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Our love story episode 1 & 2

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Our love story episode 1 & 2 by : 8:27 pm On April 22, 2021
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(When innocent😇meet freak🔞)
Mom why do we’ve to move here?” I don’t like it here this place seems isolated” I said scanning my new surrounding.
It’s not that bad” I promise you will make some friends before you know it” and besides when I was looking for a house I saw a woman close by with twins of your age and they seem friendly”
Do you wanna hang out with them?” Mom asked giving me one of her cute smiles”
Oh oh ok I will check them out tomorrow and promised you will introduce me to them before going to work” you know I’m the shy type.
I trailed behind her like a loss ship looking for his master until we finally got to the supposed twins home or should I say shop it’s seems their mom is a petty trader.
Benson come here for a sec” She called a boy he was slim and handsome fair in complexion and had brown eyes……he stared at me with admiration before focusing his gaze on mom.
Erm Benson I want you to hang with my daughter for a while you know she is new here” and she isn’t an indoor person I don’t want her getting sick.
Oh ok that won’t be a problem I’m always happy to help” He replied politely
Do you need anything baby should I give you some money?” Mom asked and I just shook my head negatively giving her one of my rare smiles reviling my dimples.
Alright dear take care don’t get into trouble” She said klzzing cheeks before heading to work.
Well my mom is a cop she works for the police force even tho I don’t like it I just have to accept it since she love it.
I must confess this dude is a comedian I can’t remember when I laughed this much!
I thought you’re a twin but I’ve not seen your twin brother since I’ve been here.
Oh year that true but my brother is kinda of an introvert he doesn’t like getting close to people much but he is cool when you get to know him” He replied nervously.
Why do I get the feeling he doesn’t want me to see his brother hmm”
By Annabel
😐😐😐How about this for a start” Who else thinks Benson doesn’t want princess to see his twin😇😇😇
(When innocent😇Meet freaky🔞)
Gosh I’ve been indoor the entire morning I need to get some fresh air”
Sounds of laughter filled my ears immediately I stepped outta the house.
Who could that be?”Cus it’s seems its a female laughter well let me see”
I saw a girl with long hair since her back was facing my direction!
Immediately I got to where they were discussing she turned and faced me with the most cutest smile I’ve ever seen” oh my lord I’m in love”
Her smile turned into an awkward stare making feel me embarrassed, I can’t believe I was drooling.
Hi” She said with a voice of an angel it was so soft and sweet that I felt like geez.
Hi” I waved back.
Oh princess since you wanted to meet my twin here he is” Benson introduced and I felt relieved immediately, maybe cus I’m not the type that talk a lot I just like to be left alone.
But there is something about this girl”hmm
Oh you mean he is your twin?” Oh my you guys look so different but who cares” She said with excitement glowing in her deep blue sea eyes”wow is she Nigerian?
She dragged making me sit down close to her as she began talking non-stop oh my God I don’t like noise😭
Bestie” She yelled barging into my room and jumped on top of me on the bed”
Common you startled me” I chuckled as I klzzed her cheeks.
Sorry I’m just gonna miss you” She said sadly making me alerted.
Huh are you moving out or traveling?” I asked but she shook her head side ways.
So where are you going?” I asked
I’m going to school mom just found one for me” She said and I signed in relief.
Oh ok dear I will see you when you get back.
I glared at him one more time as I waited impatiently for his answer.
I don’t get the reasons for all this questions yeah I like her that doesn’t mean I want to get in her pant”
And besides she is too innocent for all that” Benjamin said but I was still not sure of his intentions for princess cus the brother I know is a big time play boy”
He goes for anything under a skirt not minding if he is hurting anybody or not” he might look innocent because he is an introvert but when he wants something he goes for it.
This is why I never wanted princess to meet him he is too devious for her but he keeps denying he doesn’t have any intentions to sleep with her which is a big lie.

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Our love story episode 21 – finale / Our love story episode 19 & 20 / Our love story episode 17 & 18 / Our love story episode 15 & 16 / Our love story episode 13 & 14 /

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