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Only in your memory episode 10 – finale

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Only in your memory episode 10 – finale by : 9:50 pm On October 23, 2020
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🌹 ROSE 🌹
Tina’s mom, or should I say my “Aunt” walked in front of me with a relaxed face showing no emotion and the sound of her heels clicking the floor was making me feel uncomfortable.
“Rose…” she smiled at me.
“Aunt…” I called.
“I heard… You’ve gotten your memories back.” she tried to smile but smiling isn’t really her thing.
“Yeah…” I nodded staring straight at her.
We both held a strong eye contact and she sighed,
“Henry!” my aunt called and Henry turned to her.
“Yeah?” Henry said.
“Can… Can you give me, give me and Rose a moment,”.
“Uh… Yeah, sure!” Henry said, stood up and walked out the door.
“Rose…” My Aunt walked closer to me. She glanced back at the door then at me.
“I know you think I’m a bad person now but Rose, let me explain!”.
“Aunt… Congratulations! That is supposed to be the first word you tell me for recalling my memories, Not let me explain… Explain what? Did you do something wrong?” recalling my memories, I noticed I was not a calm person. But the hot tempered and always yelling type.
She sighed. “Congratulations!”
“Thank you!” I shook my head negatively.
“Okay now let me explain!”.
“Explain what? Aunt… i don’t understand, did you do anything wrong?” I was playing dumb. What she did triggered my heart like so mad.
Thinking about it is making my heart ache and making me want to cry.
“But I thought you remembered everything!..
She was confused.
“i do remember everything, but not the part about you trying to take joy away from me!” I said and she sadly bent her head.
“I’m sorry Rose.” She apologized.
“Well an apology is just what I need because the past is in the past, but yet why do I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs, my heart aches thinking about that day aunt, Even though you apologise nothing is going to change, well thank God joy is alive. But…
My voice faded as tears starts to make its way to my eyes.
“Rose. I can explain!” my aunt moved closer trying to take my hands. But I jerked them back immediately.
I was now yelling. “What point are you trying to explain? Explain what? What? You took joy from me, locked me in my room and tried to sell her off in an orphanage, okay fine., Tina managed to help me out of the room and I found you giving my baby to a woman downstairs, taking a sum of money from me, you stopped me from getting my baby and letting the woman take joy away in front of me.. ” I was now crying. “And then you pushed me and told me to go get some sleep that you’ve taken my pain away, and who told you joy was my pain? Joy was my happiness… I never felt happier, You didn’t care about my feelings, or how I felt you just took joy from me, your actions were inhuman. You tried to stop me from going after the woman, but I did not give, I did what I had to do… going after the woman with your car… and now the last thing I remembered is waking up here after that incident, Why… WhyWhy did you have to do that? “.
“i am so sorry Rose!” her voice was breaking. “You were just seventeen, you were too young”.
“But then I gave birth to joy safetly,” I rolled my teary eyes.
“Yes but, Taking care of a child is a big responsibility and–
“A big responsibility, a big step I was willing to take, you didn’t even want to try.” my tears dropped.
“I know, And I’m feeling sorry about it Rose…”
“You’re feeling sorry, after you sold not my child, which led me into an accident and then comatose for three years, Why didn’t you feel sorry for me before all these happened, why didn’t you just let me have joy! Why do you hate me so much aunt!”.
A tear dropped my my aunt’s eye. “Don’t say that Rose, I don’t hate you!”.
“You do hate me, the way you treat Tina, is not the way you treat me, I’m thankful for the fact that I have a roof under my head since my Mom abandoned me with you, And I remember every single days with you Aunt, you hate the fact that I live with you and Tina, and then being pregnant you couldn’t wait to get rid of my child because you were getting sick of me and now there’s going to be two of us, if you hate me so much why didn’t you just tell me to leave… I wouldn’t mind living in the streets with joy, My mom abandoned me, you always tell me how much she hates me, and how she left me, and then I suddenly had a child, a child whom I can never abandon and yet you wanted to abandon her for me… If I hadn’t gotten into an accident, you wouldn’t have gotten joy back would you?”
I sighed and cleaned my tears, cause she was just staring at me and not answering.
“Aunt… My mom doesn’t love me, You don’t love me, not even one bit, But don’t think I am not going to love my child, and now because of what you did, I didn’t get to spend three years of my child’s life she doesn’t even know I’m her mom…” I cried remembering how joy stared at me like a stranger.
I buried my face on my palm and cried even more, it’s hurting, I know it’s all in the past, I know I prayed for my memories to be back, but somehow I wish I didn’t because now remembering the day of my incident it’s hurting, my chest feels clogged and my heart is all heavy.
I brushed my hands across my face wiping my tears and opening my eyes only for me to see my aunt, beside my bed and on her knees.
Well I was shocked, but not too much. I deserve more than a knee apology.
