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One night with a billionaire boy episode 13

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 13 by : 6:47 am On June 3, 2020
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One night with a billionaire boy episode 13
Jeffery POV
I don’t know what I should call this thing I feel for Anna but whatever it is am going crazy
And if I don’t talk to someone I’m gonna explode but who do I talk to now.
Scarlett?? Well not that I have any other alternative
I was having a meeting with the board of directors but my mind is somewhere else.
“Mr Martinez ?? Are you following” Mr Donald one of investor asked with concern as all of them fixed their gace on me
“Yeah sure carry on with the presentation” I said as I rubbed my temple
What are you doing to me Anna !, Why can’t I get you off my thoughts.
I drove home tiredly, I didn’t bother to park my car I just stepped out and hand over the keys to one of the guards
They should be able to park it properly
I pray Scarlett is home. I seriously need to talk to her , she should be able to know what the problem is.
The maids bow down the moment I stepped into the house but I just waved them off and went upstairs to her room.
Was about knocking on her door when the door cracked open revealing Scarlett , thank goodness she is at home.
“It’s you Jeff what’s up?” She asked
I ran my f!ng£rs through my hair which implied that ain’t okay.
“Can we talk ??” I asked faustratedly
“Yeah sure come in ” she said and gesture me inside.
I dragged my tired body inside her room and slumped on the only couch in the room .
“You look stressed bro what’s up with you” she asks as she sat down on her queen size bed
Truth to be told haven’t been inside her before, I never knew it was this beautiful.
The Marble on the wall were pink
Giving the room a gorgeous look.
“I don’t even know where to start from sis ” I said and let out a sigh of relief
“Start from anywhere you know you can always count on me Jeff ” she said with concern look.
I calmed down Abit and told her how I felt the next thing she burst into laughter
As if what I just said is funny
“What’s funny now , this is the reason why I don’t like sharing my problems’ ” I said with a frown
” Am sorry bro but don’t tell me you don’t know” she said grinning from ear to ear
” Know what ?? ” I asked curiously
“You are in love man ” she squeak
What ???
“In …. Love….???.. Anna ?? ” I shuttered
It came like a shock to me. If what I feel for Anna is love that means for I felt for Tanya all this while was lust
Haven’t felt this way with anyone before , I must say if this is love then I don’t want it to stop
“Am so confused right now what do I do Scarlett how am I sure she likes me too ,am pretty sure am in her blacklist ” I said eagerly
” Chill bro here is what you will do ” she said and explained everything to me.
” how are you sure she is going to like it ??” I asked
Trust your sister on this bro she is gonna like it ” she said and winked
” I hope so too 🤦” I said and stood up , I walked out quietly to my room I was about unlocking my door when I saw Anna coming , I ran into my room to prevent her from see me.
My heartbeat increased by just the sight of her.
This feeling is indeed love and am never gonna let go…
Rihanna POV
Today is Saturday ,lazy Saturday actually I don’t plan on going anywhere today am gonna spend the rest of the day watching movie,”the Witcher ” is s series movie the best of 2019 actually .
I stood up from my bed with fatigue all over me ,I dragged my lazy self to bathroom and did my morning business before getting dressed in a simple pink floral gown and my white flip flop.
I don’t do makeup because I kinda hate it not that I’m that pretty but I just don’t like it.packed my hair in a knot before going out but something caught my attention at my door step
It was rose petals and it let somewhere ,I trailed it to the mini living I saw a fancy card
“You know that feeling when your head says no but your heart says yes? It’s wrong but it feels so right? I wish we could be together.” Was written beautifully on the card. I smiled foolishly
There were still rose petals on the floor ,I followed it outside it led me to the garden entrance where I saw an card I picked it up with a smile
“If i got a penny for every time i thought and dreamed about you,I would be rich.”
“. Like seriously who is sending all the cards
I got into the garden and saw another card again
“I’ve found this new disease, its called LOVE. I know its contagious ’cause you gave it to me.”
This one got me blushing right now ,who is sending the cards
“The answers you seek lies before you ”
I looked around and saw him holding up a single rose in his hand
OMG OMG am I dreaming right now ???….
Jeffery POV
I stood close to the decorated part of the garden holding a single 🌹 rose waiting for her to show up.
I really hope she gets my message or else everything is gonna go to waste and am gonna strangle Scarlett for this .
