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One night with a billionaire boy episode 16

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 16 by : 1:29 pm On June 5, 2020
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One night with a billionaire boy episode 16
Rihanna POV
After the check up at the hospital Jeff drove me home straight
He had the worried expression since we arrived home
” Jeff what’s wrong you ?, You look worried” I asked as he tried to put me to sleep
” Nothing dear you need to rest ” he said trying to fake a smile but I was not buying that shit
“Where’s mom Jeff ” I asked suspiciously
“Mom is sleeping please rest so you can get better soon” he said but I knew he was lying . I used all the strength in me and walked outta the room and headed straight to Mom’s room he was calling after me but I didn’t stop
I entered the room only to meet Scarlett attending to her , she had drips connected to her body
“Mom ?” I whispered audibly
Immediately Scarlett saw me she rushed me with hug
“OMG thank goodness you are okay” she said as a sobbed escaped her mouth
“Hey Shh don’t cry am here now” I cooed
“Anna??” We heard Mom’s voice . I rushed to her side immediately and held her hand
” Anna is that you ??” She asked with her eyes open
“Yes mom it’s me am back ” I said and Rocked her hand as a silent tears roll down my cheeks
She stood up immediately which shocked everyone , Jeff ran to her aid
“What are you doing mom you should be resting” Jeff said with concern
“No dear am fine now as long as Anna is here she is here am better” she said with a smile as I hugged her tightly
” Mom how are you feeling now” Scarlett asked as she came close to mom
“Am very fine dear thank you Jeff for bringing Anna save and sound” she said as we all hugged her
” It’s time for you to rest Anna ” Jeffery said with a smile
I didn’t answer I pretended like I was angry
“Mom am going to my room now the doctor said I should rest alot, I will check up on you tomorrow morning in the meantime you also need to rest” I said and pecked her forehead she grinned while Scarlett kept looking at Jeff and giggling
What’s this two up to??
I walked pass Jeff to my room and wanted closing the door when he blocked it with his hand
“Are you mad at me baby?” He asked with a sad tone
I didn’t reply I wanted to ignore him and go to bed but he was faster than me as he pulled me to him with my hands landing on his chest and his grip on my waist tighten
“Let me be Jeff I need to sleep” I said blushing
“Oh really?? No goodbye klzz ?, Not even I miss you klzz ?” He asked with a cocked eyebrow
” Jeff I….
I was interupted as he crashed his lips on my mine I responded immediately as we klzz passionately
He lifted me off the ground as I wrapped my legs around his torso
He walked to the bed not breaking the klzz and placed him gently on it .
At this moment I wanted him so badly I wanted him to my virginity this instance but he stopped
He pulled away just when I was enjoying it
“Good to sleep princess”, he said In a husky voice
I pouts childishly and looked away shyly
“Good night love” he said and klzzed my forehead before walking away from me and
He turned off the lights and went away….
Jeffery POV
She is so tempting but I just had to control myself , I won’t touch till she is ready .
But I won’t lie she got the body of a f√¢king goodness , I think it’s time I propose to her but first
I need to handle Tanya and her mother ,am gonna set a trap for them this time they won’t be able to get out of it.
Once am sure they are both behind bars am gonna make Anna my queen together we shall conquer all problems.
I slept with a smile curved on my lips
Rihanna POV
I woke up the next morning feeling much better , Tanya’s words kept ringing in my head
“You will never find out about your identity” I mumbled.
I bet that old house where I had found those documents might have an answer to my question.
I quickly took a bath and wore a baggy Jean and a white denim shirt alongside a face cap
In case I run into some trouble.
I was able opening my door when I had footsteps ,oh no I totally forgot about Jeff .he is definitely not going to let me go
I wanted to hide under the bed but it was too late as he got into my room right on time
“What are you doing Anna?and why are you all dressed up ” He asked with a raised eyebrow
” Nothing actually I wanted to go for a walk” I lied
” That’s a lie Anna I could tell when you lying ,gush I thought we were a team ? Now you wanna start keeping things from me ” he signs
I felt bad I know he’s tryna help but I just don’t want him to get involved in all of this
“Okay fine am sorry I lied to you Just that I get this feeling Tanya knows something about my parents or even worst their deaths” I blurted out
I took out time to explain everything to him being the understanding sweetheart he has agreed to let me go
“Fine I understand you but baby I have to come with you I can’t afford to lose you again ” she as he faced palmed my face with his hands
” You don’t have to bother about me Jeff I will be fine just stay here with Mom” I reason but he’s not going to back down easily
” Am sorry baby but my answer is still the same am coming with you but if you still think I shouldn’t involve myself in your family affairs fine then I guess you don’t trust me” he muttered and wanted to walk away but I stopped him
“Wait Jeff am sorry I didn’t mean to get you upset ” I mumbled and hugged him to myself
” I just don’t want you to get hurt ” he said dryly I could tell he’s still angry
I broke the hug and placed my lips on his , we klzzed tenderly before pulling apart .
