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One night with a billionaire boy episode 12

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 12 by : 6:45 am On June 3, 2020
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One night with a billionaire boy episode 12
Jeffery POV
Am still trying so hard to believe everything that happened today
Anna did all of this for me when I was cruel towards her , I swear I don’t deserve her forgiveness .
I couldn’t bear the shame to even look at her face I ran out to pool side
I sat down and poured myself a cup of alcohol that’s what I needed at the moment
“You shouldn’t drink that it’s not good for you” I heard her voice from behind
She walked towards me and took the bottle away
“Give it back’ I groaned not looking at her
” No Jeff I won’t let you hurt yourself over that witch I know it wasn’t your fault , she fooled you and everyone around but thank goodness she is behind bars now” she said smartly
For the first time in a long time I let out tears , I tried to hide my face but she saw it already
“Common Jeff please don’t cry you making me feel bad ” she said and Rockes my back
” Am so sorry am sorry for everything have ever done , even when I tried to make life difficult for you, you still stood up for my family. I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness but please am really sorry I regrets all my of my actions since two days ago that’s why I returned your house to your grandma but I never knew you were my guardian angel all this while” I said in one breath as hot tears roll down my cheeks
She did the unexpected and hugged me tenderly
“Shh it’s okay , I forgive you all ready don’t cry cause big boys don’t cry ” she said and fondle with my hair
Am sure she is actually human , she has a heart of gold and I failed to see it.
“Hey guys enough smooching mom wants to celebrate your attention is needed’” Scarlett shouted and ran away
I was forced to chuckle and broke the hug
She wiped my tears away while I kept looking at her
“You cute even when you cry” she whispered
I diverted my stare from her face down to her small pink lips .
It was glossy and tempting , I was lost looking at them that I didn’t know when I crashed my lips on hers
She looked shooked at first but later gave me access as we klzzed passionately
I faced palm her like she would vanish while we kept klzzing
She fondle with my hair as I shot my eyes and let the feeling flow
I felt a spark between us as I klzzed her could it be what am thinking??….
Rihanna POV
I broke the klzz the moment I regained my senses
“Am so sorry I didn’t mean to take advantage of your kindness” he mumbled and stood up
I looked away shyly but he stretched his hands forth , I took it as he pulled me up .
He walked ahead of me to the living room
I bit my bottom lip as I remembered how I felt when he klzzed me .it was like I was in another planet ,I felt butterflies in my stomach .
We walked to living room where Mrs Martinez and Scarlett were seated happily I wonder what’s making them giggle like kids.
Jeffery went infront of his mom and knelt down holding her legs
“Mom am so sorry please forgive me i was do blinded that I fail to see the real Tanya” Jeff said
” Have forgiven you son ,Anna is the one you should be apologizing to not me ” she said
” Yes brother it’s was because of her that our family was saved from falling apart” Scarlett added
He wanted to kneel infront of me too but I was quick to stop him.
‘” you don’t have to do that Jeff have forgiven you a long time ago ” I said and made him seat down close to his mom
While I sat on the couch close to him.
Scarlett and Mom kept making eye contacts what’s even going through their minds now.
