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One night with a billionaire boy episode 8

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 8 by : 6:37 am On June 3, 2020
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One night with a billionaire boy episode 8
Rihanna POV
The sun rays reflected through my window as I whinned like a child in my sleep
I stood up tiredly and yawn before dragging myself into my mini bathroom
For a quick shower , today I will be going to that house for some answers
After bathing I was clad in a sea green floral gown with pearls lined at the edge
I walked hastily to the dinning when. I was done dressing ,the table had already been set by grandma
“Good morning grandma ” I greeted and pecked her on the cheek
“Morning dear how was your night” she asked sweetly
“Good morning sis” Vicky said munching on his food.
“Morning Miss cranky ,do you have class today?” I said
She nodded as she sipped her drink.
I grabbed my breakfast and rushed out.
Grandma had already packed everything for me.
I walked straight to that house .
Soon I got to the front door, strange it was locked
I checked the window too it was also locked.
I walked round the house to back and luckily it wasn’t locked
I got in quietly and examined the whole place it looked rusty like it has not been cleaned for a while.
I saw a giant photo frame just above ground
It was a painting of a lady she looked so much like Tanya and Also she looks familiar
I keep getting blurry images in my head but I can’t seem to place it.
I went upstairs to the rooms it wasn’t locked .
A door caught my attention,it was different from the rest of the doors have seen.
I twisted the door knob and it cracked open, it was dark in there so I had to bring out my cellphone and make use of the flashlight.
The place was more like a study room and mini office too.
With so many files on the table,so I was tempted to go through them which I did.
I took a particular file that was colored it looked different from others .
Immediately I opened it a picture fell from it.
I picked it up to take a look at it.
OMG OMG it’s a picture of my mom and dad
But could it be doing in here.
I went through the documents again ,I saw a hospital report of a plastic surgery done two years ago.
Oh my days this report belongs to Tanya
There is more to it than I thought
I saw another file that has ” operation 2012″ written boldly on it.
That was the year my parents died ,let me not assume things yet.
The first two pages were property transfer documents and a will too.
I was about going through it when I heard engine sounds.
Oh my goodness!!
Rihanna POV
I dropped the file immediately and sneaked out before they can open the front door.
I hid somewhere for sometime ,when I had noticed the coast was clear. I ran away fro there
I must warn Jeff ,he is playing with fire ,Tanya is not who he thinks she is.
She is after his property .
Secondly. Am coming back to that house again I need to know why my parents photo was in those documents and what is operation 2020?
There is more to this misery than I thought.
I boarded a cab to the Martinez Villa.
Jeffery POV
After the heart warming s£× with Tanya ,I took a suiting shower before coming outtA my room dressed in casuals
I noticed something while I was having s£× with Tanya her p***y wasn’t tight anymore
Or well what do I know
She left after the s£× scenerio telling me she is gonna come over in the evening to finish what we started
I wasn’t even close to Mom’s room when I bumped into that Rihanna girl
“Good morning ” she greeted catching her breath like someone that ran an 100meter race
“Morning” I simply replied and wanted to walk away when she pulled me back
“Wait please I really need to talk to you” she said as her breathing steady
“Tell me am listening” I said casually
“It’s about Tanya, she is who you think she is .I found out today that she is only after your property swears am telling you the truth” she said with confidence
Which got me angry
“Have you lost it!!! How dare you speak Ill of my girlfriend” I growled and dragged her towards the stairs
I pulled to the pool side and throw her in.
She wasn’t expecting that as the gasps for air
I entered the water and held her neck very tight
“Don’t you ever in your miserable life say such lies about my girlfriend or else you are a dead meat” I growled at her
She was finding it hard to breathe as I didn’t let go of her neck
“Let…me…go..you hurting me” she whispered
I let go of her neck and pushed her back into the water
“What’s going on here Jeff” I heard mom’s voice from behind but I swear she is not going to stop me today
Have heard enough of her games ,I was right all along she is just after my mom’s money now she wants to use Tanya as bait
“Exactly what you saw mom an tired of seeing this girl in my house, I won’t have her insult my girlfriend I have took it upon myself to throw her outtA my house today and nobody I repeat nobody can stop me” I yelled and took Rihanna by the arm and dragged her outta the pool
“Stop this madness Jeff and leave the poor girl alone ” mom said but I didn’t answer her
I pulled her to the entrance not minding if she is wet.