“Let’s go ” he said as I brought my head down shyly.
“****” ”
Jeff parked his car few meters away from the house ,as usual the front door was locked .
We went round the house to the backyard but this time it was also locked
“, Gush how do we get in now ” I sign
“Step aside baby” Jeff said and used his leg to hit the door pretty hard the lock broke and the Door opened
“Woow nice moves dear ” I patted his shoulder like a proud mom and walked into the old rusty building
” What are we looking for exactly” Jeff asked
“A file actually with a heading ‘operation 2010’ it should be one of the rooms upstairs” I said and led the way upstairs
I remembered the room that had those documents because it has a different door color, strangely it’s also padlocked
“Oh no not again” I whinned….
Rihanna POV
“Oh no not again” I whinned
Should I call this bad luck? Or what
” Wait let me try something , can I have your hair pin?” He asked
” Why what do you need it for ? “I asked like a naive kid
” Quit whining and give me your hair pin don’t worry am going to get you something better” he said with an eye roll
” Fine have it “i said and handed it over to him
He collected it and inserted it In between the key hole , in no time the door clicked open
Am in love with a genius
We opened the door and walked into the room. There were lots of files in the room
This is going to take a while .
We started ransacking the whole room luckily Jeff found it but I took it away immediately
“Operation 2010, I found it ” he said
I quickly opened the file ,my body went numb instantly
” What is it babe” Jeff asked with concern as tears roll down my cheeks
Jeffery POV
What’s going on with Anna ??
I took the files and went through it .
Goodness gracious it was a property documents and so many things that belongs to her parents including how their accident was planned
I can’t believe this so Fredrick Adams the billionaire of all time was actually Anna’s father
This is alot to take in
She ran out immediately while I trail behind
“Wait Anna “, I shouted after her
She stopped but was still crying
I hugged her immediately
“Shh please don’t cry baby it’s okay”, I rocked her back
“Why Jeff why ?? What have I ever done to this people” she asked amidst tears
” Am here for you baby just stop crying you hurting me” I said calmly as I used my thumb to wipe off her tears.
She nodded and stopped
“Did you carry the files?” She asked
“Yes dear I did” I replied and show it to her
“Good let’s go to Grandma’s house” she said and walked to the car
I can’t start to imagine what she’s going through at the moment
Followed her to car and entered the driver side.
We rode to her house in total silence ,we was looking out the window all through the ride…
Rihanna POV 💗
Jeffery drove me to Grandma place during the ride , I kept thinking about everything that has happened lately . How can someone be this heartless ?
I sobbed quietly in the car . Thinking of the pain they put me and my family through.
I know Jeff must be thinking am mad at him but no it’s not his fault I just need some time alone to clear my head.
We arrived at Grandma’s place a short while ,I didn’t wait for him to park his car properly I just jumped outta it and ran inside
Grandma was about to take a seat when she saw me
I ran into her arms as hot tears roll down my cheeks
Ever since our parents died she has been the one looking after me and Vicky making sure we never lacked anything
How can I tell her that her son my dad was murdered ?
“Calm down child what’s bothering you” she asked with concern as she patted my hair
Jeff walked in quietly
“Good day ma’am” he greeted
Grandma just nodded
” Talk to me Anna why are you in tears dear or did he hurt you” grandma said looking at Jeff
” No grandma this isn’t about him it’s about my parents” I mumbled
She looked at my face immediately
” What about them ” she asked eagerly
“Erm why don’t we all seat down first” Jeff finally said
Grandma took me a couch as we sat down together while Jeff sat down opposite us ..
I explained everything to her and even showed her the files
“,Oh my goodness !” She exclaimed as she held her chest like she was having an attack.
” Grandma ! Grandma please just calm down for our sake please” I said as more tears came rushing out
” Help her up let me get the car ” Jeff said and ran out
I came back in no time as we helped grandma to the car , he drove in maximum speed to the hospital where I work..
