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One night with a billionaire boy episode 14

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 14 by : 1:22 pm On June 5, 2020
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One night with a billionaire boy
Episode 14
Rihanna POV
I could hear my heartbeat fast against my chest, they came outta their cars in face mask holding up a gun.
My legs went jellies
“Step outta the car right now” the one in red roared as I quickly obeyed
I stepped out of the car with my hands around my neck
Before I could say duck he used the edge of the gun to hit my head
That’s the only thing I remembered as
My vision became blurry as I passed out
Jeffery POV
Haven’t seen Anna since morning ,I even went over to the hospital but I was told she left two hours ago,and her cellphone is not connecting.
I called her grandmother but she said she has not seen her for a while now,am starting to freak out now
Where could she be that the moment? I drove back home and decided to check up on mom maybe she might know her whereabouts
I didn’t even bother parking my car I just gave the car keys to one the guards he knows what to do with it.
I headed straight to Mom’s room ,I didn’t even knock I just walked in she was reading a fashion magazine
“Always knock before you enter boy ” she said not looking at me
” Am sorry mum I was just restless” I said as I ran my f!ng£rs through my hair faustrated
“What’s the problem dear ” mom asked as she focused her attention on me.
I slumped on the couch
“Mom it’s Anna she’s nowhere to be found and she is not taking her calls, do you have any idea where she might be mom” I said
” No dear haven’t seen her since morning have you checked with her grandmother?” She asked with concern
” Yes mom have checked every possible place she might be but she’s nowhere to found mom am worried mom” I replied
” OMG then we should go to the cops then ” mom said sadly
” Not yet mom we can’t file a complain till after 24hrs ” I said suddenly an idea clicked
How did I forget this ,her car is trackable and her phone too.
“Mom I will be right back let me try and track her phone in the main time put Scarlett on call ask her if she knows anything” I said and rushed out of her room not waiting for her reply
I raced to my room and brought out my PC ,I use to a tracking expect when I was seventeen. immediately I set to work in no time I got her last location
Strange it says she at the alley downtown .
I rushed out to my car and drove to the location in full speed but when I got there I couldn’t find her it was just her car which was opened and her cellphone,it was crashed .
OMG that’s when it dawned on me that she has been kidnapped.
I searched all around the alley but she was nowhere to be found
God I pray nothing happens to Anna or I won’t forgive myself
I called the inspector general of police which assured me that they will do all their possible best to bring her back to me.
Please Anna be safe for me and our love I promise am going to find you no matter what…
Unknown POV
” Ma’am it is done what should we do with her ” dracco asked
“Hmm that’s a good question how about we sell her to madam Anastasia the owner of the biggest brothel she should be able to use her if you know what I mean” I said and drank my latte
” Okay boss I will contact her immediately” dracco said and walked away
Maybe it’s not a bad idea if a multi billionaire daughter become a hooker yeah !!!
I burst into a evilly laugh
Rihanna POV
I regained consciousness gradually but I couldn’t move my body and my vision was still blurry
I could hear faint sobs in my head ,
Finally my vision cleared up and I realized
I was handcuffed to a king sized bed in a very fancy room alongside some cute looking girls who I haven’t met before.
They all looked pale and fragile ,they also crying too,
Where the hell am I ??
“Where are we ??” I asked the other girls but they didn’t even spare me a glance talk more answering
“Finally the sleeping beauty is awake” a lady with too many facials said and walked outta the shadow
” Who are you and what do you want from me?” I asked angrily
“Hush hush dear don’t worry baby you are in a play worst than hell, a brothel actually” she said nonchalantly
” What the heck ???? Why did you bring me here ” I yelled
” That’s for me to know and you to find out but since you are being feisty ,well you were sold to me by one of my best customer she told her you gonna be very good on bed ,so baby girl get dressed a big time customer is coming and he paid heavily so don’t disappoint” she said and dropped some sluty looking clothes beside me
“You got to be kidding me Missy I will never be a hooker so you better let me go and asked for a refund” I said without fear.
” Hmm feisty ,that’s what every girl sold to me said but after putting them in a dark room and locking the up for three days I end breaking the fighting spirit in them .you are no exemption sweetie” she said and blow me a klzz
” Comply with your new master or you gonna regret every bit of it” she added and walked away
This is seriously not happening no no ,I can never be a hooker no matter what
I need to think of a way to get outta this place soon
“You can’t escape from them ,the will be bend you to their will just like they did to us” one of the girls said like she red my mind.
I can’t never in my entire life become a hooker ,. everyone must be worried sick about me now.,…
Jeffery POV
It’s been hours now and still nothing, whoever kidnapped her must be very smart not to leave any trail.
Her grandma is worried sick , who knows what she is going through and my mom is no exemption
Have been looking all around the city still no sign of her . I went back to home around 10pm tired and faustrated.