“Tell her mom” Scarlett said excitedly
“Tell me what Scarlett” I asked curiously
” Actually dear ,I wanted to make it a surprise but madam big mouth here ruined it for me,” she said and spanked Scarlett playfully
” What she wanted say is that she granted Vicky your kid sister the scholarship and that’s not all’ ” Scarlett said grinning
” Yes I did and also got your grandma a new luxurious house with workers in it she doesn’t have to stress herself anymore lastly I took permission from her if you could be staying with me and she said yes” Mrs Martinez said
I was beyond suprise and happy but I don’t know if I should accept all of this
“But ma’am you shouldn’t have ,we are happy with the way we living” I objected
” No buts dear , there’s nothing you can do about it and please from now on you should call me mom ,am gonna be sad if you keep calling me ma’am” she outline carefully
I was so overjoyed Vicky got the scholarship she had been longing for all her life ,I tear drop excaped my eyes as I went on my knees
“Thank you so much ma’am I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me and my family I will forever be grateful for this ma” I said amist tears
” Ssh don’t cry baby I won’t be happy too ” she said sadly
Scarlett stood and wanted to help me up but Jeff best her to it as he got to me first he took from the ground and hugged me to himself
I could hear giggling sounds from Scarlett and her mom
“That’s enough the two of you why don’t you go get a room” she said as she and Scarlett burst into laughter
Jeff was bushing as he broke the hug
OMG he is blushing , God is really wonderful who would believe the hot headed billionaire would be blushing like a kid now…
Jeffery POV
Wanna make it up to Anna that have changed but I don’t even know what to for her at the moment ,
I can’t ask Scarlett cause I don’t want her to start thinking otherwise
Suddenly an idea clicked
I rushed up with all my office work and drove straight to her grandma’s new address
I must say the house looked beautiful , mom really did a good job in getting the place , I walked into the house hastily as the maids kept bowing down to me
I saw her seating at the couch watching fairly godparents , gush isn’t she too old for cartoon
“Good afternoon ma’am” I greeted the moment I got her
“Ahh what a pleasant surprise Mr Martinez actually paid me a visit” she said grinning
” Smiles it’s no big deal ma’am ,am sorry for a being a jackass to your granddaughter ” I said
” It’s okay dear have your seat , what should I offer you ” she asked as I sat opposite her
” No it’s okay ma’am am okay I just needed to talk to you about something” I said
” Okay what is it about ” she said calmly
” Actually I came here because of Rihanna , I really wanna make it up to her for everything have done but I don’t know what to do , please ma’am I need your help”i said nervously
” Ahh I see do you know what today’s date is ? ” She asked smiling
” No ma’am ” I replied
” Son today is Rihanna’s birth date , I suggest you give her a surprise birthday party because Anna really loves birthday party” she said
Gush why didn’t I know about this
I called Scarlett and asked her to keep Anna away from the house in order for the people I hired to decorate the house for the suprise birthday do their job.
I went to the most expensive bakery in town and bought two cakes one with am sorry on top while the other was the birthday cake
I really hope she likes it tho.
I made sure all the decorations were done perfectly and everywhere was looking so beautifully decorated
I asked the maids to also make delicious meals different delicacies too
Assorted drinks too was also intact
I also invited her grandmother and Vicky too.
When I was sure everything was okay I gave Scarlett a call to bring her back home
I waited patiently till her heard their car sound , I quickly turned off the lights
I stood there at the middle
“What’s going Scarlett why is the whole place dark? ” The moment they got to the living room
I turned on the light immediately as everyone shouted a big happy birthday to her.
She gasps upon seeing everything she scanned the whole place till her eyes fell on me, I knelt with one leg and stretch out the cake that had I love you written at the top.
I pray she loves it or am dead meat….
Rihanna POV
OMG OMG it’s my birthday and I totally forgot, I looked around the whole place ,
Grandma and Vicky was also present
My neighbors too were also in the Martinez mansion the same place commoners are not allowed to enter.
There they stood happily grinning from ear to ear
My eyes fell on Jeff , he knelt down with one leg and stretch out a cake with am sorry boldly writen on top .
“Am sorry Anna “he whispered audibly
I nodded and took the cake from him.I gave it to Scarlett before hugging him
“Thank you thank you so much am happy” I said still hugging him
He returned the hug too
I could feel him smile
“Happy birthday sweetie” Scarlett said from behind
“Thanks dear”, and broke the hug before running to Grandma
I embraced her tightly like should vanish
I miss so much
“Easy dear you don’t want to break my old bones do you?” Grandma grinned
“No ma I just missed you so much , come over her Vicky before I smash something on your head” I said with a shrugg
She came outta her hiding place and hugged me too
” Missed you sis” she squeak
“Oh really?? And you didn’t bother to check up on me Missy ” I said with a raised eyebrow
” It’s not what you think miss cranky I will so busy with school stuff and guess what! ” She chuckled but I ruined the so called suprise
You got a scholarship to Cambridge , yes! I know” I said with a smirk
Her eyes widened in suprise
” So you knew about it all this while and you just ruined my perfect suprise” she pouts
“Whatever Vicky am not in the mode for your crazy drama” I said nonchalantly
” Attention please!!! ” I heard Jeff said as we all turned to his direction
“Am sure you all know who’s birthday it is today right? ” He said all smiles as the guests murmured a yes
“Okay good now it’s time to present gifts to the celebrant but before that I have something to say to Rihanna Adams” he concluded I could swear I was blushing hard.