At the hospital
Grandma was taken on a wheelchair and Rushed in to the emergency ward .
I couldn’t go in with them cause that was not my line of work but I just couldn’t help
Have been pacing back and forth impatiently waiting for the doctor to come out
” Relax baby she’s gonna be fine okay?” Jeffery assured
I looked at him and gave him a faint smile ,he sure knows how to comfort someone.
“Miss Adams?” The doctor said jerking me off my thoughts
“Yes Edward how is my grandma ?” I rushed him with questions
“, Hello sir why don’t you just follow me to my office where we can talk about this” he said looking at Jeff
” Let’s go dear ” Jeff said and took my hand together we went to doctor Edwards office.
“Please have a seat” he said gesturing us to the two office chairs infront of his desk
“Edward go straight to the point how is she ?” Jeff asked
” Well sir she a fighter for now she stabilize but there’s something else” he said calmly
” What is it Edward talk to me” I said
” She needs a heart transplant” he broke the news
I felt my head spin
” What did you say ? ” Jeff asked him again
” She has a hole in her heart , she doesn’t get the surgery within three days am afraid what might happen” he replied
No no no this isn’t happening
” Edward do something anything just please save my grandma she’s the only family I have left ” I sobbed as Jeff held on to me.
” Don’t worry miss Adams we will find a donor and just so you know I can’t take yours it’s too fragile” he said knocking me off the ground
” What ?? How did you know that ” I asked
” I ran some test on you some time ago and found you have a fragile heart ” he said
Jeff looked at me and assured me everything will be okay
“Thank you doctor we will be on our way now” Jeff said and helped me up..
Jeffery POV
Just as we were about leaving the hospital someone shoot me on the arm
“Oh my God” Anna screamed in terror as I made her bend down
“Come out come out wherever you are ” I heard my stepmom voice
” Stay here Anna it’s time to end this ” I whisper and stopped
Everyone had ran into the hospital some ran to safety
“What do you want from me old hag ” I groaned as I felt a terrible pain from my arm
” Have come to finish this one and for all bow down to me and I will be merciful ” she said
” Over my dead body”, I spat
” Very well then ” she said and shot my left leg I went down immediately in pain
” Jeff !!! ” I heard Anna screamed
“Please stay away am fine this is between me and the old rusty lady ” I said
And managed to stand up on one leg
” Woow great my step son is captain America ” she mockingly
” Am not scared of you woman” I growled
” Any last word? ” She asked with a smirk
“I hate your dirty p***y face ” I spat
‘”she got angry and shot at me but someone got in the way and took the bullets
It was Tanya OMG
Tanya POV 💗
I over heard mom talking to someone on phone she had asked for me to be eliminated .
Finally she has started showing her true colors , this isn’t vengeance she just obsessed with their wealth
And she used me as her puppet , she lied to me about everything and I fell for it.
I rather die a savior than die like a fool.
Got informed about Ann’s grandma surgery,it’s time to do something good for once in my life
I know she’s gonna confront Jeff and Anna today so I followed her
At first I lost track of her but I later saw her car parked at the hospital .
She had shot him on the arm and leg .
She wanted to finish him off when I jumped infront of him and took the bullets
I could see the look of shock on their faces .
It’s time I end this woman once and for all
Before I fell to the ground I shot her on the head and chest, she fell to the ground in a loud thud .
Jeff caught me mid way
“Why did you do that ?” He asked as he try to stop my bleeding
” I had to do the right thing” I said with a smile
The cops arrive in no time
“, Oh my God are you okay ? ” Anna rushed towards us
“, Quick take me inside I need to speak with doctor Edwards” I said
They looked at me with a confused face before rushing me into the hospital.
“, Edward start the surgery ” I said the moment I saw him
“What surgery ??” Jeff asked confused
“Sir she is the donor ” Edward interrupted
“What ??” Anna said shocked
“Nurse please take her to the theater now we have to commence with the surgery now” Edward said as some nurse came with a stretcher and lay me on it.
“,I wanna help too ” Anna said
“No you seating this one out , you need time to heal from this trauma”, Edward said
” Thank you” Jeff said still holding my hand
” Thank you Tanya am grateful for this even when I can’t forgive you for what you have done but I have no choice. Thank you” Anna said as tears roll down her cheeks
” Finally I can rest in peace I finally made a difference in my life” I said and left Jeffery’s hand .
I was taken to the operation room and that was all…

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 17 – finale / One night with a billionaire boy episode 15 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 14 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 13 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 12 /

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