I pushed her out but she slipped and fell
“Oh my God Jeff what have you done” a Scarlett cried rushing to her aid
She was bleeding from the head and was not moving too
What have I done??
Scarlett POV
I was quick to call the doctor as Rihanna was attended to in the house immediately
The doctor had been inside for a while now
Swears if anything happens to Anna I will never forgive Jeffery
I glanced at jeff with teary eyes he stood there with an expressionless face
Mom gave him a resounding slap before be I could say duck
“Who is this person cause I don’t know you anymore , is this the son I gave birth to ? If yes then it isn’t,.Jeff when did you become so heartless huh what has she ever done to deserve such ill treatment from you ” mom said angrily I had to take her away from Jeff who stood there looking into space
The doctor came out shortly with a sad face
“How is she doctor ” me and Jeff said the same time I looked at him but he looked away
“Calm down she is fine but there is a problem ‘” the doctor said cleaning his sweat
“Tell us doctor what is it” mom said curiously
” Due the injury on her head she had hit her head badly on the ground causing a memory lost, am sorry to say ma but she lost her memory ,she won’t be able to remember anything about herself and please do not force her to remember anything for it might be dangerous to her health” the doctor said
.mom gasps
.’”there must be something you can do doctor please just try ” mom said sadly
“Am sorry ma but there is nothing I can do ,all she needs now is prayers good day mrs Martinez” he said and walked away
Jeffery left immediately
Jeffery POV
I left in anger when I heard what the doctor said
I entered my car and drove straight to pub in anger
I can’t believe I left my stupid love for Tanya cloud my judgement
Mom and Scarlett won’t forgive me for this
I feel so terrible I put the girl in harm’s way
I should have stopped when mom had asked me to.
I got to the pub and got myself drunk till late at night
I couldn’t bring myself to go home and face mom and Scarlett
Got Drunk till I can’t feel my legs anymore
I ended up sleeping at the club
Rihanna POV
I woke feeling pains all over ,I saw a doctor attending to my wound
This my opportunity to expose Tanya
I just need to do this for the sake of Mrs Martinez
She has gone through alot to let a bitch take all her sweat away from her.
The doctor wanted to alert everyone that I was awake but I shut him.
I planned with him to tell them I had my memory which agreed to after I explained everything to him.
I need to be in this house to execute my plans
The doctor did a great job in lying to them.
I closed my eyes like someone sleeping when I heard the glass door cracked opened
I opened my eyes fully it time to display
“Are you okay dear?” Mrs Martinez asked with so much love in her eyes
“Dear?? Who are you people !! Where am I ” I asked like a scared child.
“Calm down dear you are in your house am your mom and this is your sister ,you an accident earlier that’s why you don’t remember us”she said with teary eyes
I also shedd tears as I watched her treat me with love
“Yes Anna we are your family don’t be scared * Scarlett chip in she looked like someone who had been crying for hours
“Anna ?? Who is Anna ” I asked innocently
“That’s your name dear Rihanna is your name . don’t worry sister we are here for you” she replied
“Are you sure ??” I pouts
“Yes my princess now you need to relax am gonna send a maid to bring skimmed milk for you okay ??” Mrs Martinez said with a smile
“Okay mom ” I murmured and used the duvet to cover up myself
They left afterwards
I smiled to myself for being able to fool them.
It’s gonna be over soon I just need to fish Tanya out.
Scarlett POV
“Mom what do you think we should do ? We can’t let her go home in this condition she vulnerable too” I said the moment me and Mom stepped out of Anna’s room
“Yes dear am going to give the grandma a call and tell her Anna went on a trip with me that she won’t be back for a while but we will be sending cash to them” mom said somehow I bought the idea
“Mom Jeff is not back yet I wonder where he had gone to” I said with a worried expression
“, Maybe he feels bad for what he has,he is afraid to show his face here” mom said as I scorted to her room before going downstairs
Am somehow worried about Jeff,
Just immediately a call came in from Jeff number but he was not the speaking it was a random guy
He had asked me to come pick up Jeff for he was too drunk and becoming too violent in the pub.
I rushed to my car and drove straight to the location of the pub..

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