My aunt grabbed my hand. “Rose… I Am a monster. And everyone knows that, I am so sorry for what I did and I will keep telling you sorry until you forgive me, I’ve been a bad aunt to you and now I am very sorry!”
“Oh now, you’re feeling guilty”? I scoffed.
“Yes I feel so guilty I feel like dying, Rose, I am so sorry… You don’t know this but I love you so much, I mean who wouldn’t love you, you’re beautiful, kind, sweet and brave, I gave you the name Rose because of the character you exhibited, your mom just called you any random name, but immediately you stepped in my house, I gave you Rose, And… I don’t know why I’m always being hard on you, Rose, I’m so sorry…. I Am very Rose, if there’s any way I can make it up to you, tell me, I am deadly sorry!” My aunt cried and her tears affected mine that they fell like rain. She can’t possibly to anything, I mean I’m alive, joy is alive and with Henry. The man I love. So what’s there for her to do, to make it up, for selling my child in the first place and making me land into an accident and then, coma.
“There is one thing you could do!” I sniffed cleaning my tears… My aunt eyes watched mine, waiting for me to tell her the condition.
“Tell me” she said impatiently.. “Tell me anything and I’ll make it up to you!”.
“You don’t have to do much. Just love me aunt!” I said and her eyes soften, she suddenly closed her eyes and tears fell like rain.
She quickly sprung up and hugged me…. “Oh rose!”
My aunt cried, cried on my shoulder, for a very long time….

It was nighttime, after making up with my aunt, she left, for her business… Eating Dinner on the hospital bed with Henry and Tina, it felt like old times cause now I feel so alive with them beside me and we talked like never before. And then Aaron came with good news, he said I’ll be discharged tomorrow.
“Okay then I’ll be leaving now since you don’t want me but Henry to stay!” Tina said with a fake pout.
“Sorry!” I shrugged with a laugh.
“It’s okay… Since your memories are back, Henry had clouded your thoughts again.. Ugh you’re so obvious.” Tina rolled her eyes as she walked out of the VIP room making me laugh.
And that night I couldn’t wait for tomorrow to come, I couldn’t even sleep.
“You know, you have to sleep” Henry said.
I sighed “I know I’m trying!”
“Guess you must be so excited right?” Henry poked my nose.
“You would never Imagine.” I smiled at him.
“Okay, I’ll make you fall asleep, do you want to hear a story?” Henry said.
“Good… I love stories, tell me real life stories make up stories are boring!” I rolled my eyes.
Henry giggled a little. “Uhm okay… So This story is called, kindness…!”
“Kindess.. What kind of lame name is that?” I laughed.
“Shh… Just listen, it’s about our young doctor Aaron!” Henry said and I kept quiet immediately, what about Aaron?.
Henry began “So after your incident, you lost a lot of blood before getting to the hospital, you were rushed to the ICU room and we were all called here, they immediately needed to do a blood transfusion but your aunt didn’t want them to get any random bags and push the blood inside of you cause maybe she thinks some of the hospital bloods are gotten from animals!” Henry stopped to laugh.
And then Continued.
“We all had our bloods checked and none of them matched with yours, I was like so sad, we all were, Aaron who was wondering about with some older doctor was brought to the ward you were in and when he learned about your case, he told the doctors his blood type matched yours and he would like to have them transfer from his to yours!. One of the doctor tried to tell his father about the situation but he pleaded for the blood transfusion to be done secretly, and it was, and he saved a life, a saved your life.” Henry smiled.
“Wait… Like I was, a total stranger to him, but he just offered to help me.?” I asked.
“Yeah..” Henry nodded.
“Wow…” I sighed, “That is so nice of him.”
“And you know what’s funny??” Henry smiled.
“He passed out after seeing his own blood in a bag!” Henry laughed.
“How can a doctor pass out seeing blood?” I smiled.
Suddenly I remembered him saying he isn’t a doctor.
“Yep now go to sleep!” Henry said moving the blanket over my body.
“Well the story’s touching but isn’t making me sleepy!” I smiled.
“Okay… I’m out of stories” Henry sighed.
“Tell me… About Joy..!” I said.
“Our daughter?”
“Yeah… Who else!” I scoffed.
“Uhm okay..!” Henry said and started to talk about joy.
He talked about her likes and dislikes and I enjoyed all. And before I knew it I was fast asleep
It was morning, my eyes fluttered open and I smiled, Finally I’ll be getting discharged Today,
“You’re awake!” I heard Tina’s voice.
I looked around and then looked at her.
“Where’s Henry?” I asked.
“that’s rude. You woke up and the first person you ask of is Henry.” she rolled her eyes.
“Tch.” I scoffed and smiled…
“Anyways I sent him home, Cause I’ll be the one taking you home today, he’s been here for too long, he has to go freshen up and besides you’ll be going him soon!” Tina said and I nodded with a sigh.