I was still standing at the verge of losing my patience when she showed up holding the first two cards she saw the last card, she took it smiling sheepishly
She looked towards me and her eyes fell on me then to the big banner at the top of the oak tree with fancy lights around it.
‘I LOVE YOU ANNA’ was written beautifully on the banner .
I stood there sweating nervously
She gasps and walked hastily to me
“Mi lady !” I said and stretch the rose which she took grinning from ear to ear
I led her to the fancy chair and table , I pulled one chair out for her she sat down with a small ‘thank you ‘
I took my seat opposite her ,I picked up the fork and used to hit the wine glass on the table
Almost immediately the maids rushed in with different types of dishes and ofcourse Remy Martin’s wine.
I helped Anna served hers while the maid served mine before leaving the place.
“I never knew you were so romantic” she said breaking the silence
” Hmm do you like my little suprise and the cards too ? ” I asked she blushed heavily when I said that.
We ate in silence as we kept stealing glances at each other
“Did you mean what you wrote?” She asked the moment she stopped eating
I dropped my fork and took her hand from across the table
“Ever since I met you it hasn’t been the same. All you’ve got me doing is drawing hearts around your name.The spaces between your f!ng£rs are meant to be filled with mine.” I said calmly
She looked me in shock
” Jeff ….what…are..you..u…saying” she shuttered
” If my love for you is a crime, I want to be the most wanted criminal.I’ll be yours forever, just tell me when to start.
” I don’t know how or when I just know have developed this amazing feeling it’s called love .you came in to my life and changed me totally you gave me reason to love again ,am so happy for falling for such an amazing personality like you ” I said in one breath
She was so speechless
I when down before her
“Rihanna Adams I know have been a total air head but I want to know that I love you so much am scared if I let this feeling stay inside me Abit longer I might explode . please be my girlfriend” I dropped the bomb all sweaty
” I..I…I.. she stood up and ran away
Oh sweet mother of Madagascar ,why did she run out now ? Probably she still hates me for all what have done to her .
Who won’t hate me after everything I deserve a slap for my stupid behavior .
I loosen my tight and sank on the chair,I can’t believe Scarlett plans didn’t walk out.
Anyway I deserve whatever it is that Anna is doing to me ..
Rihanna POV
We the words roll down his mouth I almost fainted , Jeffery is actually confessing his feelings to me
OMG OMG I can’t breathe
Someone please pinch me , all this while I thought it was a one side thing so I decided to hide my feelings
This is too much for me to handle , I ran out of the garden straight to my room
I might explode if I spend one more second there,. I entered my room and did a SmackDown on my bed with my pillow
Am so happy I don’t know how to express it . Holy shit I should go back , I shouldn’t leaving him hanging.
I stood up from the bed ,fixed my clothe and took a deep breath before walking back to the garden .
I found him seated looking so faustrated that he didn’t even realize I was standing close to him
It was like he was lost in his thoughts
“Because of you, half the time I don’t even know that I’m smiling.” I mumbled audibly
He looked at me immediately
“, I just had to come talk with you. Sweetness is my weakness.” I blurted out foolishly
” But I … Thought . ”
” I hate you ?? Or I don’t feel anything for you?? ” I cut him short , he nodded slowly
I used my f!ng£r to raised his chin up so he can look at me
“You are the most important person in my life ….. and I hope you know that.Words are not enough to describe how deeply I feel for you” I said with a smile
He stood up slowly this time we were inches apart
” Even with all flaws you still feel something for me?” He asked as used his soft warm palm to touch my cheek
” Have always had feelings for you Jeff even when we were cat and mice in the house , I suppressed my feelings because I thought you would never get to love me turns out I was wrong ” I replied
Before I could say anything further he placed his lips on my mine , I gave access as he deepen the klzz
I was waiting for this all this while ,. His lips were so soft and heavenly , swears I don’t mind klzzing them all day
He sneaked his strong arm around my tiny waist while I encircled my hands around his neck
We were klzzing like we were deprived of it for years . The truth is he stole my first klzz and my heart too
We klzzed passionately with no one ready to break the klzz , well that’s what I thought untill a voice stopped us
We stopped klzzing immediately and looked towards the direction the voice had come from…
Jeffery POV
I can’t even start to express happy I’m
Have never been this happy before too bad I didn’t see it on time, I was blindly in love with that bitch that I failed to see this angel in disguise
I never wanted the klzz to stop but Scarlett cleared her throat making us stop
“Get a room will you ?” She said as she burst into laughter
Anna looked away shyly , she looks so beautiful whenever she does that.
