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One night with a billionaire boy episode 15

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 15 by : 1:27 pm On June 5, 2020
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One night with a billionaire boy episode 15
Rihanna POV
It’s two days now and I haven’t eaten anything yet
.this place is becoming more cold for me , I don’t think I can hold on much longer .
But come to think of it I have a plan ,if I wanna excape from this hell on Earth I nee to act like I have accepted to be what they want only then will I have the chance to make a run for it.
“Somebody please let me out please I give up” I shouted like someone in pain
” Promise I won’t fight back am going to do whatever you want just let me out ” I added as the door to the dark room clicked open as the lady from earlier showed with a smile curved on her lips the moment the lights were turned on
” See I told you sweetie you can’t stand it for long , take her to her quarters and give some thing to eat” she said and cast one last glance at me before walking away
I was taken to another different room fancier than the first one
It had lots of accessories and clothes on the bed bitchy clothes actually
Well what choice do I have ??
They pushed me to the bed aggressively and walked away making sure they locked the door properly
Even the windows were not left out .
I went through the stuff and settled for a mini skirt and a grater belt along side a crop top with some stilettos
I made sure I applied too much make over , by the time I was done I was looking like a slut ,
I almost smashed the mirror in anger
The door clicked open as a lady dressed in a maid uniform who had a horrible looking scar on her face came in with a tray of food she dropped it and looked at me for a while before walking away
When I looked at her ,what I saw was fear and sadness but what choice does she have it’s not as if she can leave this place if she is not smart enough .
“Why are taking so long to get dressed bitch !!” I fierce looking lady said as she pulled my hair roughly
I winced in pain .how dare her touch me ? I swear am going to break her f!ng£rs one by one ,but right now I just need to play along with whatever they are doing
“Am sorry ” I managed to say
“Sorry yourself ,my clients are restless ear up bitch and down there to show them.those small ass of yours” she said checking me out before pushing me towards the direction of the food
I almost fell down but I maintain my stand , I picked up the food and started eating slowly
“Be fast bitch !!” She groaned
I pushed the food away angrily ,
Have heard enough of all this suffering , there’s no time to eat
“I don’t need the food let’s go” I said with an expressionless face
” Hmmm feisty huh ? Let’s go ” she said as she dragged me by the arm
This is it Anna there’s no going back on this….
Jeffery POV
This lady is truly a witch the condition she gave me was an impossible one but looks like I will have to do it in order to save Anna
Mom health is not improving at all
“Brother please don’t do it there must be another way out ” Scarlett reason
” I wish there was Scarlett but there’s none so let’s just do as she says” I said and brought out my phone and dialed my assistant number
📞I want you to call the press I have something to say ” I said over the phone
📞 Okay boss but why is it so urgent” he asked
📞 I don’t have time for your stupid questions Felix just get the press to my mansion asap” I said and hang up
” That was a good decision sweetie ” Tanya said climbing down the stairs
Yeah she is part of the condition given to me.
Tanya is going to be staying in my house as my wife and am gonna announce to the world today that she is my wife
Shocking right ?? But I have no option
“What do you want Tanya ” I groaned
“I want you Jeff remember am your bride now so I need you to warm up my bed it’s been long I had a pretty good s£×” she said and winked
” Ain’t you even ashamed of myself ?? An old hag like you lurking around a boy old enough to be your son ” Scarlett yelled at her
” It’s okay sis just let her be trust me it’s going to be for the main time ” I said calmly and took Scarlett upstairs to Mom’s room
I pray nothing happens to her or am gonna be forced to become a murderer
”” “” “” “*”
At the press conference in the main living room, the press were all around my house and some people whom I have not seen before
Just few minutes to the press conference another clip of Anna was sent to me when she was dressed like a slut and a lady dragged her by the hair
Swears am gonna cut off her f!ng£rs for trying to hurt my woman
“Attention please gather around we loosing daylight”I said standing before a mic
There were murmuring going around as they all wondered why I called them in such a short notice
“,Am sorry if this meeting was unexpected but I have an important information to pass on about my love life” I said calmly and glance through the crowd Tanya stood among the crowd all dressed up
Suddenly I remembered seeing something familiar in the last video clip sent to me and that gave me an idea
” As you all know by now am Jeffery Martinez the youngest billionaire of all times and I will like to introduce my wife to you all ,she is no other than ….she…. she..” I shuttered as I held my chest tightly like someone in pain. I quickly throw one of those heart beat slowing down drugs in to my mouth and screw without anyone Knowing
“Am sorry I don’t know what’s going with me ,she is no other than …t…
I said and fell to the ground and passed out….
Scarlett POV
“Brother!!” I shouted and ran to him and lifted him and placed his head on my lap
The witch ran towards us like she actually cared
“All of you get out now !!” She yelled at the crowd
The started murmuring as they walked away one after the other
“Quick let’s take him to the hospital” she said like she actually cared
” Stay away from him you bitch !! ” I growled at her
I quickly called the ambulance and they came immediately as Jeff was rushed to the hospital
If anything happens to my brother am going to kill someone.