That morning without the help of Tina, I freshened up and ate. I was doing better and I was happy, I got a morning shot, and I get to dress in normal casual clothes. Not hospital dresses.
Tina came telling me to get ready, and then she starts to help me pack my things while I just watched.
After helping me with my stuff she helped me pack my hair up and told me to wait that I’ll be getting some thing from Aaron and She called Henry too, to get a car ready.
Henry came but didn’t come to the ward but stayed down and told Tina to get my stuff down and in the car.
Immediately Tina walked out Aaron walked in.
“Rose…” he called and I smiled and stood up. “Doctor Aaron.” I smiled back…
“Good to see you looking healthy and different!” Aaron said.
“Yeah… Thank you!” I said. He dropped his clipboard and stretched his hand forward to reveal a paper bag in front of my eyes.
“Here, these are your home pills. You’re all better but you need to take this to feel ‘much better’ there are instructions inside.” Aaron explained and I took the paper bag from him. “Thanks” I said.
“It’s okay! Have a nice life Rose.” Aaron said wanting to walk away when I stopped him.
“Yes Rose?” his eyebrows were arched.
“i want to thank you..
“For what?”.
“From Henry… I heard about the blood transfusion you did three years ago!” I explained.
“Oh that! I almost forgot about that. Well that’s nothing, You don’t need to thank me, you were an O positive and so was I. So why not give? It’s not a big deal” Aaron smiled.
“It is a big deal. So thank you once again.!”
He laughed briefly. “Okay I accept your thanks if it’s a big deal.. To you… But in life, life is all about giving, that’s all, I had to take a chance and did that blood transfusion, cause I wanted to give… cause life is all about giving not recieveing, I was proud of myself when I saw my blood being taken out of my body, I was strong and proud, but then again I was hemophobic, I couldn’t stand the sight I passed out. ” Aaron said with a chuckle. “That’s why I can’t be a doctor, no doctor is afraid of blood”.
I laughed too cause Henry told me about how he passed out.
“Anyways Have a great day Rose, happy recovery and merry Christmas in advance!” Aaron smiled before walking out ward.
I heard Tina’s voice suddenly apologizing for bumping into Aaron.
“Okay Rose, come out! Henry and I got the car set, waiting for you!” Tina Said from the door. And after one glance of the room I walked out of the room.
Tina and I made it out of the huge hospital and I smiled when I saw the sky, houses, people and felt the smooth wind on my skin.
I felt so alive.
I got into the car with Henry and Tina and he drove us ‘home’.
From what I saw my house wasn’t the same from my memory, so Tina explained.
She said her mom bought a different house from the one she was staying, and this one was just for Henry, Joy and I.
She’s feeling so guilty, she’s doing things I don’t want her to do.
I got into the house and it was warm and welcoming.
“Where is joy!” was the first question I asked.
“She’s upstairs sleeping!” Henry said.
“Do you want me to show you around?” Tina asked.
“No. She needs to rest!” Henry said taking my hand.
“No… I’ve been resting too much, I’m home now, I need to live like a real person.” I said and Tina giggled while we both linked arms and walked around the house.
It felt like nothing happened and I was happened.
I heard voices talking to themselves in whispers. And all of a sudden their loud voices yelled.
“MERRY CHRISTMAS!” I sighed and opened my eyes.
“Seriously Henry!” I opened my eyes and turned to the side of my bed to see Henry grinning at me.
“What?” he asked.
“Waking me up by yelling, is so not how I spend Christmas morning.” I said sitting up and grabbing joy, who was at the other side of the bed.
“And you…” I said to her.
“But it’s Christmas mownin” joy said happily.
“You mean ‘Christmas morning.” I laughed correcting her childish tongue.
“And mommy, daddy said it’s my birthday” She grinned.
“Yeah… it’s your birthday and it’s Christmas aren’t you one lucky girl, what are we waiting for… Let’s go freshen up and have our hairs done. It’s a big day!” I said coming down from the bed with joy.
“So why you girls have fun at the spa or wherever you’re headed too. What am I supposed to do?” Henry asked.
“Tina’s going to be here any minute. Please just help her set up the decorations we bought for Christmas and for joy’s birthday! Thank you!” I said and gave him a peck on the cheeks.
“C’mon joy” I said and we both walked out of the room.
Living with Henry and Joy for the past three weeks was like everything I’ve ever dreamed of, joy moved on quickly and in two days I was already knows as mom. I was so happy and now she never gets of my sight… I love her so much.
That night, Henry, Joy, Tina my aunt and I celebrated Christmas and Joy’s birthday, we were all happy and it felt like nothing had changed, I was happy…
Who would have thought… i would be this happy, who would have thought I would have woken up from my comatose. And suddenly it felt like I didn’t fall into coma, cause as I spent time with my family, the warmth covered up the three years I missed out on my life.

Thank you all for reading… 😌 A short story without climax… 😌 done. Really… Thank u all for reading. Till we meet again.

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