episode 13 & 14

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Our love story episode 13 & 14 by : 8:43 pm On April 22, 2021
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(When innocent😇Meet freaky🔞)
“Mom” I called stopping her from entering the route that leads to princess’s room”
Yes” he snapped in her usual manner.
Mom I just wanna say sorry for the way I spoke to you earlier” I apologise, she stared at me for time before pulling me into a hug.
Hmm this is what I really needed”
It’s nothing my love, come let’s go shoe this people how to dance” she said with a mischievous smirk and dragged me to the dance floor.
Phew that was close”
Hmm I told you, you won’t hurt me see I’m not hurt” I cooed and cuddle myself closer to him.
Yeah I know I didn’t hurt you, but don’t get too carried away with it, it’s sweet but highly dangerous”
“How?” I asked but he kept quite as if thinking of something.
Benjamin I’ve something to tell you” I cooed”
What’s it my love?” He asked giving me his full attention.
Well I was suppose to see my period two days ago but it didn’t show up” I said and he stared at me for a moment before speaking up”
Well at times delayed just wait for about a week let see if it’s gonna show up” he said not even looking bothered.
What if I’m pregnant” I said but his mood was still the same”
And so?”if you’re pregnant isn’t a bad thing we can handle, see I know where you’re driving at princess, no matter what happens you will always be mine and beside did you actually I didn’t know that something like thus will show up?” He asked but I was just too shock to answer.
Common I planted it inside of you, so I will take care of it, ok I will give you some money to go for a pregnancy test how is that?” he asked and I nodded, I think that will be a very good idea”
I stared at the pregnancy result and gave a sigh of relief, we decided to wait for two more weeks before doing the test.
Tho I’ve been scared for the past weeks but Benjamin as been a great help for me, I just need to show him what the report says”
Hey Benjamin” I cooed immediately I got inside his room”
Hey baby doll so what did the report say?” He asked, I smiled and gave him the report.
Oh my God you’re pregnant” this us great news” he said staring at the report, I can’t believe he is actually happy gosh I’m lucky.
So who’s the father?” he said and I stared at him in awe.
By Annabel
E don happen
(When innocent😇Meet freaky??)
You and your stupid jokes, how can you be joking things like this?’stop it I don’t like it of course you’re the father” she said giggling but I kept a straight face.
I’ve never been intimate with you before and you’re telling me you’re pregnant, have you lost it?” I yelled silently at her”
Bu-t you’re the father, common Benjamin stop this” she said with tears threatening to fall from her eyes.
See I can’t be a father at this age so get out, I don’t want to have anything to do with you, just go and find someone else and put it on his head not me” I said and was about walking away but she knelt down and held my legs.
Benjamin please I beg you with everything you hold dear to you don’t do this to me, you promised you won’t deny me if I get pregnant, I trusted you that’s why I let you touch me.
I love you so much please don’t do this to me” she pleaded with tears rolling down her cheeks”
And besides you can’t run from your responsibility, I will just tell everyone you’re responsible for it” she said still in tears tho.
Oh and who’s gonna believe?”you don’t have any evidence against me’ and besides I’m always quiet and innocent no body will believe you” I said and pushed her away, and walked out of the room.
With tears still in my eyes, I opened the door, mom was sitting down on the couch watching a movie.
Oh my God princess what the hell happened to you?” she said immediately she saw me”
Mom I’m sorry, I thought he loved me” I said crying on her shoulder”
What I don’t get you princess” she said.
Mom I’m pregnant” I dropped the bombshell and a resounding slap followed”
Princess what are you talking about?, are you crazy, do you think you can joke with things like that?” She said and another slapped followed”
I’m sorry” I said”
What have you ever asked for that I’ve never given to you, you this ungrateful girl, get out of my sight” she said and pushed just the way Benjamin did.
I ran into my room and jammed the door”
Benjamin no matter what I will never forgive you for this, a day will come whereby you will need my forgiveness but I won’t be there to give it to you.
I slammed my glass frame on the floor making it shattered, I took one of the pieces and slit my wrist”
What’s the excess of living when everyone keeps pushing me away?.
By Annabel😢

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