At the hospital
Jeff was attended to immediately, he was taken to an emergency room while I wait outside impatiently
“Miss your brother wants to see you ” a nurse said jerking me off my thoughts
I nodded and Rushed to the ward ,but what I saw shocked the hell outta me
“Jeff?” I asked to be sure this my brother seated comfortably Hale and hearty
“Yes sis it’s me ,I know you have a lot of questions to ask but first am fine nothing is actually wrong with me ” he said calmly
What the heck
” Why did you do that Jeff you scared the shit outta me” I said with a concern face
“I know am sorry but I just had to do it in order to get Anna back but I need your help on this ” he said with a pleading expression
” Okay tell me how I can be of help” I asked
” Give me my phone there’s something I need to confirm but in the meantime I want you to distract Tanya make sure she doesn’t know am okay just keep her busy for a while ” he said
” Hmmm as much as I hate that lady I will just have to do it for Anna’s sake ” I said calmly
Tanya POV 💋
Swears Jeff is bastard gush just when I was about to be announced the heir to his wealth and this happened
Why didn’t he just get his health treated
This is bad luck , mom is going to be mad at me
” What happened Tanya why are you here ” mom asked immediately she climbed down the stairs
” Mom am sorry but something happened the plan didn’t work” I mumbled
” What do you mean by the plan didn’t work?” She said with so much terror in her voice
” When he was about to announce that I was going to be the heir to Martinez empire he had an heart attack and was rushed to the hospital” I muttered
” Hmmm how are you sure this isn’t one of his tricks to fool you ” mom asked with a cocked eyebrow
” Mom it’s not he is in critical condition right now I don’t know what to do now ” I said
” Just go back to the house and keep an eye on them ,I will think of a plan soon ” mom said
I nodded in agreement…
Rihanna POV
I was taken to the main Club where I was asked to entertain their guest before they can bid on me
“Show em what you gat baby girl and don’t do anything stupid or you going to regret it” the lady whispered into my ear and left me just at the middle , it’s going to be a pole dance
Haven’t done that before but I could try , have mapped out all the exits in the building
Turns out you can go out with just two and there are lots of bodyguard in the building
“Woow she is pretty” I heard murmur from the lustful crowd
” I wanna have her tonight”
“Damn she’s hot’
I kept hearing those stupid married men say what a shameful place to be
The music started blasting through the speakers
It was BED by Ariana grande and Nicki Minaj
I started moving my body to it with my eyes closed , those stupid men won’t stop complementing my body. Swears am gonna have their balls cut off
Jeffery’s POV
I played the video clip again till I saw it a logo actually and have seen it before
I rewind it back till I saw it very clearly,
It was a brothel logo
I said it that have seen it before
Madam Anastasia’s brothel the biggest in town
I guess Tanya and her witch mom ain’t smart enough ,if anything should happen to my princess I will kill them all
I rushed outta the hospital without anyone seeing me .am gonna make sure that brothel I shut down for good
I placed a call with the military general and is glad to help,I entered my car and drove to that part of the city
In no time I was there , I parked my car in a far end and walked to the brothel ugly bitches kept throwing their stinky self at me but if I wanna get in before the military arrived I need to play along .
I called the guard at the entrance like I wanted to tell him something , he followed me like he knew me before .
I gave him a hard punch which sent him flying to the ground he fainted immediately ,I kicked the gun away and walked in the brothel
There were cheering someone who was doing a pole dance and that person is no other than Anna
“Everybody freeze ” one of the soldiers shouted as the whole place turned upside down
They wanted to escape but the military got the whole place surrendered .
The soldiers and the thugs started exchanging fire as many were killed
Immediately Anna saw me a tears roll down her cheeks,she looked so pale and unkept swear am going to break the bones of the person that tried to hurt my woman.
She wanted to run to me but someone pointed a gun to her
“Stop or will kill her ” the lady said
The soldiers quickly lowered their guns ,I know Anna something install for her
“One more step and she is dead ” she threatened but Anna was way ahead of her as she gave a bunch in abdomen and snatched the gun from her
The lady groaned in pain and fell to the ground
Anna ran to me and rushed me a hug ,I lifted her from the ground and spin her around
She still had tears in her eyes
“Thank goodness you okay did they hurt you any where?? ” I rushed her with questions
She nodded slowly as tears kept rolling
I took her to the car and drove straight to the hospital for a check up….
Tanya POV 😉
“What the heck !!! ” I yelled and smashed the vase in my room.
I was so stupid that I boy trick me gush !!
“I warned you didn’t I?” Mom came outta nowhere
“Am sorry mum I promise it won’t happen again” I mumbled.
“Don’t make promises you can’t keep sweetie but not to worry everything ends soon , I want you to kill them both” mom said with superiority.
” But mom I haven’t killed anyone before you know how I feel when it comes to something like this” I complained
” Do it or will have to kill you myself ” she said and walked away
God what have I gotten myself into ?? I wanted revenge on the Martinez simply because of the atrocities committed by Jeffery three years ago
My kid brother was skating around street having fun, I used to have a noodle shop just around that same street
Some how my brother got in the way and was knocked down by Martinez car
He took my brother to the hospital but he died halfway through
I couldn’t file a report on him because he was rich and was untouchable and me poor girl alone with very vulnerable
Along the line I met madam Anastasia whom I do call mom
She took me in and treated me like family , turns out she also wants the same thing with the Martinez
No doubt she was like my mom because she treated me like her daughter , she made realized that in this world of ours
Only the strongest person survived the strongest prey on the weak , my bother was one of the weak
I never wanted to kill anyone I just wanted to make them suffer’ to feel the pain I went through when I lost my brother .
Madam Anastasia POV
Am being to question Tanya’s loyalty to me , she is becoming too soft and am afraid
She might betray me which is why am going to kill her once the job is done , she won’t be useful to me anymore.
I stayed at a corner and watched her struggling with her inner self
Breaking and smashing things in anger
Being exposed with the Martinez have made her softened .I don’t tolerate betrayal
I brought our my phone and dialed a number
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One night with a billionaire boy episode 17 – finale / One night with a billionaire boy episode 16 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 14 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 13 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 12 /

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