Mom was seated at the living room crying while Scarlett console her
“Mom please stop you hurting yourself” I said with concern
” Brother did you find anything? ” Scarlett asked with a worried expression
I didn’t say anything I just nodded
“Hello family” I heard a strange voice from the entrance , we turned immediately only to see my worst nightmare. My body tensed up in anger as venom ran through my veins
The look on mom’s face was that of terror
“What the heck are you doing here witch !” I growled at her
She burst into laughter looks like she not bothered about what I will do to her.
“Hello step son nice to see you again” she said with a smirk
“I asked a question witch get your lousy self outta my property or else” I groaned
“Easy there sweetie you don’t wanna do that or else you gonna klzz your beautiful Rihanna good bye” she said with a smile
What ??? My mood soften Abit
“What are you talking about” I asked her with a straight face
” You heard me son , I will advise you all take your seat and pay attention to what am about to say or else you gonna regret it” she said and sat down on the couch facing mom
” Hello Margret miss me?” She asked with a smirk
“What do you want Anastasia ” mom groaned
“Oh I want nothing much I just wanna make deal with your cute son here ” she said with a grin
“For the last time what did you do with Anna” I roared
” Hmmm let’s just get down to business, as for your question I think I have a answer to that ” she said and brought out her phone and played a video recording
It was a video of Anna being strapped to a bed she was struggling to free herself as some stupid bastards used a whip to flog her continuously
I swear am going to break their bones one by one
“I hope you get my point now if you comply she won’t be harmed but if you tryna play smart with me am going to send her to a place more horrible than this , she is going to beg for death to come” she said menacingly
” Is it Money you want ? Just name your price and let her go
“You old woman what have you done with my sister” Scarlett yelled out in anger as she saw the video clip
” Oh no sweetheart I want something else but before that I wanna talk to you alone ” she said with her legs crossed majestically
“Say what you want to say witch and leave us alone ” Scarlett said menacingly
” If I were you I’d just shut up or you won’t like the outcome” she said with a glare
” What have I ever done to you Anna why are you bent on ruining my family members” mom said in a sob
” Oh you did everything wrong starting from when you took Martinez away from me , he always loved you and treated me like a side chick ,I always poisoned his heart against you so he could beat you
“and throw you out but it didn’t work. He gave you and your bastard children attention even when you left he never stopped loving you , I had to kill the idiot to save me the stress. I hate you and anything related to you Margret” she yelled
God how can someone be this evil
” You … You what..
Mom didn’t complete her statement when she got a cardiac arrest
“Mom !! Mom!?!” Me and Scarlett shouted the same time as I rushed this stupid woman she was busy laughing
I grabbed her by the neck ready to strangle her in anger
“Let me go Jeffery or you won’t see Anna again” she said more like a whisper
I had to let her go
” Quickly call the doctor Scarlett” I shouted
“Tell me what do you want” I asked in between clenched teeth
“Good one boy come with me to the back let me tell you all you need to know…
Rihanna POV
I had refused to wear the rubbish they had sent , they flogged me for that but I don’t care
I will never become a prostitute no matter what
,”Why are you doing this to yourself sweetie do you want to die ? ” She lady from earlier said with smirk plastered on her face
“I rather die than become a slut like you ” I spat as she gave me a resounding slap
” It seems am being too soft on you right ?” She said with anger
” Am not scared of you bitch * I groaned
“Very well then put her in the cold dark room and give 30 stroke before locking her up let’s see how far you can keep up the sturborn act ” she said to her boys as they dragged me away
They took me a very cold dark room after flogging the shit outta me but I won’t give up soon they can kill me if they want.
They pushed me into the dark and lock the door from the outside
I fell down as I felt weak and pains all over my body
I could barely move nor see a thing as it was pitch black . I need to get outta this place fast but how do I go about it.
Unknown POV
“I told you sweetie that I was going to get it under control right ” I said smiling
” Woow mom you the best I can’t imagine the look on her faces when you showed up at the house ” Tanya said
” Trust me dear the look was thunderous
Get rest baby girl you going back to that house ” I said and lit up a cigarette
” But how did you do it so far ? I mean how did you manage to convince Jeffery so fast” she asked eagerly
” Alittle bit of blackmailing would do , it’s not as if I planned on releasing Anna have sold her already so am gonna keep lying to them ” I said with a evil grin
” Together we shall destroy the Martinez ” Tanya said with a straight face
” Yes dear together we shall conquer all our enemies we going to make them beg for mercy At our feet ” I added as we did a high five…
Singleness yaff kill me die😔
And we have cute pretty girls in the house, and none wants me😭

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 17 – finale / One night with a billionaire boy episode 16 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 15 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 13 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 12 /

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