“SMILE ….. It irritates those who wish to destroy you.The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Thanks for helping me always.
The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention. Thanks for helping me always. Happy Birthday Rihanna” he said
While everyone applaud him
I buried my face in my palm as I blushed so hard.
“Hmmm looks like someone is blushing” grandma and Vicky teased
“What ! No am not have got something in my eye” I said and ran away from them.
I went to meet Mrs Martinez who is now my new mom
“Thank you so much ma’am will be forever grateful to you and your family members” I said and klzzed her palm
” Common dear I thought we have talked about this stop thanking me unless you want me to get mad at you” she said and patted my hair
I smiled and stood up,.. soon the guests started surprising me with so many gifts my room was filled up with gifts .
Scarlett and her mom wasn’t left out too.
Lastly Jeff gifted a small pretty box to me ,he specifically asked me not to open it infront of anyone.
So I went upstairs and locked myself up in my room before opening it eagerly
I gasps when I saw the beautifully crafted wrist band.
He was glowing too I know this is going to cost a fortune if am not mistaken
I can’t believe Jeff is doing everything to make me forgive him
But what he doesn’t know is that have fallen for him already.
Unknown POV
Tanya is so stupid for falling into a trap set by Adams Williams heir
I should have killed that Rihanna girl when I had the chance now she is tryna ruin things for me?
Impossible !! She doesn’t know who she is up against yet.
I went to the confinement holding Tanya , I had already bribed one of the warder before coming
I was taken to Tanya’s cell, there she sat looking so unkept and ugly too
“Thank goodness you came mother I thought you forgot about me” she said the moment she saw me
I know you must be wondering why she is always calling me mother , you will soon find out .
“You know I can’t do that dear but you screwed things up, we were so close in getting what we wanted before you foolishly got deceived by Adams daughter” I said angrily
She looked down in shame
“But not to worry , you will be outta here in two weeks time so don’t freak out am here for you” I said and klzzed her forehead
” I will make her pay for everything she did to me , she’s gonna beg for death to come , I make sure she die a slow painful death” she said in between clenched teeth
Yes all of them involved will pay dearly for this , as for Rihanna am going to make sure she doesn’t find out her real identity” I groaned
Scarlett POV
” Mom are you seeing the chemistry between those two stubborn people” I said and burst out laughing
” I saw it dear I never knew a day would come when Jeff would knee down for a lady talk more of saying sorry but Anna succeeded in forcing it out ” mom said with a grin
” Exactly mom it’s just a matter of time before they fall for each other and news flash mom I saw them few days ago at the pool side and you won’t believe what went down there” I said and picked up the TV remote control and changed the channel to Nickelodeon universe
“Common tell me Scarlett you know I hate it when you keep me in the dark ” mom whinned
” Chill out mom , Jeff klzzed her and supprisingly she responded to the klzz I watched them but Anna broke the klzz and Jeff apologize to her ,. You should have seen the way she was blushing swears haven’t seen that side Anna before . Believe me mom she is a sweet person” I said and relaxed properly
I need to watch Hunters street, I so much love that tv series
“Woow I can’t wait to make her my daughter in law , I would be the happiest mom on planet Earth” mom said happily and pinched my cheeks
” Awww mom that hurts ” I pouts
” It was meant to hurt sily girl I think it’s high time you bring a man home you not getting any younger Missy ” she said with a straight face
Here we go again get ready to receive the sarmon of my life
“Please mom lets not do this right now,!! For goodness sake and just 24 my Mr Right will show up soon” I blurted out
” Forget about mr right kindly look for Mr left and drag him to the right . Case settled”she said with a smirk
” Mom!!!” I mumbled
“Yeah baby” she answered with a shrugg..

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One night with a billionaire boy episode 17 – finale / One night with a billionaire boy episode 16 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 15 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 14 / One night with a billionaire boy episode 13 /

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