“What do want now Scarlett can’t you see that am busy !” I said with an eye roll
” Yes of course I know , and am very happy for this development . Mom will be delighted to hear this ” she said giggling
Girls and gossips
” Erm Jeff I need to do something in my room ” Anna finally voice out
“What are you doing in your room ? Maybe I should come and help you ” I added
” No no.. nevermind it’s a girly stuff I can do it myself bye ” she said and ran out
I know she is not used to all of this , thanks to madam big head here that ruined the moment
“You the bomb brother!! Finally you did something right am so happy ” Scarlett squeak excitedly and sat down on the chair
She took the fork and started eating Anna’s food , what a glutton
“Yeah you right , I just wanna take things slow for now . Thanks sis you made all of this possible” I said with a smile
” Huh?? Just a simple thank you?? Nah brother you gat to be kidding me , am not use to simple thank you so you gonna get me something ” she said with a smirk
” Ohh I get it Scarlett the great what do you want this time around ?? A trip to the Bahamas? A island with your name? A yacht ? Mystique collection ?? Just name it baby sister” I said with a scoff
” No no brother I don’t want any of that expect of course all of mystique collection the latest version actually plus a new Lamborghini the latest too and the color should be pink ” she said and peek me on the child
” You should have just asked me to buy the whole of America for you baby girl , anyways it’s done your car and wares will be brought to you in the next one hour sissy” I said with a grin
” Yay yay !! That’s what you get for having a super rich brother, my colleague are so gonna be jealous of me ” she chuckled
” Whatever sis I need to take a shower” I said with an eye roll and walked away not waiting for her to say anything
Unknown POV
“Mother am becoming impatient please when do we strike ” Tanya said impatiently as she walked around the corner of the room.
I got her released from prison without anyone knowing , she is the most valuable pet I have and I still need her help to bring down the Martinez
“Calm down my child , calm down trust me dear my plan is gonna be slow and disastrous I promise you that they will pay for the sins of their fathers” I said with a devilish smirk
” But what about Rihanna is going to pose as a threat go to us , I can’t imagine what she will do if she finds out that I killed her parents and took all their assets” she said curiously
” Don’t worry about Rihanna I have it under control dear you just seat back and relax” I said and phone one of my loyal thugs
He knows what to do…..
Scarlett POV
I jumped happily as I raced to Mom’s room she needs to hear the good news
“Mom mom !!! It has happened , I won the bet mom I won ” I squeak like a baby while I did a victory dance
” What’s getting you all excited dear’ mom asked curiously
“Mom guess please just guess” I screamed
” Calm down young lady and talk to me what’s going on and why are you so happy” she said with a cocked eyebrow
” Jeff is in love with a lady who is no other than Anna and he has confessed it to her today at the garden ” I grinned from ear to ear
” Oh my goodness that’s one good nice am so so happy right now this calls for a big celebration” mom said happily
” Mom I even met them klzzing swears mom it was a beautiful sight to behold , I never thought Jeff would one day find love and be free all the hate in his heart” I said smiling
” Am really proud of him for making the right choice for the first time in his life, hurry up and. Tell the maid to prepare a feast” mom blurted out
” Erm not yet mom I won the bet so can you kindly send me my money?” I said with folded arms
” Hmmm Scarlett since when did you start loving money so much” she teased
” Since the day we made a bet of 5million now hurry up and transfer my money to my account” I said stretching my hands forth.
” Okay okay fine I will send it to you in 30minutes time are you okay now ?” She asked with a smile
” More than okay” I said and winked at her before running along
Rihanna POV
Life with the Martinez is wonderful especially now that me and Jeff are dating
Seriously I never knew the Mr grumpy I met months ago will be this romantic .
My love for his kept increasing every day
I got my job at the hospital back but as the head surgeon , Mr Felix was relieved of his duties for lying against me.
.I was a specialist in operational aspect had three successful operations today .
After a busy day at the hospital ,I drove to a nearby restaurant to get something to eat . after eating I decided to drive home .
I was seriously exhausted but something was strange when I was driving
I noticed two strange cars trailing behind mine ,at first I thought it was mere coincidence but , they kept following me
I tried Dodging them so I drove past a different street but they didn’t stop instead another car blocked me at the front while the two others where at the back .
They came outta their cars with guns that’s when I know am in big Trouble…..

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 17 – finale / One night with a billionaire boy episode 16 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 15 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 14 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 12 /

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