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One night with a billionaire boy episode 17 – finale

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 17 – finale by : 6:41 am On June 8, 2020
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Rihanna POV
I still can’t believe the same person that killed parents actually sacrificed to save grandma.
It’s been exact five months since the whole scenerio
Grandma is fine and we’ll again tho she still thinks about the death of my parents .
I told her about the huge sacrifice Tanya made for us trust me grandma is forever grateful but it’s going to be hard to forget everything.
I was still at my office waiting to be called for a job when Elle my work partner walked in all smiles with a bouquet of flowers and a beautiful gift card
“Hey Elle what’s the occasion” I asked obviously confused
” No dear the flowers are not mine “, she said still smiling as she set them on my desk
” Then who is cause I don’t remember ordering for them ” I said with a scoff
“Well a delivery man dropped this , he specifically asked for it to be given to you alongside this card but he didn’t mention who sent it ” she explained calmly
“ohh but I wasn’t expecting this ” I said and collected the gift card from her and opened it.
“Your lips are like wine & I wanna get drunk.8 billion people in this world and I only want you. meet me by the falls in two minutes” was written on the gift card.
I blushed heavily as I read it’s content
“Looks like she got an admirer” Elle squeak
“Not an admirer but my boyfriend” I said and packed my stuff ready to leave
“Good luck 👍 on your date and make sure you use condom” she winked
” Seriously?? Elle ” I asked with a raised eyebrow
“,Dhurr stop pretending girlfriend”,she said and ran out.
Crazy girl.
I arrived at the falls and packed my car at a corner and walked straight to the falls .
The place was beautifully decorated with fancy lights
At the middle of the gardenia close to the falls was a large projector showing something on the wall.
“Anna ?” I heard Jeffery’s voice from behind
I turned and he was kneeling in one knee
“Erm I haven’t done this before but I know if I don’t do it today I might live to regret it for the rest of my life ” he said and brought out a diamond ring
I gasps in shock.
“Will you be my queen, wife and life partner Anna ? “, He asked
” Oh my God yes !! Yes!! ” I screamed and Jumped on him.
If this is a dream then I don’t want to ever wake up.
“Thank you thank you so much Anna you don’t know how happy you made me” Jeff said and lifted me up and sprang me around..
Jeffery POV
Happy is an understatement Things Are finally falling in place for me.
Who would believe the arrogant pompous proud billionaire would be tamed by my worst enemy.
We’re watching TV at the moment,Anna is busy scoping ice cream into her mouth.
From being enemies to lovers 😏 this is definitely a dream somebody please pinch me.
“Ouch ” I yelled
“What was that for”I nagged to Anna who was busy licking ice cream.
“You said I should pinch you” she said nonchalantly
Jeez I can’t believe I said that loud.
A big ohh excaped my my mouth.
” One some ” Anna said stretching a cone at me .
” The only ice cream I want is your lips ” I said with so much lust and placed my lips on hers .
She responded immediately as we klzzed passionately.
I drew her close and placed her on top of me still klzzing the living daylight outta her.
“Let’s go upstairs babe”, Anna said in between the klzz
I lifted her up as she wrapped her legs around my torso and took the stairs to my room .
I placed her on the bed and trailed klzzses around her neck area.
“Please don’t stop”, she said with so much lust
“I won’t baby “, I said and went for her dress , I slowly undressed her not breaking eye contact.
She had the round orange shape B@@bs 😏
I took one into my mouth and s√¢k on em .
She pulled my shirt over my head and toss it across the room.
I planted klzzes on her tummy down to her pubic area.
She m0@ned softly as I used my f!ng£r to tease her p√zzycat through the Victoria secret she was wearing.
She so damn wet , I gently slide down her panty to meet with her well shaved honey pot .
She removed my belt and pulled down my shorts .
So we were both n@k£d still romancing.
I placed myself in between her legs the look on her face was that of pleasure and lust .
“, I love you Anna “, i whisper before thrusting into her .a tears excaped her eyes
Jeez she’s still a virgin ,I stopped immediately.
“,Am sorry babe I never knew hope I didn’t hurt you” I said with concern and klzzed her tears away.
” No am fine please don’t stop ” she mumbled as she held my thighs preventing me from moving.
I sign before thrusting into her again this time gently not to hurt her.
We ended up making love and it was the best thing that has ever happened to me.
15 years later
Rihanna POV
“So Jeffery and Rihanna got marriedAnd lived happily ever after ” I said calmly.
“,Woow mom that’s the best love story so far , mom I wanna hear it again” Skyler said.
” Oh no that’s enough for today now go to sleep you have school tomorrow” I said as I tucked her in to bed.
” Mommy please don’t turn off the lights am pretty scared” Ian said.
” Aww baby you don’t have to be scared of the dark trust me you gonna be okay” I said and went to his bedside and gave him a klzz on the forehead.
” Okay mommy good night” he said and covered himself properly.
” Good night Mom ” Skyler mumbled as she closed her eyes ready for sleep.
” Good night my priceless jewels” I said and turned off the lights and shut the door before heading to the room I shared with my husband Jeffery.
We got married 15years back and gave birth to Skyler in France she is 10 and Ian in Dubai and he is 4 years old.
Everyone is doing well , have recovered my families asset and took over their company which madam Anastasia was misleading.
Scarlett is also married with a daughter , her name is Maya age nine .
Grandma passed away two weeks after I gave birth to Ian .
She will forever be in my heart for the rest of my life .
I got into the room and saw my darling husband going through his PC.
“Telling our love story to the kids again?” He asked not looking at me.
” Honey you know the kids never gets tired of it ,they won’t go to bed until i have told them everything” I said as I used the make up wipe to clean off my make up.
“You right dear ,our love story is the best ” he said and winked at my reflection.
” I miss when we use to fight alot ” I said and turned to him.
He sets his PC on the bed side cabinet.
“Come here sugar ” he said in a husky voice.
I giggled before crawling into bed .
He planted klzzes all over my face.
“Let’s make one more ” he whispered into my ear.
” Hell no Ian is still tender he doesn’t need a baby brother right now ” I said with a small chuckle.
He cupped my chin and looked deep into my eyes like he was looking for something.
“Fifteen years with you has been the best fifteen years in my life , I kept giving praise to God for blessing me with someone like you even when I wasn’t perfect but you Anna I most perfect soul have ever met.” He said
Swears I was blushing pretty hard.
“That’s dear blush all you want , just know I love you so my queen” he said and klzzed me tenderly on the lips.
“I love you even more my king ” I said in between the klzz
” Am serious when I said we should add one more” he repeated
” Argh baby don’t ruin the mood ” I nagged.
So that’s my love story .
Everyone deserve to be loved and happy too .
Please Comment below on what you Learnt😋

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